You can't doprah the Oprah!

Oprah probably has the black, hispanic, gay and woman vote. I can see a bunch of hipsters and never Trumpers voting for her too.

Would Oprah sweep Trump under the rug you think?

How would it effect the socialist movement if she won? Could we swing her DemSucc by swinging her voting bloc DemSucc? Nearly every liberal will vote based on moral idpol anyways so can we exploit this for hard leftist purposes?

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The American poor will hate her beyond belief

Don't you dare even joke about that.

She already has, she's richer than him after all.

Fuck her and fuck you for making me have to consider a fucking world where is president

I certainly hope this doesn't happen.

There's a lot of idpol voters out there just looking for a good ideology.

Are bullets ideology?

Oprah would go to gulag
She would not pass go
She would not collect $200
She could not use a get out of gulag card



Who's the seman demon in second pic?

They've been programming us for years to be ready for a black woman president. in film and television.


You joke but i've talk to people who made similar cases.


Michael Moore suggested her along with Tom Hanks. Something along the lines of running beloved people.

This. The agitation of identity politics alone stopped being a viable strategy at the very least since the 2016 election, and the Democrats are fucking delusional for denying this:

A nomination of this sort would simply mean yet another easy victory for Trump.

the kid who calls you a soyboy over the internet

The Trump Court will never find them constitutional. American social democracy will be impossible within the next 4 years. Democratic Socialism will be unthinkable. The only logical move is liberal accelerationism.
Oprah 2024!

They will run Gillibrand. d_sa will endorse her, so will Bernie Sanders and chapo sheepdog house will promote her.

People still care about Moore? He's better than most liberals, sure, and he's brought public attention to some serious issues that would be ignored otherwise by the mainstream such as Flint, but he's still a liberal at the end of the day and a succdem at best. I lost all respect for him when webm related happened.

I don't see how that would be remotely possible. Oprah doesn't even pretend to be working class.


Ya that's pretty fucking bad.
SuccDem would be a step in the right direction, but attacking 3rd party is a Liberal cancer I hope they shake. If they can't win using a populist leftist platform against Trump then they ought to just live in austerity.

Hadn't seen that.
Liberals are animals.

This country will never elect a sheboon
Sheboon rule zoos not people countries
Bye bye sheboons!

Oprah may be narcissistic, but she isn't retarded like Trump. An Oprah candidacy is an alt-right pipe dream and nothing more.

Delete this

Listen I hate my fellow Americans a lot, but I really don't think we're so stupid we'd elect a celebrity to a celebrity back to back

Most of these celebrity politicians have a brutal break up period with the exception of Reagan but Reagan was so ancient at that fucking point he might as well have been another person

Don't talk about your mother like that

You have a very positive attitude and should be commended for that.

I mean in reality, we are all trapped in the veins of accelerationism, but its good to stay positive.

That's an appropriate picture because I lived through that dick being Govenor

If he couldn't go to the end without some horrific sex scandal involving pregnancy and an affair to cap it all off, I doubt Trump will

That's what I mean when I say the public eventually has a grace period between celebrity politicians because each one is like a hole punch through the fabric of established Holywood legend and percieved spectacle and it is too exhausting for the public to realize that their idols fucking suck cock as human beings

I am actually being really pessimistic and skeptical about this whole Hollywood politician thing. It's a great accelerationist trick, I just don't think everyone is an accelerationist unfortunately

The only thing I want for 2020 is a hanged election where no one is elected president. I don't care if it's because of a tie, or because 3rd parties took enough of the vote. A hanged election would be such a perfect capstone to this decade and would do me soooo right. Oprah would be perfect for that.

Oh! And also, an election between Oprah and Trump would be the most humiliating thing for Americans to endure since it's basically a parody of our own society. Nothing could discredit the American government more than a shitshow election followed by no one being elected president. And even if one of them won, faith and respect in the government would irreversibly collapse.

We're already seeing this happen! We just need to accelerate it.

I keep hearing communists talk about some inevitable "faith and respect in the government would irreversibly collapse".

I think you are overestimating people's dissatisfaction in the status quo.
Trump's victory hasn't motivated Americans to support socialism, only among the youth is socialism being seen as positive.

Holla Forums pls go.

Holla Forums really can't into electoral politics

if no one gets 270 electoral votes, the house picks a winner (1 vote per state delgation, 26 votes to win)

Holla Forums can't into politics in general. I'm certain 2016 was the first election for many of them.

And it's the american version of socialism, when big gubmint give people jobs.

I think you are underestimating it. Popular support for all government institutions and politicians is at or near record lows. We have people in both parties openly accusing different segments of the government of treason. Politics and culture have become so intertwined that people can no longer interact with each other, as if they live in two different realities. America's divisions are bad and getting worse. This just needs to be accelerated.

No shit, but the House would never be able to agree on a choice. It would be a shitshow that dragged on for months and months after the election, and no matter who was chosen in the end they wouldn't have popular support. The pre-existing background of distrust and lack of support would mean any decision would be instantly hated. In the meantime, faith in the government would plumb lows we haven't seen in modern times.

Yes we are

man, Sakura was ages ago. How did it end anyway?

I'm convinced that the only way socislism would work in this world is if America fucking burns to the ground.
Accelerationism or neoliberalism, what a shit choice.

What a fucking tool.

Oprah is very anti welfare. So this meme seems off


I don't find it likely.


Obviously, the dialectical approach would be to combine 90s pop culture nostalgia with Marxian philosophy. I introduce you to the 46th President of the United States.

What are Oprah odds? Is it really true that people…especially women in USA love her and always do everything she says?

Yeah middle aged women love her show and watch bullshit shills she puts on there like dr oz who shill pills and homeopathic weight loss scam shit they all buy.

YOU need to work hard so he don't have to.

I personally believe that 2020 and 2024 will be the years of the 'celebrity' candidates. The election of Donald Trump has already opened this can of worms given that he was paraded around on his business and television personality credentials during the election phase. More than likely when the election next rolls around, both major parties will have at least a handful of celebrities (of varying degrees of fame and fortune) that they will present to their internal party members and the general public as potential presidential candidates. It will be sickeningly perverse, the presentation of Celebrity candidates I predict will be more than likely a cost saving exercise, allowing the party to piggback off of the pre-existing fame of their chosen celebrity candidate. Does the candidate have prior political experience? Can the common man or woman relate to this candidate? Does the candidate tow the party line? none of these questions will be answered because they'l be presented as not being of any importance whatsoever, the only important aspect of the candidates will be "But look, our candidate is richer and more successful than your candidate, therefore they're more suitable to run the country". The United States of America will find itself in a very sorry state indeed.