When he finally reunifies Korea will he drop the whole "grim suited nuclear dictator" look...

When he finally reunifies Korea will he drop the whole "grim suited nuclear dictator" look? What's up with that and Marxist-Leninist states. It doesn't even look good.

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When the whole world is focused on you, you have to try to look serious and scary back, so they know not to mess with you.

looks fine.

But surely there are some leftist designers. They know how to make propaganda, but they can't make a good outfit. Is fashion reactionary?

Why should leaders of socialist states look like bootleg Western businessmen?

Kim has gained 90lbs since 2012
That kind of limits his wardrobe options

Post tfw the Homefront timeline is the timeline that were in.

It literally has fash in it.

my man's riding that goth revival wave

Dennis could give him a makeover and make it work.

He's only 36, why's he eating so much?

I unironically want Kim to pass power to Dennis when Kim dies.

Chairman Rodman of the DPRK

do ☭TANKIE☭s unironically like north korea? jfc

ML do defend the dprk

Dennis is way older than Kim, and that's not even accounting for the extra mileage his body has from decades of insane workouts and drug abuse. He'll be long gone by the time Kim dies.

However, if some unexpected catastrophe hits Kim, we all know Dennis is an expert at getting the rebound.

Kim basically lets Rodman off the hook when he behaves terribly. It’s kind of weird. There’s a documentary where he gets drunk, berates people, and trashes a hotel during one of his visits, but Kim just sends him home.

A take that would make Juan Posadas proud.

Why? I get to some extant pitying because the u.s. isn’t a saint, but are they even socialist. The way they pass on power seems so feudal

That's how the Bulls handled him too.

They are socialist.

By what standard, I guess? I’ve seen them distance themselves from socialism, so I’d like to know

How can they reform the transition of power when the Americans are subverting them at every turn?

At this point, would they? Venezuela is under similar scrutiny, but they at least have made small efforts.

nk is socialist

no such things has occurred

It would be a good idea since running the government in national emergency mode for 60+ years isn't great for anyone. Unless you think the Kims want a 1984 style dystopia.

you can't just say "they are" without telling me how.

In what way have they distanced themselves from socialism?

You say that as if it's a good thing to give into America's demands.

you can just read instead of relying on anonymous assholes for your education

No private property, extensive workplace democracy, complete central planning, guaranteed employment, guaranteed education, guaranteed healthcare, and guaranteed housing.

I love that look.
Could be better though.

Dennis was Kim's favorite basketball player and he looked up to him in his youth.

What that says about Kim, that one of his idols was Dennis Rodman, I do not know

I wonder how Kim feels about Shaq

I guess I’m wondering how he would walk away from the dynasty that was created around his family. The cult of personality resembles a religion, at this point. There’s a lot of externalities to consider. He may not want 1984, but it doesn’t look like a socialism I’d fight for.

doesnt define socialism

read Marx faggot

NK is a fuckin neomonarchy

Do you have proof of this? or any of this? and if NK was such an example of successful leftist planning wouldn't they come out and show the world what they've done, rather than just parading missiles and tanks? If it's so great why are tourists unable to freely roam, why don't nkoreans have access to open internet?

If they gave into America’s demands, the 24 hr corporate news cycle wouldn’t bitch about them at every opportunity, and trump wouldn’t be demanding their capitulation in giving up the referendum. Also, NK was ready to “give in” to some extant when that deal was on the table to ramp down their nuclear program.

Everyone worshipping his decisions might make the decentralization easier, since it would look like God was giving away his power. He would be Korean Jesus.

There's no reason to continue the state of affairs. He was educated in Switzerland so he should know that the country has more to gain than lose by doing so. The only reason it's had to last for so long is for 60 years the South refused to sign a peace treaty because they were constantly agitating to invade the North from their inferiority complex and were egged on by the US to continue doing so after the 1970s due to neo-conservative and neo-liberal ideology and the collapse of the Soviet Union almost bringing it down.

What does free-roaming tourist and open internet have to do with workplace democracy?

All of this has been discussed in the /dprk/ thread. It's a cyclical now so read the archive. archive.fo/pRkxK

Reminder, the North, the Soviets, AND the Americans wanted peace in 1953. The South rejected it using Red Scare justifications so they could have a reason for further attempts at seizing power.

fuck off randy

way to ignore every other part of my post. That clearly wasn't in reference to workplace democracy. Again, if North Korea is so great why can't tourists roam freely, why don't North Koreans have access to open internet, why can't average citizens leave the country for personal leisure?


