Why do people keep feeding the lie of racism, when it isn't real at all? Like...

Why do people keep feeding the lie of racism, when it isn't real at all? Like, it's just an abstraction with no consistent definition people change definitions whenever it suits their agenda.

It servers no purpose other than guilt-tripping people whom you don't like, for petty revenge.

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Because calling people racist is a convenient crutch when you lose an argument, duh.

But it's creepy how Americans keep perpetrating lies all the time, specially when you see verified accounts on twitter.

It's like a cult of conformism.

Racism is a spook.

To deny race is to deny biology, evolution and the last 600,000 years of human life, you.cannot be this new

Are you fucking trolling.

Calling people racist for saying words you don't like is retarded, but that doesn't mean racism is a lie. Ignoring its existence is just as stupid, as it is constantly used to divide the working class and is thus very relevant to our cause (assuming you're not from Holla Forums).

Idpol bullshit needs to be opposed, whichever side of the political spectrum it comes from.

me: racism isn't real
also me: when people are calling me racist they're discriminating against me because everyone is calling me a piece of shit now, well isn't this ironic

racism isn't real

People just say that when you're losing an argument

Race and racism are real and arguably important as they divide the masses. Class is both more real and more important though.

Racism is real. People are denied livelihoods and a place to live all the time purely because of the sound of their name or what they look like. You can debate as to how severe it is and what if anything can or should be done, but you'd have to be pretty dense to simply deny it is there.

You can't really be this naive or stupid OP.

When did that even happen?

I don't know my precious Mutt, when did it happen?

What the heck is that

been noticing a lot of dumb shit like this, like
and this has got to be like a soft Holla Forums raid

shitty responses aside, usatoday.com/story/money/2016/06/29/bank-pay-106m-over-loan-discrimination-charges/86526572/

This stuff is extremely well documented. There are many studies out there, along the lines of: submit resumes with equal qualifications but different ethnic names, and count the callbacks. Just based on names, people will not call back candidates with the same resume but an ethnic name. Reals > feels, racism is an actual observable phenomenon that ruins people's lives chances.


Well, Isn't it normal to be a bit wary of foreigners? Not that we'd doubt their capabilities, but since we have culture differences we would have conflicts when working together? In the end, this has nothing to do with race.

no we are talking about children of slaves who have been here generations you disingenuous cunt. the workplace is totalitarian and suppresses differences. it has more to do with class than culture but we are giving you concrete points on race and you just have xenophobic bullshit to say. kys.

You just moved the goalpost from "there is no racism" to "okay there is but it is understandable". Thank you for playing.


We keep going though this, just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Racism- Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
Now stop posting itt, it's a shitshow all throughout.

You're proving what i said, the definition is very loose and inconsistent. Now avoiding
foreigners is "racism" regardless of reason.

This one i can't argue against

No it isn't

Being wary of foreigners only because they are foreign is the textbook definition of xenophobia, it is what the word means at the most basic level. There is no looseness about it. You hit the mark squarely.

Now you changed it to "Xenophobia", proving my point.

There is always a hint of truth to every generalization, so is it really that bad having prejudice? isn't it a survival instinct? I'm not gonna act disgingenuous if i meet a foreigner who is nice, that doesn't mean i'll get along with every foreigner. I already hate most people, even more if they're some arrogant foreigner who wants to have their way.

Like everyone calling your thread shit

Yes, there is a bit of truth to every stereotype of white families

Race is real in the sense that different people have different genetic backgrounds where they evolved to suit their environment.
Saying that, it doesn't really matter what race you are, a lot of development is nurture > nature and is dependent on material conditions.


You're not afraid of their race, you're afraid of what hey might do according to the spooks you got in your head.
Like if I'm surrounded by people, doesn't matter what their race is, and a guy with a gun walks in, we're all gonna feel scared because guns = killings.
im tired. i hope this gets the point across

I agree.

Impressive how human races can exist for longer than modern humans have as a species.
Truly a miracle of nature.

