What you think about Hungry, Czech, Slovakia, Serby, Romania, Bulgary, Ukrain, Belarus, Lotva, Letvania and Bosnia?

What you think about Hungry, Czech, Slovakia, Serby, Romania, Bulgary, Ukrain, Belarus, Lotva, Letvania and Bosnia?

Rightful Polish clay

Liked it better when they were just the "eastern bloc."

The two genders.

Nah not that Hungry atm
Yeah it rains a lot in the UK i hear

Countries of next successful revolution.

*Countries of next right wing successful revolution.
Fixed that for you

Hungary and Poland are getting more right wing as time goes on and are some of the most anti-immigrant places in Europe currently.

Cracked me up

This. There is no functioning left-wing option in most ex-SSRs because people immediately associate left-wing parties with closet Stalinists even though stalin was a good guy

Poland has over 1 million Ukrainian immigrants, baboon.
Both Hungary and Poland are slightly anti Islamic(like almost every communist with brain ever) Populist governments who have more in common with current British labor than than real right wing like certain american republicans or lolbertarians.

T. Illiterate americuck.

I'm tired of the people who post from there. I need a break from imageboards because the last time some said "Communism doesnt work because in my ex-yugoslav country it didnt" I just outright told him he and the rest of his brainlet fucking slavmonkey "people" are incapable of making communism work because they cant stop killing each other.

It was quite Cathartic.

Best comment by far!

Most of them were on the receiving end of WWI, the Russian civil war and WWII. Didn't deserve it.

Wish yugoslavia hadnt broken up. I blame the CIA.

Also belarusia needs to sort itself out.


.t Neo-Nazbol gang

can't speak for Poland and Czecks, but I sure as hell can speak for Hungary
in my History final exam (you take it at the end of highschool, and you need the points to go to college) I risked losing 10 points out of a hundred if I didn't say the holodomor wasn't ethnic cleansing. This is perfectly reflective of what the state of the education is. It's nothing but indoctrination. We use the same shitty prussian system we used 150 year ago. Students are less and less productive each year. And not because they're stupider, but simply because the system is outdated as shit.
the entire airforce is 4 planes, and the standard service rifle is the same AK that rebels use in south Sudan.

*if I did't say the Holodomor WAS ethnic cleansing. Got a bit tangled while writing that, sorry.

The netherlands sold all its tanks. Comparatively very powerfull.

We had it much better back then

the only good thing that ever come out of Hungary was ya boy Kun Béla. Nothing will top him. So much so that Hungary will probably remain a reactionary shithole until the end of times.
You just don't know how fucking bad it is. But I can try to illustrate. There's a party called "Momentum". They're the opposition to FIDESZ with the most young people amongts their ranks, so their behaviour is pretty reflective of the new generation's political affiliations. So here are a couple of great examples. When Putin had a state visit to Hungary, their """activists""" replaced street sings (that have been ranemd after 1989) with their "original" names, Like "Marx square" and "Engels street". They also love running rabid anti-socialists as candiates, which is why my hardcore Socdem dad decided not to vote for them. The other party with numerous young people is Jobbik which is even more reactionary.

the holodomor wasn't ethnic cleansing

yeah, that's a typo, I corrected it in the next post though

Kadar passing by to remind you he achieved the best quality of life in the East Bloc and that to this day he is still one of the most beloved figures by Hungarians

nonsense countries

Yeah but have fun telling a PiS supporter that their party has anything to do with the Left. Calling PiS socialists is only a meme amongst lolberts here. Maybe if Ikonowicz saves enough people from eviction and beats up enough landlords then perhaps RSS could take over the electorate. But meanwhile there's no leftist party (identyfing as such) in the parliament.

yeah, by taking out so many IMF loans he made Tito blush. He didn't even try to implement socialist policies. Kádár's Hungary was basically today's Sweden with border security. He also isn't really popular amonst people born after 1970.

Czechia, Belarus and Romania are cute


Boiling down leftism to stances on immigration is reductionist. Not to mention that the immigrants themselves don't want to go there (khokhols excepted). It's more of a socdem + nationalism than rightism as such.

Holla Forums literally doesn't have the brain power to conceive of leftism as being more than "muh brown people"

there are still a substantial number of classcucks in Poland and Ukrain regardless of immigration

No doubt, but then that should be the focus. Talking about immigration re Eastern Europe is simply projecting the issues facing Southern and Western Europe, which is not informative.

Yeah, but I expected better from a ☭TANKIE☭.