How do you lefties expect to beat us in the happening when we're:

How do you lefties expect to beat us in the happening when we're:

Do you guys have some secret weapon that you're not telling anyone? Because so far it looks like you're set up for complete failure.

Looks like them Holla Forums boys are at it again


youre not strong your fat
and the right cant fight

let heart disease and beetus do our work for us

so do we

go outside lmao


Uh huh


No, not necessarily, but they are universally batshit. For example, this couple who wanted to pump out as many "white children" as possible and ended up neglecting all of them because they couldn't possibly afford them

Thank god for CPS

B-but the middle man at least have aryan wife which can produce white babies!

Its like you'll believe anything said when this gets tacked on the end



I feel so bad for the children of that family

guess we have to watch that katana of yours
funny however that even in your delusional shitpost you still can't bring yourself to even pretend that you're smarter

I'm just trying to warn you. When you 5'7 140lbs soyboys go outside with your ski mask and baseball bat, just know that there's a 6'2 220lbs fashy (me) strapped to the brim that won't hesitate to kill you in """self defense"""

t. virgin

nice projection, soycuck

Oh wow you and your bone dry dick sure showed me

pics or lies m8

lets see that chicken tendie gut

Just the other day you were outnumbered in a protest by 950. Around 50 of you showed up, 1,000 came in protest of you.

Good luck :)

Get this boy back into Chemistry class

But muh guns!!! Do you do with them anything beside using the barrels as a fleshlight for your pencil dicks?

dialectical materialism

Still waiting on them pics OP

Stalin was like 5'2 and killed 100 billion people, we'll be fine.

wow such great threads these always are

t. soyboy

Genuine question here: Do I have to show "solidarity" to trannies and fags if I'm part of any "leftist vanguard"? Like if there were a revolution would I have to tolerate people who annoy me?

I'm still for class struggle but I really can't stand petty-boug fairy people.

If those trannies and fags are workers, then sure. Who cares beyond that is my philosophy.


stop being an idpol faggot and start judging people by their merits, rather than the identity you ascribe to them

What if they're middle class students who suffer from histrionic personality disorder? Will I still have to substantiate their lifestyles with my actions? Lenin/stalin talked of the need to reeducate gays instead of tolerating them, can't we do the same? I genuinely believe the tranny epidemic is a byproduct of commercialism.

Right wing politics is pure fucking delusion and projection of personal problems.

The USSR under Lenin was the first country to decriminalize homosexuality and homosexual relationships have been something present throughout history and across a huge number of different societies.

Most gays are pretty normal people the reason you get a bad image of them is because the ones you realize are gay are those who are irritatingly flamboyant/feminine.

Transgenderism's more complex but I agree some of its prominence results from capitalist alienation, commodification of sexuality, as well as the unhealthy neoliberal obsession with individualism and identity formation.

poast physique

I may have been too general in my wording, I mean those flamboyant ones you've detailed. I really hate middle class obnoxious people and I feel those specific gays exaggerate the liberal's every fault.

Honestly if someone wants to mince around and wear eyeliner who cares, it just signals to the rest of us that they're an easy lay bottom, makes things easier for everyone. I hate this 'only straight acting gays are cool' bullshit.

I'm absolutely sure that American liberal paper is talking about fascists and not mainstream republicans.

Yo bro, how many raids on Al-Qaeda you doing daily? I'm doing numerous.

Embarassing, take a sage, jizzskin.

So to break this straight hegemony you must be an annoying, loud retard? Like the person could be straight but if he's acting like a petty, viscous cunt then I'll have nothing to do with him and wont support him under any situation.

there's no evidence gay people are particularly sticky other than when bukakke'd

How about live and let live you triggered fuck? If people are shit then judge them as individuals, someone being effette doesn't make them a bad person


well, they have something you don't, a secret weapon that makes all of your points useless.
they have aids

Like this :)

you subhuman neoliberal shill

For some reason as soon as I read

I thought of that one justin bieber song where he says:

"Now he's bigger than me
Taller than me
And he's older than me
And stronger than me
And his arms a little bit longer than me
But he ain't on a JB song with me!"

I don't know why.

imagine caring this much about gay larp shit

I've heard your ilk say 'the Jew cries out in pain when he stabs you'
do you see the irony?

reported for racism

thanks for the chuckle




Sure thing, brandon



Yeah, we're smarter than you.

Enjoy getting arrested for murder after fucking up your parents' volvo : ^ )

Imagine being so insecure that you go out of your way to post this.

With comrades like you, we don't need enemies.


this is now a Holla Forums trigger thread


that's so satisfying to watch

There's no "acting straight" or "acting gay", there's either acting like an prick or not acting like one. People can disassociate with whoever they want in communism anyway, someone not liking gays isn't the problem to begin with.


Do what I do. Show “solidarity” in public but not really.

Heard on another thread that the guys who got shot were involved with the murder of a leftist Greek rapper

We have George Soros