Aut-right will be dead in not even 4 years

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Watching the alt-right shit itself constantly is one of the few joys I get out of being an amerimutt

It's even more of a comedy show watching aut-rightists delude themselves further while cryfapping to their hentai and nazi fantasy

So who actually is the alt right?

Usually people just give a definition for the far right but obviously thats not correct because this is a new phenomenon.

I guess it depends on who is using the term.
For Holla Forums it would be people holding anti immigration views but who are still puppet of the Jews because they aren't full 14-88, for the democrats it would be people who are slightest more on the right than regular conservative.
Here i'm not sure about which definition makes consensus.

It is the recent upswing in post-fascists (who hold the basic policies and ideals of Ur fascism, but often disassociate themselves from the original movement and/or lack the theoretical & philosophical underpinnings of fascism). Examples include: the BNP, Northern Front Nationale, Eastern AfD & NPD (they shuffled around a bit) and the Bannonites.

These fags are going to implode when the Democrats take Congress this year.

Devito needs to run, though. Only when elected as a democrat he should come out, at inauguration, as a socialist leader better than bernie.

The opposite of how bernie soldout to leftwing porkies.

A group of autistic permavirgin nerds who got "radicalized" by gamergate. Since they think socially capable people who are older than 12 give a fuck about "ethics in gaming journalism", they think socially capable people who are older than 12 and with friends give a fuck about their nazi pipe dream.



gamergate is not just american, nor political– I believe they were given this term. Also, the majority of people of this site are pro gamergate. It will be hard to astroturf that…

That's literally what the comments to article are saying.

Isn't that mostly libshits & tumblr-tier """socialists""" though?

>not realizing that the 'socially capable people who are older than 12' are the gamergaters now

Gamergate is dead

Just let go



It is. It is dead.

The Democrats are going to lose Senate seats and win House seats (but not enough to take the House), screencap this.


Literally not even wrong. I can even see Trump winning a 2nd term.

i know its a meme but when i have actually found trannies among the ranks of leftypol

why are u guys so degenerate? also I'm 15 and i've already fucked a qt girl so kys



MLP fuckplushies dont count, brandon

See when your brain is on Holla Forums, you're too low-functionally autistic to differentiate them.

Not even mad anymore. It's fun watching aut-whites shit their maga diapers while getting played and ultimately turning into exactly what they make fun of.


It is in the sense that there's a fucking million of them all screeching it at the same time, drowning out everyone else. Holla Forums's reach with dumbshit teenagers who don't know anything about the real world and dumbshit NEETs who don't know anything about the real world means that they have a constant 24/7 army of keyboard warriors on call. It doesn't reflect their effect on the real world but they do absolutely swarm anything online.


Yet imperialism and fascism will be as strong as ever. We must not be complacent.



Nope, it's mostly Holla Forums false flags.

Yeah that's why they're insanely outnumbered literally every time they try and do anything outside of their deathcamp torture chamberes.

I want 4chan to just be an anime/video game fansite again. I know it never will be though, because that type of Internet stopped existing after the early 2000s and that entire era is now just a distant memory.

There's no turning back. 4chan has been gentrified like everywhere else on the internet.

Me too user. I've recently slowed down visiting /a/ since its starting to be infested with Holla Forums & Holla Forumstards.

yeah, just like how the economy is "reviving"



And people say antifa does more harm than good.

4chan is dead, although tbh it is possible to purge Holla Forumsyps on other fan sites. You just have to bully them enough: /strek/ is a good example.

You'd think so, but there's a large intersection of red liberals.

The article overstates how things are, but it's essentially on point. The one thing it underestimates is sheer turnover in the movement: a lot of casuals that were attracted by the 2016 rush haven't stuck around to fight the long war against us dastardly globalists.

You literally see Holla Forums shitting up every single thread. I sometimes give leftist responses, or call out their false flags. But man, I would like to talk about video games without genocide being discussed.

That's because most of them voted for the meme, not the reality. None of them expected Trump to actually win.

See, Holla Forums knows that video games are the only place where their superiority-complex-driven nazi pipe dream will ever come true.

Hence why Holla Forums got radicalized by gamergate

There is one interesting thing about a lot of RWP movements in Europe is that their memberships are quite small: UKIP never rose above #5 in the UK, the AfD is the party with the fewest members in the Bundestag and La Front Nationale only has 50k (compared to LREM and LFI, which claim 400k and 500k respectively: and they are under 2 years old). They are good at scoring electoral victories, but have very little staying power organisationally. This is perhaps their greatest weakness: their members are only for polling day and nothing else.

Vidya is the only place where failsons get their feelings of unwarranted self-importance and competence validated. It really does seem to breed more reactionaries than just about any other "community."

Fam, it was four years ago. Let it rest.

I thought Holla Forums was radicalized during the Trayvon Martin trial.

