Why the fuck are people obssessed with this dude

Soros just seems like a regular porky to me. I dont understand Holla Forums's fascination with this dude. Or does he actually deserve the hype?

it's because he's a jewish billionaire with a TV supervillain sounding name who donates to democrat party and socially "progressive" causes so he's a convenient boogeyman for the right

Their billionaire/state funded “alternative media” (lol) fixates on him and they repeat that meme like the mindless drones they are. He’s a porky prick and a bad dude but they fixate on him and ignore literally every other porky prick billionaire.

Find me a porky with a larger network of leftist organisations and sphere of influence.

He really should do one of those blood sacrifices, on live TV. If he did that, he would be invulnerable against every accusation for being such a convenient anti-semetic scapegoat.


He’s a right wing liberal and he specializes in co-opting ‘progressivism’ for neoliberal and ‘progressive interventionist’ bullshit. Right wingers should thank him for being such an effective anti-communist.

I'm glad we can agree that Hungary should be defended from soros interventionism.

Soros is a dumb fuckup though. His latest thing is the goofy Russia stuff.

There's no need to "co-opt" anything there. Progressives have been socdems (at best) and Soros has no problem with that. He doesn't support austerity (at least as far as I can tell). He has an old school approach to domestic policy which is somewhat of a rarity among men of his financial stature. I think that is why he is held in such high esteem by the liberals.

But seriously though fuck him for what he did to eastern europe.

Saw this in a Holla Forums thread.

Because he's a Jew. It's the same reason why they obsess over the Rothschilds in the Year of Our Lord 2018.

It always makes me lol when i remember that Holla Forums's idea of political incorrectness is screaming nigger nigger nigger nigger at the top of their voice at everyone. Truly the one thing the powers that be fear.
Imagine being so 11 years old you still feel transgressive doing it.

Was watching a movie the other day that had black people in it, and my dad would come up every 5 minutes saying "what are the niggers doing now" or "who is this nigger?"
I asked him if he felt like a champion of free speech for saying nigger, to which he replied "Yes! I feel like I'm rebelling."
He's 49.


Tell me that's a joke, comrade.

Fixed that for you, famrade.



(Un)fortunately not, we live in progressive Scandinavia.

tell him to stop watching American movies if he hates mutts so much.
Get him into German, French, Iranian or Japanese TV instead.

It sucks living in a mutt nation so that you can't discuss niggerness from a purely philosophical standpoint because you and the people you're talking to actually do have black friends and coworkers. Kind of like Americans can stereotype le terrorist muhammad in small cities, comment sections and family settings but brits mostly can't.

Yeah man, just stop watching movies with black people in it. That'll get rid of his racism.
There are very few black people here, and I also fail to see how having black friends would diminish the ability to discuss it from a philosophical standpoint.

He actually funds social justice groups (feminism, pro-immigrant open borders groups, etc)
He also funded anti-communist activity in the eastern block but they conveniently ignore that.

Also hes a jew. Mostly because hes a jew.
Yeah its probably only because hes a Jew.


A leftist group should go and assassinate him just for this, seriously.

It seems like every fucking boomer is using Holla Forums now. Even my parents do shit like this. Holla Forums ruined boomers.

It's interesting to see how before Holla Forumsreddit found out about him he criticised by the left too.