I'm not a prole. Nor am I a socialist, or a communist, nor an anarchist...

I'm not a prole. Nor am I a socialist, or a communist, nor an anarchist. I'm a holdover from the land owning gentry class. My interests were suborned to the bourgeois as much as the proletariat's were before the turn of the 20th century, and I mostly post here to get my hate on for the boujees.

Can we still kick it over popcorn while we hope that Capitalism takes a nosedive?

You also get the wall.

Poast land

Are You Cool with Me Test:
Would you fight capitalism?
Yes: A
No: B

If you answered A, you're cool with me.

No fuck off I want to rape everyone you know.

Too bad.

Silly bois, you can't handle these tracts~


No. You can stay a little longer if you sell us the rope.

I'd grow the hemp and lease it to you..?

After true communism comes about, there will still be political debates. People that help destroy capitalism buy a chance for their ideas to be stated after the current state of things is abolished.

Space Feudalism is more or less what I'm counting on at this point.


You're going to be real disappointed by space and real disappointed by Earth

Both will want you dead or after you get the chance

Y not tho?

I doubt it. Gentry are marked by our love of education as a line of class demarcation. We pretty much go hand in hand with the proletariat into space once we get over shit like mining rights.

So you no longer own land? And you're not a prole? How do you make monis?

because capitalism ruins everything

post tracts or gtfo

No point in the history of the planet has income inequality gone on this long no matter the technological capability of the power, without the masses completely destroying them.

Space is equally hostile. Good luck with anti gravity this isn't science fiction.

Different gravity than Earth will give you terrible bone afflictions, depending on either if it's 0, or heavier. We seem to be made for Earth, different fields of gravity tends to fuck our shit up. Mice grown in anti gravity after reproducing on board the ICC have completely fucked up senses of direction and usually can never recover. That sounds like a great idea.

Next problem radiation. Cancer. Your children, who are fucked up mentally and have no sense of direction, now probably have fucked up problems because you're genetic code is being eaten away.

Neither space nor the worker will save you.

Reminder that if in any way you oppose the revolutionary role of the Enlightenment bourgeoisie you're not a true marxist.


No no. We own land. But we bonce along cycles depending on boom/bust.

So you have everything from subsistence farming to dynastic feuds that make the boujees look tame and everything in between.

Right now my family's thing is mineral rights on our former farmland. We are currently in feuding dynasty mode.

It does. One of the things that endlessly fascinates me about it is that the bourgeois don't actually seem to realize that their system degrades or destroys all underlying assets.

tee hee

The problems are complex, true. That said, to explore space you need the abundantly well educated and the technically skilled. Bourgeois despise education, so you've got proles, petite-bourgeois, and gentry. I'm guessing that petite-bourgeois get the wall before we do.

To the wall, rent seeking property owner garbage.

We're only rent seeking like, half the time. The other half the land is a job, or we work a job to pay the mortgage on the land.

respect my trips and post your tracts

So nobody is exploring space and you're fucked

Got it

Ok fine, you're a sex slave.

I-is this what you wanted you brute?


T. Innocent Kulak/slave owner abusing wage slavery cause "i have too"

Nah. Back in my dad's time the family worked farms themselves or had their kids work, and had prole jobs. Now we've flip flopped because of oil discovery. We'll be back to broke by my kids' time at least.

This sort of dynastic type of thinking is so incredibly foreign to me. I don't know anything about what my families did pre-grandparents.
Also please elaborate on

Sounds like you're confused petit bourgeoisie to me.

It's fucked. It's hard to explain to outsiders.

Well, basically we're in an oil feud. On some of the old farms, which are now defunct but to which we retain mineral rights, there was oil struck. The minute that happened we went from being a sort of distant but clannish family of pseudo-proles to distant cousins fighting over shares of inheritance to the commodity fortune being pumped out of the ground.

