Post and discuss your best examples of late stage capitalism, Holla Forums. Let's hope it won't be as cancerous as the subleddit.

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These fantasy novels are a disease on the human psyche.



Anti-homeless bus station benches

Whoever's in charge of designing these anti-homeless contraptions should unironically be shot. And I'm not even a ☭TANKIE☭.

forgot pic

Reminder that capitalism was already 'late' in the 1930's



Last image is an argument point - they call it "not capitalism, just corporatism" so we can convince right wingers to attack the rich.

Wow, I can't wait until we slaughter this entrepreneur extraordinaire!

They are basically a form of escapism wherein your personal fantasies and desires (hence the phallus) can resurface. Adorno wrote extensively about how in this totally atomized society these pseudo-collectives form.


Hell world:


Now you can consume articles knowing exactly how many gulps are left of it!

Also Adorno was fucking garbage

that's just a thing that does lol



We should really design some anti-anti-homeless devices.

How would that work?

Oh no, my life is now eternally BTFO! How can I recover? I guess as a first step I must stop reading books that you don't approve of! Oh no, but that means all books that ever existed!

ayy, shit

That's not the same as water proof, right?

Use a propane torch to weld a sheet of metal over the spikes. Or to just cut off the extra bench arms. Sledgehammer. Or various other permanent/hard to remove "defacements" that either destroy the anti-homeless devices or render them null.

We should really focus all of our energies to bringing about the revolution and not to these moralist and essentially meaningless acts that shows the world how caring and morally superior you are to it.

Come on it's just plain ugly, stop it.
Nah you should read as many books as you can. Hell even read Ayn Rand and Mein Kampf, to not read is a mental disability. Just because someone says that Adorno's theory is utter fucking tripe doesn't mean you shouldn't read it.

I agree that would be the best thing for it but you've forgotten something. Areas with these also have massive amounts of CCTV. Look at the UK, one of the major users of anti-homeless designs and also the most watched people on earth.


ok, buddy

I dislike Adorno as at some points he really is just being an elitist perfectly willing to throw away actually good cultural products because he thought of them as lesser. Plus I dislike his distancing from scientific Marxism and more towards a less empirical view on theory. In the end while he has his places I believe his overall body of work isn't going to be helpful and thus tripe. I'm surprised you haven't questioned me about my parents to see why I dislike Adorno ;^)

No, no they are not.
If that suits you.
You do realize that Marx wasn't an empiricist, correct?
lel stop giving out verdicts like you have the slightest idea about the topics you are pretending to be discussing.



Are you thinking that this is a form of "we need to do the right, meaningless thing?" No, it's a propaganda campaign. Shit like this is the most blatant form of class warfare and this should be stressed at all times.

a plank of foam over the spikes

Quote them

For what political group? In what exact way do you tie it into the class struggle?
By which political group? On whose media platform, exactly?

If you can't answer these question you are proving my point. You are enraged and rightfully so, but not thinking politically. Moralism, pseudo-activism, and spontaneity must be fought on the left.

Frankfurt School never produced anything good.






Easy, blowtorch the beams off and take photos, send them anonymously to the local media with a statement that you are socialists who will always defend the working class. They'll think they're in a crime thriller with someone sending a confession to them and will certainly print it (even if not, you can post it online), and voila, propaganda of the deed.

wtf??? and thats bad? not my comrade


You can't think of *any* means by which to tie "they are literally threatning you with metal spikes" as a form of class struggle? Really?

Answer every question in that post for this discussion to continue.



traps aren't but qt twinks are


shigetty digetty


whatever that nothing post even meant other than "this isn't communism"
If you can't see how the homeless are an essentially capitalist phenomenon in the present era, you should probably stop posting with a Lenin hat.

But they won't attack the rich, user. You see, capitalists aren't the ones promoting corporatism, because capitalists promote capitalism, duh. Corporatism is promoted by a few bad apples, academia pundits (looking for their fat government research grants), some megacorporations (but not their owners or CEOs), politicians (who are never themselves capitalists) and of course, the poor, bleeding the government dry so they can life off of welfare.

talk about false advertising

Solution: smash benches. They're pretty much useless anyways.

Solution; break the spikes off from the flat surface they're attached to with a sledge.
Alternatively, to fix the problem on the cheap by covering them up;
Always wear a mask when vandalizing private property.

Some people have been actively fucking them up, pouring concrete over them and that sort of thing, but cops and property owners fuck shit up.

These are really old hat here in Brazil. I wouldn't be surprised if we invented the damn things.

The homeless often lived under bridges here, but in the last couple of decades the capitalist State has been steadily becoming more brazen in its class dictatorship, and now many places make these… things… under the bridges to keep the homeless away. Some cities just wall off the usable underside of the bridge.

Third one is the ol' spikes, but the differences here are that these are on stairs, and to the side entrance of a cathedral, no less. The meek shall inherit no place to sleep.

Fourth one shows a tendency for every fucking public space that is horizontal and not a sidewalk to get walled off. This compounds with the ever-increasing walling-off of homes themselves, as everyone keeps upping the security of their houses because of the absurd crime rates. Grates on windows and terrace doors, taller fences in front of the garden, or just plain a wall since you don't want to risk any suspicious types observing your routine, topped by spikes, broken glass bottles or, more recently, electric fences. Every private space becomes a walled-off or at least fenced-off rectangle, every single block's inner perimeter of the sidewalk is completely lined with walls and grates. Residential, commercial, industrial, it doesn't matter. The buildings themselves say "fuck off, human".

