Make a commiecat lewd request thread two days ago

Why are you so easily triggered, Holla Forums?

Honestly lad, I saw all those things: you're just a cunt who goes out their way to pick fights.

our antifa supersoldiers are coming for your board

I dunno, why are Holla Forumsyps such pathetic individuals that they have to pick fights on the internet to boost their self-esteem?

Because it's fun to watch you get asspained, Holla Forums.

Thanks for proving my point for me.

Nice projection batman.

Not an argument.

Why so mad?

By the way, got any more pics of your board-tan crying? I like them especially.

He comes across as the type of dude who makes up for the fact that his parents beat him with a weed-whacker every day by picking on the quadriplegic kid in class while yelling "GET REKT SNOWFLAKE"

Because nobody likes a cunt.



Mad? Who said I was mad. Cunt is just the word we have for your sort of person. Got a problem with that, cunt?

A petty dickhead who turned out to be entirely motivated by a massive oedipus complex actually kinda does suit you : ^ )

The fact that you've posted a dozen times calling me a cunt.


I'm not the one spamming /cow/ a hundred posts an hour because someone made a thread making fun of my board.

Wew lad. You sure are mad.


I was on that thread earlier
The spammer was Hoochie and she's truly pathetic for doing that
Goon truly have no self awareness

Ты не понимаешь числе хорошо, суньт.

What lewds did you get OP

Actually I'm pretty sure the spam resulted from me linking the /cow/ thread elsewhere, given it began within minutes of that in a fast thread.

Please don't assume you have agency.

It's more fun watching you post random screenshots that wouldn't be amiss anywhere else on this website, while missing out on everything that could possibly be amusing.

Are you the guy spamming /cow/? You have the same habit of sperging out and posting random phrases that make no sense.

I'm so happy Holla Forums has actual mods