Accurately labelling political compass

Welcome to the Political Compass, how tough are you?

The normal one stinks from not having a description for extreme center points.

Feel free to edit or add more labels.

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Even the four segments one is better than this

It seems like it reinforces the horseshoe theory.

Where is NazBol?

Literally an anti-communist buzzword which is itself devoid of any coherent meaning. Back to GIMP with you.

I mean it in the Hitler "I have to be in everyone's house" sense.

Probably here.

the political compass is not fucking two dimensional, people who fail to realize this will always generate imprecise results.

What's the third dimension?


This is the only true political compass.

Where's Mao?

I've been toying with the idea of creating a politics forum that is hard segregated by political alignment. It would work something like this:

Signing up would be as simple as entering a username and password. No email or other identifiable information required. From there, all members would be required to submit results from either a pre-existing political alignment test like the Political Compass or 8-Values, or complete the site's in-house test. Once submitted, they are automatically sorted into the forum which best suits them. From there they can discuss events, organizing, tactics, history, shitposts, memes, and other important political topics. There could be as few as three partitions to as many as sixteen, depending on how many members the forum has. See illustration.

Requiring an evaluation would filter out all but the most dedicated trolls, and would make spam virtually a non-issue. Mods, instead, would be tasked with being vanguards of their political partition. Each forum would have mods picked based on how closely they fit in terms of political alignment. This ensures the mods can cultivate a community that actually fits the political alignment of its users, as well as preventing political drift towards the lowest common denominator.

Bans would be reserved for violations of site-wide rules, whereas partition-specific rules would only result in being exiled to one of the other partitions. Partitions would make their own rules so that those rules better reflect their political affiliation. This ensures that users who aren't properly sorted by the political alignment test could still be sorted manually by a mod. It also discourages mod abuse, because every user they remove from their forum would merely be sent to one of the rival forums.

Wherever a user is sorted, they are only allowed to browse and post in that specific partition and they will not be able to use any of the other partitions. It will also not be possible to lurk on the forum without an account. This gives each partition a sort of pseudo-privacy, where they can discuss politics in peace without being indexed by search engines or watched by snitchy lurkers. It also would serve to heighten the level of political discourse by filtering out low-level dissenters who want to debate the definitions of terms or the accuracy of sources rather than discuss politics.

And then I ran out of steam for my brainstorming, and realized I don't know shit about running or hosting a forum. I just have a shitty wordpress blog, which I barely understand how to use. Oh well.

Can't you just make an Holla Forums board?

oh really

There's quite a few features Holla Forums doesn't have that I'd need, I think. I need to be able to filter people automatically into the different partitions. I need to be able to block people from viewing partitions they aren't in. I need to be able to manually sort users to different partitions. Also, dunno if I'd even WANT to use an imageboard as opposed to a forum.

I always thought it should be traditional/progressive so that the authoritarian/libertarian scale would make more sense.

New attempt with examples instead of labels since labels are too debatable.

Traditionalism and progressivism are more cultural spooks than economics / centralization though. They seem to dictate more the speed the country is moving in rather than the direction. You could have a traditional socialist state that didn't want to be revisionist.

what's the point? nothing's stopping people from using other board software to build their own communities, and even in the hypothetical case that many people use your board, nothing's stopping them from making fake accounts and cheating the test to view the other boards. you need a (way) better selling point and a better security system.

no "political compass" is accurate or even relevant to a leftist, they're all based on arbitrary correlations made between historical parliamentary politics (i.e. liberal politics) and the user's own fantasy world.

yes, if anything we need more segregation in politics.

I like how this actually acknowledges how socdem is centrist and neoliberalism is aut-right and not lib-right
and lib-left is actually about anarchism and not dude weed and gays lmao

Use these

Oh, huh, forgot to reveal the hidden agenda. The point is to accelerate and monetize the collapse of the political middle.

I wanted to basically create inter-forum rivalries and foster divisions among forum users, while creating a sense of in-group tribalism among people on the same forum. There'd be perhaps one debate subforum which all the forum partitions can use together, where they would just scream at each other constantly. Sort of like Holla Forums and Holla Forums and /leftpol/ are, but with an even distribution of people controlled by the test and manual sorting.

There'd also be a publicly accessible Q&A subforum where political questions are answered, and it'd be the only search-indexed part of the forum for that good SEO. And there'd be monitization schemes built on the inter-forum rivalries and maybe each forum could pay to promote blogs and podcasts and self published books. Also, I like the idea of being able to pay money to bypass the political test entirely - partially because I think putting money forward would encourage good behavior, but also because I bet enough would do it to make some cash.

It's really a cynical cash-in on the collapse of late-stage capitalist politics.

But, since I am unskilled and also lazy, it won't happen.

THIS is the only true political compas.

got a bunch of shit


Oh yeah is that some Robin Seplut.



This one remains the best imho



Libertarian and authoritarian are useless terms anyway.


No it will result in a diactatorship of the proletarian class.

Against what class? That compass specifically says

The first stage is diactatorship of the proletariat where all bourgoise elments are removed from society. In this stage some elements of capitalism might be left over like labor vouchers. But once thats done the state will no longer be necessary and whither away leaving a stateless society and free association of producers.

So why don't we just dispose of political power since this class thing is bullshit?

And as I pointed out
The revolutionary dissolution of a class of society is exactly the opposite of status quo, it is revolution. Fucking nobody argues how politics "should" play out during revolutionary periods save for LARPers, trying to claim that because revolt is forceful that groups who advocate a libertarian status quo can't exist is sheer retardation

We're basically debating semantics. Its clear you define libertarian as something compatible will killing the bourgoise and forming a society where the proletariat represses any remaining elements.

The only meaningful way you can define politics is the way you intend for society to run stably. Making this consistent with a political group either means your society is going to be incredibly oppressive to its own members or it is going to be doomed to failure.

Sorry, "making this consistent with revolutionary policy"

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I have the skills to make it, I just think it's a shit idea.


can a man with no education, no theory, and no concept of reality make a new groundbreaking political compass

clearly not