This is just a handful of ideas I'm tossing out in response to that:
RWP parties, at least when outside of government, don't have the ability to keep a core cadre of activists and party hacks via patronage and other handouts. A lot of people I met in establishment conservative parties were ideologically pure, but there was no doubt they'd be working as lawyers or real estate developers if there wasn't the promise of a government job at the end.
These RWP movements still have to operate within liberal structures, and the stronger the liberalism the more likely their core base (middle-class petit bourgeois) is going to view the extent of their political activism as participation in those liberal institutions such as voting.
ChristDem parties in Europe are all to happy to just steal RWP policies and sand off the jagged edges to make them presentable for the media (cf. Austria, the Netherlands).

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

GG is not dead in the sense that it had no endgoals to begin with and rebranded as pro-Trump to stay relevant.

Also, your Touhou must have a silly hat. If she does not have a hat, she will die.

GG injected the first big dose of reactionary politics into 4chan. Early Holla Forums was racist but mostly contrarian.

It's boomer town now though.

I can see Trump winning a 2nd term, but think the Dems will most likely win congress this year - 2020 is two years off, all Trump needs is a war.



I have the feeling that Holla Forums is slowly losing its grip on the rest of the board lately.
I stopped browsing /lit/ last year because it was infested by petersonfags, but the other day, I went back and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it came back to normal.
I was reading this tweet and it occurred to me that (although it's dubious that this really is weev) at some point the left could probably seriously fuck over the aut-right by bribing a couple of higher-ups into defecting with doxx. A lot of these hardliners expected things to get better after 2016 and the blowback has made them miserable. The smarter ones are realizing that they're going to have to go back underground and the stupid ones are idolizing lone wolf terrorists and shit.
I'd pay for a subscription if Chapo used the money to compromise Mike Enoch or that fatass that runs the TWP and turn them into left agents provocateur.

Also, have some leftist weeb titties.

The Senate is a much farther shot (though it should obviously be a higher priority for the Dems, given that if they control the chamber they have veto on judge nominations). The Dems have a reasonable shot at the House, especially with the recent ruling that Pennsylvania needs to seriously unfuck their district maps. But of course the DNC and DCCC will find a way to start open palm slamming their dicks into a trash compactor on the issue
Who wins POTUS in '20 depends entirely on who the Dem is. If they just clone Corbyn Eva-style and run the clone on a class conflict/save medicare & ss platform they'll crush him. But again, see my trash compactor remarks

Again, it's pure attrition. Expect another spike in shitposting in '20.



Welcome back from Mars.


Nah the Trayvon Martin trial is when that cancer first started to spread. GG was when the cancer reached stage 4.


The aut right were always a meme. The danger comes from the embittered autists that double down on their faggotry and become fanatics, or at the service of fanatics.

It's even all over /mlp/

Is it very productive to feed the paranoïa and the victim complex of the aut right?

I'll be honest /trash/ is perhaps the last section of 4chan that Holla Forums didn't invade because they can't find it listed.



When I hear "alt-right" I picture:
1. whiny noodly soyboys who spend all their time online, ranting about "the commie SJW menace"
2. fatass reactionaries in their 30s-50s who drive lifted pickup trucks covered in Trump/NRA/Gadsden stickers
So, the bottom rung of US society.


Ancientfag here. I kept getting banned from Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and /tg/ just for mentioning vaguely leftist, anti-capitalist sentiment. They've killed this place completely. I never thought /tg/ would fall so far, it's especially bad.
Sorry to double post.

Can we please not use this autistic af term. Every time I hear someone use it, I can hear the whistling scream of insecurity escaping from their teeth like steam.

Why? I'll 'member

It's awful
shilling for X company which is secretly a Soros/Anti-Trump front
clearly the communist programmers are inserting this to undermine vidya
Holla Forums at it again, where our based mods?

Suppose it's the inevitable degradation that imageboards suffer though

Hey, give me at least 10 more years before I'm "supposed" to be fat because of age. I was a teenager when I found 4chan.

polite sage because of my insecurty


Holla Forumsack ranting on Holla Forums

I hate it when they shit up good threads or topics of discussion on many platforms. Spamming NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER or trying to bait people into some racial political argument, only to get banned. Then turn around and get all sanctimonious about how their free speech is being cencored, ironicaly raving about coddle culture and what not. When they were rightfully culled.

I always thought this was a way they tricked centrists and edgy liberal sceptics into defending them.

Economic collapse would work as well, as long as Democrats win Congress. Which, incidentally, is what I think will happen. An inverse of the Trump Bump will happen after the 2018 election, Democrats will be blamed for crashing the economy despite not even doing anything, and in a desperate bid to save the economy Democrats will lurch to the right. Then Republicans will take back control in 2020 along with Trump being reelected.

The chance of dems squeaking by with a W in '20 is probably close to nil unless Trump completely shits the bed; Hillary handed over a significant chunk of the democratic base on a platter and the DNC itself has a pretty good chance of imploding over the summer. Even if they run Booker as Obama 2.0 with a female VP candidate, turning out the vote plantation probably won't be enough.



Post it on the OC thread

GG was like 90% anti-idpol libs, don't mistake being disillusioned with democratic party liberalism for support for fascism. It legitimately turned me red.

