Daily News Thread 2/14

NSA shooting: Several injured as vehicle crashes at gate

Several people have been injured and a suspect was taken into custody after a car crashed outside the US National Security Agency's headquarters.

Netanyahu Clings to Power After Police Recommend Indictment

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared he has no plan to go to early elections, as his coalition closed ranks around a leader who police say should stand trial for bribery.

Mercenaries Hurt in U.S. Syria Strikes Are Treated at Russian Defense Hospitals

Even as the Kremlin denies any official link to them, scores of Russian mercenaries wounded in U.S. strikes in Syria are being treated at Defense Ministry hospitals.

Home Prices Hit Records in Almost Two-Thirds of U.S. Cities

Home prices jumped to all-time highs in almost two-thirds of U.S. cities in the fourth quarter as buyers battled for a record-low supply of listings.

U.S. CPI Tops Estimates as Apparel Costs Jump Most in 30 Years

U.S. consumer prices rose by more than projected in January as apparel costs jumped the most in nearly three decades. The report sent Treasuries and stocks tumbling, as it added to concerns about an inflation pickup that have roiled financial markets this month.

Macron Kicks French Press Corps Out of Elysee Palace

Emmanuel Macron is evicting the presidential press corps from the Elysee Palace.

Morales Demands Investigation After Third Fatal Carnival Blast

The two victims of Tuesday's explosions bring Bolivia's 2018 Carnival death toll to 42, with more than 120 people injured, said Federal Minister Carlos Romero.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Can’t Beat Washington, So He’s Joining It: The Influence Game

In the past five years, Amazon increased lobbying spending by more than 400 percent, a rate of change that far exceeds rivals’.

Homeless man found dead 'on doorstep' of Parliament

A man has been found dead in a Tube station underpass that leads to the Houses of Parliament.

Stormy Daniels: Trump lawyer admits paying porn star

The long-term personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump has admitted privately paying an adult film star $130,000 (£95,000) in 2016, in a statement to US media.

US teacher 'dragged boy who sat during Pledge of Allegiance

A US gym teacher is facing child abuse and assault charges after allegedly forcing a student to stand for the US Pledge of Allegiance.

Crypto-currency craze 'hinders search for alien life'

Scientists listening out for broadcasts by extra-terrestrials are struggling to get the computer hardware they need, thanks to the crypto-currency mining craze, a radio-astronomer has said.

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While the Media Panicked About Campus Leftists, the Far Right Surged


Fascism, not migrants, is the real danger in Italy


The uncounted victims from Iraq to Afghanistan


Cultural Democracy Now

A deeper engagement with culture can strengthen our democracy, taking political projects beyond electoral impact and festival memes into a whole new world of radical, lasting change.

Washington no more: Palestine turns to Moscow for future Israel talks

It is no secret that Palestinian trust in Washington as an impartial broker and mediator in future peace talks with Israel has been shredded.

Here is a new argument for the Remainers – should be a winner





wow don't you just hate it when you pledge solidarity with Venezuela and then your citizens just start exploding out of nowhere?

You realise how entrenched the Israeli establishment is in Russia and how many ligraphcs are Israelis right?


posadists btfo by buttcoin

holy fuck, she looks like a Junji Ito character.

The reason the ayys haven't come and brought us communism yet is that they're too busy mining bitcoin

She looks like she might rip my entrails out with her fingernails.

Looks like a tranny granny, fucking disgusting.

Will crypto currency miners be the first against the wall? We need to liberate the means of graphical production from the buttcoin bourgeois.

We told you the west would go full fascist as the crisis unfolds. The 1st world is behaving exactly as expected.

this is how you turn ledditors against crypto

Cryptocurrency is anti-Posadist

Depends entirely on how Elon Musk reacts to this news.

Potential manchurian candidate gone wrong.

Shit I need to start working on my escape plan.

Any suggestions?


This has to be dumbest deflection I have ever seen from a lawyer.

presidents can afford the best lmao

I doubt the DPRK would be sympathetic to western defectors

That's because he paid her to say she had sex with him.

So much for the "traditional family-values" Right.

Melania absolutely has to want to leave this man but can't because of the public image issues it would cause.

Comrade Joe seems to be doing fine still.

That would be hilarious if she did though

thanks Newsanon

Bourgie massacring revolution when?

Not until you've figured out what's supposed to happen the day after


A nice potato salad party.

t. me at the border

Speaking of Melania

White House won’t discuss immigration status of Melania Trump's parents


>"I'm not going to get into specific cases," the official told reporters Wednesday.

Senior White House official resigns over security clearance: Politico


This is the third official this week.

VA Secretary David Shulkin misused government resources, agency watchdog report says


I swear, this administration is going to make Ulysses Grant's presidency look squeaky clean.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dies aged 65


As is usual from the Trump administration, this rich faggot could've paid for the trip himself, but decided instead to take it on our dime. Then he lied about it.


Homeless man dies on 'doorstep' of Houses of Parliament



pure coincidence

Here, have some fuel for your fire.
>punishing people for being homeless'
>“homelessness support strategy”
>“homelessness support strategy”
Just three fucking days ago. Not the same area, but not that far away either.

Florida school shooter in custody, Senator says multiple dead


Great. Another horrible tragedy where people sling empty condolences and do nothing to solve the problem. Can't wait for next month's.

next week's*

This one has photos and video from the poor kids in inside.

Will this change anything? I doubt it.

Precisely what do you want to see change?

There will be absolutely no change in the provision of adequate mental healthcare under Republican control.


