Holocaust debate thread

Can we have a holocaust thread? Can we post info graphics, videos, etc. that refute holocaust deniers?

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A book about non jewish victims of the holocaust
it is not a pdf, after you download it change the file extension to epub so you can read it.


Holocaust didn't happen because there was no profit motive

Made by Bordiga gang

Do we really need one when argue this topic with them every other day?

We don't really have this thread every other day tbh the threads and arguments that I'm tired of seeing are the whites vs. non-whites I.Q. level debate. They can never stop sperging about it.

Their entire worldview is based on two falsifiable claims: That the Holocaust didn't happen and that blacks have lower I.Q. - there is no theory behind any of it, just these two claims. Imagine the Holocaust did happen and it would turn out blacks don't have lower I.Q., their entire worldview would be destroyed. That's why Holla Forums always comes over as five minutes before a nervous breakdown.

It comes up in a lot of threads I’m in. Guess I’m just sick of arguing about it, when every scrap of evidence is always rationalized as “the Jews faked it”, or “it was the commies fault” without real justification. Makes you realize the limits of debate.

Maybe. I'm interested in the topic though especially the non-Jewish victims who died in the Holocaust that the first poster alluded to. We are in something of a bad way between the Holocaust™ Industry talking heads and the revisionist/denialist crowd.

Finkelstein was certainly right when he pointed out that the historical narratives around the holocaust (not the facts themselves) are really veiled Zionist/Jewish religious ideology in a secular seemingly objective guise. Every decent Western Holocaust/Third Reich scholar plays lip service to the Israel's official state ideology in one way or another it seems.

Anyways, I'm contributing these

Don't call it a "debate", that only makes it seem like the jury is still out as to whether it happened or not. By calling it a debate you're enabling them to deny history.



All I've got unfortunately, but I'm looking forward to saving more infopics ITT


Where is this from?

Could that have been any lower res?

Auschwitz was a pretty fucked up place, these survivors speak out

Sorry m8, forgot their names. They were a couple and recently both passed away

Rowandan genocide never happened Hutu's did nothing wrong.

This is actually true. Fuera Clintonistas!

you have angered the Tutsi

Okay. Where are the girls 100’s of thousands of Hungarian Jews which we have records and photos of arriving at Auschwitz but weren’t registered and there is no record of any sort of mass transport out of Birkeneau after arrival??

You act as if this is some big reveal, take this for instance


This in no way refutes a thing.

The so-called "Old Theater" building was built before the camp, as a part of a military barracks yard (S. Steinbacher, "Musterstadt" Auschwitz: Germanisierungspolitik und Judenmord in Ostoberschlesien, 2000, p. 179n124), and was used both as a place of entertainment for the SS troops (ibid., p. 188) and as a storage depot (where, among other things, Zyklon B cans were stored

The so-called Auschwitz soccer team pictured on the photo was actually none of the sort. Its members were not Auschwitz inmates. They were British POWs from the camp E715, which was administered not by KL Auschwitz but by Stalag VIII-B in Lamsdorf. Very different rules applied to these POWs who, to repeat, were not Auschwitz inmates. When football matches did take place in Auschwitz, it was for the entertainment of the SS. Even if a handful of privileged jews were allowed to participate, so what?



The SS men in charge of Auschwitz did have the option to enforce a block's closure during a gassing operation, as it was in fact done in the Auschwitz main camp previously. The SS did have the power to ban anybody nearby the crematoria if it was considered necessary. The SS was planning to plant trees around the crematoria obviously to obscure the view on them:

"According to an order of the Auschwitz commandant SS-Obersturmbannführer Höss, a green belt has to be erected at the crematoria I and II in the POW camp as a natural conclusion to the camp."

~ letter Bischoff to Caesar, 6 November 1943

(see pic)

In summer 1944, when the Hungarian Jews were murdered in Auschwitz, a thick “camouflage fence” made of “reed matting” was erected around the crematoria (memo Jothann of 17 June 1944, Auschwitz 1940-1945, Volume 3 p. 183), as can be also seen on the aerial photographs 31 May 1944 and later.

Were the children's barracks, the woman being interviewed even says so. (see pic)

At the end of 1943, separate barracks were set up for children above the age of 2. These did not differ in any way from the barracks assigned to adults. The camp authorities did not even distribute milk or appropriate food rations for infants, thus sentencing them to starve to death.

Means fuck all.

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