Trump Admin Replacing Food Stamps with Box of Food

I'm not sure if I'm against this, but I imagine it will be handled poorly since they're focused on cost cutting. The idea of subsidizing healthy foods seems good to me, but there is also the ominous quote about "the same level of food value". Does that mean you're sending out about the same amount of food, but cheaper because you've just traded many buyers for one huge buyer?

There will still be cash payments though, just a part of it is going to go towards these food boxes.

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If they fucked up Puerto Rican aid shipments then it'll be even worse here and we'll see more cuts for individual families as they do already.

Around 40% of current food stamp recipents will be cut-off from le box, calling it now.

I've always been fond of the idea of in-kind welfare and reducing money given, as long as the actual food is good and has more value than what you could get with food stamps. You can properly feed people and prevent people misusing their food stamps (and I don't mean this in the "muh welfare queens" sense, but people making poor choices)
But we all know the way this is gonna play out is the box being less than what you could get in food stamps.

I was gonna say "atleast it's inflation proof cause welfare often lags behind" but you KNOW they will reduce the box content bit by bit

Yeah, I'm positive that will be the case, but the principle of subsidizing certain kinds of food actually doesn't seem terrible to me. I know agricultural subsidies already exist, and it may be kind of orwellian, but something about food stamp money going towards soft drinks or snack foods seems unfortunate to me. I don't want to take people's ability to buy those things away, but it'd be nice if healthier foods could be made even cheaper so people might be naturally drawn to them, or otherwise people who feel they are expensive would be more able to buy them.

I feel like a part of the problem is just people being tired after work, not wanting to make a meal. I'm interested in a solution to that that gets people good healthy food. I know it wouldn't work out this way, but I considered getting food boxes with recipe suggestions in them would be kind of interesting.

inb4 this fucks up the program similar to michelle's school lunch program thing

Honestly removing food stamps and ending medicare would help tremendously in radicalizing amerifats. Petty bourg middle age programmers need to start being forced into bankruptcy trying to provide for their ailing parents. With no food stamps the proles will stop caring about ideology. This is where dual power can be used to fill the gap and educate people.

this. There is nothing wrong with replacing food stamps with food in principle. But I am pretty skeptical that people will obtain more food this way.

You don't know what petty bourg means.


If they don't fuck it up, it'll be one of the few things he does that I support.


This is fucking genius. Low Autism Level people on food stamps cannot be trusted to correctly purchase their own food. They will just obey sugar cravings and continue to be low Autism Level and diabetic costing the health industry billions. Buying cart loads of Orange Drink and Candy..

Supermarkets aren't going to be happy about this.

I bet not even high autism level americans do not buy proper food.

the idea is complete trash
there is a dozen of reasons why people have diverse wants and needs for their food
this is literally the state (corporations making deals to sell shit nobody would otherwise purchase) dictating you what to eat by putting it on your plate and telling you to eat that shit up
there's also no question that it'll be complete garbage food

Walmart is going to be especially upset
of course I doubt this will go through

It sounds like an attempt to get out of paying food stamp benefits. They moved to chained-CPI in order to avoid increasing social security payments and other welfare patments by underestimating the real level of inflation

If it is it's a bad one. The American food system massively overproduces. They (the bourgeoisie) need these programs.

typical authoritarian and elitist shit talk against the working class
the people know very well what they need when they are actually given the power to master their own life
again it's the profit motive driving dumbasses like you trying to cut social spendings rather than improving peoples live by investing in them
every person should learn some level of basic house keeping education including nutrition and cooking classes
also open collective kitchens, they're great
people go and cook together, teach each other, try new things, socialize and grow as a community while improving the food quality


this is literally just a subvention program to throw money after the "food" industries

read my arguments

Maybe he's trying to downgrade America to Third World status and thus qualifying for U.N. intervention.

If the US becomes third world will third worldists support America's struggle against Chinese imperialism?


If US becomes third world nation majority of turd worlders will disappear.

Wrong, that's where dual power MUST be used to fill the gap, otherwise they will go the opposite direction.


Wait, so Trump wants literal bread lines?

he really is a moron.

Some people should be told what to eat, though. If not, many will live on a diet of donuts, McDonald's, other cards, and soda, which will make them into Ameriblubbers and strain the health care system.

High calorie, low nutrition food is cheap. Healthy food is expensive.

Eh this is true to a degree, but speaking from personal experience it is not that difficult to eat healthily for cheap and with little ability in cooking. The one difference I have from these people is that someone bothered to show me how.
Also caloric intake is only 50% of the equation, the other is expenditure, which American children especially lack since their schools can barely afford books let alone exercise programs.

there's a difference between "telling them what to eat" and literally forcing a diet on them
unless they are mentally handicapped and under supervision there is no grounds for doing that kinda shit
the issue is lack of education

food stamp recipient user here
it's already not enough to live off of, and I'm extremely frugal, and I have the rare opportunity to cook food as a homeless person
Between the 20th of one month and the first week of the next, I always run out of food, and I'm always panicked, and usually turn to drugs just to get passed this awful two week period where I can't even think because of hunger
US must burn thanks

Rolled 1, 2 + 5 = 8 (2d2)
Ur poor and lazy yuo bum lol get a jobb.
Meritocracy rulez!

