What does leftypol think of Paul Kagame?

What does leftypol think of Paul Kagame?
Savior or Tyrant?

As president, Kagame has prioritized national development, launching a programme to develop Rwanda as a middle income country by 2020 (Vision 2020). As of 2013, the country is developing strongly on key indicators, including health care and education; annual growth between 2004 and 2010 averaged 8% per year. Kagame has had mostly good relations with the East African Community and the United States; his relations with France were poor until 2009. Relations with the DRC remain tense despite the 2003 ceasefire; human rights groups and a leaked United Nations report allege Rwandan support for two insurgencies in the country, a charge Kagame denies. Several countries suspended aid payments in 2012 following these allegations. Kagame is popular in Rwanda and with some foreign observers; human rights groups accuse him of political repression. He won an election in 2003, under a new constitution adopted that year, and was elected for a second term in 2010. Kagame was elected again in 2017, and due to yet another change in the constitution, he could potentially be President until 2034.

Go read Edward Herman’s “Enduring Lies: The Rwandan Genocide in The Propaganda Machine, 25 years later”

He seems to be doing his country well but in a Napoleonic bourgeois way. A good leader for the moment but would likely be deposed during the global revolution.

He is dialectical.

Wrong, he's running arguably the most brutal fascist neo-colonial regime in the world today. He's responsible for the death of millions of Congolese. There's a reason the press refers to his regime as "Africa's Israel"

he seems to be the only african leader to genuine care about the stranded african migrants saying they could come to rwanda instead.

He's created millions of refugees himself along with millions of dead bodies, so I guess its only fair of him to try to balance it out.

This, the genocide of Tutsis went on for a 100 days, the genocide of Hutus in the eastern congo by Kagame and his regime has been going on since 1994 at the very least


Actual Rwandan here, anyone thinking this guy is a "Savior" is a brainwashed moron who's been fed too much of that western propaganda. He's a puppet of the Empire, a psychopathic mass murderer who's responsible for more than 6 million deaths.

For those not retarded enough to be aware they are complete ignoramuses on the subject, I suggest you to read:

Enduring Lies: The Rwandan Genocide in the Propaganda System, 20 Years Later
by Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

Does your dislike stem from tribalistic bias ?
How does the average rwandan think of him?

Also said that Srebrenica and Kosovo war weren't genocide and was pilled on by pro war westerners at the time, so i guess he is or well was trustworthy.


I wouldn't say that Burundi and the Seychelles have developed by replicating colonialism.

Tbh I don’t have to much sympath for the hutus,

“Attempt” is perhaps the most accurate word as the official story is a complete fraud. But, it’s not as if his only vicitims were Rwandan Hutus but often included Congolese Hutus and other Congolese. Ask any Congolese person about Kagame if you know one and see the reaction. Everywhere the Congolese are they protest this man everywhere he goes.

Its not often admitted in the West that Kagame was trained by the he CIA and was invading Rwanda from the outside before the alleged genocide against Tutsis ever occurred. It’s now an en established fact that Kagame had the plane shot down carrying the Rwandan and Burundian presidents which everyone acknowledges was a critical event that catalyzed the violence.

does it matter if it was genocide or mass murder

I wouldn't say that Burundi has developed at all.

You’re right, I confused Burundi with Botswana


First of all, hutus and tutsis aren't "tribes". No such thing in Rwanda, they were names for two distinct classes under the feudalistic system before colonisation rooted in ethnicity. I'm not going to explain why they're rooted in different ethnicities, you can look explore that yourself.

I just mentioned the man is psychopathic mass murderer, are you insane? You suppose my dislike for him stems from your assumption that I must be a hutu because he's a tutsi?

Dude, tutsis don't like him either. His latest political opposition he sent to prison, Diane Rwigara is a tutsi actually.

You're from pol right? Only pol can be this unaware of their ignorance yet still possess the arrogance for grotesque idiotic assumptions like this.

Hes a mass murder that hes changed his country for the better and unlike under hutu rule tutsi arent butchering hutus on the street.
also most hutu right after the genocide hide in the congo which for paul justified his attack againts him.

Samantha Power pls go…

On a serious point, both of those are really marginal cases. They are a tropical tax haven and a big diamond mine that retained a lot of British elites without having outright apartheid respectively. The real "model" in Africa today is Ethiopia, which lacks significant extractive industry and is hoping to build up a low wage light industry to become a middle income paradise like Bangladesh. This is what neolibs tout as the ideal future. And honestly right now I don't see anyone doing better.

Point taken. But I should note that the textile industry is fairly important to Botswana's economy. The industrial "race to the bottom" is already rushing towards Africa.