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How would you make a video game about dialectical materialism or Marxism in general? IE actually incorporate it into the gameplay somehow? I'm an indie dev and I'm trying to think of ways to promote Marxism through video games.

Is an anti-feudal Mount and Blade playthrough possible? What about a pro-peasant playthrough?

Someone put an archive link to the old thread. I can set up a format from /trash/ we can use.

I've dreamt for a long time about a game based on the German Peasant's Uprising. You could sneak in a lot of class realism and dialectical materialism without seeming overtly pro-communist.

does it have modding?

Not really, you will get stumped by everyone. You should try some mods though, there is ww1 mod (called parabellum) and ww2 mod (red wars) in which you can join "veagir socialist republic"

You could make one where the game starts as a general strike? Just don't directly make it Marxist in Name

yeah but the peasants and priests themselves were just idealists though.

why not?

How do I establish socialism in Crusader Kings II?

Let the incas invade you

Don't make it MARXIST IN NAME. Give the general fucking concept otherwise it will scare off normies.

there is submod for ck ii + called rex teutornicum, where you can establish communal type of government. Pic related.

Who gives a shit? Normies will play as fucking terrorists, mass shooters, gangsters, carjackers, and thieves, but ~Marxism~ will scare them away from a fun game? Yeah right.

I can't find anything on google, can I get a link for it?

Sure, there you go.


Where's the chart?

Crisis in the Kremlin is unironically pro ☭TANKIE☭ and its been doing pretty well for a small indie.

I even think there is an achievement to destroy the US. I only wish the Russian to English translation and UI was better.

I thought it was literally ironic. It's not? It's a ☭TANKIE☭ game?

Their own wiki openly admits that playing Stalinists is the easiest.

And that the best way to win with Trotskyites is with NUCC

I don't think it is. Your primary objective is to save the USSR from collapsing due to liberalism and corruption.

^And this.

Oh and the soundtrack of the game is basically 95% of the Red Army Choir.

You are perfectly capable of going liberal and/or market-soc and winning, too. It's just fucking hard.


what's nucc


n00b here, how would I do that?

No Rising Storm 2?

fuck the world let the missiles fly

What did you think fighting capitalism and imperialism involved? Pillow fights?

I was telling him what NUCC is brotendo. also the best way to fight capitalism is to get everyone fucked up on meth and created the greatest crisis via overproduction the world has ever seen.

Can we get Brink on that list?

It has a few Marxist references such as references to extreme income disparity, all the members of the Resistance are previous industrial workers whom refer to each other as "comrade" and "brother", the leader of the Resistance was born in the PRC (before the game's apocalypse), the Security faction are often referred to as "fascists" by the Resistance, and many of the Resistance levels have Marxist looking graffiti, etc.

Even though the game kind of sucked. It is f2p. And hell, if we're gonna have State of Emergency on that list, then I can't imagine Brink is too much to ask.

I actually liked that game a lot. The aesthetic was pretty good, I liked the music/clothes/setting. It was a bit lacking in certain areas though yeah. Good shout, if you say it counts then I'll look into it. Thanks brother.

Fair point, I'll put that on the next version

Call me a revisionist but I'd prefer capitalism to nuclear holocaust

That game is absolute ass, just like communism lmao

this is not a good criteria for marxist vidya


Nahhh, it wasn't stellar but it was decent, I played it when it was paid

Fighting as a revolutionary faction with Marxist references should perhaps count but as I said I'll have to check it out myself

Like I stated. If we're gonna have stuff like State of Emergency, Alpha Centauri and Mercenaries 2 on there, then I don't see how Brink can't be.

but to be fair. I suppose it would fall under the "Revolutionary" category and perhaps not the "Marxist" category.

Thanks, user.

Don't know.

I like how this old gem is basically a parody of all the neoliberal consumerist "culture" of the 80s

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I got a format we can start using. Borrowed from /trash/ on 4chan who have mastered the art of non-cycled general threads

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its shitty campaign definitely. but in multiplayer, the only mode that matters, glorious red army is OP.

