The Mine Wars

Has Holla Forums ever heard of this lost gem of history? Coal miners in Virginia decided to strike against companies that fucked them over. Long story short, the rebellion was smashed. Why haven't we used this to show East Coast Americans their socialist heritage? Why haven't any drawfags made any leftist confederate flags? "Tighten up your bootstraps and do your job, lazy coal miner!" no thank you, porkchop.
Of note:
Confederate Socialism when?

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if NazBol and AnCap can exist, anything can.

Which side are you on boy? Which side are you on?

Some info;

South side.

NazBol CSA when???

They weren't Confederates. Confederates were reactionaries.

Every American leftist should learn about the labor struggles of coal miners during the late 19th/early 20th century. The violent reaction by mine operators/owners along with the state is unparalleled in any other industrial sector in our history. Colorado, West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky and Pennsylvania were literal battlegrounds.
The mine wars were in West Virginia which broke away from Virginia specifically because they didn't want to be in the Confederacy.

Wasn't this the place literal private owned armies (by the mine owners) dropped bombs out of planes on strikers?

The point is that this could be taught to southerners to show them the fact that socialism was close by the whole time. The south is too classcucked and needs class consciousness.

Learn for yourself. The governor was on porky's side.

West Virginia doesn't consider itself a part of the South.


linking white and black proles in the south and getting everyone class conscious might be our only hope.

The mines owned everything. The towns, the houses, the police, the food, and the schools. You got paid in company scrip and shopped at the company store. They would hire and deputize strikebreakers and gunmen who would act as their personal army. When things got too hairy the National Guard would be called in, usually at the request of the owners, to shut down the strikers. One of the few times the Guard ever defended strikers was at the Cripple Creek strike in Colorado.

There's only one thing that could unite black and white proles in the South. The Socialist Confederacy!

why even mention the Confederacy?

Because it has the most revolutionary potential.

Christ on a bike read a book.

A lot of blacks died under the confederate flag too, you know. It meant different things for different people. Why does slavery have to be the defining characteristic of the entire southern United States?


Shit like this is why I support any and all efforts to destroy and/or deface confederate graves and monuments.

Like it or not, there will never be a liberation movement in the United States if it has no connection to the people's hearts. With a little hard work, people in the South would realise that the North fucked them over through capitalist methods. Then they could be educated in Marxist ideology. Then they would fully support a progressive Confeferate liberation movement.

Consider the fact that slavery was a listed grievance for many of the states that seceded.

Source to Wiki article?

I can't help but feel there are better methods.

There are better methods? List them, please.

The vast majority of those black people were forced to labor for the Confederacy or participated in battle because their owner dragged them along. Blacks were even barred from joining the Confederate Army until the last few months of the war. The amount of black Confederate soldiers is insignificant.

How about not invoking reactionary sectionalism?
Sectionalism isn't even mainstream anymore. You'd find more Monarchists in the United States than real sectionalists.

The confederacy wasn't really a country with a clearly defined purpose. Many people thought that fighting in its wars would grant them freedom or land or what-have-you. Still, even the ones who did get dragged along by their masters matter. They still died for the flag.

What do you mean? A lot of people in the south have a hatred for northerners for fucking them over after the war was over. If you're trying to say they don't, i can't quite respond to something as stupid as that. Still, the memory is dying as people get more and more classcucked. People don't really care about past transgressions if they're living day-by-day for a wage.

Top kek. The Confederacy had a very clear purpose. It was an attempt to ensure the continued politico-economic domination of the South's agrarian elite.
They died under a flag that their master forced them to die for. Quite the difference if you ask me.

What the fuck does the Confederacy have to do with the West Virginian mine wars? Or West Virginia at all?

what the fuck i love the confederacy now

All i'm saying is that this shit could be good agitprop to wake east coast americans up. I don't really care what connection west virginia has to the confederacy, and neither will southerners who only want a good reason to hate the north again. You won't see any huge revolution coming from anywhere else.


Well jeez, user, i didn't think of it that way. A revolution might be divisive to the working class! Well shit. I guess i love capitalism now. I'll just vote Oprah in 2020 and hope she brings good socialist reform.

Non-Sectarian Confederate Socialism?!?

What are you fucking talking about? A communists goal is to unite the working class along class lines. Reifying bourgeois abstractions like "the Norf and the Souf" is completely antithetical to the proletarian project.

What else is going to make people revolt? They're complacent. Some people are so classcucked there is no hope of them ever taking action. They'd let their boss fuck their wife if it meant getting a raise. How do you propose we get people to take up arms?

The looming destabilization brought on by ecological collapse and the shifting terrain of global hegemony as the US's unipolar position weakens.