What accelerationist praxis should be?

What accelerationist praxis should be?


Get a job as a Haskell programmer, listen to James Ferraro, read Bataille and Negarestani, follow @UF_blog and @badtheoryguy on Twitter, sell MDPV on the deepweb, support Elon Musk in his struggle against General Motors, meme Zucc to the White House, shill for UBI, automation, AI and blockchain-based technologies.
Then, one day, you will finally be able to smoke some dank sativa as you watch masses of chronically unemployed people fighting drones armed with sonic weapons in a cloud of anticholinergic incapacitating agents. That, or promote a drastic reduction of work hours alongside these endeavors if you still lean left after this journey.

Pretend you understand Deleuze, develop an schizoaffective disorder, learn to summon the Nazbol Gods Dark Ones from the Outside, get into twitter bitchfights with the trads.

so much for avoiding success at all costs.

The world is your oyster, do as thou wilt, is what I am saying.

good man

didn't he literally defend his support of Trump when interviewed on Channel 4?

It was doomed from the beginning, people just can't voluntarily produce shitty things so to avoid success at all costs. Fucking human nature.
It's time to abandon ship.
I heard Idris is niche enough for the time being.

To be fair, it's quite literally impossible to tell when Zizek is being serious.

I'm pretty sure his entire introduction to Terrorism and Communism was ironic.

WTF does Deleuze have to do with accelerationism?

the joke is that he just listed a bunch of stuff Nick Land likes

Deleuze & Guattar, Anti-Oedipus

I was being serious though



Nick Land and his tribe are turbo brainlets that don't actually understand tech.


Do everything you can to make the system worse, like communization but inverted.

James Fields is an accelerationist

As a kid I never understood why Skynet was considered a villain.

Support the development of capitalism in all developing nations, support war between major imperialist/highly developed capitalist states, and always support the less developed capitalist state in that war. Build an international communist party that doesn't reform its views ever, even during periods of low revolutionary activity, and holds the line of attaining class dictatorship as its number one goal.