No homo but what happened to the over a dozen US military bases in Syria/SDF dedicated thread? I couldn't find it on the catalog. I know it deteriorated into a ☭TANKIE☭ shit hole but I like to think we're different from Holla Forums and not just an echo chamber of same fagging and complaining about the way things are but always waiting for someone else to start a revolution.
They're fighting and killing NATO soldiers. If that's not some leftist shit then idk what is.

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Because BO and a Few other idiots kept making fun of them so they fucked off to

Its a shame it was a good thread

Did anyone in Roj*va or the over a dozen US military bases in Syria-SDF ever Claim that?

Didn't Bookchin also support Amerikan imperialism in Nicaragua?

Because BO was insanely butthurt and filtered literally every term relevant to the discussion until the thread became unusable.

These mods seriously need to murdered. R O J A V A is the only relevant communist revolution of our time.

They don't even claim to be communist lmao.

Ackually it's communalist. You see Bookchin in his divine wisdom realized that only by sublimating marxism and liberal western academic thought could you really transform its meaning into something actually worthwhile.

It's an oil field seizure and an attempt at nationalism.

Still infinitely more relevant to the international socialist movement than 90% of the countries ☭TANKIE☭s glorify.

I mean, Syria? Iran? Zimbabwe? Are you fucking kidding me?

Completely fucking retarded filter.

Lol he probably doesn't care about the poor little children starving in China either why can't you just eat your dinner Bookchin? Think of the children!

Socialism literally cannot coexist with American global hegemony. If R*java ever managers to take off it will be absolutely crushed. There is no chance as long as America exists and the only way to defeat America is completely annihilate its empire and all who fight to defend it including the over a dozen US military bases in Syria/YPJ/etc.

They got mega assblasted over a wordfilter, after insisting that no for real the kurds will just tell the USA to fuck off they aren't being subverted by imperialists they aren't tools of the American empire really they're not

Is this even a coherent goal, though?

America shoves its military fingers so deep in so many pies and its goals are meanwhile seldom any deeper than "go kill these guys so we can benefit." So there's Pol Pot (maybe the best precedent here for an anti-R*java stance?), and Al Qaeda, and ISIS, and now YPJ (and various groups who YPJ themselves fight). There isn't really ideological consistency there - and it's obvious that the US by-and-large can't hold total control over these groups even if it wants to.

The reality of this is that it's flawed.

So, let's say the US can throw R*java away when they're rendered useless. They probably can, though they'd likely be inept at even this. Wouldn't the indifference of would-be over a dozen US military bases in Syria sympathizers simply convenience them? Why make the process any easier than it otherwise would be?

If one goes there is he able to leave?

throw them away where? ITS AN ETHNIC POPULATION

Mods, do the right thing, remove the wordfilter.

a couple months ago the board lost a lot of its unique settings like the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧anglo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 flags, and all the world filters. They could have simply not bring back that shitty military base filter but they did. They won't remove it ever.

Of course R ojava have some US suport that means they are entirely under US control.
It's well known fact that entities funded by America always stays by its side no matter what.

Democratic Confederalism/Apoism start in R0java but it's a multi-ethnic confederation project for all Syria, then for all Middle East.

So you're saying they are just going to get taken out by the next terrorist group America funds?

probably not but that's what's going to happen

And unless you destroy capitalism in the process you will just enable new empires. Le brave anti imperialist local bourgeoisie will bend over for whatever empire they aren’t currently fighting because that’s what porkies do, and that’s how geopolitics work. If you fight the American Empire then you can bet your ass that the Russians will come to your aid, bringing you guns and a lucrative offer from Gazprom. It is literally impossible for a capitalist country to be genuinely anti imperialist for long, since the bourgeoisie will always act within its self interest, which inevitably involves selling out their country to whoever gives them the best deal.


In reality, every move they've been doing so far is to establish a state.

What did he mean by this?

As much as I dislike and distrust over a dozen US military bases in Syria a lot of the claims of things like ethnic cleansing come from disreputable sources. Nevertheless, they're objectively serving imperial interests, and that's reason enough to oppose them.

FYI, this is almost like claiming Iranian feminists "serve imperialist interests".


Iranian feminists work for the CIA?


this word filter cracks me up
if the board owner wants to inject their ideological leanings into Holla Forums, world filters are the best way to do it

That is a perfect description of the so-called FSA

In what ways are they not feminists? Because they don't hold to a t-a-n-k-i-e politic?



