Why don't leftists seem to be interested in things like opsec, firearms training, small unit tactics...

Why don't leftists seem to be interested in things like opsec, firearms training, small unit tactics, and survival skills?

If a violent revolution were to occur in the US, for example, those seem high in priority to me, yet the community of people interested in such things are invariably right-wingers who think the ZOG Occupied Government and Hillary Clinton are ready to implement white genocid.e and islamig gommunism through cultural marxist brainwashing.

I think it's because ultimately left wingers are optimistic (bear with me) about a better future being possible and the goodness of people, whereas right wingers are half-deranged maniacs just waiting for an excuse to go Mad Max on society. They're also paradoxically massive bootlickers who are the most likely to be involved with the military/police. Most leftists don't want to kill people, whether that's good or bad I can't say.

Yeah you're right. Just couldn't think of a better way to illustrate the point


I am
Well to bad I'm aussie

OP is confusing leftists with liberals (again) but on the other side leftists who are into that sort of stuff don't get too involved and are not dickwads that act all autistic about it.
In my case i want to get into that stuff but all the rightists who are already into it repel me

Its cringey how hard that guy tries to look tacticool.

No I am not confusing leftists with liberals. Liberals at least do mass LARPs and screech on the streets about not enough black women CEOs. Leftists think they will change the world by reading 19th century tomes from the comfort of their armchairs.

Reading and analyzing the same bookss over and over and just being insular and defeatist instead of organizing and agitating is not only useless but actively harmful.

Do you think the working class cares about who the fuck is Hegel or Feuerbach?

Plenty are, but they don't talk about it on Holla Forums or facebook or whatever. The guys who do are either feds or larpers.

Those are left communists

organizing is hard when liberals get on the way
Some people is organizing and developing a movement but still liberals are an obstacle
You start a socialist org, a liberal arrives and tries to take down anything class related

Holla Forums is not the same as fedbook, it is an appropriate place to promote a real understanding of OPSEC. It's not a place to discuss real plans or anything, but general tactics and security principles are fine to discuss here.

OP, the reason most Western "leftists" and even "communists" have no security discipline is because they are rank amateurs, opportunists, adventurists, and idealists. Lenin wrote extensively on the need for secrecy and professionalism in the socialist movement in many of his works. I recommend What Is To Be Done and Left Wing Communism An Infantile Disorder for an intro to his thinking on this topic. All serious modern revolutionary groups, communist or otherwise, from the IRA to Hezbollah to the Naxalites, adhere to strict secrecy and discipline. We should study the old tactics of groups like the Bolsheviks and the PLAF, as well as the modern tactics of the aforementioned groups, and seek to emulate them while adapting to the present situation.

Three things everyone should learn from Lenin:
1. Legal and illegal work should be mixed together. If you are a communist in a Western "Democracy," it is easy to fall into the illusion that promoting communism is not an illegal activity and won't get you arrested and killed. If your communist group organizes while making this kind of error, it will totally crumble when the new Red Scare happens. Therefore, communists must mix their "legal" activities with activities that are definitely illegal (or at very least heavily suppressed, even something simple like advocating for imperialist mercenaries to mutiny or desert) and conduct both with the necessary precautions and mitigations.
2. Propaganda, through agitation, newspapers, or modern media, can often be the most important activity available to communists due to its appropriateness in all contexts. The vast majority of the time spent by Western communists will be downtime when there is no revolutionary or even strike potential, particularly at first. Therefore, while the appropriate training in weapons and tactics should be undertaken, forming militias right off the bat and marching around at protests with ARs and AKs is blatant adventurism and likely a honeypot. Development of a comprehensive and effective propaganda apparatus to counter and dismantle capitalist and imperialist lies should be the number one goal of communists right now.
3. Security is not perfect, anonymity is not always possible, in order to engage with the masses, communists must take some risks. Any modern OPSEC expert will tell you that OPSEC is a constant process of mitigation, compartmentalization, and active response to breaches and infiltration, and Lenin was perfectly clear about this in Left Wing Communism An Infantile Disorder. "Le anonymuzz haxxer" activity is not only not correct communist praxis, it is a pipe dream as evidenced by the ridiculous level of FBI infiltration of Anonymous and Occupy (to the extent that these groups were basically honeypots and FBI puppets from the start). Real revolutionary communists will be secret where appropriate, take risks where appropriate, and have a backup plan for their backup plan for their backup plan.

And yet, no one ever links a source or PDF of any of this? got any?

Source that these groups maintain secrecy and proper security measures? I mean, that's obvious if you know anything at all. Or do you mean actual research or materials to learn from? Well, what I am saying is we need to do the research. I intend to get around to it some time, but right now I am in the middle of Captial. I invite you to do some investigation of your own though.