Don't pretend to be obtuse, racism is just xenophobia that is acted upon.

I slept bad so i don't even know wtf i'm saying, so i agree with you.

It's just that most people are unpleasant and when it comes to unpleasant foreigners, the easiest solution is to just close borders and send them away.

access to white people isn't a human right

I hope all you boons starve to death

Also you should filter "identity politics" to "politics"

Baboon boy..;……


Racism is literally what happens after the realization that the person they're exploiting has different skin color than theirs.
That's it. Exploitation is going to happen anyway, if you're a different race, well then, that just means you get a racial epithet ascribed to you, you're probably going to get one anyway.

I'm pretty sure it's different than that and primarily motivated by identity.

You think the Amerindians wouldn't have been treated like shit if they had white skin? Do you think the Africans wouldn't have been enslaved if they were white? If so, maybe you should go back to tumblr, kid.

That's not what I said.

Well, yes. That's a historically accurate observation.


wait what

Go to gulag cryptolib

In the entire history of the world, the number of enslaved people enslaved not on a racial basis but out of an exploiting class having a need for slaves has far outnumbered the number of people enslaved simply because they were of a certain color.
Africans would have still been ruthlessly exploited and taken advantage of for centuries, white or not, because places as destitute and technologically, infrastructurally, and intellectually as barren as 19th century Africa are defenseless and weak, powerless to other invading countries, even MORE defenseless than the usual third world People's Republic. The exploiting class doesn't give a fuck what race the people they're exploiting is.
Fuck out of here with this /r/socialism twitter marxism shit

Pic related though

Are you? I'm iberian, do you think i looke the same as a scandinavian? am i pale? do i have blue eyes? does he have body hair like me?

Yesterday i made a harsh assumption that racism doesn't exist, but i was mad when i made the thread because i was onto something about "racism" that bugs me. Maybe it's probably how people use it too broadly and simply to control people.

I would find it hilarious if not depressing that you still have to explain this in 2018 to Anglos.

That's not what people mean when they say that "race" is bullshit. They mean that it's a crude and outdated concept that doesn't actually keep up with what we now know when it comes to genetics and biology.

example: scientificamerican.com/article/race-is-a-social-construct-scientists-argue/

Sometimes when people deny "race" they're denying that there's any difference at all in the frequencies of genes across locations. There are valid reasons for academics to avoid the word race, but when leftists screech about race not existing, it's usually because they don't understand that importing Africans into Japan would dumb down the population over time. If you don't want to categorize them as separate races that's an arbitrary interpretation, but there's clearly a significant genetic difference here that should play a factor in any country's immigration policy.

Here we go…

Racism is perpetuating the notion that one group of people is inherently superior than another or that people can be neatly grouped into biological races in the first place. So yes, racism doesn't exist and is very much alive and crying victim because you can't deport minorities or overtly treat them like shit isn't convincing anyone.

Show me the fucking link between melanin/hair texture genetics and intelligence. Also you can't use skull size, because Elephants have bigger brains than us.

Fucking moron, you cannot eliminate borders without first eliminating capitalism. Then the 3rd world won't have to be so. Our goal isn't to fucking "import" niggers for some spooky reason. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Colonialism never happened? What on Earth are you flapping your lips about?

How ignorant are you? Is Holla Forums literally 85% redditors??

No, but Holla Forums is.

t. You

And if people of a certain race are more likely to shoot you, this is…what exactly? An inconvenient fact that you dismiss as a "spook" so you don't have to think about it?

Assuming that all humans are neurologically the same(they are not), those with larger cranial capacities would have the capacity for more synapses. This explains the divergent paths each population took historically, you can whine about material conditions but domesticating beasts like the aurochs was no mean feet and required high intellgence and low time preference. This sort of thing is even evident in language for cripes sake! Africans have a high a time preference and it shows in their language. Conpare them to any other hunter gather population and the difference is remarkable.


By that logic, elephants would be the smartest fucking animals on the planet and would have outpaced us by now. They literally have three times more neurons than humans.

