So this exists.
If you want a good example of what happens when people stop thinking critically and just assume they've got the measure of something instantly, you couldn't do much better than taking a look at how they interpret this board. How obvious joke-posts are taken seriously, and normal feelsposting considered worth sharing because it's come from "them" rather than "us".

Personal favourite: The guy who saw Trump and took a screenshot while clearly not knowing who the NAZBOL GANG are. That would've taken like 2 seconds on Google to figure out.

Other urls found in this thread:


I'm not even gonna click on that shit.

/cow/ has fallen so low
It is now populated by a-logs and other autists without self awareness

I don't think so, it's pretty fun actually. It's only bad whenever the Jews or leftism are mentioned, then the stormfags come out of the woodwork. The Skeptic Saga threads are proof, one thread they're discussing the merits of Hitler and Nazism, the next they're insisting /cow/ is apolitical. No self-awareness indeed.

You gonna spam that thread some more? It's really amusing to watch.

Would you please just stop lol

I'm not the one spamming /cow/ because I'm asshurt they're making fun of me.



Why are you so mad lol


Would put £50 on you being >>>/cow/330520

No, I'm >>>/cow/330526

everyone uses that flag Holla Forums what are you doing

That thread is huge I'm not actually reading through all that shit.

Is there anything too it other than
Or is there something there of substance?

t. utterly buttblasted

U mad?

What even is /cow/'s purpose?
I don't really browse anywhere else but the clone-boards and here.

Why does Holla Forums get so asshurt at vid related?

because it's spammed too much it isn't even funny anymore
because there's no actual source on it being the BO
because being annoyed at the same thing being posted over and over, and having that poster say "u mad" over and over is useless

A good chunk of it is image spam. Probably better read bottom-to-top, since our resident weirdo is still dumping screenshots of random threads.
There's some amusing dunning-kruger type analysis like >>>/cow/328793 nearer the top but it's not essential. The thread itself is a perfect object.

Also, the fact that you even bothered to make this thread shows how utterly analpained you are.


I'm not the one spamming /cow/ because I'm buttblasted about them mocking me.

The thumbnail is porn.
This is a SFW board.

Will you stop posting about your dumb thread

Yeah, you're totally not mad.


It's spammed so often that it's as annoying as BBC spam threads which used to be prevalent prior to the word limit.
furthermore, porn is a no here. You gonna post porn you spoil that shit.

Usually it's to find and document amusing autists and esoterics. Chris Chan types. Or if you go more general, websites full of minor weirdos that are amusing.
So to Holla Forums, Holla Forums - the resident board for intersectional feminism, trans* bathroom rights and furry equality - would be an ideal place to post. Unfortunately to anyone with the state of mind to visit the board for 15 minutes, that's not quite an accurate impression.

Fortunately for those who like watching other people embarrass themselves, /cow/ has at least one dedicated individual who isn't going to let the abject drought of content stop him.

I made this thread because I was interested what would happen if I linked the thread somewhere it would be widely seen, rather than just in individual threads.

Will you stop spamming it? You're up to 130+ posts now, and it just makes you look autistic.

Why are you so mad?

We're the ones laughing at you. You people got so triggered by some stray Holla Forumsers spamming a thread that you went out of your way to shitpost here. Get rekt

You're inciting people to spam it at this point. It's your fault


Literally who are you talking about? Are they a tripfag from here? Is /cow/ a board which forces everyone to have a trip similar to Holla Forums?

They have an ID system lol

I fap to it honestly.

So like Holla Forums?


Whatever you say, little butthurt man.

You're quite clearly perturbed.

That thread reminded me that we have people who are still so assblasted about the mere existence of this board that they lurk just to cherrypick screenshots. They're posting a lot of shit from way the fuck back, they aren't even fresh screenshots, these guys have fucking folders of this shit just to try to make us look bad, how fucking pathetic.


And? It's still autistic.

U mad bruh?

Not as mad as the guy who posted 150 pics of random rednecks on /cow/ because someone had the audacity to mock Holla Forums.

You gonna have another outburst soon? Or have you burned yourselves out?

You are that mad

We can't exactly control one person user.
I bet 10 bucks it's Hoochie

I'm not sure "mad" is the word I'd use. More like "entertained."


that's actually likely, she used to do it

That's nice dear



did you just say "someone please dump 150 random pictures on /cow/ just to see what happens"?
because i'm sure I just heard someone say that

Honestly, go ahead. I'm in the mood for some entertainment.

put me in the screenshot, /cow/

Bro, you so mad, bro.

So you are the one posting there.

What's got you so asshurt?

not being in the screenshot


fuck off

"Normal feelsposting" is pathetic on any board, not just yours. I mocked it on Krautchan in 2009 and I'll mock it here.