I literally never got how any of this is justifiable.
Frankly I think you guys are just in denial over not having voted in time or brushing it off.

Will Trump start feeding them 100% pure soy and start the TrapBol revolution?

Having worked in a food shelter, this actually isn't a bad idea. The main problem, as some anons have pointed out already, is how it is going to be handled. Given how the system was already being handled, probably poorly.

Crashing the American empire with no survivors is good for the global proletariat.

It won't be good at all. It's just another step towards eliminating food stamps altogether.

If Trump is Bane, who's Batman? He's a rich asshole who saves the day, is he a stand-in for liberals / the Democrats / Hillary?

Expect Walmart stocks to drop

Trump is both Bane and Batman. There is no saviour for America's empire. Trump is both America's reckoning and the president that the world needs and America deserves. He will show the world just how hollow and weak every American commitment is.


Does Gotham get nuked in the end?

That's obviously a joke.

Most Americans have to spend money on shit like horrifically high rent, car payments/insurance (not even optional in many places where public transport is weak to non-existent) and health insurance (no single-payer).

The United States simply doesn't have the social safety net many Euros take for granted.

Not if you live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. America was not designed for cities.

Two initial thoughts:
1) Others have picked up on the point that the government will be contracting to purchase the food of its citizenry, therefore paying over large sums of state revenue to private industry. I thought the capitalist division of the right were against the state intervening in the market and picking winners.
2) The true motivation behind this is malicious. The recipients of the vouchers have found ways to convert them into goods and services the government explicitly wants to prevent the poor from possessing for largely infantile reasons. Stipulating exactly what the poor may have removes that opportunity from them. This is the enforcement of the "less eligibility" principle that drove the miserable conditions of the nineteenth century workhouses as seen in the works of Dickens.


That's how they plan on getting us to 3% growth. The long term plan seems to be debasing the worker to the point where they will be happy just to work for food rather than a wage.

The problem isn’t that Americans eat too much junk food. It’s that junk food is so heavily subsidized by sugar and corn subsidizes that it BECOMES the highest caloric per dollar food you can buy.
Take way the subsidies or tax junk food and watch their habits change.

There’s no jobs in bum fuck no where.

Aww fuck, this is gonna do it.
We’re going to go back to crime levels not seen since the 60s.
And hopefully porky learns the hard way why past porkies placated proles with food stamps in the first place.


As a cashier i sadly see people buying shit tons of candy and soda and other junk with their food stamps, so its as though the US gov is sibsidizing American sugar and corn syrip producers as it is. In this sense i see nothing wrong with The OP. Anyone else have different thoughts?

Any time the US makes any changes to entitlement programs it is to make them worse, not better.

This country of ours is disgustingly obese.

I'm all for this. Starve the fuck out of the working class and the poor. It's either socialism or barbarism.

I hope this passes and the lifetime limits on medicaid, etc. All of it.

The basic concept of receiving a box full of pre-selected foods is not terrible. Around here we have a food bank charity that does the same thing and they do a good job, I've had to use them a few times and it was a relatively good experience aside from the humiliating poverty thing.

The problem is that the american government is inevitably going to do the most cockhanded version of it because their primary interest is not seeing poor people get fed healthily. They will get a single subsidized supplier who will fill the boxes with whatever the fuck they want for profit, they will use the change in system as an opportunity to expand the restrictions and block off greater swathes of the dirty lazy poor people from getting food. I'm more concerned with the former, though. It reminds me of how america has privatized prisons for profit, and how I've seen some brag that they can feed prisoners on something like a dollar a day. I don't see why they wouldn't implement the same cost cutting measures to this new program, after all, there's really no difference between prisoners who deserve to be punished and the lazy poor who will probably be prisoners soon anyway, am I right?

What about those with special dietary needs? What if you just can't stand some of the food items supplied in the box? Fuck you, suffer you paup pleb?

Here we see why the fascists are going to win. """Socialists""" who think the pressing question of the day is someone's right to larp as a tablegender, laughing and cheering at the destruction of hard-won social safety nets.

they should remove VAT on all foods which aren't garbage

For a second I thought maybe good idea.
Then I remembered frybread.

You think the government is only going to provide people with flour and oil?

They always talk about it but never ever act on it. Right wingers squander public spending better than anyone because they do everything on a contracting basis instead of the state itself hiring workers.

Health industry here. Please don't spend billions on me

No - they already did that.
I think they'll find another way to fuck this up, because the goal is to do it cheaply.

If the government can deal directly with suppliers and local farmers, rather than going through several layers of resellers, I dont see any problem with this. It will probably be healthier, though it does eat into the agency of the people a little bit.

Good news! I guess the boons will finally stop spending their snap money doritos, slim Jims, and tropical fantasy soda! That is not a nutritious meal monkey man!

Finally america's poor will have the ability to purchase healthy food, rather than being forced to buy cheap shit food because of americas retarded subsidies system where cooking healthily is more expensive than going to mcdonalds.

