Adorno vs Marcuse

What did Adorno mean by this?

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Was Adorno one of the OG shitposters?

Isn't Israel pretty much fascist jewish state?

Israel isn't corporatist. Taiwan and Hong Kong were much closer to actual fascism. Calling Israel "racist" is much more accurate.


Traditional fascism was pretty much corporatist. Israel is a racist as fuck country, but it's a pretty far cry to call it "fascist" in the way Mussolini's Italy was fascist.

Corporatism was a main tenet of fascism.

Fascism has not concrete tenets. Read Trotsky and then Adorno. It's about reasserting bourgeois rule against an increasingly influential working class and also restoring the rate of profit. They will do and say anything to achieve those two objectives.

Okay, but you should provide examples before throwing around the term "fascist" willy-nilly just to show your claims have a foundation. People call Trump a "fascist" in the same light, only citing his racism and xenophobia as evidence.

he means he worked for the fucking CIA and changed his stance because he got cucked by Kibbutz organizers

One Dimensional Man is still a damn good book though.

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Adorno and Horkheimer were the best thing to come from the Frankfurt School of thought

it does have some tenets, it's just that the Marxist definition of "fascism" is vastly different from the definitions taken by the original Italian movement, which even then were kind of fuzzy according to Umberto Eco:

>Italian fascism was certainly a dictatorship, but it was not totally totalitarian, not because of its mildness but rather because of the philosophical weakness of its ideology. Contrary to common opinion, fascism in Italy had no special philosophy. The article on fascism signed by Mussolini in the Treccani Encyclopedia was written or basically inspired by Giovanni Gentile, but it reflected a late-Hegelian notion of the Absolute and Ethical State which was never fully realized by Mussolini. Mussolini did not have any philosophy: he had only rhetoric. He was a militant atheist at the beginning and later signed the Convention with the Church and welcomed the bishops who blessed the Fascist pennants.

Hence why he proposes the definition of "Ur-Fascism" as a collection of traits typically found in such movement. This of course deprives the analysis completely from it's materialist elements (i.e. that "fascist" movements in Trotsky's sense typically come along as a class collaborationist response to the decay of the rate of profit and the surge of the militant left)

Benjamin > Marcuse > Adorfag

Much of that criteria fits the USA like a glove.

Yeah that shit is mostly incidental and highly idealist. It absolutely reeks of a cold war mindset too.

I mean, with a lot of those you could easily label the USSR, DPRK, and Cuba as "fascist."

wow golly gee as if everyone but a single, irrelevant school of leftists already does that

As far as liberals are concerned every school of leftism is irrelevant. Stop sucking up to them.

Going by that list alone you would think that USSR slowly became less "fascist" after Stalin due to revisionism. Really makes you wonder what they were trying to accomplish when compiling those criteria.

I may as well read Freud

Let's use the DPRK as an example:

Check. The DPRK is a highly traditionalist culture.


Not sure what this means by the "cult of action" but I'd also give it a check in the sense that the DPRK is a very action-motivated society.

Check. When was the last time self-criticism was a thing in the DPRK?

Holy shit check. The DPRK is closed off on the basis that spies or other infiltrators may flood the country. This is why you can only get into the DPRK as a tourist if you go with a state-directed tour organization and promise not to record or say anything bad about the country or its leadership.

I doubt the DPRK has a middle class.

Check check double check


Checkitty check




Oh yes check

14) newspeak
Can't be sure enough about this one to make a sound judgement.

So far, the DPRK meets 12/14. How is it NOT a fascist state?

No dude I was saying that literally the only people who think it isn't are "M"-"L"s and Juche pseuds

No proof, pure ideology on your part.
And yet you opine about it? Fuck off

What matters is, if you are in a position of influence or power, your actions, if you are not, what your support.
Personality or "being" are irrelevant.

The cult of action is the call to action for action's sake with complete contempt for reflection. Don't think. Just do.

Where is the proofs on this one?

Yeah the fact that the entire western hemisphere has been practically foaming at the mouth for an opportunity to wipe the DPRK off the map really fuels that irrational paranoia

Again, because the west literally is begging for an opportunity to rip the DPRK limb-from-limb like a rabid wolf, and is pretty fucking open about this?

Need I repeat myself?

Fucking hell dude I'm rather critical of DPRK but you're just fucking drinking liberal kool aid

Makes sense, since Zionism is a political project. Adorno and Horkheimer understood the nature of antisemitism better than anyone else, hence they strongly supported Israel as a result, becaues it could provide Jews a safe haven. Retards like Erich Fromm who Adorno often made fun of for being romantics would of course whine about how violent the Jewish state is and so on, not understanding its necessity or positive results in "preventing another Auschwitz" - which for Adorno is the categorical imperative pro-Auschwitz.

marcuse worked for the cia.