How can a billionare help communism?

I'm not speaking for myself of course but lets say that hypothethically a billionaire somehow got radicalized and wanted to contribute towards creating socialism. How would he go about it?

Subsidizing anti-fa and student protesters in general.
Infiltrating production of popular science fiction film sequel and adding in more racial/gender diverse characters.
Fund race/gender study departments in universities.
Buy shares to get into board of large search engine companies and social media companies and police how they portray current events to favor left world-view.

Still waiting for my check, Soros.

Where are my reinforcements in Madrid, Soros? I need a platoon of Cultural Marxist supersoldiers to bash the fash and burn trash cans STAT!

-Fund a leftist paramilitary
-Seize large businesses (that they can afford to hostile takeover) and change the entire company structure to support some form of cooperative work-place democracy and if successful, support other businesses that will inevitably copy the idea.
-Fund community outreach programs and attach Marxist thought to them.

or they can just opt for a bullet to the brain and save the proles the effort and ammo doing it ourselves.

- Supporting leftist academic & legal institutions at home and abroad
- Help fund leftist content creators
- Supply leftist para-military organization
- Create lefty-PragerU

Provide Aid to DPRK to break through sanctions
Provide resources to Marxist guerillas in India, Philippines,
Provide aid to Palestinians

Start nonprofit corporations, thanks to lower prices they will win with forprofit ones, and then allow them to be nationalized.

Donate to radical unions like the IWW. I doubt they would refuse a check for $100 million dollars.


I'm suspect Frederick Engels net worth in today's dollars would be above a billion.

I'm quite certain that that of Anton Phillips, another one wealthy Karl Marx sponsor is.

Fund actual left wing groups
Arm left wing militant groups
Fund unions
Lobby for workers organisation protection
Lobby against free trade
Start a propaganda campaign

Oh right:
is a major one too.

This. Also add translation of Marxist propaganda books to another languages and it's redistribution.

This might be the stupidest plan I've ever heard on this board. Please discuss this with me so I can make you cringe every time you look back at every political thing you've ever said

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I suppose you would fund Socialist groups? You could drop a million dollars easy.
Or you could just enjoy your wealth, fag.


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De-centralise the means of production, aka make stuff like 3D printers cheaper



yeah, I can't argue with that

Soros is already doing that


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