Nice meme

Cooking healthily is never actually more expensive than going to McDonald's, boons just love McDonald's because they're low Autism Level and lazy and have plenty of drug money to spend!

milk is not a healthy food

Nigger shut your soy mouth.

ever heard of a "food desert"? well.. they don't really exist too often here in Europe, but in America its pretty common for a trailerpark or urban residential area to have nothing but a Wendies for miles around, I mean sure you can drive way out but then you've gotta have a car, pay for gas, take the time out of your seventy hour work week to do so, all of that. Nevermind the fact that the next nearest store is probably aware of its position and knows it can charge a little extra cos its out in the sticks and there isn't any other choice around. So if there isn't much a choice between stores, then how can you expect actual choice, and not just lots of shitty food, in the store?

Don't take my word for it, just ask the american nutrition association, if you don't want to take their word for it, just google "food deserts"

Keeps drinking your sugar and pus laden mutant cow juice, dough boy. Also I avoid soy like the plague.

you know alex jones sells soy based products right. Just food for thought guy

Big ass meme, if you can go supermarket, you can buy meat and veggies and eat healthily.

way to miss the whole point completely and just repeat yourself retard

This is bs anyway, nig nogs don't live anywhere near "food deserts", fast food places don't accept snap in most states either.

There is no place in America without supermarket access.

It doesn't matter, nogs are too fucking stupid to go to one even when they live across the street from it

Yawn, faced with evidence, simply repeat ad nauseum, very low quality shilling, not even fun argumentation, just beating your head against a wall retardation,

knock yourself out

Thanks, bitch. Milk and coffee are the white men nectar.

this is the argument ayncraps make, but they make it for everything not just food
"of course the individual has a better grasp on his wants and needs then the local mayor, and the mayor a better grasp on his townsfolk then the man in washington ect ect"

go away ayncrap

sorry i was wrong we have them in Britain also. International capitalism strikes again

There is no place in America without supermarket access.

what is this a mantra or did I just break you and you're stuck on repeat?

where is the proofs billy, I needs um, counter proofs

Your "facts" are demonstrably bs Democrat talking points, nogs are literally just too stupid to cook. It's a fact.

Oh you're a giant fucking faggot

Go to sleep dummy

gee willikers a bipartisan issue

Saying about something that "it's a fact" doesn't make it a fact. It's a fact :D

No, the fact of food deserts existing all over the world makes the more than just a "democrat talking point"


also shows.

the proof of them being


How would make asparagus more affordable for nogs EVEN help them? They don't know what to do with it anyway. They spend all of their drug money at KFC and McDonald's because it's convenient and they're low Autism Level.

Disregarding the fact that the food itself will be shit, possibly even unsafe, there's also an important principle that this transgresses.

If recipients of supplemental nutrition can no longer choose how exactly to supplement themselves, then it's easier to argue that they don't need "real food" at all: just feed them nothing but soylent.

What an absolute shitpost

so they could afford to buy it. Jesus christ BASIC ECONOMICS
no proofs billy you have shown no proofs that this is the issue and not the fact that food simply is not available to a lot of people
not in dispute, besides the drug money part, but we will let that one slide.
often because there is no other food around.
as I have shown




annnnnd here

and can continue to do so with ease if you wish

The sentence you just wrote was "because its convenient and they are low Autism Level level". Must have a pretty fucking high Autism Level level.

Regardless, I will admit that, a lack of access to education about healthy food is also part of the problem, which is part of the larger problem of shitty education in general

I know fuck-all about burgerland grocery stores (from what I heard they are cheap) but that's simply not true. If you can cook, living off healthy food is actually cheaper. Unhealthy food is usually processed, pre-packaged, has way too much salt in it and is full of trans fats.

Like, get real man. How much is it to buy some chicken, brown rice and broccoli in burgerland? Got your healthy meal right there.

70% of all nogs in the united states live in super dense urban areas, the idea that they live in food deserts is a joke, the idea that they spend all of their food stamps money on fast food because all they have access to is McDonald's and kfc is an even bigger joke because fast food places overwhelmingly do not accept food stamps as a form of payment, absolutely nothing about your worldview is based in fact whatsoever, I'm sorry. Good bye? Yes!

Cooking classes and information about nutrition should be mandatory. As the nuclear family disintegrates as an economic unit, these things which are traditionally passed down from mother to child should become more and more communal. Many simple things society expects to be taken care off by parents is not done properly: This includes cooking, doing your taxes, handling financial stuff in general, cleaning your room, etc. - I know this sounds reactionary as fuck, but in the 50s and 60s there were "housewife classes" in school, just bring them back but for both sexes this time. States

according to this your average chicken breast is $1.28….Maccy Dees has a one dollar menu, ill bet its among their biggest money maker.

food deserts exist in many urban areas if you would actually read what I showed you over about 5 different links.

nope its a fact both republicans and democrats agree on, one of the few. As I have shown.

lol you are like a little baby, watch this:

ahahahahahahahha you haven't shown me one fact, not one, you didn't even source your "70% of blacks live in urban areas" even though it does sound true


Key problem imo, some people don't have the time nor the material or didn't ever had the chance to learn.