Weev is a Self Hating faggots whose buddies in Ukraine or wherever the fuck hes hiding out now would gut him alive if they found out he was Ethnically Jewish
He Deserves to be bullied

Holla Forums is reddit is reddit is Holla Forums

This is established for a year now

Except…..not….there's giant trade between different cultures and their advancements. Alchemy is from the Near East. Gunpowder, the Far East. Silk, the Far East. Mathematics and Astronomy, fucking everywhere in god damn Eurasia

Europe is not an island, I don't think it should be even classified as a continent. For as long as it has existed, it has not had its own unique distinct history the same as other isolated areas have.

Okay elephant brain, its real simple. Human grey matter is simply pound for pound better than elephant grey matter. When you get more human grey matter you have more computational power. Its not hard to understand.

Face facts. Holla Forums being able to manipulate dregs has nothing to do with Holla Forums being made up of dregs. I'd dare say 80% of left online spaces are lumpen.

That is the furthest thing from a scientific explanation I've ever read.

So you are saying that there werent different social outcomes amongst different populations. That is social outcomes that arent reducible to diamat? Because there are a number of ways to test that and how it relates to intelligemce alongst populations. Linguistics being one.

Face facts

No, I'm saying that Europe is not special. Alchemy isn't even a European word, it's from Arabic. There is technically nothing special about the accomplishments of Europe, and each and every one of them did not uniquely come from Europe itself.

Europe was America before America, a land of mutts.

What is the core principle of science you retarded faggot? I am not arguing from a perspective of falsifiabiliy but rather making an analytic inference vis bayesian logic. Fuck why do all the mouthbreathing redditards congregate here

That most universities in Europe do more terribly than the University of Singapore

I want what you're smoking.

We get it Reddit, you're not from Reddit and you've never been on Reddit

We hear it from Holla Forumseddit all the time you don't have to showboat

Face facts

Everywhere was america before america was america. What point are you trying to make here?

Pastel bloc is actually a centrist organization.

Europe does not need a special status and Europeans are not superior if they borrowed basically everything.

Europeans are not an isolated people and they never really were, so there need no special status ever granted to them.

We can do this all day lol


And again

Did I say it was you retarded faggot? The bayesian inference is that assuming all humans are neurologically the same , then amongst humans there will be variation on intelligence based upon cranial capacity

Wrong. It is falsifiability. You must be one f those reddittard fedora tippers who dont understand a sigle thing about science.

And again

And again

And again and again

Just over and over

It never fucking ends and it will never fucking end

Every week is a new humiliation born from the loins of Reddit

Ok you caught me being disengenous. Promise I wont do it again ;)

Europeans invented pretty much everythig. If the borrowed concepts and materials were so good why didnt the asians or mena peoples (who are european) build upon it? Geographicalally or in a biodiversity sense europe was a shithole.
Im not sure if you retarded cringe posters understand. We could be all day here posting cherrypicked pictures. In my own limited expereince white nationalists are evem more marxist than what passes for marxists down here.


Alchemy and chemistry are uniquely an invention of the Middle East, Art is universal, Astronomy basically everywhere

The only thing you've managed is colonization so why should anyone care about the consequences you face? You aren't special, anyone throughout Eurasia has a history and accomplishments.

Colonialism, is not an accomplishment. It's a terrible idea and what really separates Europe from Asia in such a scale.

History will not act kindly towards Europe and there is nothing you can do about it.


You'd run out first

Is English your first language, or are you just dumb?


You are all the same rolling backpack kids

>>>Holla Forums

Are you, like, a retard or something? Do I have to draw a fucking infographic for you are something?
Colonialism did happen but slavery went on long before it.
The reason Africa was colonized was because it didn't even have any registered countries. It was literally fucking tribal anarcho-primitivism. It's only a matter of time before the place gets colonized and its people exploited, regardless of what race they are.

