Is keeping the right ignorant (i.e...

is keeping the right ignorant (i.e. thinking liberals are communists) a benefit to us or would it help if they knew we have a shared enemy

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Educating them doesn't work.

It's not that we keep them ignorant.

no, liberals are a net negative for our cause we either convert them or send them to the kulaks.
orbiting them is beta as fuck

what is up with leftypol replies and having nothing to do with the op? Is this a meme I missed out on or something? half the time the thread replies read as if they were meant for another post.

To a degree it works: people like Milo are actually an asset. To have your foe underestimate you means they become complacent.

They're called bots, I don't even frequent this gay ass board and I know that, 90% of the posters on this board aren't even human, as for the op what is this common enemy? The 1%? Because 43% of that group are actually Jewish so you need to be careful with that

Honestly lad, just fuck off.

The right is keeping itself ignorant through its ideology that requires its adherents to disregard all information that doesn't conform to its narrow view.
That being said, we can convert these followers by simply informing them about our common enemy and posing questions that their ideology is utterly incapable of answering.

Gulags exist for a reason




Leftists should be upfront with their politics. Staying in the shadows only benefits you if you are trying to build support and not have the FBI watching you from a car across the street. We need to be an alternative to the rising extreme right-wing and to the present state of things. We need to say to people that the system is garbage and we have a different way that is based on economic conditions and not ravings about Jews, Muslims, and black people. We also shouldn't make them feel tricked into agreeing with us like the Feminists and Libertarians used to do (e.g. "I'm a Libertarian, and you are too!" or "If you believe in equal rights, you are a feminist!") because that makes us look like we are trying to dupe them into supporting us. Deceiving is what the powerful do to keep their positions, we must make honesty of our goals a principle part of the movement.

"The Communists disdain to conceal their aims. They openly declare that their ends can only be achieved by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions."

all superfluous to the proletariat.


about what I expected

sasuga Holla Forums

how is it cherry picking? Its the labour party, not some fringe little club. Are you going to pretend comrade corbyn isnt a major figure among the left?

Meant for


They arent.

t. not an argument

I posted two sources backing up my claim, and you said they werent vald (because they proved you wrong) and now are claiming Im not the one who isnt engaging in an argument.

you guys are just like Holla Forums all right lol

If you lurkes for even five seconds on this board, you'd know that the general opinion here has been that Corbyn is merely a social democrat who will move the Overton window left. Go check the britleftypol thread ffs.

Even did he was a communist, whatever that means, we're still an anti-idpol board that disagrees with that nonsense.

Are you here to argue in good faith and learn something, or are you just here to regurgitate talking points?

Its clearly not the entire Labour Party considering the party is led by a straight white guy.

He himself has said hes a marxist. Youre also using the exact same arguments as the alt-right does with this overtone window shit.

yes, about idenity politics and why leftist say they hate it, blame it on liberals, but then turn around and shill it in full force. Is this some sort of political trick, or are you guys just that brainwashed by the ideology?

Top notch reasoning there. Also, you know that you can be a "Marxist" without being a communist, as Marx made no prescriptions of a communist society? There are many liberals who call themselves "Marxists" but will answer no to the question, "Are you a communist?"

sasuga brainlet

lame excuses guys.

Heres John McDonnel saying the same thing

No, I'm sure he meant it, but that does t make it true. I can really mean I'm a flying dragon, but that doesn't make me one.

We're not keeping the right ignorant, if they weren't ignorant, they wouldn't be right wing. And just because the right hate Liberals doesn't mean we're friends. I'll take a Liberal over a fascist any day.

really made me think.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a conference aimed at helping minorities limiting the audience to members of those minorities.

So in other words, you agree with it, which proves my point that leftist are responsible for this shit. Meaning your blaming of the liberal boogeyman makes no sense

Your style of argument is to use strawmen.

I can't go inside the mind of a lib politician, but look at the policies. He's a social democrat through and through.