You know how I can tell this is a nazi false flag, because no ☭TANKIE☭ would ever say that there should be in school classes for

It was a fair effort though 7/10

it's also worth keeping in mind that domestic labor is still labor

if you're a single working mother, like many SNAP participants are, fast food winds up being cheaper in this sense

Does McD and KFC not overcharge? In Europe, they are full with middle class kids because a burger (which is much more smaller than a burger in a restaurant), a drink and some fries is 8€. For that money, you can go all-you-can-eat in a Chinese place, and a Turkish kebab is 3,50€. Which is not only cheaper, fills you up better but is als way healthier.

I've been to the US once and what I noticed was severe lack of street bakeries, food kiosks and generally no street food in general. Every food place, from restaurant to fast-food place, was located in a suburb, mashed together with a gigantic parking lot and a grocery store. In Europe, we have cheap street food bakeries even in the outermost living areas.

People gotta survive under capitalist state until the revolution comrade.

this too, its funny how much reactionary focus is put on the Nuclear family but they don't think mums should be paid for doing the most important job arguably there is

lol a handful of states accept ebt for a handful of fast-food restaurants

I'm sorry friendo, nothing about your worldview is based in fact just more apologia for negro stupidity and waste based in absolute fiction.

Nogs would throw away kale and asparagus away by the ton if it was air lifted directly into their nog projects and opt to spend more drug money at KFC it's simply the truth.

Stop your spergout, you are living under capitalism so obviously people should be educated as to how to properly live under capitalism, and not deliberately stunt you and making you dependent on expensive fast food or drowning in debt.

show me a fact then faggot. Show me how all these people say food deserts don't exist are wrong, instead of just stating it, back up your statement with anything at all beyond your own assertion

You can cook simple meals with a small kitchen. I personally have a one room apartment, and a really small kitchen. You can't cook gourmet stuff, but you can still cook healthy meals in bulks and then heat them up again. Get a diverse set of spices and herbs and you can make everything yummy. You really do need to learn it though.

I can almost smell the Ralph Lauren polo shirt you are no doubt wearing bought with daddies cash. You just have no idea

It's bs, the only place where *maybe* it can exist are super rural areas where nogs don't live, if you believe the average nog lives in a food desert you've clearly never lived in a city or among nogs. The fact that the overwhelming majority of States do not allow their ebt subscribers to spend money at fast food restaurants pretty much refutes your claim right off the bat tbh

"its bs" isn't proof, its just yet another assertion, baseless,

what it refutes the existence of food deserts and the lack of availability of healthy food in many places? Food deserts aren't restricted to just fast food places, there are plenty of low quality grocery stores, you are really missing the point entirely. And this isn't even getting into how much of the actual food that is made is made on the cheap to cut costs and so is full of shit, also as I showed earlier, it is mostly cheaper to buy a mcdonalds than your own chicken breast

Food deserts exist in all the big ex-colonies like Canada, Australia, United States, etc. simply by the way cities are laid out. There is often no public transport and there are no corner stores where you can get daily necessities. In Europe, you still have these huge grocery stores but people usually use smaller grocery stores arround the corner. I've never seen one of these "medium-sized" grocery stores which are in walking distance where people live in these countries.

In these countries you are therefore utterly fucked when you don't have car.

It's really not. Like I mean, for real. It's just not. Like let's forget that McDonald's doesn't accept ebt in the overwhelming majority of States. Your statement in of itself is just a lie plain and simple.
I'm not even going to dignify this with a response, all I can say whatever you can find in a so called low quality grocery store is by and large infinitely of better quality than what you could get at McDonald's.

I really don't think so, even with the US having generally underpriced fast food due to low wages. I'm pretty sure you can easily live off 10$ a day, probably even 8$ or 6$. I've ordered fast food when I was in the states, and it wasn't that cheap.

as my above source said, chicken breast, $1.28, mcdonalds has a one dollar menu. Also, price is not accessibility, which is the issue
which is irrelevant to the point I'm making I was just posting to show that it wasn't true when you said no fast restauraunts accept them, which they do.
i.e. i don't have a response, and i don't have any facts, even though I've been shown many, I still consider my own assertions more valuable.
okay… but can you prove it? Or are you just going to say it? Why should I believe you? Most food that gets made is low quality, the vast majority of it, why then would it be that you can by high quality good in most places?

What do you actually get in the one dollar menu? I can also get a hamburger for 1€ here but it wouldn't even qualify as a snack

I agree on that one. Better public transportation and suburban infrastructure are the solution to this problem.

for starts, you haven't sourced a single claim you have made here. For a second, you have told me unprepared chicken is 3c cheaper than prepared chicken. So, cooking oil, seasoning, electricity/gas to cook with, time, these are all costs of preparation which no doubt come to more than 3c, and you have to do it all yourself, and you have to get yourself to the good grocery store, which is much further away than the fast food restaurant or the shitty store that sells frozen pizzas from a big rectangular freezer.

Now, lets not forget that 1/0z of chicken is like a chicken nuggest, and that your average chicken breast is gonna be 6-8 ounces, so all of those costs are increased. Plus, with the one dollar menu, you get a bun and sauce, buying your own chicken, you've still got to get bread a seasoning. Mcdonalds benefit from economies of scale, you do not. Its really that simple. Perhaps if you were to buy in bulk, but living paycheck to paycheck does not allow this

you haven't even proved this conceptually, never mind actually sourced anything or given any facts
show me a source that proves it

McDonalds has the advantage to buy from an affiliated wholesaler, whereas you have to buy from a retailer who has to make a certain profit margin. But on the other hand, McDonalds does have to pay wages, general costs to maintain business, etc.