Micro transactions are basically how the game makes half its money so multiplayer is crippled severely

With modern game engines, it wouldn't be too hard to make. Both Source and Unity have pretty easy to learn tools for that kind of stuff, and if you had at least a base level concept you could probably put together a development team.

no, use Godot, it's free and open source.

Never heard of that one strangely, but it looks good.

It's really quite good. Not as feature complete as Unity or Unreal, but surprisingly powerful and light. And of course it's FOSS, which is a huge plus.
The only thing Godot is really missing compared to its rivals is extensive documentation and tutorials, they're getting there, but there's still some work to be done.

How can we avoid the complete commodification of videogames? In a few years we'll have consoles coming out every year and pay-per-minute videogames

Videogames have always been comodified.Videogames have no space in a socialist society. Videogames are like heroin and weed. Videogames completely corrupt people's brains, it turns them into beasts. Videogames must be made illegal and replaced with traditional and board games.

We communists must fight against this cancer, the video game lobby is very huge and they make billions from people's misery and search for silly escapism.
The fact that they created video games with marxist elements in it, just prooves how to do they wish to pander to all of, and suck our money by tricking us into buying their shit, because it's leftist.

you can save thomas sankara best game

just out of curiosity, anyone here make mods for elder scrolls/fallout?
I'm trying to get better with using the GECK bit by bit, it's lots of fun and was looking for someone to discuss modding with

The worst part is I don't think this is a bait post


The only game I have modded for is morrowind.
I have been wanting to something for Doom for some time, but since I stopped going to /vr/ I got out of the loop.

Video games are inherently reactionary prove me wrong

MGS is a woke franchise. It can be interpreted in an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and just pure Marxist perspectives. Prove me wrong.



t. gamergator

stop LARPing as a leftist and go back where you belong, >>>Holla Forums >>>Holla Forums

Kojima fucking namedrops base and superstructure in MGSV and Bataille in Peace Walker. There's no way the dude doesn't at least read a lot of theory.

MGSV is literally anti-imperialist video gaming. Kojima might be one of the very few rare socialist Japanese out there.





Godot is literally the best full-featured engine for 2D games now. Better than Unity, GameMaker, or Unreal.
For 3D it's good enough now, has some unique advantages and some disadvantages. But it's the only one that actually works well on Linux and is FOSS. Definitely check it out either way.

In MGSV you play as a psychotic ancap military cult leader who takes contracts to fight the USSR, not really anti-imperialist. You do get to fight colonialists in Africa in the second half though.

Go cry about the ebil vidya game feminists somewhere else faggot.
No one here gives a shit.

I will play nothing but Dwarf Fortress as I almost already do.

In the techno-commune the only video games allowed will be Dwarf Fortress, Cataclysm DDA, and Space Station 13.

You fight against revisionist Soviet social imperialism in Afghanistan. Also, if you follow the plotline a rogue element in the CIA is working with the Soviets

When does he name drop base and superstructure in MGSV? Don't remember that happening.

Ocelot mentions it early on when talking about how the "myth" of Big Boss functions in Diamond Dogs

which is bullshit

which is ridiculous


ok snowflake

Since when are game reviewers fuckin petty Bourg?? Are you a retard?

That's what 4/vg/ is for.

I mean you can talk about videogames in here not related to leftism, I'm sure nobody will mind… But do you really want to spend time on a dedicated gaming board in this day and age? Nothing but hype hype hype and disappointment, anger, and so on.

4/vg/ is just for worksafe vidya fap, not discussion

open source indie development

ask yourself if Stakhanov would play videogames.

Read Hoxha.

Wtf do you want?

Oh… honey. Who hurt you?


Why did 90s PC games have some of the scariest fucking interfaces when talking to characters.
For what I'm thinking of think of Fallout 1 & 2

If you want to discuss video games here without politics interfering just reply to this thread like you'd normally do on Holla Forums and apolitical replies will come if you're careful enough.

Don't talk about polemic video games.

you having a seizure there buddy ?

No, just a stroke

Play as a capitalist balancing profits while crushing working class movements.

fuck them all
do some sports, it's like videogames but real

Ya know…that’s not a bad idea but it would have to be done right or it would turn into another Monopoly where normies play the game earnestly while missing the entire point of it.

