Thoughts on Michael Brooks...

Thoughts on Michael Brooks? Video is him addressing Jimmy Dore and basically says he's being a child and elections have real consequences (conservative supreme court picks, ending DACA, weakening labor power etc.)

He was also on Zero Books last week

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Bumbling buffoons like Trump who destroy imperialism from the inside out are far better for the revolution than slick sociopath executioners like Obama and Hillary.

Donald Trump is destroying imperialism?

Put out a clear class based Marxist understanding of society and work towards communism in whatever you're best at or from wherever you are. You won't be perfect, sjw and idol will fuck with you, but we need you more than ever right now to do your part.

He does this so he's doing just fine.

Waiting for blips of accelerationism really is a fools errand. Trump cannot hope to touch the structures that will remain and reproduce capitalism. Capitalism is far too malleable and ingenious for a retard like trump to harm it

Who is this guy? Is he a Marxist/anarchist or left liberal? I hate his ugly face and his disgusting voice so I've never watched anything by him for more than 30 seconds.

I can already tell this going to be garbage

Hes a shill for the democratic party while calling himslef an edgy socialist

Here is just one example of how he argues for patriotic surveillance by the CIA
He sure wouldn't be able to combine troop worship, militarism, and patriotism into fascism in the US!

He's right. Leftism doesn't flourish under right wing accelerationism. The SCOTUS and policies Trump will endorse won't cause an uprising. The normiez would let Trump shit on them as long as they could watch Bravo channel programming while he did it. If a neoliberal was elected that would be the talking point right now.. instead of the pros and cons of right wing totalitarianism. The right would be forced to throw in increasingly left leaning or moderate Republicans in order to win back moderate and potential liberal defecting voters.

Dore is an uninformed moron. The only reason he gets traction here is because he has fiery rhetoric and he aims it at the right targets.

"it's not all just emotions," this hypocrite can kiss my ass

That's only a half truth, the revolutionaries also had the advantage of dealing with an extremely incompetent and aimless establishment. Nicolas II and the Provisional Government didn't have two brain cells to rub together between them. Same goes for Louis XVI the various ministers, councils and assemblies he tried to juggle before the Women's march. Trump would fit perfectly in that lineup, though it's a bit early to be talking revolution.

He's a centrist liberal non-entity with an incredibly faggy voice and punchable face.

Imo majorityreport is probably my favourite show of its kind on YouTube. It's not perfect, but its better than Jimmy Dore, who's just a moderately useful idiot.

Decent socdem show, with Michael often adding a genuinely Marxist perspective.

this guy and his small cult

He's a socialist who does podcasts with Chapo's Trap House

Contra is such a liberal piece of shit.

His presence is destabilizing and divisive. Many other billionaires have said very harsh things about Trump. In contrast, if Hillary was in office, Wall St and other Big Money interests would unite unanimously behind "their" candidate.

This is baby tier political commentary.

“Guys, I know we need change but don’t attack the acceptable liberal narrative on war, don’t organize political power with the masses outside of the Democratic Party and Capitalism will go away if we vote enough times for the democrats”

that's not what he said at all though

He's a liberal dipshit, even if he calls himself a socialist. He thinks murdering brown people in wars is a lesser crime than deporting them. He thinks voting for anyone but an enthusiastic imperialist murderer is 'throwing your vote away'. Fuck this useless Democrat shill.

Obviously you know nothing about him. He's thoroughly anti-imperialist, more so than any other YouTuber of his type i know of. Try to know wtf your talking about before you say retarded bullshit.