That's actually an interesting question to think about if it would be possible under capitalism to have restaurants delivering food cheaper than buying it from the store, due to the wholesales scheme.

Seriously if you don't think Socialism is coming fast you're deluded.

This guy gets it, honestly a /thread.

did he delete all his posts or have the mods done goofed and deleted all of his fuckery so it cant be seen? Why mods are you so retarded

Mods always delete posts here when their worldview is shown to be false.

Sad, but true.

Other nazi here.

Why would he delete his posts? He demonstrated that chicken from the supermarket is not only cheaper, but that McDonald's doesn't accept ebt so even if their chicken WAS cheaper it wouldn't make a difference because people can't pay for it with ebt. Meaning people have spending money and are opting for the more expensive option completely on their own.

The only person who should be "deleting their fuckery" here is (You).

Board is fucked, m8.

You are gonna be banned sooner or later.

Inb4 it's of such small amounts and of such poor quality, people get sick or starve.

Wait…does this mean capitalist food box lines?

So they never delete posts?

I hope not.
The one good thing about all this is that the bourgeois are stupider than their forefathers. They at least understood that starvation meant pitchforks.

But KFC does.

Yupp. It'll probably be the same school/jail grade shit they already have in stock.

I think the whole discussion here can be summed up as "the idea is neat but we know it'll be executed in the most garbage way possible"

I actually can't think of anything more communist than housewife classes for everyone. Teach everyone sewing, cleaning, cooking, basic manners etc.

as someone who lives in bumfuck nowhere in the midwest
No Jobs and housing is still hilariously expensive

Aren't home econ classes supposed to cover stuff like this?
assuming they weren't cut from education

Oh no, it's even worse quality because rather than fresh milk they want to deliver "shelf stable" milk.

Shouldn't the workers collectively found a means of production?

This seems win-win, since it saves welfare recipents from having to go to the store to use their SNAP benefits to buy food. Seems legit to me.

We have had that for a long time here in Brazil, the name means "basic basket".

You should be very, very worried that America is adopting third world policies.

America will more or less become Brazil in twenty or so years. Honestly it is what it deserves.

This Brazil?

that looks better than what I usually eat

I don't really see why cutting out the middle man is dangerous and third-world-tier

Have you seen the state apparatus of America recently lad?

dumb prole, just top being poor

Keep in mind that's supposed to last an entire month, and there are smaller tiers.

I confess I don't see a real difference either, but as far as I know basic baskets are a staple of third world countries, which is reason enough to worry. But I'm sure that a more well-read comr8 can explain how basic baskets are some ingenious way for Porky to somehow gyp the prole, the government and your pet cat at the same time.

Oh I forgot to say, in Brazil these basic baskets aren't provided by the government, but the employer. It has always been one of the big reasons the local porkies squeal about "the high cost of employing".

Honestly, a big issue with food stamps is lots of people sell them and use the money to buy drugs. I knew a person who did this, and all the drug dealers I knew used to stock up a day or two before SNAP benefits were given out because that was the busy part of the month. It will help cut down on a lot of this kind of fraud so i guess you can consider that a way to gyp proles out of their drug money idk.

So much for lovin "muh freedom" eh

The administrative costs and logistics and bureaucratic overhead actually mean that you aren't saving any money at all on a program like this. Third-world countries do it this way because they're corrupt as shit, not because it's actually cheaper.

This could actually be done very well and get people eating healthy and cooking for themselves, if possible. Encouraging staples of cooking that are easy to make like rice or potatoes and other assorted vegetables could be amazing for people's health.

It'd also help to curb meat consumption, I think.

I wouldn't trust the current government to do this, though.


People who hold their own MoP but still require to use their own labor to produce anything worthwhile with them. Such as a freelance programmer.

republicans are authoritarians

It's not a terrible idea especially if it's done online with individual households able to edit what exactly they get per week/month. Vouchers for more perishable goods like fruits/vegetables would also be really preferable to the current set up. I don't remember my health classes ever being very useful in how to make a healthy diet or how to make a healthy well balanced meal.

Of course the implementation will be absolute shit. However there are higher income services like blue kitchen iirc that does the whole sending ingredients to your door for specific meals per week.

This is unironically one of the best ideas I've ever heard. In most urban US ghettos, people have no access to fresh produce at all. The only things you can find in a local supermarket is chips, frozen foods, and other processed shite. This obviously contributes a great deal to the huge amounts of obesity and other health problems in urban black-majority areas.

Americans have literally classified pizza as a vegetable. They won't be getting healthy food. They will be getting slop. Remember the goal is to kill all forms of welfare for proles. They don't want a program that actually works.

wouldn't this create great depression levels of class tension?

How is pizza not a vegetable? It has tomato sauce in it. You Europeans sure have a funny way of looking at things.

This will cut down on foostamp abuse. trading, selling unlawful transfer on benefits. For this 100%

Sweet. Good deal. We give tax cuts to the wealthy, and send privatised Food Boxes instead of food stamps. Can't wait to see Trump's universal healthcare plan.