Because we hitched our wagons to the liberals back in the 60s and 70s to form the so-called "New Left" and have been riding this shit downhill ever since.




Because an army without an ideological education is nothing but a band of thieves and murderers.

If anything, a materialist analysis of society should lead us to believe a Mad Max-like future is pretty likely, since the bourgeoisie will do anything to not give up their power and wealth when the workers rise. We must prepare and arms ourselves as a class.

there was an infographic thread a while ago with tons on info on this, but it died. so, info thread



survival 2

survival 3


Based pdf user

Some of this stuff is useful, but a lot of it is just irrelevant spam that wouldn't be out of place on Holla Forums or some prepper forum.

Simple explanation:
The right controls a lot of stuff and thus feels the need to defend it at any cost
The left owns little and is often content for capitalism to collapse on its own

Then post something better, faggot.

It's still not a bad idea to stockpile supplies for when capitalism does inevitably implode on itself.

Leftists (not liberals) do. Ever heard of Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club?

Those groups mostly cater to an-coms though. The problem with the working class (blue collar) in burgerland is that they tend to gravitate towards reactionary neoliberalism, and they are the ones with all the guns.

Leftists don't necessarily need to focus on paramilitary tactics (although its not a bad idea). We should be focusing on radicalizing the working-class in burgerland. We have more than enough guns. We don't have enough radicalized workers.

We need to radicalize workers in a way that surpasses the West Virginia Coal Wars in its entirety.

if the working class actually "woke up" they wouldn't need guns.

Ask the opposite question. Why are right-wingers so obsessed with it? Obviously because they're compensating for something. These are the same people who get scared by brown people, homosexuals and women. They need to be part of a "nation" or "race" to feel comfortable. If they don't act all though, people would see them for the pansies they are.

Leftists generally are comfortable being who they are, only aspiring to be a better version of themselves. It means we're stronger.

I find the idea that revolution will happen if we just read books and hand out agitprop laughable. Right wingers are, in this regard, far more prepared and well-placed to take power when a crisis hits.

Someone should tell that guy his shirt shrank in the wash.

Not what I stated at all.

You act like ideology is some unmovable object placed upon people that they cannot shift or move.

The working-class are well armed, but incredibly reactionary due to the constant anti-organized labor and pro-capitalism propaganda that is constantly being fed to them by porky.

Obviously revolution will not occur by just sitting around reading theory. But good luck mounting any sort of proletariat revolution without a majority of the proletariat supporting the vanguard party (or any labor movement).

Any sort of paramilitary tactical training is pointless if any sort of left-wing insurgency would result in inevitable failure due to the lack of popular support.

I despise suburban living. How much knowledge is lost from this lifestyle? Leftists should make the effort to pass down this kind of stuff to each other even if it's just for a SHTF Plan.

just saying we need to be critical and filter out the BS you shitlicker.


if we take /k/ as our general model then because (american?) gun culture and the community extending out of it tend to be tedious, so even academic interest is never spiked.

alternatively: urban rural divide writ large. not only do rural areas tend to lean "right" and cities lean "left", but there's less practical need/use for firearms and survival skills in a city (police and other people are much closer.), with two consequential results: 1. your dad probably doesn't own a gun, meaning you never pick it up from him (same with certain survival-related things like fishing), and 2. you need to find a specific place to shoot a gun in a city (i.e. firing range) while in the middle of nowhere there's a reasonable opportunity to just shoot things in your garden which is more convenient. On survival skills instead of guns, i mean, with cities you're looking at an area where trees are less common than cars.

alternatively alternatively: the right feel the need to know survival and firearm operation themselves, i.e. to be a rugged individualist. by contrast the left has reason to believe they can rely on their comrades. if i know how to shoot, i don't need to know how to find/prepare food in the wild because my comrade knows that. i'll shoot the people who try to hurt him, he'll stop me from starving. (there's something horribly "libertarian explains why corporations should be allowed to dump lead in the water supply using an analogy to two men on an island full of coconuts" to that analogy, but i can't pin down what it is.)

Its individualist garbage. No individual will topple the government

I'm not anticipating SHTF anytime soon, but I'm ready for it. I had a few years of wilderness survival training. I trained with rifles competitively for years, and have quite a bit of practice with handguns and shotguns. There is a month of water and food supply in my possession, at an undisclosed location. My mechanic skills aren't on point, but they are for my bike. Cross country mountain bike for all terrain, quiet transportation that doesn't need external fuel.