You don't have to draw me any infographics, son : )

16th century Europe.
Jabir was an alchemist who believed in Aristotelian (i.e. European) element theory.
The only notable thing the Persians under the Abbasids did was improving on optics theory.

Literally every scientific advancement that didn’t originate among the Chinese and Indians is European.
Colonialism is an irrelevant american hangup at that, modern colonialism is overt and Chinese.

Alcohol, is an arabic word. Alchemy, is an Arabic word. It's far more likely things were traded via the Near and Middle East to Europe than the Far East especially the farther you go back, and it's not like it didn't happen

It happened

You are out of grade school and should know this by now

It's still the same Chemistry that Europeans practiced until the 16th (largely 17th or 18th century proper). There isn't a Europe that developed on its own, its a myth, and it will always be a myth

Baizuo Is a chinese word.
Doesn’t mean the Chinese invented identity politics, whites or the left.
China incidentally also has the oldest current finds of liquor.
A Greek principle. Chēmia Is greek for reference, the Arabs got it through the greek conquest of Egypt. (hence the belief that it was the ”Egyptian science”)
So now we’re working off speculation when actual sources exist. Cheap revisionism.

Well except for the fact that it’s radically different and a delineation was made before then by the chemists.

No it isn't

It's almost as if….The Middle East and Europe….interacted?

Jesus no

You’d have to be a complete jackass not to be able to differentiate chemistry and alchemy.

Who said anything different?

If the Middle East borrowed from others in Eurasia, and the Europeans borrowed from them, and they borrowed from the Europeans

Why should I give more of a fuck about the Europeans

The major difference between the two would be that Europe scientifically improved.

That aside I don’t see why you in particular should care about Europeans, you don’t exactly come across as the kind of person who gets into intellectual arguments where it would matter.

It built an entire empire off of greed and glut from conquering North America that resulted in the accidental extermination and purposeful slaughter of an entire race of people while also building all of it with slave labor

I do not know of any other civilization that has managed to





The only reason anything is different is because the needs of few outweighed needs of many, and the many had to go. I do not care for the needs of the few in any historical context, I'm sorry it has to be the identity you hold onto so dearly for life

Frankly, mankind , and with it life on Earth, would have a better outlook without Europe if Europe just didn't settle down and shut the fuck up like the rest of mankind.

It's absolutely simple, but no, history tells a different tale. If it went any other way I doubt I wouldn't feel sympathy of one culture dominating another without conflict, but erasing it

If we weren't talking about the three powers that didn't have the biggest stockpiles of wealth on the planet, the EU, Britain, and the United States. We know how all three got it, and I doubt I care for the outcome of any of them.

Nuke them, I don't care.

Which one? Amerindians are still around you know.
Negligible economically, american agriculture wasn’t exactly strong at the time.
The only big historical slaver empire that comes to mind is the Caliphates and the Ottomans, the aforementioned Abbasids faced a 500,000 strong black/berber slave rebellion for example. (they’re also the main perpetrators of the slave trade from the Umayyads until the British forced the Ottomans to stop in the late 1800s)
They expanded into Africa primarily to extend their slavetrade routes through Zanzibar.
That just belays your ignorance of the subject.

I guess that’s true, if only because people like yourself would have died of easily preventable diseases and there would be no internet for you to whine on.

How charitable


They have a lot in common with Europe, you're right. Why should I care?

Most outside of the Middle East and Europe had to deal with these ridiculous fucking problems

If the black plague killed you all we probably wouldn't be dealing with Climate Change right now. China should have conquered Europe while you were weak.

So you admit the talk of extermination was nonsense then.
The perfect "I have no response" response.
Not really. There's only like four European countries with any significant history of slavery and they only allowed it between free traders in foreign countries that already allowed it. (sometimes through bribery as with British colonies)
The Caliphates actively invaded countres to setup slavetrade routes and brought back most of the slaves to Arab countries after having made eunuchs out of them.
Largely self-imposed problems.
Considering China and India are the two biggest polluters that's another ignorant statement you've made.
China couldn't repel horse nomads, which even Europe managed at their weakest.