This should be right up your alley

To be fair, it's pretty hard to argue that the Mizrachi girl in the center-right isn't indigenous to the MENA.

He supports self-defence, as in the patriotic self-defence of the nicaraguan contras.

But don't let marxists or anarchists revolt though, that's immoral violence.

I have a hard time understanding how any "anarchist" can make a cult around Bookchin the way they do Chomsky. Between this, Bookchin's support for Israel, and Bookchin's willingness to form left-right alliances with neoliberals and "an"-caps it's clear the guy was a bigger charlatan than Mao.

It's just band wagon hoppers at this point due to R*java. No one actually likes his strange rehash of Marxism.

pick one you redditard


Don't want to be that guy, but…

Tell me, do you think Mexican immigrants living in California are complicit in American imperialism for paying taxes and maybe joining the military just for the free college? At least, to the same degree as whites?


>Tell me, do you think Mexican immigrants living in California are complicit in American imperialism for paying taxes and maybe joining the military just for the free college?
Yes, and I hope those imperialist traitors die.


yes, how new are you?

Are you the Maoist from the borders thread who said immigration helps capitalism because it stalls third world revolution via brain-drain?

But did anyone from R ojava say that?

What amazing class consciousness and solidarity these "communists" display.

Political consciousness doesn't grow overnight.

Those are all from Iraq, not R*java.

Literally all ☭TANKIE☭ criticisms of the Syrian Kurds have proven to be bullshit.

What is the Source/Original of that cartoon?

the bans too didn't help I'm sure. Or the fact that the BO told them to leave this board over and over if they wanted to talk about a subject that would result in them being banned (if the BO was having a particularly bad day since the moderation here is very sporadic in its implementation) .

The entirety of this thread seems to over look what's going on in Afrin right now. Unless we're supporting NATO and it's jihadists in their anti-imperial struggle.

I think some Iraqi Kurd named a fish place after Trump and tankiés took that as actual fucking endorsement.

NATO ensuring that the over a dozen US military bases in Syria gets its funding.

Why do you feel the need to do Alex Jones tier mental gymnastics to justify your position? When you see that R*java is fighting a NATO country you don’t come to the obvious conclusion that the SyDF isn’t a US puppet, rather you actually try to argue that it’s really 37593727 D chess. They Kurds are working with Assad and Hezbollah, they are fighting a NATO country, and to top it all of the US has stopped arming them. Get your head out of your ass.

Nah it was a Syrian Kurd who named his restaurant after Trump

Literally what

Truly, heroes of the working class.

Are you implying it's ok to join the US military if you're poor? Sudoku yourself my man

people are wrong. it's less over a dozen US military bases in Syria supporters being buttblasted, and more banning wrongthink like this which spurred the move to /leftpol/.

t. ultra who doesn't think your Kurdish guerrillas nor Ayatollahs are socialist.

People think Ayatollahs are socialist?

go to leftpol then

support ISIS and Turkey in their noble struggle against US-backed 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧kurds🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

hmm… looks like projection and retardation, but what else to be expected from dumbfuck anarkiddies


waiting for the day to celebrate them being gassed by their fellow rebel rat friends that gets blamed on Assad
fucking balkanizing US bootlicking little shits have it coming

There comes a time where you begin to wonder whether it's just ignorance, or deliberate disingenuous lying.

Afrin is being invaded by a NATO military belonging to a country whose government openly courts fascists and other ultra-nationalists. And is itself led by a neo-ottoman strongman aspiring for his country to become a regional imperial hegemon.
The other day the Rojávan leadership openly re-affirmed the territorial integrity of Syria and asked for the SAA to help defend Afrin.
Whatever you think of Rojáva, this tripe is nothing but tinfoil-tier brainrot at best, and deliberate shilling at worst.

Is that what you call people trying to survive? Have you been living under a rock for the past few years? It was the Syrian government who ceded control of parts of northern Syria to the YP.G/PYD.
Also give me a source proving that that the Manbji council(s) complained about Assad "oppressing" them.

First of all: Afrin has been cut off logistically from the rest of the cantons for years. Occasionally people get smuggled over - which isn't hard when considering that the

So why exactly is this trash allowed?
#BREAKING: An agreement between the YРG and Syrian army likely in the coming hours — #Rudaw source in Afrin.