But this is all irrelevant because even if he was a communist, I still don't have to agree with the Labour Party's use of identity politics.

No its not. Thats what you are claiming.

This thread is a shitshow

See this is the problem with reactionaries and why you necessitate violence. You'll commit every single fallacy in the book to shallowly persuade people to buy your dangerous ideology. Yes, post-modern neo-marxists are to blame for it, no standard communists aren't, they prefer class struggle, whereas we think there are other factors that keep people oppressed.

BAME, LGBT+ and disabled people all have unique challenges in their lives that white British people don't face. We want to help them with that and see if our biases are contributing it, so we invite those groups to come and have a say on what happens in the country they live in. There's fuck all wrong with that. The reason we don't do it with white British people…. is because we do! But because white British people are the default (for better or worse) in Britain, their problems are usually addressed *by* default. And when they're not? We ask questions.

Here's a lefty talking about how and why white British working class kids aren't doing very well.

So don't fucking try to claim neo-marxists are being racist or hate white people. We don't hate white people, we just don't have minorities like reactionaries do.

Blame the Holla Forumsyp posting in this thread and the Jordan Peterson thread. He's another dipshit who thinks that spouting emotional rhetoric on the subject of rational argumentation makes him actually good at rational argumentation.

I didnt use an appeal to emotion btw.

So in other words, you are, just as the other user did, proving my point by agreeing with the identity politics leftypol claims to hate.

Seriously, why do you guys agree with these ideas while blaming it all on the liberals/capitalist? Is this maybe some inside joke Im not getting?


Because you're making a boatload of assumptions regarding what utilizing those ideas actually signifies.

There's a difference between saying "XYZ group of people face a lot of unfair shit, so we should help them" and "THE MAJORITY GROUP ARE ALL EVIL CIS SCUM BECAUSE THEY'RE WHITE"

No, I'm not speaking for non-intersectional marxists. The majority of leftists here don't agree with what I'm saying. You're trying to act as if we're a monolithic group so you can strawman us.


The point is that its a left wing neo-marxist ideal that you all agree with, but then blame it all on the liberal boogeyman because you are forced to realize how badly recieved that is. SJW is now an insult

This. Every time we try to explain this to you, you put your hands over your ears and start screaming "I can't hear you"

Yet you haven't demonstrated that in the slightest.

you mean other than this user agreeing with it, and the fact that the labour party is doing it?

why are you making the choice to be an ideological imbecile user?

Liberals have nothing to do with neo-marxists. Yeah, they don't minorities like us, big deal. Doesn't mean we're the same. I also think if Varg wasn't a sexist racist and didn't abuse his children by depriving them of an education, his lifestyle of living with nature and being self sufficient would be something I applaud. Does that make me a reactionary ethno-nationalist? Just because two agree on something doesn't mean they agree on much else.

Yes you dolt "this user" is me. Not them. They don't agree with it, I do. I mean, this is a very concept that should only take 2 braincells to grasp.

ALl while liberals and commies support everything the right wing opposes, such as:


you also just said that liberals have nothing to do with neo-marxism, which is my ENTIRE POINT! This is so insane. you are agreeing with me while arguing against me.

classic liberal


But regardless, that's a bunch of spooky shit you listed.

Speak for yourself, left-idpolyp. This kind of shit is pure poison to the movement outside of up-their-own-ass college kids.

I was revering to other intersectional-marxists, which you'd know if you'd followed the conversation.

That's why a major left-wing party who kicked the Tories backsides so hard they to run to N. Ireland and pay them a Billion pounds for 9 seats support it.

If you think "intersectional marxists" are behind the rise of labour, you are delusional. When the left wins it is despite of you.


what would those questions be for example?

I don't think they're behind the rise of Labour, though they certainly contributed. Stop strawmanning, you don't know anything.

That's nice dear, you keep on believing that.


Ah yes, the """"Independant""""", owned by a Saudi and a Russian, and a neo-liberal. Bet they love Jezza don't they?