True, the idea the slave trade didn't matter deserves no response better
Really? Then why do you keep suggesting you both are so similar when it comes to your negatives, while disregarding your positives when convenient to the argument.

The Middle East and Europe are frankly, so similar that you managed to keep in contact for so long that you both have words in your own respective languages that came from both regions and both of you committed Imperialist agendas that had terrible consequences for all involved

Woah, it's like Europe isn't a fucking island or deserving of its category as a fucking continent.

Sounds like the lives of white nationalists

Ah ah ah, China is now investing more into Green Energy than America is. They're helping while the idiot you elected president is talking about Clean Coal.

China happens to be almost as large as Europe. In fact, it's as fucking big as Europe. We're not talking about a tiny little bunch of quarreling nation states anymore, we're talking about a nation with a gigantic history that's the size of what we have to refer to as "a continent"

I'm sure if they had the foresight now they would have done a lot of things differently, but they have your balls in a vice grip anyways.

So which people were exterminated?
Economically it sure didn't considering how easy it was for the majority of them to switch to an industrial economy.
You're just about the only one obsessing over any "similarities" here.
Middle Eastern and European contacts are historically about as tight as European and Mongolian contacts. Left to a few traders along a very remote path and the occasional raiders.
No clue what you're trying to say here beyond shrieking stream of consciousness stuff and expecting people to pick up on it like mindreaders.
Probably, I wouldn't know.
Which is a joke if you actually knew China. They're exporting cheap solar panels, electric batteries and polluting a shitton while producing both. (they don't recycle said batteries either, or recycle anything at all beyond scrap metal if we're being honest)
Their pollution has actually become significantly worse in recent years.
Helping colonize Africa again maybe.
China gives absolutely zero fucks about pollution, the only time their own people even mention it is when the smog is too thick to see in Beijing.
Not American, and even ridiculous Clean Coal shit is less alien than the notion that the Chinese giving a fuck about the environment.
About 60 years of history and 2000+ years of texts that only Taiwan has the remotest connection to.
They wouldn't.
I really don't see where your idealization of China comes from but it is very divorced from the reality on the ground.

Native Americans. Had to do with systematic extermination and small pox.
How did they get to that point after

400 fucking years, 4 centuries.

The Middle East and Europe are for all practical purposes, the same. Except Europe deserves to die more at this point.

Good, so why do you care so much about Europe compared to the rest of the planet

Didn't you say something about speculation?

Doubt it

Still around. Huh.
Yes and?
Oh, so you're just not ignorant but also pretty stupid. Good to know.
I care about historical facts, you know the things you were lying about earlier in this thread when talking about alchemy, alcohol and being ignorant of when talking about slaving empires.
It's not speculation, I know it very well from the horse's mouth.
They also don't care much for non-Han Chinese people as they will very openly tell you that they're smarter because they're Chinese and even their "liberally minded" young people are unironically supremacist in their worldviews.
Their favorite media is imperialist wartime dramas, they have like a billion of those.
Good for you. Personally I doubt i'm speaking with an actual human being and not just a macaque who've learned how to type.

You keep suggesting you're similar. Why?

I hate having to keep reposting this. The problem isn't racist opinions or the bad feefees you get from someone being racist. The problem is the economic system we exist in which allows people to enforce their individual prejudices or opinions on others through the framework of capitalist social relations. I really don't give a shit if someone says something "dehumanizing" to me, words are words and I hope most people can act like adults and treat them as such. What I do give a shit about is someone having the power to decide my economic livelihood and whether or not I get to eat tomorrow. What I do give a shit about is my right to defend myself being stripped away while others in power are able to keep theirs through hired security or or willful ignorance by the state/fed. My ability to live comes before my feelings living it.

amazing how ppl like this support Nazism and fail to see how quickly they would be gassed

Yeah, but to be fair the same thing goes for Socialism and idpol Gulagbait.


What's your point? Genocide doesn't count when it doesn't 100% work?