Daily News Thread 2/12

Envelope with 'white powder' sent to Trump Jr's residence, wife in hospital

The wife of Donald Trump Jr. has been taken to hospital in New York after she opened an envelope containing an unknown white powder.

Russia jet carrying 71 people crashes after Moscow take-off

A Russian airliner has crashed after leaving Moscow's Domodedovo airport, killing all 65 passengers and six crew on board.

Trump's $4.4 Trillion Budget Boosts Defense With More Red Ink

President Donald Trump proposed a $4.4 trillion federal budget on Monday for fiscal 2019, a plan Congress is expected to all but ignore that would slash entitlements and other domestic programs in favor of higher spending on the military and immigration enforcement.

Israel warns Iran after launching major raids in Syria

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says his country will defend itself "against any attack" after carrying out what appear to be its largest strikes on sites in Syria in decades.

No. 3 Justice Department Official Leaving After Nine Months

Rachel Brand, the No. 3 official at the Justice Department, is stepping down after less than nine months in the job.

London City Airport shut as WW2 bomb found near Thames

An operation to remove a 500kg World War Two bomb that has forced the closure of London City Airport is due to take place later.

Putin discusses Israel-Palestine conflict with Trump via phone ahead of Abbas meeting

President Vladimir Putin told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas he discussed the Arab-Israeli peace process during a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump, Russian media reports.

Trump's infrastructure plan finds few fans

US President Donald Trump has unveiled his plan for a revamp of what he's called "crumbling" US infrastructure.

Oxfam sex worker scandal: 'Ashamed' deputy chief executive quits over Haiti revelations

Oxfam's deputy chief executive has resigned after admitting the charity "failed to act" over concerns about two of its staff members' behaviour in the wake of the Haiti sexual misconduct scandal.

NBC ditches analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo over Korea remark

NBC has removed one of its Olympic analysts after he made a comment about Japan and South Korea which sparked anger among South Koreans.

Equifax under pressure after data breach update

Equifax is facing a fresh demand to disclose the full extent of last year's data breach, following a report that it was bigger than previously disclosed.

West Virginia Police Officer Fired After Choosing Not to Shoot Distraught Suspect Gets $175,000 Settlement

A West Virginia city has agreed to pay a former police officer $175,000 to settle a wrongful-termination lawsuit after he was fired following his decision not to shoot a distraught suspect who was holding a gun.

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Hope she dies

Don't stop now!


Rural America’s Drinking-Water Crisis


Slumlords on the Run: Tenants Are Launching Rent & Hunger Strikes

Across the US and Canada, while wages are stagnant or falling, rent prices are always increasing, as tech capital and in many instances, the weed industry, is driving up the cost of living through gentrification. But in the face of this, new rounds of tenant struggles are kicking off, as rent strikes are being organized and people are taking the fight to the doors of their landlords.

A gang that was made in the USA

The policies that Trump claims will stop MS-13 and other Central American gangs are the same ones that gave rise to them.

Public Ownership Means Ensuring the Future of Public Services Works for All


Absolutely based, she better die from anthrax

Brand was next in line for Deputy Attorney General if Trump were to fire Rosenstein. Her resignation was likely a move to prevent that.

No shit. The "plan" is just telling states to foot the bill themselves. It's fucking bullshit.

How many "Mission Accomplished" moments has America even had at this point

I bet it's cocaine.
the fucking witch will be fine.

Cocaine doesn't send you to the hospital just by touch or inhilation alone. You actually would have to snort over four grams of cocaine (let's say, six) with no prior experience with it in order for you to instantly collapse and become hospitalized for an overdose.

You would have to purposefully do that to yourself…not accidentally. Sending cocaine in a letter is actually, probably one of the dumbest things you can do to kill someone

In other words, it wasn't cocaine.

Let's see what this is…

Just going through the elimination section is pure misery.

Thank you based news user!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, at least he's been remunerated for it I suppose.

I was only joking mate.
take it easy.
I know cocaine doesn't send you to the hospital just by opening it you would have to snort a lot of that shit to end up in the hospital.

False alarm, turns out to be corn starch.
Still, the intent of this act should not be missed. It has its own intended effect of scaring/warning those who have moved into the public sphere, while also planting fear in an already paranoid President.