I like you.

we all know you'd spam queers here if you wouldn't get banned for it.

The guy probably has that BO video saved for nights when he's feeling frisky but rationalizes it away by telling himself it's mainly so he can "trigger the libcucks"

faggotry is a fascist decadence

Do they just make shit up and then get outraged at the very thing they've just made up?

All the time. Just like yesterday when they found some other guy with the same name as a registered democrat, who lived 40 minutes away from that high school.

remember last year when Holla Forums hyped up some random day on the Gregorian calendar saying Antfia was going to try to take over the United States?

Honestly, I'm happy that the Idiots that joined Discord servers, from leftypol got doxxed and ridiculed.
anonymity should always be a priority in Image boards (IB's), you could go as far as to become a namefag or a tripcancerous homo, but if you go beyond that it's your fault, you brought ridicule onto yourself.
All the fucking Trannies and wannabe traps from leftypol, I hope they all die quickly.

that /cow/ OP is a disgrace


the only real dirt they have are their own falseflags and discordshitters
Holla Forums discords were a mistake

/cow/ here. Tell me more.

All discords have cringey people. There was one Holla Forums server with 1000+ members full of furries, people who watched interracial porn and the server owner openly admitting he had been diagnosed with autism

not really. I'm a hardcore communist and I always thought you were a bunch of autists.
it doesn't really take a right-wing bias. just look how our BO behaves.

discord was a mistake

He is a Fat larper that pretends to be a Socialist but he was a former Holla Forumstard.

he had that pedo trot girlfriend too

He needs to drop the larping. If not he will revert to reaction again.


I bet you can't even explain what democratic centralism is you raging liberal

More pics.
His Girlfriend is a pedo as well.

I'm on it.
His GF:
She is a pedo:


I'm looking at the stamps on my dA and I'm terribly confused. Is he trans?

She is a woman and wants to become a man.
I really don't know where is she going to get a penis to then be stitched and replace her vagina.
or she is going to pretend that she has one.

She can buy a rubber babydick, right? transkids.biz/

I don't know I'm not a fag.
But I'm going to guess that she is going to get one.

Whether it's pathetic is a bit by-the-by. Little to nothing of what's been posted is interesting.
I mean, there's an /r9k/ thread that actually mange(s? d?) to have some interesting content. I'm sure that's where I found "mom found the cum macaroni", which was slightly more amusing than "I work in a shop. I see poor people. It makes me sad to see poor people in the shop because they don't have to be poor."

They can actually do a thing with that
I can't remember exactly what they do, but they take some skin off your arm or leg to do it. The things you learn visiting dead boards and finding someone has half-heartedly filled them with shock material…


A new thread appeared, which I now share in the spirit of Neue Cowpolitik and peaceful coexistence.

Democratic Centralism is pretty shit, family.
yeah literally anything is.

to my knowledge he was a berniebro that liked to larp as a nazi, before turning left.

he's sporting the WhiteNat flag in one image and very modern-looking military attire in another. that's more than "larping as a Nazi"


this man was a socdem who was friends with nazis.

so a regular socdem then

baboon boy….

what's the point of this? Like I seriously cannot comprehend what they're gonna achieve with this. The more they keep trying to convince themselves that we're liberals and SJW's the more they convince me that being right wing is a literal mental disease. They keep saying shit like "huh the left this but the right huh BTFO niggers" it doesn't even make any sense.
Just look at this pic one on of their top faggots posted. Some shit falseflag on Holla Forums is us. It's not like there are bait threads on Holla Forums that are 10 times better than this. Not like ever fucking actually came to this board. Some other jackass is saying "they hate america" like it's an insult or something that'd convince me people on this board are morally rotten transgender antichrists. I don't even know why I bother with writing such a long post about people who have like 4 functioning brain cells.
So to all dear americans reading this, practise your rights, grab a gun and if you see some retard like this on the street just fucking put them out of their misery, you'd be doing them and the whole world a favour.

I looked at the other thread as well… And it was full of discord posts? Is there even a Holla Forums discord? On one pic the name of the server was visible and it was "anarchism". What's the point of a /letypol/ lolcow thread if they don't even post stuff from Holla Forums???

I'm definitely not saying that Holla Forums is the hottest shit right now, but if you compare with the quality of other boards, it's actually not that bad. You can go onto any board on Holla Forums and find dozens of posts worthy of screencapping, that /cow/ would single out Holla Forums like that tells more about /cow/ than it does about Holla Forums.

90% of it is just "people are doing weird sex stuff that I'm not into" which is an extremely fucking boring thing to care about. There's no reason not to just ignore the thread.

Oh that's easy. Nothing. (Well, entertaining me.)
Or possibly having a little circlejerk about the version of Holla Forums that lives in their head rent free.

Fucking them around is a fun reason not to do so.