How do I not let myself become depressed when we are losing in virtually every front...

How do I not let myself become depressed when we are losing in virtually every front ?

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humanity will find its breaking point.
at one point people will figure out a way to steer the boat away from barbarism. it doesn't look like it will be soon, but it will be eventually.

"X will just happen, eventually" is a phrase the Left needs to eradicate from our vernacular once and for all. The damage this attitude has been doing for over a century is huge.

an automation crisis
the limits of resource scarcity

these things cant be delayed forever

Losing what? Cuba is fine, and the DPRK is fine. The DPRK is actually improving, so provided we don't find out they are actually "genociding" people. We already lost when the U.S.S.R lost traction and slipped into Capitalism. We really can't go deeper from here.
I can imagine your mindset (because I've had it), but if you don't think a Socialist revolution happens within 20 years, you're just unaware. No one can fix any of the problems that face our society, and it is widely accepted that our societies leaders are corrupt. If there was an actual Socialist party (widespread), I'd say revolution by three to five years. Our society is totally propped up on a lack of actual opposition.

but that puts the very conditions for socialism in danger. don't you see that? automation makes the proles superfluous, and we need resources to have anything like socialism. I called it out elsewhere, I think this is part of a soft-raid by Holla Forums to demoralize us. I might just have to make an encouragement/self-improvement thread on here. Even fucking /leftpol/ has a self improvement thread. If OP is sincere, then go outside for a walk maybe I dunno. The system becomes ever more fragile in its increasing complexity. Maybe learn about dialectics too since it is the thought of development and negation.


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no it is the point in which the classes are forced at each other

Depression is a meme.

Go read Althusser or something.

Idk if you are in burgerland, but the only thing socialism is losing is its negative reputation partially due to Burning Sandel's campaign.

He's still a succdem, but he brought the idea of socialism to the forefront again and it resulted in a relatively positive response given the amount of red scarred most of burgerland is.

We are hardly losing. tbh things couldn't be better. Youth are already jumping on board the socialism train, and with the stock market struggling, the old will soon be riding the socialism train as their 401ks disappear.

Chin up comrade

and I'm saying that by then it will be probably too late at least for "The Revolution". And you think there is no chance for upheaval or uprising before these dire things happen? You assume people spontaneously will be able to see the enemy as the enemy and I think you are being too generous.

We are probably being raided with all those defeatist threads and posts

I wish Clinton was President. She was the accelerationist choice

DSA is still growing though

Should i join?


You don't, we're doomed.

inb4 defeatism, I thought you guys were all about material analysis, and right now the biggest hope for western workers lies in fucking succdem.

The destruction of the west is unironically a good thing.

There won't be a destruction of "the west" proper, but slow classicide of western workers.

This. If/when it gets bad enough the elite will just kill off the surplus rubes, probably with another World War. Everyone will love it and support it since being a Zionist authoritarian dicksucker is now Based™ and Anti-Establishment™.

t. garl barks (PBUH) the infallible messenger of god

If the past has shown us anything its that prophecy are fucking retarded and arn't infallible.



In the 1800s the 12 hour workday was the norm. Now it's 8. The dialectic marches onward. Just because the west is dying doesn't mean the world is ending.


There is just as likely a chance that genocide of the non bourgeoisie or some kind of slavery though a more liberal UBI system happens in the future. My whole point is that looking at something as inevitable, like Marx's prophecies, is fucking stupid and because nothing has ever been inevitable.

Of course it's not inevitable, you imbecile. Capitalism will always lead to war, and capitalists have nukes now, so failure of communist revolutions means humanity may get turned to ash. How many times must I explain this to you?

I'm not disagreeing that humanity being turned to ash is a possible future. All I'm saying is that you are so narrow-minded you can't conceive of a possible positive future for humanity in which the prophet karl was wrong in his predictions. It an almost religious fanaticism.

prole life is not worth living. Marx described how the proles are exploited and how capitalism works. He didn't make many predictions other than capitalism would bust from its own contradictions, nothing too specific really.


a wager!

Capitalism(i.e. private property) is inherently unsustainable and internally contradictory. This is not "religious fanaticism", this is mathematical certainty. We don't do ideology here. You might as well argue that lim. x->inf f(x) = 1/x is not 0.

Dude, people have had private properties ever since farming begins.

Empires rise and fall, but private property remains.

kek its only pure ideology here

I'm a socialist, I'm just saying there should be a more pragmatic approach to dismantling of capitalism than marx's 200 year old failed predictions about how the world was going to play out. It kills me to see so many leftists acting like evangelical Christians, just waiting for the prophecy to be realized and capitalism to collapse. Liberalism has already withstood the great depression, and lenin's revolution, why would we make the horribly stupid assumption that it will inevitably fail?

Pic related is what happened last time we claimed that "capitalism has failed and the prophecy is coming true."

go along, the outdoors are healthy

feudalism =/ capitalism trog

At least read Wikipedia, you colossal brainlet.

You have to go back.

, again,
I've read that most primitive imperial property was public (A Thousand Plateaus: Apparatuses of Capture) but that said I'll also acknowledge that it's still a tricky question because of relative disparities in ability and intelligence. My wager is on the working class' ability to become more than what it is now in terms of organization and fighting ability to do without managers and bosses. polite sage for doublepost

abandon leftism, embrace communism.

How do I not let myself become depressed when boons are ingratiating themselves into every stratum of society with no end in sight?

Boon doctors, boon judges, boon policemen…it's fucking horrible!

friggin ebic response XD

I say they're a boon to society!

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Only posts in the whole thread.

Banned for COINTELPRO cancer.

I really doubt that the same faggot that says humans have an "innate ingroup preference" and doesn't seem to have read a single page of Marx is one of "us."

Isn't that just proving OP's fears though