We all know that nazis know shit about history and culture but how can we fight the argument of muhwestern civilization?

We all know that nazis know shit about history and culture but how can we fight the argument of muhwestern civilization?
We know that ML countries did a better job of protecting western civ than capitalist countries and that the frankfurt school understood western culture better than any nazi but nazis still claim other wise.
What can we do do show that leftism are the true protectors of western civilization and that nazis just like in a skyrim fantasy land?

The problem with Nazism is that it isn't rational, so it's quite difficult to use reason and logic against it. When your ultimate retort is something along the lines of "muh natural order" then we have a problem. It's not even like it's a consistent ideology either, Nazis constantly pick and choose which parts of "human nature" to follow and which ones to discard at convenient times.


Read Tito, that's now.

By pointing out that they themselves were the greatest destroyers of the west's cultural and intellectual heritage in recent history. Perhaps even all time.
They annihilated entire cities (Warsaw, Kiev, Minsk, Rotterdam) and scheduled many more for destruction as well (Paris, St Petersburg).
When they invaded Poland and other neighboring countries they not only slaughtered and enslaved millions of white Europeans, but they also burned countless libraries, universities, museums and research institutes.

They forced white Russians to live in dirt shacks, starved hundreds of thousands in St Petersburg alone, and planned to kill upwards of a hundred million people in Eastern Europe through forced labor and starvation.
When the war neared it's end they burned priceless artworks (including works of people like Raphael) in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of the allies. Hitler even decreed Germany itself to be razed to the ground. (Nero Decree)

Nazism is literally white European genocide. And not nearly enough people point this out.

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For Australia, I think we should promote something akin to the Cultural Revolution. Just recently, one of Australia's most popular patriotic symbol, the Eureka, was banned from work places. A lot of Union groups started protesting and speaking up about this. I reckon the Left in this country should try to appropriate patriotism, seeing as how the Unions are defending the greatest symbol of Australian heritage. I've said this a lot, but Australia has a lot of working class history to pride itself on.

Not to mention a lot of our bush poets and artists placed an emphasis on the Proletariat. Banjo Patterson wrote Waltzing Matilda about a swagman (a homeless guy who would work on farms for a pittance). The swagman in general is an example of working class struggle.

Ned Kelly was an Irish immigrant in a British world. He's essentially the Australian Robin Hood.

Also, some of our most popular Prime Ministers were Socdems. Gough Whitlam even opened up relations with China.

It's not going to work. In fact, meddling with nationalism is how communism dies.
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Fascists unironically hate western civilization without even realizing it. They openly despise everything since the enlightenment, meaning that they basically hate everything that made the west the west, and everything that made it great. Pre enlightenment Europe wasn’t really any better than anywhere else. Authoritarian governments, traditional values, tribalism, etc. None of these things that fascists love are unique to the west, but all the things they hate are, like democracy, rationalism, personal freedom. They want to “save the west” by getting rid of all the things that made it what it is and distinguished it from the rest of the world. On top of all that you can get into the philosophical roots of the enlightenment that go back to the ancient Greeks, meaning that fascists would find themselves not just the enemies of the post enlightenment west, but of western thought since it’s inception.

Some people are just wired for fascism, you can't convince them of anything. Reactionaries will always exist

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Could you elaborate on your beliefs regarding what we should do with culture and ethnicity? Hell, could you summarize what you actually believe? I like reading your posts but I'm confused whether you're some kind of collectivist right-winger being edgy calling yourself naziposter or whether you're just a liberal socialist being edgy calling yourself naziposter.

I think there is an element of high and low culture to it (lacking better descriptors). If you look at the cultural products that the masses consume (again for lack of better descriptors), their link with the western intellectual and artistic traditions (which are in fact very real) is tenuous to nonexistent. What is contained in mass culture however are the cultural mores of the moment, the low culture. In fact, when people talk about the demise of Western culture, they are talking about the changing morals of society in the past few decades - and they are today indeed rapidly changing, with the decline of overt racism, gay acceptance, a more individualistic and atomized view of people, etc…

To in fact defend the western high culture, some of these changes can and even should be embraced. For example because they actually realize the universality inherent in the liberal western worldview. But in other respects, these changes are corrosive, most prominently the increasing reach of capital and commodification, which the Frankfurt School was actually in part about.

But that is not actually what the defenders of so called western culture want, as far as I can tell. They just want to use the aesthetic of western culture to make a reactionary stand on cultural mores that high western culture has or is seeking to transcend. And it's hard to argue against just an aesthetic.

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