The entire British press ganged up on Jezza because he actually wants to make Labour have policies again, which is more scary for the status quo than Farage could ever be. The London School of Economics found that only 11% of what the British press reported about Corbyn was actually true.

I love the fact that you libshits are this stupid. No wonder you got steamrolled by a twobit land salesman.



Not really. Liberals tend to have a lot of money and influence and make weird claims like "British people were black" and push out black identity propaganda and then when white people obviously want to do it, it's dismissed with silly hyperbolic language like dangerous or worrying

Right is the enemy, liberals are simply part of the right. Just as they lump us with them, we shall lump those two together to the point where fascism is synonymous with liberalism and normies migrate to the left and renounce capitalism

It is the focus on the individual which has led us to this point. Trannies, fags, and whatever falls in the LGBT+ category is an issue of apathy from the general populace, a persecution complex from the people in question, while certain groups promote this for their own subversive reasons (anyone denying this is just lying to themselves).
A healthy society should not promote self-destructive tendencies. The question is if the idea in and of itself is a problem? If you are attracted to men, however, keep this in the private sphere. Is it still a huge issue? The current issue is that LGBT is being paraded as the savior of the western world against its own bigotry.

The real issue most people do not see is that whether it matters or not is irrelevant. It is nothing more than a distraction from other issues. Both politicians and companies use it to divert attention from economic issues to identity issues. Just look at what happened during Occupy Wall Street. Liberals who keep bringing up their "new" civil rights movement, while minorities and LGBT+ members act like they are persecuted by everyone who doesn't pay them enough attention. Companies act like they can get away with anything, as long as 25% of their workers are black and 50% are women.

The alt-right and neonazies take the bait hook line and sinker. Instead of looking at of money is used to create an unjust and rotten society, they look into how to argue against identity politics. Their solution is a white identity, mirroring their opponents. They feel personally attacked letting their emotions getting the better of them. Really showing their true colours. While this movement might save the white identity, it will not help white people who are poor.

Communists do not wish to kill anyone based on their skin colour or personal beliefs. Some of us are for more a more traditional society (stable families, no emphasis on individualism) while others are for individual freedom. What makes a communist a communist is whether they are against economic injustice promoted and spread by capitalism. And that doesn't mean more gibs for minorities and diversity quotas. It means removal of capitalism. Any social issue can be dealt with afterward.

Yeah that's all well and good, but your voice is a drop in a sea of hysterical and retarded leftists of all stripes

Talking to an American Simulator 2018

real traditionalism is valuing the extended family

I know that this is probably a bad move in the modern USA but yeah I've just stopped hiding the ol' power level and started talking about fucking capitalism & owning the means of production every chance I get. What do we have to lose? Everyone already thinks we're evil.
We demand the changing of the planet, on a scale that has never happened before. We have to just be radical about it.


You're never going to have any of those things anyways so why do you even care

You're going to be those homeless people, you really don't understand how fucked you really are


Liberals are communists tho. Its just that they collaborationist children of succdems and trots.

What did he mean by this?

Traditional society was dissolved by capital, it will never come back because it materially cannot, stop wasting your time and start thinking of how to overcome our current predicament.


Hello, Holla Forums.

The "XYZ group" is the fucking working class, people who have to sell their labor to survive. The working class (white, black, indian, hispanic, middle eastern, every race) faces a lot of unfair shit.

By taking away the focus from class, you serve the interests of the wealthiest capitalists. They want people to focus on divisive race and culture war distractions, instead of on their global pillage. If you claim race or gender is just as important as class, you become an unwitting agent of elite plutocrats.


If this was really the goal of "Cultural Marxism", it has obviously failed. Western culture is completely pro-capitalist, pro-hedonist, pro-consumerist, and pro-imperialist.

No, that would be Chinese culture.

Chinese culture is pro-capitalist, pro-hedonist, and pro-consumerist, but I wouldn't say it's pro-imperialist. China provides material support for Syria and the DPRK, and supports the anti-fascist rebels in Ukraine with cash payments.