Holla Forums here. Got any more pics of your catgirl getting fucked? I saw these and figured there'd be more here

Holla Forums here. Got any more pics of your catgirl getting fucked? I saw these and figured there'd be more here.

In particular, I'm interested in anything domination related. I like crying in particular, but I'll take anything where she's beaten/tied up/mentally broken. I'm not picky.

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lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=alunya lewd




Maybe some other anons have pictures. Most of us think the pics are pretty funny tbqh.

Wait, why?

Don't lewd the kitty

Do you have any other examples of breeding for racial integrity going successfully well and not at all nightmarish and wrong

Why not?

I don't give a fuck about political shit. I came here to get commiecat abuse pics. Now is someone going to post some or not?

There's like two sets of porky fucking alunya and not much else. If you want non-NTR lewds I'm sure gelbooru has them

Ok but also who has Christ-tan lewds

I know I seen some of her at a gloryhole

This thread has more >>>/leftpol/8697 dunno how much of it it's lewd but should content you

…I'm guessing you're referring to the cat? Is that supposed to be a reference to something?

I'm not even going to ask. This whole site has gone to shit since the last time I was here.


lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=alunya lewd


Just fyi if she doesn't have a dick it's not a genuine Alunya pick it's a fraud. Alunya has a dick. That's official Holla Forums canon.

And? I like abuse/domination. Is that a problem?

I came here after being gone for over a year and a half, saw a thread on Holla Forums with the pics I posted in the OP in it, heard that the pics were from this board, and figured I'd come look for more since they looked pretty good. I also like abuse, so I figured I'd ask for anything like that. I didn't know you'd get so up tight about it.

Oh. Is she supposed to be Spanish, or was the name just chosen for some other reason?


Lad… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_Catalonia

I'm sorry OP but by identifying as a guy from Holla Forums you attracted all troll to your thread.
Not arguing with them maybe too difficult for you but the two galleries you've been linked to should be enough.
Run away before this thread gets worse.

I've never posted here before. I post on Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and /cow/.

Not sure that was the best namesake tbh.

This, sage for newfag.

Anyway, the lack of quality content from the two boorus and /leftpol/ thread I checked out is severely disappointing.

One last question: where did commiecat come from? I know the "origins" of Holla Forums, polina, and vivian, but I've never heard of where your board-tan came from.

Low res google screenshot of a drawing. unfortunatly the original doesnt exist. Unless someone here has it.


You probably weren't even alive in 2006

That comes from the fact there is only like 2 or 3 drawfags that even know of aluyna. I mean I can make some crappy pencil and pen diddles but it comes from being a small board with next to no drawfags

I figured. All the really good pics were made by someone on Holla Forums who apparently made four or five a few months ago and then left. What I wouldn't give to have been around when he was making them.

Got any examples?


Check the leftpol thread I just upped a gesture sketch. I've only been at it for a year and a half so not super confident

Looks pretty good. Have you tried coloring/adding details to anything yet?

I wish. I'd bring back indentured slavery just to labour away to get some more sweet lewds of this lefty hellcat.

Yea but it's not to good as I focus to closely on irrelevant shit and the drawing comes off flat. That being said I've been perusing the /ic thread and I have gotten leagues better

Oh boy.


The only antifa in my country are the impotent American variety.

I mean…


Most people don't care about e-celebs, dude.
His opinion is pretty irrelevant when his analysis usually adds up to knee jerk myopic reaction marinated in liberalism.

Regardless of what you think about his political opinions, he's good at identifying spergery and retardation. If he says a group is cringey, it's more than likely true.

way to strawman.
The point is that the very idea of "le consumer revolt" is a liberal idea. It's myopic in and of itself. I've told you retards from the beginning, that you're not going to go far enough.
Jim is a cringey sperg, tho. That's the thing…
The guy thinks he's some sort of anti-hero for walking away from gamergate,and bases his entire politics on aesthetics.

That's literally what you said

… and this relates to Jim calling antifa spergs… how?

You seem to have lost track of what this thread is, and who you're responding to. I'm OP. I've said before that I don't post here.

Hey, whatever floats your boat m8. Regardless of whether or not you think he's a sperg, he's pretty good at identifying spergs himself. You can say he's a sperg all you want, but that doesn't change that fact.

This is the man who admitted that he stopped talking about SJWs because he has more fun laughing at tards that shove bike pumps up their asses and he doesn't give a shit about politics. Does that sound like someone with an over inflated ego to you?

I don't give a shit about his politics. The clip I posted didn't even mention politics. It was entirely about how antifa is autismal as fuck.

nah, I said his opinions were marinated in liberalism, which they are.

It gives him a bias, which isn't bad in and of itself, but he can't even acknowledge he has one because he isn't aware of it.

He also gets on a high horse whenever somebody does something political. Did you see his whole argument with Carlgon? He gave him a whole "the-difference-between-me-and-you" speech. That's comic book tier melodrama, and I think Carl is of the same caliber, too.