Starving lumpen is dialectical

Mulvaney already confirmed it'll be shelf-stable foods only. Meaning no produce.

It'll just be cans of beans and subsidized processed corn products.

Holy fuck you fatass kys dumbo

Fucking AmeriKKKans

Which will make the proles even more fat and unhealthy. America is a fucking joke seriously. Can't wait for them to get raped in war.

sounds like rations to me


we're in for some REALLY shitty Not Socialism OP

If you're going to do Not Socialism, at least make it less like North Korea

shit like this might be what brings forth a revolution

Very true

Yes, eating healthy in america can be pretty cheap, but part of the problem is a huge lack of education and the food industry's misinformation about healthy food. A lot of people vastly over estimate how important education and how not common sense nutrition is. You see all kinds of shit like "heart healthy" and "part of a balanced breakfast" and "good source of iron" on breakfast cereals and chips that leads people into thinking food is healthy or at least not very bad for them. The US has a literal war on healthy food. Stores like Whole Foods that sell organic non-GMO over priced garbage also contribute to the "healthy is expensive" meme by trying to gentrify decent eating.

The average american pizza sauce isn't just tomato sauce, it's fucking 50% tomatoes 50% high fructose corn syrup.

I'm trying to eat less carbs, but I just don't know how people do it unless they make a decent amount of money.

a huge amount of calories i consume every day come from carbs.

i would go broke in a fucking week if i started eating chicken/meat/fish for most of my calories.

i'm not big on veggies, but even then, veggies have very low calories. i would have to eat plates full of fucking greens to even come close to making up for the crabs i want to remove from my diet.

this sucks so bad

mods still should have not deleted

get your protein from nuts, eggs and legumes

i really hope everyone who thinks this isn't insanely fucked up is just a false flagging rightist.

-cottage cheese
-peanuts (any other type of nut is pretty expensive)
-peanut butter (natural, only ingredients should be peanuts, not that jiff shit)
-eggs (a single one is pretty low in calories but they're cheap as fuck)

Also you shouldn't need to blow your budget with meat user, like instead of buying chicken breasts buy chicken thighs which are often a lot cheaper. Buy cheaper cuts of steak like skirt steak. If you're not trying to lose weight or one of those crazy keto people who think that carbs lower your life span I don't see any point in being afraid of carbs. Lots of cheap food like beans and rice are really carby but there are Japanese dudes who've lived over 100 eating rice every day.

Reminder food scientists at Nestle, Lays, and Pepsico literally make junk food addictive to boost sales

How can I convince people against these fucking stereotypes

every single person on food stamps is this unemployed (by choice!) leech, always black, who trades their stamps for "Fawties an weed" or buys lobster to feed to their dog. If they spend it all "look at this picture of a cart full of chips, this is ALL snap users!" if they're thrifty "reeeee my imaginary grocery store cashier friend says they see huge balances!!!!"

It's all "reee MY money!" and "if you get it for free why should you have any choice at all lol" which is a totally backwards application of 'beggars can't be choosers' since the limitation is 100% artificial.

Half of them think EBT and welfare are the same programmmm

They can't talk about it without repeating a bunch of neurolinguistic feely manipulative garbage like "muh gibs"

I'm overwhelmed, I can't deal with it, they're so fucking brainwashed and retarded

First prove that's even happening in a significant enough volume to justify the massive cost of increasing bureaucracy, splitting supply chains(currently it piggybacks on existing networks for the free market) and the obvious corruption that will happen

I imagine it would be impossibly difficult to get an accurate account of how many people illegally sell/buy food stamps. Anecdotally, I can say I personally saw it happen on a massive scale. I had a friend who sold weed in a shitty neighborhood and he always stocked up before SNAP benefits came out because his business would quadruple with all the people who sold their SNAP and EBT to get drug/alcohol money. I thought he was exaggerating but I saw it in person once, he would literally have back-to-back customers all day when EBT/SNAP came out.

Since they got rid of stamps and replaced them with a card, why not just make the SNAP card a photo ID? What's the point of adding all this unnecessary bureaucratic overhead and logistical complications?
literally the first google result

Stopped reading

Why are leftcucks always so sheltered?

That doesn't even make any fucking sense. EBT is a card similar to accredit or debit card linked to your SNAP allowance. You can't "sell" that, unless you're suggesting people sell their whole fucking card and loses benefits for a whole fucking year for drug money (when they only qualified for SNAP because they're in a financial situation that makes it difficult for them to afford food in the first place) and that drug dealers accept fucking cards with other people's names on them that gives them maybe a couple hundred bucks every months (if the person attached to it had to feed a whole fucking family with it, more like $60 if they're single) that can only be spent on cold food from certified grocery stores and expires after a year if the seller doesn't renew and why would they.

I really hope you guys aren't dumb enough to believe this. This has to be the most retarded right-wing meme.

So basically they're gonna load the baskets with shit grown on polluted soil, chock-full of harmful pesticides, meat loaded with hormones etc., stuff no one in their right mind would buy but that now agro-porky has found a way to profit on.
In principle, it's not a terrible idea, but you're deluded if you think it's not going to be horribly handled.

