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Is this an early version of the virgin/chad meme?

Why are YOU posting on Holla Forums on Valentines rather than hanging out with your leftist GF user?

Because I don't have one.

Why live?

Lenin didn't have kids, and Stalin's kids were all fuckups, why bother?

Stalin's line is alive and well, just some of the kids were fuckups.

any info about the ones on the left?

The Kims are probably one of the best communist political families, each generation produces several very competent political leaders, eloquent but tough. KJU is badass but lovable, and Kim Yong-nam managed to send the entire US media establishment into meltdown mode with her masterful diplomacy. If anyone here ever has kids, they should hope to raise them as good as Kim Jong-il did.

< communist dynasties


No, it's a Dynasty because they pass on power between generations of the same family.

Who are you quoting?

There is literally no reason to call them a "dynasty" other than orientalism. The Kims are a political family, they are successful because Kim Il Sung raised his kids right and they learned how to represent the people and bring popular policies. There is nothing monarchical about the people entrusting positions of political power to multiple members of the same family as long as those family members are actually popular. You'd call Cuba a "Castro Dynasty" because Raul took over for Fidel no doubt.

Liberals accuse the Castros of being a dynasty all the time.

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

Both the Kims and Castros are chosen by political organs whose legitimity is in the mass organization of the working class. In the case of Cuba, it's backed by Municipal Assemblies and a ton of mass organizations:

I'll admit I don't know much about the DPRK but I imagine that a country where 1/3 of the population (i.e. the workers) is enlisted in the army would quickly revolt if the government wasn't legitimate. They also hold regular parliamentary elections, and the Assembly then appoints the National Defense Commission (the only non-partisan position held by Kim Jong Un) Thus my point is, why complain about family line existing within politics if they're chosen as the legitimate leaders?

This might be a good starting point to read about the DPRK:

Yevgeny Dzhugashvili was gay?

this is a 1916/pol/ack

Unfortunately not everybody can afford to send their kids to elite Swiss private schools alongside the children of billionaires and pay for it with public money.


you're mad that political leaders from a third world country were able to access a first world degree. never mind that the DPRK provides free university to all its citizens, just like Cuba, the envy of workers everywhere.

The fact that there are elections and official organs of democracy doesn’t mean anything, they have those in porky countries too. The fact is that nobody REALLY knows what goes on in the DPRK, but the fact that power passes along a hereditary line every time without fail, to children who clearly receive special treatment due to their family origins, is more than a little suspicious.

No I’m mad about the fact that the NK government provides elite education to children based on their family origins.

*tips tricorn*

The issue is whether the DPRK is a "monarchy" or some similar BS, if you don't care about that, then that's fine.

How is it suspicious? The Kims are popular. Even defectors say so.

waaaah boo hoo the literal world leader (who DID go to Kim Il-sung University for years) went to a European college, this makes me so mad! keep the slants out of our nice european colleges!!!

Why do the kids of the political leaders deserve to go over kids from the working class?

The virgin Kulak vs. the Chad proletarian militant

Why can't all DPRK citizens go to college in Europe!!! if they all can't then none should, keep out the dynastic, scheming slants! never mind all DPRK citizens have free university in the DPRK, I am very mad one of them was able to go learn in Europe!

Wew, you're strawmanning hard and pulling tumblr-tier "das rayciss" because you know that you're defending a near indefensible position

Familial relations are getting special treatment in DPRK politics, it's absolutely blatant.

According to this imperialist news source, there are actually numerous DPRK citizens getting selected for education abroad to bring foreign expertise back home.
Similar story here:
Mainly they go to China and Russia. This is of course expensive and likely not available to any random citizen, they must be good students and so on.

You are literally mad that a world leader's son got to go to a European school. There is no other reason for you to be mad about this than orientalist racism.

Right and you are 100% confident that the choice to send baby Kim to Switzerland had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was the son of a major leader and grandson of the country’s founder.

Yes we are, because it’s a clear example of nepotism and elitism, something every good communist should despise.

I should also add that sending gifted children abroad to learn is one thing. Sending them to an elite private school to rub shoulders with future porkies is something else entirely.

this is by far one of the worst comments i have ever witnessed on this board, wow

people use the term dynasty all the time to talk about the Kennedys, Roosevelts, Bushes. don't see what the problem is.