My god. America isn’t this all powerful force most people think it is. The American state can barely keep it’s self from collapsing, there’s no way it could fight a war against the Kurds.

Fuck off, all defeating America will do is have China do the exact same shit America is currently doing.

The Y.PG is an imperialist power. We must Support Turkey and NATO against them because the over a dozen US military bases in Syria did an attack in Turkish boarders. This is a violation of muh spooky national sovernty. We must support Turkey and NATo in there holy struggle against the Y.PG.

i can't believe assad is allying with imperialists, the neo ottoman empire should invade there too

Really makes you think.

Watch them 180 when they find out Damascus and Rоjava are working militarily.

Its official. After accusing Assad of gassong his own people etc, over a dozen US military bases in Syria and SAA reach a deal

Show me one example of Rоjava accusing Assad of gassing people.

I cant wait till a week from now if the SAA enters Afrin for them to run back to the US crying about "EBil ASSas oppressing us again"

We will hang capitalists with the rope they sell us

t. Mongoloid
Assad has been supporting Afrin from the start.

you poor naive young thing, i imagine its hard being american and seeing how shit your country is from the inside
but trust me, every single western nation, let alone those puppet countries around the rest of the world, will do everything at their word
they will literally start killing their own if it means they can benefit from America

stopped reading there

They Literally Refused SAA entry into Afrin to defend it twice

tell me you're not this legitimately retarded? Do you call carjacking offering someone a cardio workout?

Over a dozen Turkish/NATO military bases in Syria when?

soon I hope. Can anyone say they actually ever cared about some fucking province in Syria? I'm just glad american anarchists are getting BTFO.

YPG and Assad will likely eventually agree to cooperate against the Turkish backed rebels in exchange for some form of ultimate federal Syria deal with Kurdish autonomy under Assad.

The war will either end in that result or in a joint US-Turkish-Israeli invasion of Syria. Considering how weak the FSA rebels who would probably be the ground forces in such a move are, that would probably just end in a long standoff where Idlib and other rebel-held regions become the Syrian equivalent of Northern Cyprus. The US might keep a crippled over a dozen US military bases in Syria alive in the east as a bargaining chip with Turkey.


What is this?

With the way things are going, over a dozen US military bases in Syria will probably lose Afrin, but may be able to hold the rest of their territory if they concentrate their forces.

But if the Turks go full intervention instead of playing puppet master with the FSA, it's all ogre

16 year old female over a dozen US military bases in Syria fight captured by the mujahideen of the Hamza faction.


"We captured a 16 year old over a dozen US military bases in Syria recruit. we would like to send a message to our kurdish brothers, don't use your children in battles. Don't toss your kids into battle, she's a 16 year old child, what does she have to do with any of this? Also we would like to send a message to the world. This is our morals, our behavior, our religion in the way we deal with captured children."


is there no one who hasn't been cucked by feminism?


the delusions of antigerman /cripplepol/tards, truly a sight to behold


kill yourself
do it
there is no reason for a person this mentally retarded to continue existing

fuck off Holla Forumscuck

Wow look no argument
Tell me…
Why did the over a dozen US military bases in Syria only allow this now?

Rest In Peace ARA

you're dreaming
le based Assad won't concede anything, the turds give up everything to him or die by the moderate rapists

You’re severely overestimating the Power of the American state.

Man even Chomsky is this liberal. Reconsider your life choices.


because the terms were different, and the news pouring out of Syria now should make you embarrassed to have ever acted this way.
of course, there is one way you can redeem your wasted life.


she looks drugged



It's tough going when the terrorists you support to destabilize Syria get captured by terrorists you support to destabilize Syria.

This image a shit. The US's Commerce Department claimed China wasn't a "capitalist market economy" in a trade dispute which China's government refuted.

China themselves claims they are not communist, but capitalist.

politicians have careers in capitalist countries too. put that shit over a picture of Karl Kautsky.

French /ourguy/ Mélenchon supporting the Kurds.
You can select English subtitles.

I don't care if he is a real communist or not, he supports a regime that kills and segregates millions of people. >Sinkiang

will the Kurds with assad's help be able to hold Afrin?

It doesn’t look like it. Their only hope at this point appears to be melting away into the mountains and continuing the fight PKK style.

seems like it. Unless assad goes balls to the wall, Manbij will also likely fall