People sell $300 worth of an ebt card for $150 cash for drug money you stupid motherfucker, they tell them their pin number and then they send an application in for a new one.


Oh no, $300? Surely this destroying the US economy.

First, there is no "$300 worth of an EBT". EBT is a card that links to a benefits account. It's like a debit card, not cash.

Second, the DSS keeps a profile on you. You can't just apply for a new account unless you can somehow come up with a new SSN.

Third, what the fuck would a drug dealer want with SNAP benefits anyway? It can only be used for cold food at certified groceries. Is he going to buy himself $300 worth of fucking milk and cereal? This is the most flagrantly racist shit about this, drug dealers make good fucking money, they don't need SNAP.

Nickle and dime drug dealers barely scrape by and accept pretty much any form of payment they can get their hands on. Liquor stores even accept ebt cards as payments sometimes. You just have to give the card and the pin.

t. knower

No, liquor stores don't accept EBT. You cannot buy alcohol with EBT. You can't even fucking buy hot food with EBT. It can only be spent at certified grocery stores for cold food.

Your EBT gets denied for trying to buy a rotisserie chicken with it, you're not going to get a bottle of hooch.

But petite bourg faggots BELIEVE that they are doing that so of course they must be.

lol, stop making shit up…

Let me spell it out for you. Debts owed to the liquor store owner are often settled with somebody giving the equivalent cash value via an ebt card by sharing their card along with their pin number with the liquor store owner. Drunk owes liquor store $50, gives liquor store owner his ebt card and the liquor store owner buys $50 worth of food with it. Understand?

Why wouldn't they just pay for liquor with drugs or sex? What percent of EBT is going to liquor store debt, maybe .01%?

Seems awfully complicated and pointless. And made up.

Why would an Indian liquor store owner in coontown accept drugs or sex as payment? They're timid family people.

How many ebt transactions are actually being used to settle liquor debts as an overall percentage I don't know but it is hilarious that there are sheltered suburbanites itt that are actually skeptical of there being a lot of fraud in general when it comes to ebt, I merely used it as one example of many.

I live in Brooklyn and my uncle owns a liquor store and I still have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Show evidence this happens 'often' or fuck off.

Lad, don't exchange your drugs do them. It makes poverty a little bit better.
Not everyone is a skank

I dunno man why don't you google yourself if you're so concerned about ebt/snap fraud, I can't be arsed to dig shit up for you, you're acting as if ebt/snap fraud is some impossible Herculean task when it clearly isn't.

Sounds this process got simplified, now nignogs can barter directly with food without having the store owner go do errands with their card.


Snap card trafficking is literally a billion dollar a year industry. Where do you mongoloids come from? You can't dispute facts by invoking the magic "r" word.

I'm not concerned at all about EBT/SNAP fraud. You are, but you've failed to give any evidence as to why.

I'm sure fraud exists but I'm not sure it's on as large of a scale as you claim. There's a bodega near me that sells cigs from out of state, that's probably a far bigger issue than EBT fraud.



So you're saying 98.7% of SNAP spending is legitimate. Got it. I think I'll get my panties tied in a knot elsewhere.

Never change Holla Forums!

You have to prove that the cost of fraud is greater than the cost of policing fraud. Otherwise, we might as well let fraud happen since it's cheaper.

How about doing it to ensure the needy actually get physical food instead of a card they can pawn for drug money? Evaluating things strictly in terms of dollars and cents, is Holla Forums a neoliberal board now?

I have tons of allergies, I doubt I would be able to eat the majority of this shit.

That same article specifically says people are using the cash to pay rent, buy gas, pay bills… So of the tiny fraction of those who commit EBT fraud it's an even smaller fraction who are using the cash for drugs. Meanwhile millions of children and seniors, the overwhelming majority of recipients, rely on SNAP to eat.

The goal is to empower the "needy" (who you don't even care about so stop pretending) not simply give them fucking slop that would have otherwise been used as animal feed. And yes proles defrauding the US government is good. I'm surprised an ancap is claiming the opposite.

EBT cards also help stimulate the local economy. Recipients pay at family owned stores, from local farmers at markets, etc. Sending people boxes of Kraft dinner and saltines wouldn't do that, it would be corporate welfare more than anything.

Well since we're materialists and not moralists, yeah, evaluating it strictly in material terms is all that matters. You have to demonstrate that the current system is materially worse. Appeals to morality are not going to sway anyone here and neoliberal paternalism isn't something we're going to support. You're letting your ideology get in the way of reality. Do the math.



The USDA released its most recent report on SNAP fraud which states that it has continued to decline from the 4% in 1990 that your own article states has been in decline to the 1.3% it is at now. SNAP mispayments (giving the wrong amount of benefits) has also been on the decline for many years, down to 3% I think. Overall it is actually one of the least fraudulent programs the government runs, and also one of the largest. Large grocery stores, which account for almost 90% of SNAP benefits, have a 0.5% fraud rate. It is mostly small stores, which your article also states get shut out of the program when they're caught trafficking.

