Two Muslim Scholars Created Alcohol (And Much of Chemistry) as we Understand It in 700's CE

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This article didn't say Jabir was muslim. Only a persian alchemist who worked for his caliph.

He was a Muslim.

History really is filled with ironies.

He was also, a polymath: a chemist and alchemist, astronomer and astrologer, engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, and pharmacist and physician.

His body of work is so large that as early as 1000 CE, the identity and exact corpus of works of Jabir was in dispute in Islamic circles

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He coined the term. And alcohol before that point, had little purity, distillation was not yet perfectly mastered, and it was hardly anything proof. It was more of a beverage than a serious intoxicant.

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Most chemists probably would if they could thank who coined the term Alkali.

No it just means a Muslim made alcohol and created much of modern chemistry, I don't know what everyone is so upset about.

My post was pretty obviously sarcasm.

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Without Jabir there probably wouldn't be any chemical sciences to the points where the 20th century west could not create any nukes. Therefore he's unintentionally responsible for the cold war and nuclear weapons.

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alcohol was known to prehistoric peoples worldwide, nomadic people used to carry around grapes in leather bags, which fermented that way when exposed to sun
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Alcohol was never potent enough or distilled correctly enough up until the point where distilation technique from Jabir came into prominence in Europe around the 900's to 1000's CE that it was hardly "alcohol as you understand it", That's why I prefaced "as you understand it".

Alcohol before this time was a way to keep water purified mostly, there were no special universal intoxicating properties to it, as it was hardly 40 proof.

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The word "alkali" is derived from Arabic al qalīy (or alkali)

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The word "alcohol" is from the Arabic kohl (Arabic: ‎, translit. al-kuḥl), and it was used before that point to keep water from becoming too stagnant to drink.

Without the Near East I seriously doubt there would be a sophisticated Europe. That goes for before and after.

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Strongly alcoholic fermented drinks have been around since prehistorical times, worldwide.
There even some animals that drink naturally fermenting plants to become drunk.

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Distillation prior was mainly to keep water clean for creating beverages (eg.g not stagnant water), and it was also used for make up and cosmetic purposes.

The medieval Arabs used the distillation process extensively, and applied it to the distillation of alcohol. The Arab chemist Al-Kindi unambiguously described the distillation of wine in the 9th century

The process of distillation spread from the Middle East to Italy, where alcohol as it is understood to today, exploded in use across Europe. As did their advances in chemistry

How do you not know this. This is basic world history here

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Not knowing where post Dark Ages Europe got their source for not only chemistry, but a large variety of Sciences is pretty stupid. It's hardly trivia, you're supposed to learn this in Grade school and how so many of you just apparently did not know leads me to believe most of the posters in this thread are either British or American 18-24

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This is just misleading. Even in the BC times, nobody was drinking fermented grape juice to get pure water. You can get drunk off of rotten fruits ffs.

It still wasn't used in the same capacity as it was today. The only culture that achieved equivilant was the farther East, particularly China. Anything West of this did not have alcohol as "we" understand it until around the 12th century. The change happened in how much alcohol was leftover within the drink from the distilling process.

After all, alcohol is both an Arabic and English word.

As is Alchemy.

The word alchemy was borrowed from Old French alquemie, alkimie, taken from Medieval Latin alchymia, and which is in turn borrowed from Arabic al-kīmiyā’ (‎).

Chemistry was very much born in the Near East.