How long till the right becomes disillusioned with trump?

This is the dumbest thing America has done, bar none, in over 50 years. This is the dumbest thing, I've ever heard in my entire fucking life.

Wait, if it's Corn Starch why the fuck did she get sent to the hospital?

Mexico's going to pay for it ;^)

The precaution was more than likely taken before testing determined the identity of the substance.

Who the fuck mails white powder to the Presidents daughter in law and doesn't get actual poison

Well that blows. Get poison next time ya cunts. Kill the future president before it lays eggs. Not FBI, just saying if you want to do it, just fucking be real about it and not send them god damn corn starch.

Probably someone who doesn't want a violent reaction against those who are anti-trump, nor a radical shift in opinion.
Can you imagine what would have happened otherwise? Would be crazy.

If you live in a state like California or New York, you can look forward to once again handing out welfare to red state leeches while your services are cut.

Risk factors for mysterious kidney disease in farm workers

>Source: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. "Risk factors for mysterious kidney disease in farm workers." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 31 January 2018. .



How can any one, let alone a whole party, be this fucking retarded. Why aren't porkies smart anymore?

being a tool doesnt require you to be smart.

Donald Trump was elected president, and he's basically encouraging the dumbest politicians in America to have free reign over how stupid they are. On top of Trump being, let's face it, pretty fucking dumb.

Not that Democrats are any better, but Donald Trump was elected. There is no nuance anymore.

The REEEEEE heard 'round the world.


You don't want to spend 18 billion dollars on a corrugated steel shed eyesore?

No I don't

truly the heir to Hadrian's wall

you can't fucking win and tax payers foot the bill as always.

That's being a bit disingenuous, that's only one of the prototypes. However they all seem to either swing between looking like shit or going full 80's dystopian nightmare.



Wall won't even be built anyways.

Don't forget 50k going bankrupt from medical bills and another 45k dying from lack of treatment.

Nice flag, btw.

You know that's not going to happen in capitalism you nitwit

It's like in Jurassic Park where the fences don't do shit (because someone is working for another company and just happens to switch them off [these fences are even fucking worse, I'm surprised Trump didn't suggest public ally a giant automated electric fence}) and the Dinosaurs are breeding anyways and everything they built was a lie that was doomed despite their over confidence

MS13 are the velociraptors I guess

If they do it, it should at least be art deco/gothic look.

This is the same retard that protested in a diaper.

Gee fucking whiz I wonder why other kids are giving him swirlies? Truly a great mystery for the ages.

I can't help but feel we're witnessing a dying breed here. Why else would they want a impotent and expensive fence unless to signify that they once existed.



You know that does beg the question, why didn't Trump just say "we're building a giant border ELECTRIC fence", I mean he is that stupid.

I have to confess I enjoy baiting on Holla Forums with conservatard talking points to hone my own arguments against them IRL. Thanks for dealing with my shitposting.

Stupid prole we CAN'T AFFORD healthcare


Someone who likes trolling in the very old fashioned way?

Trump's real plan for 2018


Oh boy.

Im really not ready for November.

This is a really awful gamble. He had the time to do that every special election until then, and he's lost every special election

To be honest this could end up working if he can stir up Republican hatreds enough.

This will backfire pretty badly.

The biggest example of this is Alabama, which should have been a win

It was a colossal, pathetic, gigantic L

I mean the biggest example of this strategy backfiring

Yeah that's because it's a two way street. It helps to bring your base out but also incites your opponent's base as well (and there aren't that many trumptards to begin with in most areas.)

Not all of them. There's one coming up in Pennsylvania.

If the GOP loses or just barely wins that election, Trump's dead in the water. It's looking to be an incredibly tight race for a deeply conservative district.

It highlights how Trump is driving away urban conservatives. 20,000 GOP voters cost Roy Moore his win and that likely came from the suburbs.

This battle plan will not rectify that problem.


if only
do not tempt me so, satan


implying it's ever happening again, if someone dies it's going to be one of their servants.

Probably just his coke shipment, but we can hope.


Effective psyop. Disillusioned trump idiots will be back on board as usual.