The ruling elite know that global warming is real

oh fuck we're fucked aren't we

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Well shit

truly the worst timeline but perhaps pregnant with possibility sorry if the text formatting is bad
I live in a coastal highly policed very wealthy zone in the US, people keep burning fossil fuels and carry on with their deranged lives like it's nobody's business

post your face when you realized the turd-worldists were right all along

does this mean it's possibly right to support bourgeois states in the hopes that they'll possibly destroy the genocidal empire which has a stranglehold on the world?

I get the feeling there is some serious ideology going on in the first image. I may be wrong though.

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you mean replace?

Post yfw you just found that the greenhouse effect is logarithmic and not linear

post yfw you think you understand how climatic systems work but then realize no one does

Liberal detected

temperatures do not go up this fast in 50 years.

Those who don't move don't notice their chains.

We actually have no idea, since we don't have reliable data about climate on a yearly or monthly basis going back millions of years.

You'll be eaten first.

ok, big guy

check the data and the criteria used to build the ranking:

it also gets more even if you adjust for GDP, which you can do in the interactive version in the website

it's the most obvious consequence of a materialist class analysis you dip, who the fuck do you think invented that? Robespierre?

Technically yes, but that's not going to happen overnight.

Won't they just sink and also get fucked by deluges from the Andes?

Yeah lol

those comments are like from another world

well shit