Dems treat grassroots like useless moolies again

You ever notice how the Republican party sticks up for and is influenced by their activists (Nazis, based Tea Party, etc.)? I've noticed Dems simply pretend their potential activists don't exist or give them lip service (i.e. Bernie activists, DACA activists, Citizen United repeal activists, Pipeline activists, etc.)

They seem worthless to attempt to influence, because the second a Rasmussen poll comes up talking about how they only have 49% support from legislation backed by intense activism… well they abandon it and fight for a backup prize no one is grassrooting for.

Even if you care less about DACA it's really about the principle, trust and not wasting energy on dumb fuckos with no backbone.

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the Dems are dead, good fucking riddance

American politics is like pro-wrestling and the Dems are the jobbers.

The Dems aren't left-wing. They're neo-liberal right wingers. There's functionally no difference between them and Milton Friedman's ideas.

I fucking hate conservative ideology, but what I hate even more is smug Dems that think they're entitled to grassroots activists.

These fucking Dems are trying to win over based tea party activists by abandoning both Bernie and DACA grassroots.

You all may hate DACA. Lot's of people do according to Rasmussen.. It's the fact that these DACA and Bernie activists sunk countless hours into the Dems to be brushed aside as meaningless that is eating my fucking lunch today.

All I can think is destroying their smugness right now.

I'm very motivated and very pissed off about their treatment of their grassroots.

The dems have been out of touch for a while. I can only hope they self reflect while Trump is president and go the Sanders\Corbyn route next instead of something retarded like Oprah

Ya'll should take seriously the notion of creating a third party with some figures that are recognized, instead of wasting your time in the democrat party. Start in the statewide dimension, then grow federalwide.

Oh I get it…

They think cuz they got Oprah running and perhaps her viewers support that they can ignore and insult grassroot level activists.

I'll be rooting for that to blow up in their face.

I plan on it now.

I thought they would learn from their 2016 losses.

They haven't.

On a metrics based level what's the most likely leftist party to win on local levels in the south? Also of importance is the party must be responsive to and appreciative of activists.

Am not in nor from the states, but I could do some research, although that's heavily dependant on what state we are talking about, I suppose you could find something on ballotpedia

The sad thing is the Democrats are probably going to win big in 2018 just from Trump being retarded. They know this so they're stacking the deck with centrists who'll win by default because there isn't a viable third party. The Democrat Cops of America refuses to create one and instead redirects discontent back into the Dem party.

And if Hillary had won, the pressure would be on the left to not give up on the democrats so the republicans didn't get super majorities in both the house and senate. Wake up, you are being used like tampons by the democrat party

No message could have been any clearer when they buckled during this budget deal, and with the way they treated Bernie's support last year.

The DEMs are unrepentant smug asses who think Oprah will win them the support they need.

Kentucky. Got Rand Paul and McConnell here to take down.

Every Dem who runs against them uses the "I'm a conservative Democrat" shtick. It's the most retarded shit in the world.

The budget included shit the Dems wanted, like 10 year funding for CHIP.

The immigration debate starts tonight if you're interested. It's certain to be quite the show.

I'll do some research more indepth, but doesn't kentucky have a chapter of the Democrat Cops of America (Democratic Socialists of America)

It won't kick both senators in the first election, but advocating for socialist ideas among the rural folks, as well as advocating for free college and healthcare could do wonders. Not associating to the democrat party's corrupt image also should do the trick

They gave their leverage away, and ditched their DACA activists. I didn't see a whole lot of CHIP activists running around. Just the fucking principle of how shitty they treat their grassroots activists makes me sick.

I'm sure they'll give DACA activists just as much lip service tonight as they gave Bernie grassroots after they fucked them over (like picking Tim Kaine for VP ticket because Bernie or Warren was too risky but they still care wink wink).

Dems keep fucking trying to siphon up based Republican votes instead of appealing to grassroots activists or motivated lefties. They are literally and figuratively retarded.

Paul Street made a very salient point about why this is and its probably not for the reasons you would think. The Republican primary selection process is influenced by the Republican Party's long-past history as a farmer-abolitionist-labor party– the process is very simple and its one man, one vote. It reflects the fact that it started as a third party of democratic opposition.

The so-called "Democratic" party reflects its origins as a party of slave-holding oligarchs, its primary process is byzantine and the mass of Democratic Party voters can easily be outvoted by a series of fat cat party bosses known as super-delegates.

It's a stinging indictment of just how incompetent the dems are that you still have to preface it with "probably".

Why don't the grassroots activists turn away form them, when they stab them in the back continuously?

Because they are terrified of the republicans. Bernie could have changed this by staging a third party run in 2016 but he pussied out.

Didn't Hillary have her goons beat him in a backroom closet at the DNC?

This already exists.

Americans are deeply ignorant, and because of that they have faith in their government institutions, because their democracy is the best democracy in the world.

And you wouldn't want the REPUBLICANS to win now, would you? Then things'd get bad!

pfft, good luck with that

You happen to be some major political power player that you think you can do a better job than established and active political organizations?

Is it possible to run a party where we pretend to be reactionaries but actually be Marxists?

If only, comr8. If only.

At this point, it would be easier to infiltrate the Republican party.

Improve the logo.

The Democrats are out of money this year, after they die maybe we can seize power.

Source please? Sounds tasty.

They won't die they will just further right. Still it's always a good time to join your local socdem org and recruit others into it. That's how the Bolsheviks got their start after all.

>The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke.' The RNC has nearly $40 million.

FEC DecemberDNC Rcpt $5.21M ($65.9M YTD)Expn $4.98M ($69.9M YTD)COH $6.53MDebt $6.1MCOH - Debt $422,582RNCRcpt $11.1M ($132.5M YTD)Expn $12.1M ($119M YTD)COH $38.8MDebt $0COH - Debt $38,818,629— Rob Pyers (@rpyers) February 1, 2018