Explain how NK has private property. Go ahead, list some examples.

Read Marx.

Because the CIA is constantly trying to undermine the government? The country is still in a state of war? The South never signed a peace?

You moved the goalpost. List examples.

It has borders


Well, shit. You just single-handedly destroyed North Korea. Point proven. You really got us this time, anarkid.

i just have a very hard time believing the north korean government shares the same marxist ideals that we do. I can't look at Kims actions and think "this is definitely how a socialist would act". you'd think if they were truly for the good of the peninsula and our civilization as a whole they'd come out and show the world how great they are rather than hiding and limiting freedoms.

north korea is an authoritarian monarchy

Fuck off

Think about it in terms of "vigilance before openness" after what happened to the USSR.

state owned property in the face of global capitalism is still private

It doesn't, and everything about Marx has been wiped from NKs politics

What the fuck are "marxist ideals"? Jesus Christ, that revisionism

More specifically


Anarchists are for "open borders for the DPRK" now? Holy shit, I'm think I'm done with the internet today.
Untrue, they have Marxism in school, Juche writings go on about Marxism and how to protect it from revisionism, etc.

you're using "public property" in a capitalists sense
all private property is owned by a functioning authority with a monopoly on violence over it - just like the state does

nigger I didnt say open up NKs borders
are you fucking retarded


Holy fuck read a book.

been there done that
your turn

We weren't discussing if it is "so great", we were discussing if it is socialist.

Having designated tourism areas is quite common.

The DPRK is fucking poor. If you were asking about what can be accessed online rather than mere online access, it's nothing out of the ordinary to censor capitalist information in order to suppress capitialist restoration. No different from bourgeois states censoring socialist information. If you care more about equality of ideas than the protection of socialism, then you're a liberal.

Plenty of North Korean citizens leave the country, they just have to have a legitimate work or study-related reason to get approval.

I never really thought about that. damn

What if the working class is that authority? I think you are conflating restricting access to production with private propety, it's true that full communism seeks to establish free access to production for everybody, but even Marx himself said that the lower phase of communism (= socialism) would have rationing ("everybody according to his labor").

The working class gets to tell the police how their "public property" is maintained and monitored?

there's no distinction

probably depression

Also, don't the North Koreans have access to their own national internet for work purposes?

Dennis was always a favorite of working class fans. Most defensive specialists are. Dennis was an undersized big (6'7", 220 lbs) who had to defend against the golden age of centers, back when big men were big men. He went up against big ass motherfuckers like Shaq and Hakeem Olajuwan and held them down despite being much smaller. He may not have been a good scorer, but he worked his was off for every rebound and it showed. Jordan and Pippen had the sexy stats, but Rodman was the blue-collar anchor of the Bulls. All the off-court antics were just good fun that shocked the puritan media, but Rodman didn't give a single fuck.

Plus Dennis went to a Division-II junior college and didn't enter the NBA until he was 25 after working as an airport janitor. He is /ourguy/ through and through.

What I really dont get is why tanks have to be so fucking determined to revise what constitutes socialism (and in turn accuse the rest of the world of revisionism) instead of accepting what many of these previous attempts were.

The USSR and its following states were admirable attempts at accelerating the capitalist phase to development what they hope to come after it, that got beat down by other forces abroad. Actually now that I typed that out thats what theyre too busy accusing anarchists of being (except the admirable part)

There is police in North Korean workplace? I find that hard to believe, google "Taean Work System".

I tend to agree with Marx here that you can't have full communism in an instant.

I live in a capitalist state where I can read all of Marx', Lenin's, Stalin's and Mao's works for free on the internet, where communists can freely spread their propaganda on the internet and in the streets and organize into political parties.

What if I'm a communist and "support" the DPRK (in the sense that I believe they are a socialist state and that the US shouldn't fuck with them) but believe restricting access to information is bad and should be done as little as possible? I know there are circumstances when it may be a necessary evil, and I don't think it's the absolute end of the world that the DPRK does it. I also know that capitalist states have a long history of censoring and cracking down on communists. But I think freedom of information, freedom of speech, freedom of association, etc. are generally good principles and I want the people to want socialism, and not have it forced upon them.