I've been wanting to turn my channel into a sort of lefty video game channel since my let's plays are poop anyway.

What games would you recommend? Obviously, I can't just say "HAHA COMMUNISM" but it'd be nice to subtly do some things.

P.S. I don't use monetisation for my stuff

Not really lefty related, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Would RAM clock speed be a culprit for frame skipping on newer games? I have an i7 4790k with a GeForce 1060 6GB, so the only thing i can think of is my RAM clocked at 799MhZ.

I need a steam game with class war. Any advice?

Victoria 2 allows you to set up a proletarian dictatorship if you do everything right

Just posadist ancom tankism me up fam.



RAM speed is not that fundamental, how much is it? 4-8 Gb?

16GB but 799MHz DDR3, also a pretty old HDD

btw until 19th there's a steam sale
Arma 3 66 % off for 12 €


Anyone played Kingdom Come Deliverance? It was just released a few days ago.

its a fucked interface, but add to the atmosphere, at least in fallout

You have a dual channel ram installation. Your actual ram speed is 1600MHz.

Normies perceive Marxism as something that's even worse than fucking terrorists, mass shooters, gangsters, carjackers, and thieves because Stalin or Lenin or whatewer the fuck they call'em killed 1866285139329357 mln. jewish ukrainians.

Holy fuck, is it me or is Civ VI really boring. Been playing it for like three hours and barely got any entertainment from it, it's 120 AD and it feels like nothing has happened, I've only met 3/12 civs and the only combat has been dealing with annoying waves of infinite barbarians. I'm well behind the AI, I'm not even sure if I'm out of the ancient era yet and they're in the Medieval era. I have two cities of 8 and 4 pops and Australia has at least 4-5 cities of 12, 6, 5, 4 and ?. What the hell, is the AI just cheating like usual?

Not playing this now, but i heard that the game have a lot of bugs. Waiting for the patches.

What did Kojima mean by this?

user MGS2: Sons of Liberty is literally about hegemony.

MGS2 is about avoiding societal control through memes, safespaces, etc.

Big Boss is a fascist, his symbol is an actual skill with a swastika on it.

Greece just progressed to the Atomic Era in the year of our lord 1460 AD, what the hell. Their buildings are all skyscrapers.

Apparently gamers wrecked Ultima ecological balance beyond repair:
Also that is not what I imagined Garriot looked like.

Honestly my impression as well. TBH civ VI feels a bit to derivative of the fitfh one, with little improvement. I like that they split science and culture research, but mechanically they are barely different so the novelty wears off quickly. Also the new city improvements that need to be built outside the city itself sounded like a cool idea, but in reality it's just the normal tile improvements with extra steps.

Yes, Kojima was writing about memes in 2001…
What a shit take

Yes child online communities and the concept of memes only came into being during the 2010s.

Yeah idk really but they fucked it up somehow, I expected it to be little different from the fifth one but somehow it seems like it got worse.

Rome just launched the Moon Landing in 1878AD. Let's see if someone will establish a Mars Colony and win before 1950.

Are there any strategy/grand strat games where you can play as non-meme versions of left-wing governments?

TBH I kind of liked Civ V, as much as I think Civ IV was the better game it has the tendency of becoming a tedious mess, especially with the infinite unit spam typical of pre V civs. As much as fans hated it the change of one unit per tile is something I actually liked and so I enjoyed V for a while. VI however has little to its name, at least for what I've seen for now.

Victoria 2 I would say.

I made a post about it in another thread, but I sincerely wanted to make an economic sim/strategy game where you play as different "classes" in the capitalist economy. There'd be the government, banks, businesses and possibly labor organizing (since I couldn't really figure how playing as any individual laborer would work). I wanted it to be a fairly accurate sim, but the presentation was going to be sort of a gag like Tropico.

My original intention with it was to be as educational as possible for how the real economy functioned, and hopefully this would be apparent to the player because they'd see real analogues to stuff they had used in the game, but I also realized what this guy said pretty soon into it:

It could be sort of informative to people, but I think they'd generally look past it. I'm still partially interested and may start coding more of it at a later date, but I could probably flesh it out on paper more. I want it to be inviting, but still more close to reality than something like Monopoly, since I think Monopoly is so simplified and abstracted from reality that nobody is going to look at it as a simulation.

