What the fuck is up with all the defeatist threads lately?

Is Holla Forums launching another demoralizing campaign? Every day it seems like there is yet another thread about how "the left has lost" or "the world has aligned with the right".

If its just Holla Forums then they can get bent as usual.

But if its not, then you need to get your shit together. The left cannot be defeated and Marxism is an immortal science.

The right unlike the rest has a tendecies towards escalation in their ideologue (Libertarian > Classical Liberal > Alt-right > Traditionalism > Ethno-nationalism)
Swallowing up all the other ones not allowing any other different opinions in their sphere.
The left is too sectarian, too many thoughts that are differing with no comprise in stead of the dozens or sso ideologue we need to concentrate them in to one base and eradicate
all the bullshit like fucking idpol.

for us it's Socdem>Any Leftist tendency

The left is getting smaller and smaller, the right is growing with the popular discontent and dont see things changing even in the third world, its like every crisis we will see the return of fascism instead of socialism.

There is hope? Yeah, but I do not think she's going to come from the mainstream left, maybe from people make their own organizations like neighborhood associations, union, etc…, maybe they can develop class consciousness in their struggles when the shit gets real and the next crisis hit.

The problem is that the "left" in most of the western world is one notch right of succdem.

People and populations move left over time, so it's only natural that people who start at centrist neoliberalism will have to go through socdem town before becoming genuinely socialist. I'm happy with that for the time being, so long as we keep moving people one notch to the left.

Ignore online drama - progress is being made on the ground everywhere as more young people wake up to the geohell capitalism has left them. Even the normie liberal community newspapers in my neighbourhood are running columns on global warming and what's causing it.

How the fuck are we supposed to not be defeatist? Socialism, much less communism is probably not going to succeed in 500 years, if capitalism hasn't destroyed humans by that point.

Also, when the US stage a coup against Venezuela, do you think any self proclaimed socialist state will do jack shit?

Socialism will succeed, just not in the west. You have to realize that most western countries will be annihilated and will deserve it.

I too believe the west is lost. However, I'm afraid I won't be alive when socialism, by a fucking miracle, succeeds

Nothing drains your spirit like being a leftist in America. Or even just having the capacity for critical thinking skills in America. Every negative stereotype about us is true. It's genuinely flabbergasting how so many people here are willing to believe just outright bullshit, and they can't even try to rationally justify it. We're gonna deserve everything that's coming our way.

Shit dude, am I fucking glad I'm not american. Not the country itself, but its society is so mind numbingly fucked it hurts

Try living in it. You ever want proof that Debord was right? Come live here. This place is an orgy of prideful retardation. It's a country of brainlets.

I actually did live in the US for 3 years. While there was some pretty memorable shit, it was before shit hit the fan, so my experience wasn't that bad

Only way the left has any chance of winning is to stop the hyper sectarianism and idpol.

I know this feel.

"United we stand, divided we fall", as the saying goes. We'll have plenty of time to vilify each other once our common enemy is defeated.

No it isn't, join a fucking org, we're undergoing exponential growth.

What the fuck is wrong with the influx of brainlets who have no conception of history recently.
History today is moving faster than 2000 years ago. Change, development of productive forces, climate change is all coming to a head in the next 50 years. Discounting suicides and other unnatural deaths every person on this board will probably live to witness the end.
There is no hyperbole to saying we're living in the end times today. The current generation/s are the ones who will get to live through hell.
There are plenty of good reasons to think that communism won't happen but 'capitalism will continue as it is for 500 years' is not one of them. 50 or 100 years from now society and human experience will be borderline unrecognizable. In 500 or 1000 years, barring anprim civilisation collapse, i doubt humans will exist anymore.
Acceleration is a reality. We are living in the end times. Apocalypse now.

Leave your fucking basement, gaylord.

If the dems can flip seats in deep red states like Missouri, I think that there's potential for a broader left surge.

No it isn't

I mean I transitioned from apolitical/libertarian > socdem > ancom > marxist > marxist-leninist
A similar escalation on the left is totally possible. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to treat people on lower levels of leftism as not truly being leftist at all. In reality, we should treat it as a maturity gap. As they read more literature and gain life experience and observe more events, they will mature into a valuable comrade. "Left-Wing" Communism is an infantile disorder which can be overcome - it's not a sect.