Sure, also there a bunch of internet access points in universities. Guest lecturers from the West stated that the Internet in universities is not censored at all, unlike in China.

Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.

This fat motherfucker is going to achieve socialism in 20 years and basically, you're fucking stupid.


You can everything from Adam Smith to fucking Murray Rothbart in the People's Study House, so your argument falls very flat here. Secondly, I'm sure you know what he meant - do you feel yourself informed fairly about capitalism and socialism by the media?

That's fine and all but you shouldn't berate them or anything because the main reason they don't have Internet access is that they can't afford a massive firewall like China or Vietnam. If they had free Internet, US would hack them, which could even cause industrial sabotage. Imagine they'd hack a chemical factory, it would mean no more phosphate could be produced whoch would result in a food shortage and people would starve.

The minute communists become an actual threat to power is the minute they'll take away your Marxist books and break up your parties. The left has no real power so they don't give a shit how much Marx you read. You're not going to see the ideas you read Marx in mainstream media because if you did then communists would actually be a threat to power. In the buildup to every socialist revolution, the capitalists fought tooth and nail to censor and suppress socialist ideas. There's a reason the Bolsheviks couldn't print Iskra and Proletary in Russia itself.

If there wasn't a threat of capitalist restoration, information would have to be so restricted. But the DPRK is all alone in this fight.

I don't know, Marx didn't lay out a list of bullet points as to what socialism is, so there is not much to "revise", he merely said that socialism would arise out of the conditions of capitalism and would still be stamped with remnants of capitalism in its transitional phase. He was against cooking up a detailed plan as to how socialism will be concretely organized.

I think it's best to say to start by analyzing whether or not something is capitalist, you can do that best by checking if the law of value regulate production, and in the case of the DPRK, it surely doesn't. Production is for use, 90% at least, discount a few farming cooperatives which can keep 30% of their surplus and sell it locally.

Didn't know that. Also I wasn't trying to pretend I knew exactly to what extent information is supressed in the DPRK. Based on this
it sounded like he was saying any censorship of "capitalist information" is always fine, so it was more of a response to that than the concrete reality of North Korea. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Huh, hadn't thought of that.

I know that, and I think that reveals a contradiction in the very concept of perfect free speech (I believe AW wrote something about this). However I still think being accepting of different viewpoints, having public debates, respecting freedom of speech as much as possible, etc. is healthy for a society in the long run and immediately good for the citizens (you know, nobody likes being unable to voice their opinion). Somewhat unrelated, but a lot of socialists like to (rightfully) mock liberals for always coming to the rescue when somebody isn't respecting the free speech of fascists, but I think many of them go way too far in the other direction where any idea of allowing people to have different opinions is discarded as reactionary or liberal because "muh freeze peach" and all that.

He responded to you, those are not requied for NK to be considered socialist.

Kim is going for the Enver Hoxha look

Why is he so fat though?

Maybe genetics, Il-Sung and Jong-Il both were also fatties.

That's pseudo-science.

You don't get fat via genetics.



You cannot gain mass from nothing.

But you can have a slower metabolism, making it harder to lose weight

fuck off lefty faggot

Recently disproven.
Fatties have to take responsibility for their own lives.

Because he consumes more calories than he burns off. I wish Kim would get in shape because I don't want him to get more sick (he already has gout), but I also understand he has a job that doesn't involve much physical activity and thus does not burn off what he consumes.

Kim Jong-Il was overweight, but not obese like Il-Sung and Jong-un. Even then, Jong-Il didn't get overweight until later in his life.

stress, poor character

You're white.

Jong-un should really consider cutting intake.
Like, he's got to be worried about that, right?
He can't be eating a healthy amount. Dude walks around a lot as far as I know, his caloric consumption has to be through the roof.

Walking alone cant save you from over eating

Dude has got to have a personal gym, right?

he's just drawing attention to the health problems which plague the working class in western countries
it's impeccable praxis/performance art

He probably doesn't walk around that much, considering he has gout.

we should send Kim some /fit/ infographics

here's hoping that the next 10 years see Kim losing a bit of weight and dressing more stylishly, it would really help with his approval overseas and he should stay healthy for his own sake too

the existence of a working class proves it isn't socialist


Frig off Randy