Whomever wins will turn around and invest in property in all likelihood. Then have a big family. Then the commodity market will take a turn, or the real estate market. Being savvy gentry we will retain key land rights even if we sell, or even develop.

No. We just couch everything in bourgeois terms now. If we went back to basics I'd be shooting my cousin in a duel over who gets to be Count(ess).

you LARPing as your great great great grandparents isn't going to change what your material conditions are today

Well, then to use the vernacular, I'm in feud over Jed Clampit's fortune.

So can I ask why you aren't a communist? What makes neo-feudalism desireable for you? You are obviously educated with an understanding of history, so I wonder how you vision capitalism ending without it resulting in communism.

It won't work until the advent of a post scarcity economy. We haven't yet mastered the resources within our own solar system, nor have we matched our energy consumption with our lifestyles. It won't be until we are mining deuterium from the sun that I think we have enough of an economy to move to full communism.


But what if you own your house because of your spilled blood, and your neighbor owns his house because of spilled coin?

Really piques your pecans


Which capitalism clearly isn't going to provide us, considdering it relies on scarcity. How are we going to reach post scarcity without the working class taking over production?
Then you both made a bad deal cause we comin', bucko.

Irony: those who spill their own blood, and who spill blood, for the revolution become the new gentry. It's just what happens.

It relies on infinite growth. They will build their own unmaking, but only by complete fucking accident.

Not mutually exclusive.
Yes, but this unmaking is the communist movement. The market crashing, regardless of how severely, will not end capitalism without a working class movement taking the struggle to a victories conclusion.


See, you're putting the cart before the horse here.

How so?

yes, thanks
Nice tracts

It is my view that the bourgeois are the product of their economy as much as vice versa.

Where did I contradict that?

You didn't. My hidden supposition is this: the economy is not yet mature enough to support a meaningful revolution until we hit space exploration. At that point we hit an approximate technocracy. At which point it's a very short line between technocracy and the abolition of capital.

Sorry to poke your suppostition, but why would the economy not be mature enough?
And I really doubt space exploration is going to be an actual thing within capitalism. I fail to see where the profits would be.

asteroid mining

A lot of reasons. In part because according to many economists a first world lifestyle can't be supported globally for all, but also in part because it can still be interpreted as a zero sum game.

Capitalist idiocy works to our advantage here.

They package and repackage an almost endless variety of variations on the same base product.

Haha no.

Unironic gulag.

You're a LARPer. I doubt you're actual gentry.


Let's make a simple deal: you get a year for you and your close family to cultivate the lands you inherited, with absolutely no help from friends, hired hands, charity workers, slaves nor anyone other than your immediate relatives. However much land you successfully cultivated in that time is yours to keep, the rest gets expropriated because, as Lenin famously said, "use it or lose it".

tbf the carlists of spain were a diehard retarded fighting force for the nationalists fighting for a principle that never had a chance of succeeding. why not use these neo-feudalists as fellow travellers and expendable, perhaps effective, cannon fodder?

Funny you should mention that. Asteroid mining is a possibility for the near future, except for a very peculiar fact: asteroid have too many resources.
A single asteroid can crash the market of several metals several times over, making prices reach their lowest points in history. Now how do you think Porky would react to this? Yeah. Remember, one of the basic components of capitalism is scarcity. So if Porky does decide to take the risk, he would stagger the actual mining beyond belief. One might assume there would be pressure for him to step it up senpai, but I doubt it, because by that point in time the nation-States will be hollow shells and capitalists will be the only ruling class on Earth.

It's important to note that capitalism requires the base of the social pyramid to live in squalor, because otherwise they wouldn't accept to be exploited. They must be faced with the """""choice""""" between exploitation or starvation. Even if we had all resources needed and it was environmentally viable, a 1st world lifestyle for all mankind still wouldn't happen. Porky would make sure of it, because how could he possibly adapt from being a nearly-trillionaire to a humble citizen of a world that knows no poverty nor want? The horror.