So overhauling the entire program on the basis of a 1% fraud rate seems like a bad argument. And that isn't to say I think the idea of in-kind benefits would always have to be bad, I'm the OP. But it shouldn't be on the basis of "rampant" fraud. It also shouldn't necessarily be on the basis of unhealthy food. The top 10 food items that SNAP recipients spend their benefits on is the same as the top 10 food items the general population buys, albeit in a different order, and as in proportion to their entire grocery budget the difference is usually small.

For instance, SNAP recipients usually spend about 2% less on vegetables, 2% more on frozen meals, they spend the same amount on prepared deserts, they spend about 3% more animal proteins like poultry, seafood, beef etc.

SNAP recipients tend to buy slightly more frozen and prepared meals, which implies to me they feel like they don't have time to cook or are trying to be flexible with how quickly they can get a full meal.

So a bunch of cow meat and cow pus being grown by Trump's buddies? What a surprise.

I know exactly how these shitty programs work, let me tell you exactly what impoverished Americans would be getting in absence of the funds they depend on to feed themselves and their loved ones:

And that's after waiting in line for 1-2 hours (you think the government can actually manage to deliver all this shit? They barely keep our postal service afloat as it is) at some obscure ass county facility you might not even be able to get to if buses don't happen to run in your area. Guaranteed to be chronically low on volunteers so they'll extract free labor from the crowd, also probably won't even advertise dates for giveaways properly, not that it matters since they won't meet demand anyway.

I absolutely 100% promise you that if they get away with this, my predictions will be totally correct. I've seen all this shit before and I'm convinced the government will be even worse at it.

t. hobo

We're concerned entirely because of the qualitative fact that the government will use this as an indirect way to slash impoverished peoples means of subsistence and drastically reduce their living standards, and your attempt to direct anger at a minority of supposed "abusers" fails to address the issue that millions of entirely innocent and especially insecure people would be made to suffer indefinitely due to the improper implementation of this program. All you've done is arbitrarily and without evidence attacked the character of an entire demographic of individuals, which might make for good rhetoric but isn't sufficient grounds for a counterargument.

it's actually well run but underfunded


This shit will never happen. Agribusiness and grocery chains want - need - the money from food stamps, and the government doesn't want to be arsed with planning the logistics of this when they can just dole out stamps and let the private sector handle the logistics.

Trump is a literal retard, of course he would say some stupid shit like this.

While an in-kind system could work in theory, pasting it on top of capitalist Burgerland is literally a disaster waiting to happen.

another episode of conservative cognitive dissonance

Hosted by Sean Hannity

But products will be provided only from lobbyist companies.

This is actually true. I work with mentally challenged people, and anytime they get to plan their own diet it's a recipe for type 2 diabetes.
I get the counter argument with "individual freedom", but it's naive and potentially harmful idealism. Marketeers are experts at manipulating people into making terrible decisions.
That being said, food bags would have to be both nutritionally balanced and customizable to special dietary needs like allergies and diseases.

Holla Forums, I love you guys, but there is nothing wrong with what Trumps doing here. you all are having a fit over nothing.
trust me, I know Trump has shitty as fuck policies, but this isn't one of them.

You've never had a school lunch have you? Or know what prison food is like? Do you have any idea the kickbacks, cronyism, and special interest shittery that goes on with shit like this? Not to mention the logistics of it all, this will cost a fucking fortune, money that will come directly out of the program, be a logistical nightmare, and just hurt people in the end. I won't even get on people with dietary restrictions.

I 100 percent do not buy this.

milk has estrogen that works unlike soy, so yes. Pervert.

Does a soy diet turn you into a trap or is it just a meme

Meme. Phytoestrogen has no effect on the human body, since you are not a plant. Mammalian estrogen does however (such as milk).

It doesn't matter either way.

I've seen a lot of people push back against this idea, but the argument that stuck with me the most was the fact that this is literally the reservation model. So you can look to native american reservations and see the effects it'll have.


Typical right wing garbage. Anything that helps the poor has to be dismantled the second it gets used maliciously even if it's less than 2% of the actual use.

This is actually true. I live in bama and I bought a house next to a growing strip and an industrial park (with a farmer's co-op down the road :) ) all within 10 minutes of me for 40k in cash. Not that everyone gets the dream but where you live in the US matters.

i don't agree with this foodstamp thing. America isn't supposed to be about telling people what to eat, even if they are taking from the system.

'organic' food is absolute fucking thrash, GMO just means scientists very specifically worked with these foods. Any human intervention is genetically modified, whether it's with a computer or by hand picking seeds. I personally try to grow a lot of my own food but it's hard some time to be Varg. Foodstamps are a big help and I can't imagine being told I'm not going to stay in shape with decently priced protein bars and lean meat. Does the package come with eggs? Probably not, it's all carbs which isn't healthy either. People need protein and low fat, and the package not being tailored to dietary needs not only takes away from the decentralized and local-growth of your community, it could outright hurt people.

Fuck off Monsanto shill.


the State should buy a large building in abandoned areas strategically on bus routes.

the state supplies these places with fresh food and produce.

they have weekly cooking classes and seminars\

Food is priced to just cover cost, and can be paid for by either voucher or by cash.

all the jobs here are unionized

The question is have is where are the welfare offices going to store the food? And how will homeless people store the food when they don't have a refrigerator? Also how will they cook the food?