Kehinde Wiley, artist responsible for the Obama portraits paint white woman beheaded

how can we stop the racism pol and redirect to a class struggle i feeling more dissapointed every day , im starting to hate them a little bit what can we do to stop this madness

Shut it down!

Who cares? We're not Democrats.

I think the problem is that people who aren't left at all think this is our doing.

speak for yourself

Why do you have to falseflag Holla Forums?

So? Idiots will always make association fallacies when they exist in the narrow political boundaries defined by the capitalist media.

This thread has nothing to do with political economy and is just a bunch of right-wing hysteria over a bunch of center-right spookery.

just having a giggle m8

That's a problem but Holla Forumsreddit always seems to confuse liberals with leftists, no matter how often we tell and try to educate them.

To those people, we're basically a boogeyman. We're the demons hiding in the shadows creating all the strife in their country and making their personal life miserable. We're the grand conspiracy that allows them to bridge the logical gap between wanting to be good patriots who love their countries while simultaneously hating everything about their really existing countries.

To them, people who are openly socialist and communist is mind boggling. Socialists and communists are shadowy agents in the halls of power who make everything bad. They will, therefore, either assume us to merely be open supporters of the shadow order, or liberal idealists who don't really know what we're supporting. These people are mostly boomers and gen-xers in the autumn of their lives who have devoted said lives to upholding capitalism and the American political state. The chances of them turning back now and embracing proletarian internationalism are slim.

But this is a problem that solves itself. Most of them will be dead in 20 years, and we're winning with the youth. But attempting to get these people to dissociate us with the Democrats is a fool's errand. This attitude is too engrained into their psyche.

wtf I love Kehinde now

wow the painting looks unironically good

I dont care.

Was someone really assdamaged enough to flip the races on that painting?

Make images like this, spread them and see their reaction, once they flip out expose the truth and watch the hypocrisy

hi Holla Forums

The difference is that whites have greater power to actually carry that whereas blacks don't. It's little more than a middle finger for them, at most impotent wish fulfillment.

This is basically the response you'll get and it's not a bad point. At least in the context of American white supremacy, white racism is much more dangerous than the reverse.


I see why Obama chose him, those paintings are pretty fresh.
We can't. Seriously, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. Our society has more "water" (read: education) than any society before it, and we can only hope they come back to reality.
You really can't redirect most racist thoughts against the system. The system is for niggers, not whites, you see. If only we could have more white ceos…. This is a fundamentally retarded position, completely separated from reality. We don't need these people, they won't join us, we will make do without them. Do you really think these idiots are what is "holding back" revolution? The's are the people who will adjust to the changes others make, not the ones who will make them.

This guy knows.

Why should I give a fuck about boon power fantasies? Boons will always be lower than the shit on the bottom of my boot.

Boons kill white people with impunity, they are 13% of the population and commit 50% of the violent crime.

hello fellow leftists!

Hol up, so is you sayin' that equality is bullshit and treating both races as if they were the same is retarded?