What do you lads think of the absolute madman Huey Long?
Was he a reactionary?
Whs he a socdem?
Is he just a meme?
Does making every man a king count as Monarcho-communism?

Huey was a treasure, a socdem but by god a good one. Louisiana still hasn't seen anything near as good since Roosevelt had him killed.

He was /ourguy/ to the core

A radical and a somewhat authoritarian SocDem with mob-boss characteristics, but good enough to me considering the circumstances and the alternatives at the time.
>tfw no Jack Reed and CSA as an alternative in our timeline

He was the epitome of ideology, but I suspect Marx would've called him a bourgeois socialistā€¦ a probably well intentioned man who was playing the wrong game all along

America would probably be a better place with more people like him, maybe, or maybe not. Since there's so little that can be done under such a capitalist system as the US has. Maybe it would have ended up worse, the true tragedy is that we'll never know.

t. Huey Long

That's just a conspiracy, FDR was a national treasure who would never stoop to lows like that. Sure Huey threatened his position and pissed off porky on a national scale, but thinking that FDR was some kind of dictator? Crazy talk, that's like claiming there's corruption in our fair country



He was one of the few American socdems.

Feel like pure shit just want him back x


Delete this thread Huey



Long was a top bloke.

One thing I've found strange is that both Holla Forums and Holla Forums both love Huey boi. The right claims he is an ethno-nationalist socdem and the left claims he is an egalitarian socdem. Not reallt sure what to thinkā€¦

He was egalitarian enough for the KKK to label him a nigger lover apparently.

Thats not exactly a high bar

Imagine if Trump was a liberal. Forcing radical leftist ideas without thinking them through.

sounds dope

A non-stratocratic government is simply a government not worth having.



Only correct answer.
Reclaim the colonies for one Totalist Republican Empire of Britain with DIRECT RULE FROM LONDON

how long do i have to wait until I can implement D I R E C T R U L E F R O M B E I J I N G???

The more I read about Huey Long, so far, the more pissed off I get.

His appeal to the right, and maybe I'm missing something here, seems to be based largely on misinformation spread by his detractors - for America's mainstream left* he's kind of a reject, regularly characterized as a bigot. I read a current-times review today of Randy Newman's Good Old Boys, an album which possesses a characteristically bitter tribute to Long - the review was even more bitter, readily calling Long a "pseudo-socialist" and "bigot" and comparing him to Donald Trump. But Huey Long was born poor. And Huey Long, unlike Donald Trump, made pro-worker populism a consistent primary focus of his politics - the truth is that Trump only ever offered this kind of broad populism in bits and pieces. Trump's overall biggest appeals were specifically to actually reactionary white blocs at the detriment of unified workers' politics. And though Long may have been corrupt (he probably was?), the man couldn't even afford to pull shit like Trump U, and he didn't come into office with that kind of bullshit behind him. Unfortunately, the inaccurate comparisons to Trump seem to both feed revile for Long on the mainstream left and token affection for him from Trumptards.

A lot of negative evaluations of Long are no more reasonable than the Trump comparison - Long is implicitly equated with men like George Wallace and Thomas E. Watson - once-southern-populists with anti-racist messages who switched over to racism and reaped political advantages. The hypothetical is offered sometimes that if Long had lived longer, maybe he would have done that too - yet, during his lifetime Huey Long still managed to defy racial politics. And the Klan itself.

When the Klan directly spoke against Long, he had had these words for them in the fucking 30s and in fucking Louisiana where the Klan had real power:

"Quote me as saying that that Imperial bastard will never set foot in Louisiana, and that when I call him a [SOB] I am not using profanity, but am referring to the circumstances of his birth."

Again, a sharp contrast with Trump (who was endorsed by the Klan and, to my knowledge, has never once threatened their leaders or called David Duke or Thomas Robb a bastard or son of a bitch) and southern racist 'populists' here. This was a time when you could actually get friendly with the Klan in the south and people wouldn't fucking care and you could reap the benefit. But Long was ending the poll tax and threatening their grand "Imperial bastard."

I haven't read about Long, but I know of the judgement of him as some crypto-fascist or dictator and it has always confused me too. I get the angle that he was corrupt but given his populism it seemed possible, since no one has ever indicated how he was significantly more corrupt than regular politicians from any other state, that he suffered that particular character defamation given to left populists.

His acceptance by Holla Forums also seems like further evidence of their tribalism around a certain aesthetic, tho. Apparently if you tell them some white, western politician was a jack-booted dictator it doesn't really matter what he talked about or did. They'll respect him anyways out of some deference to "strength".

I mean he was right.

Him and FDR both realized that there would be some sort of revolt during the depression if they didn't do something to alleviate the tension. The strategy of undermining communists by making capitalism slightly more bearable is a tride and true strategy that goes all the way back to Bismarch.

They really did save capitalism and it's a shame. When the next big crash happens I hope it's under Trump or someone equally incompetent because they won't have the presence of mind to actually plug the leaks in the dam like Huey and FAR did.


This. People have no idea what 30s america was like.

Reminder that liberals considered Long far more dangerous than Hitler prior to be war. "It can't happen here" was written specifically with him in mind.