I assumed you were gg, my bad

Good place to start I guess. I wasn't really asking you. We were talking about relevancy, and I really don't think some spergs opinion on youtube is as relevant when considering Antifas actions globally, no. But if laughing at autist is the level of discourse you're on, then be my guest. We're just never going to agree on what's relevant.

Whether or not you think he's a sperg, you can't be so oblivious that you can't listen to what he says, look around you, and realize that it's at least somewhat true.

I started this thread to ask for lewd abuse pics of your board-tan. I'm not "on" any level of discourse.

depends on what he's talking about. I don't base my opinions on isolated incidents, then extrapolate from there. Most groups, and people for that matter, are goofy af if you watch them long enough. Depends on what your tolerance level is. Within those isolated incidents, I can find the humor, but I don't extrapolate like he does.
I think you know what I mean.

That's the thing. It's not "isolated incidents." I've seen antifa in person multiple times, and I've looked into all of their gatherings/protests/whatever you want to call them, and they're all retarded. They break a few windows, attack a few "fascists" (read: random people they found walking around), and chant autistic slogans. And to make things worse, they do all of that in leftist areas. I've never seen antifa try to organize anywhere that isn't already left-leaning (Berkeley, Portland, etc). They're literally torching their own strongholds. At the end of the day, the net effect antifa has had on politics in America is zero at best, and negative to their side at worst.

The reality is that there are two ways for a group of people to take power: by convincing the majority of people to support them, or by forcing everyone else into submission.

Antifa has already destroyed any chance they had at the first one, as a result of their protests being simply obnoxious from the standpoint of the average normalfaggot. All that chanting and blocking people from getting to work or driving home to see their families may achieve fuckall from a political perspective, but it does have one major effect: it makes the general public hate you. What do you think the average person is going to think of a protest movement whose only action (from his perspective) is to throw a temper tantrum on the I-680 and hold him up in traffic for four hours while he's trying to drive home after spending all day at work? What do you think the average guy is going to think about a group of people that go around attacking random people because they're "fascists?" How do you think the average wageslave is going to respond when the car he scrimped and saved to buy, and which he needs to get to work, is torched by a group of latte-sipping bourgeois college kids who are "bashing the fash" by destroying the livelihood of a random person who never even heard of the alt-right until the 2016 election?

I can tell you what the general public is going to do: they're going to demand that the police crack down on your organization, and they're going to applaud them as they do so.

So that leaves seizing power by force, a task which, after seeing antifa organize both in person and through watching after-action videos, as well as by looking at how antifa organizes themselves and operates, is even more unlikely than the already nigh-impossible task of convincing the majority of people to support them.

There are a number of other issues with antifa, such as the fact that they are completely reactive instead of proactive, but the main issue is the fact that they currently have absolutely no power to affect American politics, and they have, through their own actions, completely closed off any avenues to power which may have existed previously.

The reason why antifa is spergy is the same reason why Sargon and the liberalist kekistanis are spergy: they're both groups of people with zero influence who LARP as revolutionaries in the case of antifa and great saviors of Western Civilization in the case of liberalists. The only difference is that at least the liberalists could have the possibility of gaining power in an alternate reality where Sargon isn't a moron and they actually have a set of coherent beliefs. Antifa would need years of rebranding and laying low to disperse the animosity the public has towards them, followed by a complete restructuring, to even have the same chance the liberalists have at affecting political change. And that's saying something.

Now can someone please post something in the vein of the thread's original subject?



The problem is, that you don't know what I mean by extrapolate. Your personal anecdotes don't really mean much in the broad scheme of things. I still consider everything you're talking about isolated, especially in terms of history and globally.

Youtube politics, maybe. Again, depends what circles you run in. I could give you my anecdotal opinion, but it wouldn't really get us anywhere. I suggest citing some statistics if you are really going to go this route.
I can post instances where they actually knock down self-professed fascist, but like I said, this isn't really getting us anywhere.

Liberal aint leftist, bub.

Aside from the fact that on its face this is a false dichotomy (why not both?), your ignoring the fact Antifa isn't about taking power. I'll steel man your argument for you by assuming you meant that they are making it easier for fascist to take power, in which case I'd like to see some statistical evidence to that effect. As it stands, I can't find causal correlation between the two, other than they've become more prevalent at the same time.

Do you really think everyone who is a normal fag hangs out on youtube and listens to metokur and friends all day? This is what I mean by myopia. I can admit the Antifa in the U.S. use bad tactics, but it's funny how people think they can speak for every normal fag without considering what that actually means.

Depends on how much they hate fascist, and if the person they are attacking actually are fascist. There's people who agree with the general principle enough and hate the tactics. There is such a thing as critical support.

Another thing you neglect, is that it's not really an organization that can be eliminated like that. Just about anyone can claim to be Antifa.
As for the police cracking down on leftist in general, it's business as usual.

pretty much a criticism most people here would agree with, but it's not something that negates the fact there are proactive variants that have existed now and in the past. It's a complete dismissal based on poor tactics, rather than underlying message. I have no problem criticizing them for that, but I also recognize that it's not the permanent state of things that's inherent to what they believe. Again, this is still an argument over aesthetics and optics over anything of substance, both of which are impermanent and contextually dependent. The hyper focus on the U.S. also isn't helping.

