When did this happen?

Is this recent? Just noticed it today. Funny how they dont label the corporate sponsors of bloomberg and mainstream news services.

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holy fuck the ideology

America's grasp is slipping. This is actually a good thing.

Anyone know if it's exclusively Russian or no?

They labeled Telesur as well

They did a cursory one for PBS to look balanced but only said 'publicly funded American broadcaster'

There isn't one at all on BBC News, I guess they're liberal-approved

Basically if you aren't an American news source you will be flagged. Also BBC is simply called a "publicly funded British broadcaster." Why not say the same for telesur or RT (replacing "British" with "Latin American" and "russian" of course)?

They labeled as Russian or no?
What I'm asking is if it will say "this channel is sponsored in full or part by [Any other country besides Russia]"

For Telesur they said it was sponsored by various latin american governments.

Oh my bad they don't show up at all in Bongistan, I guess it's Burger only

Well at least they didn't do the "just Cuba" tag

Can you do a screenshot of BBC, Telesur, and RT videos for me please?

(on political related videos if possible)
also my bad do BBC News instead of BBC

Anyone want to check the .ru YouTube to see if it still labels them?

BBC is labeled as a "publicly funded British broadcaster"

I wanted to post it on Twitter

UK doesn't so I doubt it, and it's probably based on geographic area anyway

It seems they're trying to paint the corporate news services as impartial and the publicly funded news services as having bias in order to combat "fake news"

Oh and could you also do one for PragerU? Thanks.


Yeah that's what made me think of that. I'll post a 'rly makes u thonk' thing with the comparison. I would do it myself but I can't see the warnings myself.

Here you go.


i'll poast shortly

what did they label on telesur? I'm not burger so it doesn't show for me.
Print pls.


I thought Telesur was funded by Vnzuela only, I guess there's others there too, pretty cool if you ask me.

What's the difference between funded "by the government" and "by the public"? Seriously? That's the same semantic game they play with prison labor (it becomes a "camp" once socialists do it).

You could arguably make the distinction with PBS since they also solicit donations from the public (but get $445m from the government per year) but BBC is wholly funded by people who have no choice but to pay the license fee (analogous to a tax) if they have a TV and can be fined if they don't.

I thought that PBS was wholly donation funded until I looked just now, could you screen that too? Thanks.

can anybody explain what that picture is, and in general what the fuck this thread is about? Sorry for being a brainlet

youtube recently implemented a "feature" where government funded outlets are now shown with clear markings when you watch a video from them.
It has been going on for weeks now, ironically the first time I saw it was on a Top Gear video.

Oh I had a thought could someone check the North Korea news service? If they post to YT idk

that's pretty fucking shady. What's the point though? If you google "RT", their wikipedia page says they're a Russian news outlet.

appearing tough on russian infiltration/fake news/whatever (even though tackling blatant bot use would be a much better way to do that)

The same thing as ever, protecting the Democrats from criticism.
Also someone might start talking about the relationship between the government and Silicon Valley in ways that might be detrimental towards stock value. The good thing is that nobody in America even knows Palantir exists, that would have people asking some really bad questions.
Also don't try to bring up the fact that the person who runs the software that controls most of the military/police state in the United States advocated for Trump, because then you might actually be doing something worthwhile.

to be fair, I just went and checked, and they are labeling NPR and PBS roughly the same

VoA says that it was in part or whole funded by the US government but that warning only shows up in the US.

Is that the CIA channel?

Probably CIA, but they already have journalists in most newsrooms.


In 2013 they repealed the law that made it so they couldn't broadcast in the US.

Have they done the same to Xinhua?

Trump supporters and qanon on suicide watch

FSB and Putin propagandists make up like 90% of their activist base online

I have to say, Holla Forums is the last place I thought I'd run into the neo red scare

They put it down a couple of months ago, I think Jason made a video on it. It got tens of thousands of views every video iirc.

ok it took 18 hours of hard labour but i finally finished it

actually i took a shower and ate pancakes and forgot about it but w/e