Peterson vs Zizek

Are you ready for the greatest debate ever, Holla Forums?

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Harris vs Chomsky 2: Electric Boogaloo



Check out the Peterson fanboi reactions so far:

Let me translate: "I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about but I support my leader against the evil forces."

lmfao why the fuck do they think that is actually Zizek's twitter? jesus christ

Might it have to do with the fact that they are miserably stupid?


This… is… incredible…

I hope this debate turns out to be Peterson's Icarus moment.

There won't be a debate because Zizek hasn't had enough strokes to embark on something so fruitless. Anyway its not like kermit fanboys would pay attention to what zizek said anyway, and Peterson will fade into irrelevance like Milo and Spencer did, probably confined to some dark corner of youtube with his fanboys like a canadian carlgon.

After an (inevitable) defeat in a debate the alt-right scene would be littered with re-cut "best parts of the debate" edits and reinterpretations strawmanning and generally misunderstanding Zizek.



I'm surprised by the Reddit responses. Most of these sane.žižek_why_do_people_find_jordan_peterson/


Isn't Mikhaila a black name?

Very sensible take from r/zizek

did he mean "per se"

Very good.
There's a bunch of people talking about how it would be good to see Peterson's ideas analyzed by Zizek with all his influence from Lacan. But what ideas are they talking about here? Peterson does not have a single one. And Peterson's intellectual work is so minimal that the most that Zizek did was to point out why people listen to him. The answer is so obvious and so worn out that Zizek even copied and put snippets of past works.

As if he's been screaming again in the town square the same old shit, for a population that can not stop eating from the garbage of ideology. *Sniff*

oh my fucking God. Is this serioulsy the quality of Peterson's faggotamry? This? Thousands of yearsof evolution has lead to this. Fucking hell, I hope Žižek says no.

Yes. And I don't get what is so sensible about that post. The thread has much better discussions and posts.

And his followers were in awe of him more than ever before.

Literally what the fuck even is that abortion of a "meme"

a boomer meme probably

And the autistic victory screeching of his fan boys begins

Now that you pointed it out I've been laughing at the screen for half a minute. It's a fucking Frankenstein meme.

it's so fucking bad I'm gonna unironically use it from now on

Peterson fanbois started digging up dirt on Zizek.

it's the same faggot who posted that zizek meme, what the fuck do you expect? The dude probably has a couple extra chromosomes.

Scruton is actually tolerable for a conservative thinker.

Is that his OC? Google reverse search found no results.

Is this one of Nick Land's/NRx's acolytes?

it probably is. I mean, where else would you find a Žižek meme with a peterson book

I just found out about the JordanPeterson subreddit and some of these posts are fucking hilarious:
Something is clearly happening here!

Peterson's speaking fee is in the 35 000$ - 50 000$ range plus business class travel and expenses for two from Toronto:

Peterson never responds to unflattering pieces in essay nor in any print format (social media does not count, sorry.) I notice the piece comes out, he rages out pretty bad online, and demands a debate with whoever irritated him.

No, it's a stripper name.

The ABSOLUTE state of these people

Tbh, I don't think that /ourguy/ would do well to a debate. His rhetorical style wouldn't do well in a debate format.

It doesn't really matter, as it's not happening.


Zizek has often times remarked he doesn't like debates. Plus he doesn't deserve the suffering.

Still hoping for Doug v. Peterson tbh

Is Zizek really going to waste his precious time with Peterso…really?
So easy…even i could wipe Peterson in a argument. And i'm just a daft cunt on the internet.

You should read the article he linked.

Same. I wish Doug will actually challenge Peterson's claims about postmodernism and "neo-Marixsts".

Of course not. He used Peterson to make a wider argument in his article. But that fact that Peterson thinks Zizek checks his Twitter or that he actually has one makes it hilarious.

more fanboi stuff from twitter


Nazbol gang attacks again.

We can't stop winning, don't we?

out here str8 up stuntin on em


Jesus, he looks like Elliot Rodgers 2.0

Stop giving Peterson the attention he so obviously craves.

He's just another reactionary pseudo-intellectual, deserving of contempt but not worthy of the effort.

I happen to think Zizek is a charlatan, but at least he's an educated and literate one.

Unlike you.

How so?

I'm waiting for a response, bucko

can't we just to a discussion or something? I too find the whole formal debate thing to be nothing more than spectical


He was laughing on facebook about Peterson tweeting @ fake Zizek

tfw they all become redkahina acolytes

Stopped reading there

Fucking gag me

the bar gets lower every day

it's a furry name

it's an intersectional transgenderless name actually

It was, that's my point, Roger Scrotum belongs in the trashcan of history.

How long do we think Peterson's claim to fame will last?

surprised zizek didn't say anything about peterson being a jungian, considering they are among his top enemiess

If you ask me he was asked by the online publisher to write about Peterson and they must have provided the Vice interview with him in the letter. Some of his phrasings in the article (obscure psychology professor, alt-right) seem to be coming straight from that.


remember when Holla Forums raided thinking it was Holla Forums?
well yeah, this reminds me of that

I can't stop laughing it actually hurts WTF is this dark magic? It's like some new form of comedy, I didn't think this was funny at all, but I want back to it and it was hilarious?! This should be studied.>>2396125

people are dogpiling a meme account thinking holy shit

I'm trying to crack the formula!



looking at his patreon, quite a fucking while. If he ever loses his job at the university, it would be the greatest thing to ever happen to him.

That's a fucking great image

I'd do more but I ran out of right wing pop books.

Considering how much Zizek hates political correctness and how clearly he expresses himself, I would say that Zizek is not the stereotypical Marxist of a Holla Forumsluter's imagination.

Peterstein BTFO!

I unironically believe Zizek could have become a successful Hi-NRG artist.

I love the white-in-the-front/blonde-in-the-back mullet.

there was the Lauren Southern one. Maybe Milo, did that even get published?

also Gorila Mindset if you can make it funny.

Who said it: an Islamist cleric or Peterson?

Brilliant! Peterson sure is a western islamic.

It could be Jodi Dean. I think the internet could explode if a woman puts him in his place.


ask her in twitter

no, u

The board hasn't gone completely up its own fundament. Thanks.