At this point we might as well start arming all the teachers and putting them through defense courses.

They make it sound like American kids aren't shooting each other in school on a daily basis.

if my teachers had access to guns I would be dead.

He's a confirmed Holla Forumsfag too

No, this is number 14 I think just for the year
School shootings barely make the news anymore unless they're big ones like this

so much for the peaceful right

Any source on this?

My senator lying Ted released his thoughts and prayers post on FB. "Sorry you're getting killed by lunatics prols, thoughts and prayers we got to slash medicaid some more".

BTW for those that don't know, all the injured will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills, thousands if they have health insurance. If you get shot by a pscho in this country you get the privilege of going into medical bankruptcy. At least your dumbass senator will give you some thoughts and prayers please like and share on FB.

we need to ban the working class from owning guns as this lowly class has long since shown it can't handle the responsibility

this tbh, kids are dickheads and I saw way too many teachers have breakdowns back when I was in school.

I want to do something about this crap, but the GOP want neither gun control nor healthcare. They're content to just sit on their hands and watch the children of poor people murder each other.

He means 20 fatalities TODAY.

High stress, long hours, and shit pay are not exactly recipes for sound mental health.

Remote lock that only disengages during a lockdown.

I bet if those teachers unions were armed they'd be able to negotiate higher pay and better working conditions.


video of the shooting

That's dysopian as fuck.

Lockdowns start after the shooting starts dude. Best case scenario is a teacher takes out the gunman after he wastes a classroom. Worst case is congrats the shooter now has two guns.

I just wanted to watch the Olympics and NBC covered this shit for 2 hours

this exactly. I'm close with a teacher who's calling it quits after this year. They're in and out pretty frequently, some switch schools a couple time hoping it will get better but it almost never does. I remember one time our principal and superintendent were furious because teachers were caught covertly handing out pamphlets to parents in an attempt to garner support for raises.

Now we definitely know the Republicans won't do jack.

This is the American Olympics.

These shootings always line up with shit the GOP hates.

1. Gun control
2. Healthcare
3. Public Schools

It's no wonder nothing gets done.

delet this

The republicans would support gun control the moment someone takes a pot shot at Trump, ala Reagan.

Fair. Better just arm the teacher's unions and hope that union victories de-stress them enough so they don't murder kids.

The GOP will just say the President needs to be armed and call it a day.


Those dumb fucks would, they didn't even care when James Hodgkinson put one of them in the hospital.

Apparently, from his Instagram.

Oh dear…

pol is gonna have a field day with this one huh

Who knew trumpcucks were so violent?

Isn't that stuff like illegal unless you're in the military?

You'd be surprised what you can get in the US.

Nothing to see here, just more of Antifa being the real fascists.

If I'm an American, why the fuck shouldn't I support gun control. America will never be socialist, much less communist. Everyone here other than me and the 20 other leftypol posters thinks that socialism is when the government does stuff, and communism is when the government does everything. That's what our socialists here believe, and that's what all the liberals here believe too. We're hopeless.

If it's hopeless, shouldn't you be happy that counterrevolutionary Americans keep shooting each other? Why would you want gun control?

I don't want to get shot because some shitposter saw an interracial couple in an advertisement and sperged out.

But the more labor-aristocratic Amerikkkans kill each other the easier it will be for the global south the sieze power and establish the Joint-Dictatorship of the Proletariat of Oppressed Nations. You would be making a sacrifice for the progression of mankind.

I almost spat out my burger

Lol why would a holographic sight be illegal?

Because it is a big scary mega assault WMD and having never touched a gun I'm terrified of them.

Reminder Holla Forumsyps wanted Trump to be Andrew Jackson, him having a duel with George Sorros is exactly what would make them cum

Picture looks like it's in some suburb, which typically don't look to fondly for guns from experience.
I should have corrected myself as "parts of the US" instead of the whole (plus him pointing that out the window probably would cause a panic if someone saw)


See my correction dumbass. Here:

the president of the United States has become an obscenity and a totem of social alienation. To embrace Trump means to reject liberal humanist values and the progressive pretentions of capitalist modernity for full on death drive nihilism. It makes sense the terminally alienated schizo edgelords who once looked up to school shooters now look up to Trump.

Totally normal for people in the suburbs to own guns. Just can't shoot them in the neighborhood(except in more rural neighborhoods). Also, you're right it is weird for him to be pointing a gun out the window.


Why are these kids in high school if they don't know basic English grammar?

It's America. All real education takes place in their universities.

Hey guys, Holla Forums just got there first school shooter.


Holla Forums is trying to make to claim he's an Antifa super soldier
Makes u think

10 bucks says that guy is a gay porn star or something.

Doesn't even fucking look like the shooter. Are Holla Forumscucks really that retarded?

You already know that the answer is yes.

It's just propaganda. The goal is to distract the media until people stop paying attention.

Remember last year where the Texas church shooter was labeled a "leftist antifa atheist" by them?

You're right. Everyone should remember proper grammar WHEN THEIR SCHOOL IS GETTING SHOT UP.

Holla Forums is literally claiming that he was a registered democrat AND a DACA recipient. Holy shit they really are boomers.

A weak effort. Bastard didn't off himself, so we can look forward to the trail.

Their music taste being classic rock should be obvious.

It would explain why they fall for their own false flag operations.

It doesn't matter.
The fake information just needs to spat out once. Confirmation bias renders facts meaningless. It's the same Protocols-tier forgery shit.


fake as fuck

I know it's fake. I've just seen Holla Forumsyps on social media try to spread that OP pic was the dude.