I'm no bear grylls or navy seal, but I don't think I'll be the first to go. I'm more in line with my own self interest though, so I'd fight with whatever ideology gives me the highest chance of survival. Your training depends heavily on your local terrain

Correct on the bottom part. Right wing firearm people have all spoken with their bretheren and many have loose plans to team up with each other. This includes bringing their guns, food, water, currency, and bullion together. Usually it centers around who has the best place to fortify. But if shit gets really bad you have to do as much as you can yourself, because nobody will look after your personal self interest like you would.

Source: Used to be basic bitch conservative

And thinking everything is a honeypot is COINTELPRO.

By now you should realize that everything will be infiltrated at some point. We just need more guns than the infiltrators.

This is true but Redneck Revolt has given cause to be skeptical of them.

Maybe I don't understand the situation, but how is this a cause to be skeptical?

Infiltrating and radicalizing the military is exactly what we should be doing.

You can't be this gullible, a West Point graduate who posts pictures of himself on social media in a Che Guevara shirt? If he were serious about this he'd either refuse to deploy and take the jail time, desert, or keep his mouth shut and sabotage the military.

He was an idiot and somewhat LARPing, but I do think he was being genuine. He went balls out for sure.

Regardless, I don't see how this should make one skeptical of Redneck Revolt though.

Taking a stand is just as important as overt sabotage.

meant to say

Yeah this highly qualified and well-trained US military officer accidentally gave himself away, what a clown!
And yet he's still in the Marines. I'd be fine with him taking a stand if it meant he were no longer part of the military.

tbh I've never met a low-ranked U.S. officer that wasn't a clown.

What does this have to do with Redneck Revolt though? RR didn't state they were proud Rapone was still in the military. They stated that they supported while he was under investigation.


They are adventurist honeypots, and YOU are a fucking tard.

lmao you are a gullible shit. go have fun with your buddys from the 10th mountain division.

Because American leftists are pathetic liberals and want to be protected by the police whom they don't even trust. It's cuckoldry at its finest.

Let's be frank, it won't happen in our lifetimes, if at all. The two big civilian conflicts in America were started by Porky for porky reasons, and odds are that so will the third one.

What a wonderful counter-argument. Truly, I am bested by your superior debating skills

pic related

Why not use the knife as a spearhead instead?

Two caveats:

1) A lot of the far right and neo-Nazi groups are chock full of stolen valor cases of people who never served, or served and cleaned toilets for four years and never delpoyed. They present themselves as full of hardened combat veterans who know high-speed tacticlol skills, but a lot of that is posturing. This isn't to say there aren't dangerous cookies in the bag but the fake-veteran thing is extremely common.

2) Any attempt at a right-wing ethnic cleansing or something like that is going to run into the ethnic gangs such as the black, Mexican and Central American gangs who are organized and actually kill people. There's a reason why these far-right groups stick to their rallies in safe territory or on college campuses and not in Houston's Fifth Ward or Chicago's South Side. Remember that the defense of Sarajevo was organized by Bosnian mafioso groups.

Oh forgot to add, if you want to see how deadly the extreme right's opposition can be, 25-year-old Micah Johnson, armed with a Saiga rifle, killed five armed police officers and wounded two more by himself while on foot in downtown Dallas. His rampage wasn't stopped until the police literally blew him up with a robot.

Because your knife is a versatile tool that you will likely end up using a lot, that you don't want just being tied up used as a spear. Also the outward-pointing shape of the prongs helps keep fish caught.

Final thing, while I'm on this tear, an armed conflict in the U.S. would probably look like something more akin to the Mexican drug war. If two armed groups met, it'd be the result of an accident or screwup somehow, and most of the actual "fighting" would be kidnappings and executions; like a body dumped in public with a note pinned to the chest.

Instead of a revolution, there would be elections and parties taking and losing power like normal, but with escalating levels of violence, the highest levels in states and municipalities controlled by the party that is currently out of power at the federal level.

We see a tiny glimpse of this today, as the most serious political street clashes have been in states and cities controlled by Democrats, which are deliberately targeted by these traveling right-wing and neo-Nazi streetfighting groups as a kind of symbolic "territorial conquest." They talk about "taking" Charlottesville or Berkeley. They will literally commute into town to stir up trouble.

It's obviously way, way, waaaaay more extreme in Mexico, but it's not so dissimilar to how it works there: the cartels are tied up with the parties, which are corrupt, and the states run by the "out-of-power" party tend to be the ones which see spiraling violence.

So my advice is to think like the mob.

One's better off seeing the world for themself instead of hiding their head behind books.
Organize, educate, agitate.

we dont kill with wrath, we destroy with laughter.
to paraphrase Zarathustra.

ok, but why though? you haven't given a reason for any of your conclusions.