I actually think this is more interesting.

Except liberals already have power, so that's what makes it so incredibly dumb to begin with.


There, no more abuse though,

Hey, whatever floats your boat m8. I'm just saying that I know a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds (many working class), and every one of them that knew who antifa were thought they were retarded. I don't know about you, but I'm not so autistic that I can't look at the world through the eyes of the average normalfaggot and understand how they're likely to respond.

Name one policy change antifa forced through.

They're the closest thing you've got to allies. At some point you're going to have to realize that your side is a minuscule fraction of the political world. Either you're going to have to make friends with people whose policies you don't 100% agree with, or you're going to remain irrelevant.

Not that the latter would surprise me. Leftists seem to have a history of splintering into a million different sub-ideologies that agree on most positions but disagree on some fringe point no one outside their echo chamber knows or cares about.

As it is, by torching liberal neighborhoods you're only alienating the one group that might be inclined to support you.

Well, then you're doing a fantastic job of that. What exactly is the point of any political organization, if not to support a set of policies and attempt to gain the power required to put those policies into practice?

I never said that, but now that you mention it, they are. Again, think about it from the perspective of the average normalfaggot. The "fasicsts" aren't the ones disrupting their lives. The "fascists" aren't the ones attacking anyone they consider to be their opponents. The "fascists" aren't the ones destroying the livelihoods of average people. It's antifa that's doing that. Meanwhile, for all the hot air antifa spews about the "fascists" eating children and kicking puppies, the average person has never been inconvenienced, nor had their livelihood affected by muh fascists.

The average person neither supports antifa nor the alt-right, but I'm telling you this: if antifa keeps acting the way they were in 2016, and if the average person is faced with a choice of who to support, they're going to support the alt-right. And you'll have no one but antifa to blame when they do.

??? what has all this got to do with Jim? I'm pointing out how antifa is an impotent organization. This has nothing to do with Jim, other than the fact that Jim is another person also pointing out that antifa is an impotent organization.

Again, the average person hasn't even seen a fascist in their life. The average person has never had their livelihood threatened by a fascist in their life. They may not self-identify with the term "fascist," but I guarantee you that if they have to choose between a group that is torching their towns and just about any other group that opposes the former, they're going to choose to support the group that isn't making their lives difficult.

You have groups. You organize protests. It sure will make things a lot more difficult when any antifa-related group is banned, or when any antifa-related protest or event ends immediately with everyone involved being arrested on felony charges.

You gotta be shitting me. You have public organizations and protest openly. The only time the police ever does jack shit is when you start breaking shit. I don't think you realize what it's actually like to have the authorities crack down on you. But if antifa continues to draw the public ire, I guarantee you're going to find out what happens once you cease to be "that weird group of college kids no one cares about" and become "that annoying group that's negatively affecting the average person's life" and the average joe decides they want you gone.

The problem is that, so long as any organization that wants to affect political change does not have the ability to do so via the second method I mentioned (the use of direct force), they have to care about their public image, because it is the wider public that determines political policy. If you're not going to beat the public into submission, you're going to have to make them like you, or at least see you as a better alternative than the other guy. And given that antifa neither has the ability to use force to attain power nor the positive public image to attain willing support, I'd say their options for affecting political change are rather thin on the ground.

Which if you had any understanding of statistics, you would know is a standard that is subject to confirmation bias.

None, because it's never been their goal. It's like you haven't researched this topic outside of youtube e-celebs. Do you really think that it's possible to push democrats or republicans to enact legislation to root out fascism?

Who said I wasn't willing to? The point was that you called them "leftist" towns. Maybe you just don't know what leftist is, I don't know.

I don't think that smashed starbucks windows are really indicative of what kind of support you're going to get. The majority of people aren't business owners. That aside, it's not tactics I support.

Depends on what their goals are. Antifa's goal is self-preservation against fascist.

Yeah, you're going to need to be more specific. Your normalfaggot archetype isn't doing you justice.

Tell me how this is different for Antifa, though? The majority of people haven't encountered antifa outside of the news. This is why it's important to have actual numbers.

There's nothing to show that most people wouldn't turn alt-right anyway, though. The popularity of the alt-right already happened before Antifa showed up. Prove to me that this isn't the current trend regardless of Antifa.

I don't know, you're the one that posted the video of him. My whole point is that your normalfag archetype seems to break down when you consider the audience for the current e-celeb media circus around this topic. Maybe you've seen something as far as the demographics that I haven't, though.

Again, same thing with Antifa. All you have are hypothetical situations so far.

I already said this is bad tactics, but I guess I'll repeat myself. Other thing is, you can already be arrested if you are in the vicinity of an antifa protester breaking something. It's already Orwellian.

Homeland security has been up their ass for a while. Don't know why you think the state stopped caring after cointelpro. If leftist push the envelope even by peaceful means far enough, eventually some boot will crack their head open.

I don't really think the wider public determines political policy as much as liberals think, but sure, there have been attempts at reaching out. It's part of why I'm hopeful.