I don’t think you what the word dynasty means. It has absolutely no orientalist or racial connotations whatsoever. The Carolingians were a dynasty, the Habsburgs were a dynsasty, etc.

this is like when someone criticizes israel and zionists accuse them of antisemitism and jew hating, only this is somehow even less coherent

Sending people to good schools so that you have skilled leaders is one thing, putting elites into colleges that are less about teaching and more about forming insular groups is another.

Why should I care? It's OK if he got special education because his dad was the leader of the country, it doesn't matter.

It's not elitism, it's barely even nepotism. Boo hoo he went to school.

They're using the term to cast the Bushes, Kennedys, etc. as similar to evil Orientals.

The DPRK isn't remotely comparable to the Zionist entity, KYS.

KJU went to Kim Il-sung University.

They are his grand son, his son and grandson.

None of his family are in politics, but he was quite active in defending Stalin publicly (and suing some people who were complaining about billions killed by him)

hope he won that one.

Because elitism and nepotism are anticommunist and anti proletarian.

Weird how sending a few kids to a European school suddenly negates the socialist DOTP that exists in the DPRK. Maybe, you're fucking retarded?

How do you know they have a proper DotP and proletarian democracy? Because the government says they do? Because there exist democratic institutions on paper? As I said earlier, nobody really knows what happens in the DPRK, but the fact that we see obvious signs of an elite clique around the Kims suggests that there exists a ruling class apart from the workers.

Go read the DPRK thread. There's no excuse for your ignorance:

I have read it, and tank user provides no good or conclusive evidence of their political system, only outlines the way it works in theory or on paper. The fact is that there are only two sources of information about North Korea: Western observations and official government statements, and clearly both of these have an agenda to uphold. I’m not saying that the DPRK is a dictatorship, I’m saying I don’t know, and neither do you. What I do know is that just from outside observation, we see clear signs of divisions between an elite and everybody else, as shown by special privileges to the Kim family and the hereditary transition of power.

well it's only really applied to the kim family
it's quite unique for a self proclaimed socialist state. the closest is cuba, but raul is standing down soon and he fought alongside fidel and the others so it's not as strange. east german ambassadors back in the 1960s thought the way kim il sung was seen was concerning


I didn’t say that, learn to read. I said nobody really knows what goes on in the DPRK, and how their political system really works in practice. What we can observe though, is that members of the Kim family receive certain privileges and that there is a heretidary transition of power. This suggests the presence of an elite.



i could just meme and tell you that the place for brainlets is >>>/leftpol/ but this board is really just as bad

yeah, that's what "ancoms" do.

lmao go back to whatever shithole you climbed out of. People don't purely associate "dynasty" with "evil orientals" and the only person trying to make this about racism is you. People have argued that world leaders and other elite figures have been dynasties for a while, but I don't recall anyone arguing that the PRC has been headed by a dynasty of any type, ever.

also, which support?
are they trying to fool their population? do you think china particularly cares? you do realize the whole soviet block is gone and the new states would very much welcome a change, right?

there is literally no gain from "pretending" to be socialist

only because leftpol posters still come here tbh

ok yankee scum, you sure like to call the enemies of empire shitholes

I was thinking more along the lines of "reddit" or "tumblr" which are shitholes.

you'd be right at home on /r/socialism or /r/anarchism.

yeah man, avoiding arguments by calling other people racist is top tier chan posting.

Then why wouldn't Kim Yong-Un go to a North Korean university?

Here is Stalin's tree in a nutshell.

He fucking did, I said it three times already, he went to university in the DPRK.

this. i have a lot of sympathy for dprk, but this is now the 3rd generation of kims being dear leaders and they send them to school with western future leaders. it did not hurt in case of the current leader, however it still reaks of nepotism and is legitimately a "dynasty" of leaders.

fuck you

Are you retarded? There’s a difference between saying that the signs point to a specific phenomenon, and saying that this is definitively the case. Besides, if North Korea is in reality not genuinely socialist and a de facto monarchy, then it would still maintain the socialist image, as all revisionist states do.

You don’t know what their policies are. Stop pretending that you do. Neither official government statements nor western media are reliable here, so stop taking everything the DPRK government says as fact just because it confirms your worldview.