Commisar Jimmy Dore is on the Joe Rogan Experience right now

just went live


No one cares, Jimmy.



I don't care about Joe Rogan but it's good Jimmy is on there.

not talking about politics, just comedy gigs and radio stuff

Shut up, Joe.

it's a 3 hour podcast, they'll cover tons of topics

they'll cover tons of topics they'll cover the same 5 topics Joe talks about with every guest and joe will continue to derail his own conversation throughout

the youtube comments is like twitch chat, flooding Holla Forums memes and whining about alex jones being spat on

Man Jimmy is fucking killing it.


inb4 Joe brings up DMT

Fuck my life.


jimmy's rants are on fire in this

Was this any good?

did jimmy drop marxpills on reactionary libertarian joe rogan

the political stuff pretty much starts right at 28:29
I'm still watching, but they're still talking about shit like unemployment and unions at the 50 minute mark

Joe Rogan needs more left people

Felix would fucking kill on Joe Rogan.

yeah it gets good after a half hour or so

Joe's actual political positions are radically left wing compared to mainstream burger politics and consistently so. Howevee he's clueless on topics regarding philosophy and ideology. Thats the reaosn why he gives these vapid right wing attention whores the time of day.

It's great. Gets kind of boring at the end when they talk about sports.

I think he's basically a centrist, who doesn't realize he's carrying water for libertarians and conservatives.

If Michael Parenti appears on the JRE I can die a happy man

this should be Holla Forums official mission

Found myself annoyed with jimmy in this podcast for the first time. The fact that he hasn’t become a marxist by now and started disregarding bourgeois election spectacle is really aggravating considering he’s been given lenin to read iirc.
He’s like stuck in this Caitlin johnstone purgatory of hating corporate Democrats and not knowing what to do about it.

He’s quite clearly a centrist and he tried to steer the conversation in that direction multiple times throughout the interview.
‘We need to listen to both sides’ kind of thing.

That would be awesome

Yeah, and the comedy banter is pretty good too if you're into stand-up.

The older you are the harder it is to change your views. It took me like 5-6 years to get out of the anarcho-liberal phase (into anarcho-syndicalism for some time) into actual Marxism.

He is clearly anti-leftist

Could you imagine how confrontational and weird it would be if Grover Furr was the guest?

They've mocked him on Chapo several times, Rogan wouldn't do it

Marxists have been part of electoral politics since Marx and Engels, and Lenin defended Bolshevik/RSDLP participation in the Duma when the fucking Mensheviks and SRs opposed it.

If you think Marxists don't vote, you haven't read Marx (and Lenin)