As for Holla Forums, they were stormtards from day 1, but media attention just drives more people to the board - most of them newfags who get the impression the whole site is interested in their garbage. Old guard Holla Forumsyps knew when to shut up and discuss other shit.

the alt right fails to realize pretty much every young person hates the rich and is getting fucked by those in power

even if they fall for reactionary cold war propaganda or confuse idpol tumblr liberals with "the left" the majority of young people are still hostile towards capitalism. many of them can be swayed if they dont fall too deep for race/nationalist spooks

No way Trump gets elected again. He barely won 2016 by a few thousand votes. His policies have not been good for the working class.

Are there people who call themselves "1980s liberals"? That sounds fucking awful.

yeah its like dave rubin, bill maher, that shit

to be fair though, I live in Latin America and SJW shit isn't that prominent

>the alt-right has owned some libs in online shouting matches "debates" that only they watched
How can we possibly compete?

Amen. This should be on the board header. It infuriates me whenever someone here says it was reactionary from the start.

Are libertardians considered alt right? Sometimes I hear them get thrown under that umbrella. Sure they're scum who want to see poor people starve to death and they suck but they're not technically "fascists" per se, or are they?.

lolbertarianism is only a gateway to other ideologies. They either turn red or brown according to what they prefer between property and freedom.

>>>Holla Forums

Interesting, is there more about this phenomenon in depth, because I've heard a lot about how libertarians become alt right. Seems like a lot of Holla Forums users were once libertarians and moved further right.

Dumbest argument too, because a lot of these people post Pinochet helicopter memes and would advocate for leftists being killed for what they believe.

Also, a lot of traditional Republican voters are shifting to Independent out of disgust of Trump. That's not "right-leaning independent' either, but straight "independent", and most of them are college educated urbanites.

It's an opportunity for the left to gain some disillusioned voters.

Oh now they're disgusted when their guy isn't putting up a facade of respectability and hiding behind dogwhistles…

They might switch to Democrat sure, but if they were voting GOP they're not going to budge on economic liberalism I would think.

they left the party though, and the sheer ridiculousness of the trump campaign could have made some people think a bit more deeply about what they've been supporting. if they're willing to shift to just "independent" or centrist or whatever, that's a big step from going solid right. they'd be more willing to hear ideas and they're clearly disillusioned, they might be open to new perspectives more than a lot of voters.

This is completely delusional. The left is the largest and most active its been since the fall of the Soviet Union but it is still in absolute shambles. In the late 60s there were powerful socialist movements in most countries, including dozens of armed insurrections. Millions of people lived under governments trying to build socialism.

the aut right has 0 momentum outside of the internet, it's a joke, people think of them as rednecks, school shooters, and computer nerd tiki torch virgins.

they have no cultural capital besides shitty memes, and even those memes are getting old, so they couldnt even spread their ideology that way beyond some spergy high schoolers. theyre deluded and think they can win the "culture war", when all they have is some memes, a third rate vaporwave ripoff that doesnt even understand what vaporwave is, and a failed adult swim tv show.

Yeah, the very idea of property neccessary clashes with the idea of freedom at some point, so lolberts often drop the mask and go full blown fashies.
On the other hand you have a non neglectible part of users here who were lolberts once.

Forgot about that thing. Hooooooly shit that was so fucking lame. The music was bad, and it was embarrassing that they didn't realize vaporwave is an anti-capitalist scene whose most famous album was made by a transgender.

a lot of things the alt right likes were made by people they hate

You say that like if it's of any matter to Holla Forumstards and TheDolanfags. The content and its context is nothing, all that matters is that they find the aesthetics cool.

Tht stole Pepe from a beaner, they're all about analogies from a movie made by a tranny and even original fascists aesthtics are ripped of socialist imagery ffs

Same deal with the whole red pill thing too. In the Matrix it's a metaphor about transitioning/transgender-ism.
(Not to mention Trinity is a woman and Morpheus is black.)

Yeah the first counter protest I went to, and the protesters didn't even show

4chan will go down with it. It played its part in history. They were the cool kids back when memes were new. The secret internet club that determined the spirit of the internet. I see the alt.right as their last song. It's an attempt to cling to some amount of exclusivity now that internet culture has become popular. "They can't steal our memes if it's all racist trash." During the Gamergate farce it made them seem somewhat cool and edgy, but now everyone sees through it as well. They're just idiots.

I'm very happy about all this. A golden age of communist shitposting is about to start. Be ready.

by 2019 4chan will be leftist

cap this post

Doubt it, too many incels and boomers from /r/t_d found the place. It's not what it once was.

A lot of people don't seem to realize that getting donald elected was an accelerationist ploy to get UBI faster and because he was a funny meme. Now that the NEETs have moved on the alt right is just dried up boomers, shills and kiddies that didn't get the memo.

I can't wait until normies are all on the internet so I can go outside again. These transition years are going to be rough but once normals don't need to leave their houses anymore daywalks will be the new nightwalks

4chan will forever be contrarian

what we protesting here? It's muh ebil tories again isn't it? Does the modern left in the west have any aspirations beyond 'no trump no tories!'?

to be fair the modern right doesn't have anything other than "no brown people"


Without fail.

Tbf people marching under union banners 100% just want more welfare, that's why they're working industrial jobs.