Sounds about right if those snow baboons didn't destroy Rome. Bye bye snow baboons.

Man Rome was already fucked by that point.

I was literally 3 eras behind every AI and they were all far ahead of the actual date, I don't have an issue exactly with some alternate history stuff obviously but by and large having a year marker is pointless if it has no relation to the actual progress level, I feel like something was seriously wrong with that game, because yeah I wasn't playing great but I don't think it was so terrible I would be behind every AI, I was never even in a war and the AI barely fought at all, nobody even got close to losing their capital. The game is fucking broke.

just cus its gay doesn't mean its communist

there's marxism in it, still havent played it myself but I know its in there somewhere

Not willing to make a thread on this yet.
I've been thinking we should start a communist videogame creation and apreciation comunity.
The baisc idea is to agitate the class struggle in the videogame world by creating an explicitly communist forum dedicated to debating the problems in the gaming industry on the development side not the content side. This way we can keep gamergate autism out of the way by associating it with liberalism and modern market practices.
On the flipside we can incentivize colective (or individual) free gaming development and have discussion on the matter, incentivizing people to produce their own games. This can be a great form of developing the sense of duty and community that has long been lost and is essential for socialism.
The games themselves don't need to have socialist themes or exuberant (at first) they just have to pose an interesting alternative to the VG industry and Indie dev kickstarter cocksucking.

Associated with all that we could have tutorials, articles, open endorsment of piracy and other good stuff.

Whoever suggested Tacoma as a leftist game, my bad on not believing you, you were right. Also, it seems like the topic on leftpol is gone, alas. We really need to sticky/cyclical these.

Anyone else here played Shadowrun: Dragonfall? It's a turn-based isometric crpg from a few years ago. Just finished it last night after having it in my library for a couple years and it was bretty good.

Shadowrun is a fantasy-cyberpunk semi-grimdark setting where corporations run most of the world. But this game in particular is set in Berlin in the year 2054, which is an autonomous anarchist territory ("flux state"), one of the few places where corps don't hold power.

As for how well it depicts anarchism, I sort of get mixed messages. On the one hand, money and private business exist in this city (economics isn't really addressed) and a lot of Berlin is the "chaos" stereotype, complete with warring gangs. On the other hand, the F-state is seen positively by most of the protagonists and at least two of the party members are anarchists (one of them a veteran antifa fighter and punk rocker). While the story does not primarily center on politics, the game does touch on how this anarchist order defends itself and ultimately fails to defend itself from reactionary threats.

There is also a pretty cool graffiti/punk aesthetic to the city, and best of all there is one quest where you attack a racist organization's compound, the loyalty quest of the aforementioned antifa party member.

There is also one quest featuring a communist gang which you can assist, though they are not portrayed totally positively.

Well there is your problem.

RAM speed isn't that important, but when we're talking low end DDR3 tier it's gonna be a bottleneck.

This please. I've been throwing some ideas around in my head for a while now but have no clue where to even begin on making any of them a reality.

Living the dream, comrades.

Culture shapes politics and vice versa, I don't think you can separate the two.
And even if, I doubt it'd be any more than an empty husk of a creation.

creating your faction is the only fun part about this game

can't be arsed looking for it to be offered "free" somewhere just to get maleware instead
waiting for sales is sadly my best option

I've found the latest patch pretty fun.

So what revolutionary groups would you most like to play in an FPS, that aren't on a terror watchlist or currently at war with the USA?

gamergate is possibly the most embarrassing ”movement” conceived of in our time

I'm looking for stellaris apocalypse torrent. piratebay is down. kickass does not have it. Can anyone here help me?

USSR should work. Or pick one of former socialist countries of former warshaw pact.

look up skidrowreloaded

also, when you find your goodies, the torrent is usually at the very bottom of the link list

Second only to the Beta Uprising, which didn't even happen.

MGTOW was born out of gamergate just think about it.

Check this forum.

I personally don't trust them anymore. I once nearly got a malware download using the site after I clicked on a .su link