World is Burning – While Western Left is Quarreling

World is Burning – While Western Left is Quarreling

Dumb cunts, you guys aren't leftists.

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Western left is irrelevant. Only the proletariat can end global capitalism. At this point we're just larpers pretending we have any meaning in the real movement.

…to what end? "Western leftists" can't even bring themselves to support Cuba, DPRK, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Hezbollah, or any number of other groups and countries that are actually fighting imperialism and capitalism. Unity with such chauvinist frauds would be totally worthless.

the solution is simple


Speaking about them, I found this today:
"[Casapound] also started a cooperation with the Lebanese radical Islamic Hezbollah organization.[35]"
Hezbollah is literally working with Italian fascists.

neck yourself. I bet you support Sino and Russian imperialism because "muh amerikkka" despite the fact that they are just another faction of capitalists.

Your memes have been fire lately

He mentioned Iran and Hezbollah, but you have a problem with the DPRK?

At this point there's no real movement due to capitalist realism.

GMIL is an idiot.

so what are real leftists?

Fucking westerners

Iran does very little wrong tbh
Israel can get fucked tpp


Why wouldn't we quarrel? We're not bootlicking rightists after all.

neck yourself, my man

nobody needs you in any discussion, ever. Jsut leave and don't come back..

I'm not a third worldist.

So basically the contradictions of capitalism are solvable?

You know what? Uneducated working class racists are actually right. Racial tensions are unavoidable and keep you from maintaining working class unity

Im sure they would happily work with everyone that opposes jews, in economy too.

Russia is feudal, at least China is theoretically commies, and i read New Left is making progress there.

kill yourself chauvinist

Russia and China aren't imperialist. In fact they're both victims of imperialism so they must be supported.

Certainly not that cringe trash on the right. That's just centrism with a marxist veneer.

Don't worry, third worldism is correct.

When was there a golden age when the left wasn't quarreling?


lmao this is the same tanky pseud who claimed that China was still socialist and that Russia and Iran are 'revolutionary' countries. He has such a myopic view of Imperialism and is so willing to suspend the actual building of socialism that he may as well be a fucking liberal. Him and his 3rd worldism can eat my ass, same with you OP. I'm sure you would find better company with all of the mouth-breathing Marcyists on Facebook than here, so why don't you fuck off.

FTFY. Americans and their proxies (including R*java) are living on borrowed time.

This is the real horseshoe theory: Leftist analysis of other countries

This exists and is a thing. And they're planning on running candidates in 2020 using a sort of popular front organization between unions, socialist and progressive orgs.


In America there's simply no leadership. The bulwark of the left, Unions, were utterly torn apart by free trade with China in 2000. This was planned, it's why Bush committed to it for his entire eight years. Obama was expected to end it, when he didn't the working class simply stopped turning out or began voting for the anti-tax party which also passed Right-To-Work laws which ruined Union shops by dividing workforces. Then Trump came along and promised them everything they wished, and in exchange Republicans got a conservative Supreme Court that will probably force Right-To-Work laws nationally this year.

Where were Democrats during this time? Arguing over gay rights, demanding more gun control, playing on their brand new iphones. Young people largely stopped caring about politics in general, including class struggle - at the most they care about having the government bail them out of their student loans (justifiable, but self-serving). The left failed to self-perpetuate with a new generation.

You're thinking too broadly, domestic issues are paramount. In America leftists deliberately chose to buy cheap shit from Walmart, chose to not buy Union marked goods, and chose to engage in a lifestyle that encourages hyperindividualism over class solidarity.

Well, the world has to burn in order for people to realise their mistake of letting capitalism win. Correction measures come after civilisation crumbles down.

People who criticize "Marcyism" are literal human waste.


Fixed. Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. The only way to be anti-capitalist in reality and not on paper is to fight imperialism.

The western proletariat (whatever little is left of it) leans rather far to the right my dude.

Globalism has seen the biggest concentration of factory labor go to China, where a communist revolution would probably be a hard sell, considering they already call themselves communists.


Bullshit, they're imperialist as hell, they just haven't gotten to the point of actually grabbing any clay yet because all their neighbors and rivals are rightly paranoid as fuck about it.

sounds like a Trot united front group, but I see it's a Bernie Sanders thing.