Communist optics at an all-time low, how can we improve our image to bring in more average people...

Communist optics at an all-time low, how can we improve our image to bring in more average people? How can we undo the brainwashing that the average person has gone through.

lol no

Anchor this thread


Fuck off Holla Forums

Care to elaborate?

I struggle to think of one place where this is true. How historically illiterate are you?

How many of you actually own tools and produce things with them?
Your cock and asshole and a webcam does not count.
Nor does the bathroom of a seven eleven, or a parking lot.
You get the drift.

What do you produce with tools in your not gay/degenerate time?
I know, it can't be much, but, still.

gimme somthin here come on


petty bourgeois ideologues get >>>/out/


How many of you actually know how to structure a paragraph properly?

How many of you are in a university? As opposed to here?

You get the drift.

kek newfags

Fucking reddit spacing

That's a good question, I doubt anyone on this website, Holla Forums or Holla Forums or /liberty/, what have you, actually does

This includes you

5 Hit combo.
Not bad.

I'm sorry that you'll actually die without someone providing for you.

you have much to learn

Biting bait here but you're aware that you can work without owning the tools you use, correct?

You show that nazi, alunya!

I doubt you will.

Literally worked in machining and now as mechanic you faggot


Is this the same user who's been ban evading to defend Jordan Peterson's honor

Keep crying


Literally who?

I see more people who have worked in Holla Forums than Holla Forums.

Pipe down Holla Forums

Yeah, the communist neet meme needs to go away

fu fu fu


Calling people Holla Forums obssesively is actually a Holla Forums tactic to try and ">ebin trole" the site

Nobody gives a fuck


No, you're not full of regular people.
Nope not anymore. It's a redditor colony

People mock trannies here, go cry your /cow/ thread was raided my Austrian prince

wich is why I see so many banned people from criticizing your previous BO

Nobody's been here, ever, nobody cares about leftypol

What? For one, we still have the same BO. For two, because its porn, for three, that isn't the BO.

And nobody here uses Discord unless they're incredibly naive and new, so your thread about how everyone here is a tranny is a bit off base. We'd really like to discuss things, but you keep trying to interfere with our ability to do so.

That explains it. You have to go back.

ive seen threads discussing tranny issues were you people non ironically defended trans rights, this really doesn't stick

I don't think alunya would agree, I think I'll get banned for trying to discuss idpol.

There's a variety of opinions on the matter. It's a bit different from Holla Forums, where you just have the same opinion you like recycled ad nauseum to you over and over again.

Actually ever worked in a trade Holla Forumsyp? Or is drilling glory holes the closest you've got?

At least try and make a believable point.

Disagreement? You would probably get banned. There's only ever a tolerated amount of disagreement on Holla Forums

Same shit here, I'm sorry.

Opinions far more diverse than I've ever seen Holla Forums allow. Just because Holla Forums is banned, does not mean there isn't a diversity of opinion. Anyways I'm sorry someone raided your /cow/ thread Holla Forums, but that isn't our problem

oh yeah all those ancaps, nazi, KKK, zionist, anti-zionist, neocon, and all those amerifats ant >%56 memes are all the same opinion I guess


So? Holla Forums isn't banned there, I know because I false flag all the time.

Okay, that was funny.

What the fuck are you even talking about at this point

Nobody is going to bring back your retarded thread, /cow/

Keep up, mr.powerlevel

You're arguing in circles over how your thread was ruined.

You mean how I derailed the thread?

No, /cow/, nobody wanted to post in this thread to begin with

I don't know if this thread is genuine or if it's bait, it's almost impossible to tell in this board, but derailing is fun.

/cow/ is less active than this board. That should tell you about how many people really give a fuck your thread was raided

Go home /cow/

W-Why, I'll go back to reddit at once!