Last one shows that it's not relegated to businesses, public spaces with "ceilings" and houses of the middle class or higher. Even this shitty watering hole in the middle of nowhere has spikes on its fucking counter.

In an older thread, OP asked what projects we would like to be done in a socialist society, and I said that cities should be almost completely torn down and rebuilt from scratch, so that we can live in cities designed with humans in mind. Not just because current cities are built for cars, but also because of all those things I mentioned above, plus others not related to physical space, like pollution, noise, crime, dirtness, traffic and a million other demons born of the coupling of the aforementioned ones. All these little day-to-day aberrations that capitalism forces us to accept as normal end up accreting, turning the city into a fundamentally anti-human environment, and I do say that in the full sense of the term. People seem disturbed when I say the urban environment is anti-human, a horrible place to be, to the point you want to spend as little time as possible outside your house, workplace or entertainment venues. The outside is not a place to be, just a place to begrudgingly go through.

One of the things that separate humans from animals, so they say, is our capacity to consciously modificate and design our environment. So we go and design our very own, human-invented habitat, previously inexistent on Earth: the city. And altho I cannot speak for past ages, I can say that in this one, we made the city absolutely antithetical to ourselves, its own builders and dwellers, which is nothing short of insane, but like any other hellish condition mankind endures, we learn to live with it, and even worse, we eventually stop noticing anything wrong with it. We built our own hell in a very literal way, laying its bricks from the inside out and finding ourselves boxed-in when we finished, and we didn't stop for a second to think to build it differently i.e. from the outside, or even better, to build something else entirely.

I hates it.

this is really fucking dystopian

This is what soc dems have done to the former socialist state of Brazil. Fucking soc dems.

They were right about capitalist killing Western culture tho.

You joke, but the right is unironically blaming socialism. I can't even tell if they're mendacious or not.


This is why I think the posters that come here and blubber about "everyone hating socialism" don't leave their fucking rooms.

The US has been occupying Afghanistan for 17 years now. There are young people now whose country has been at war their whole lives. They group up during the "War on Terror" and see its results. They have older brothers and sisters whose lives have gone nowhere because there's no economy to go into. Or they have parents whose lives are falling apart because the well paying jobs they used to have just aren't there any more. Trillions are given to bankers and trillions more spent on wars and then these same people tell them they have no money for the crumbling schools these kids are going to. There's no money to help their siblings escape the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt. There's no money to build all the things they see people enjoying in Europe, and now even China. They see that life can be better than what they've got, and the answer is always "there's no money, there's no money, there's no money."

So they look at who has all the money and then what they're doing with it, and how they got it, and even if they look for no deeper answer than "Capitalism," they still know who is fucking them, and how.

And these fucking shitcunts have the fucking gall to ask, "Why do the Young Reject Capitalism?"

What more do you want, idiot? You want to tie the illegal activities directly to an organisation? Write whatever you want in the statement, Jesus. And yeah, if the pictures are in the media someone might actually see them, it has a bit more effect than trying to sell a Trot paper.

Underrated post


That first pic has to be shopped. Seems way too self-aware.

damn, looks like I need to read some Marcuse

Walter Benjamin was a fucking genius shut your mouth. Also The Culture Industry was good.

Sounds like left twitter

You aren't being forced to sit there a d you aren't entitled to loiter around and shit up someone's porch or storefront.

so help me after the election the first thing i'm going to do is nationalise your petit bourgeois face and turn it into landfill

I'm pretty sure light sabers are shaped like that because they are supposed to look like swords.


It's fucking public property. People, including homeless people have the right to stay anywhere that isn't someone else's personal property.

Why not

I guess this is what socialism is all about huh? Stealing people's property because you feel entitled to shit it up.

How is sitting on someone's porch or in front of someone's store "stealing"?


I'm pretty sure the creator of the sword was looking for a better way to kill people.

If it doesn't damage or remove their property, what's the problem? And in socialism you wouldn't have people shitting in the streets because there'd be public wash rooms. Street shitting is a class-society phenomenon.

Were you always this much of a class cuck, or did you have to practice real hard to be such a tool?

Pretty funny to see so-called "nationalists" react to this phenomenon. They always go on about "I love my country:), I love my people :)" but when topics like these spikes come up, the almost unanimous opinion is

I see this view expressed often on Holla Forums when something like this is the OP's subject.


Those homeless are created by the system. It is a ridiculous contradiction. They should be in mental hospitals or able to live off of their labor if they are able-bodied. The "free" market determined they aren't allowed to live, as if being born was a voluntary decision they made. I mean why even have laws against murder if you make less than $30000 a year?


Less falling for obvious trolls and more LSC pics, please.

Well it's kind of a memetic issue, isn't it? Like Orwell said, socialism is such common sense that it was bizarre that people hadn't risen up and installed it yet, and the most likely answer is that people simply know very little about it, or even worse, what they "know" is disinformation. And that was before it got saddled up with "muh 100 gorillions", "commies can't into food", "socialism has to be a dictatorship" etc.

Now things are changing a bit. They're maybe a liiiittle bit less disinformed and like you said, Porky is becoming so shameless that they're twigging up that capitalism isn't quite what they're being told it is, even with propaganda being more ubiquituous than ever. Still, the negative memetic load on socialism still far, far outweighs Joe Blow's suspicions about capitalism, and it requires a lot of information to disspell that, assuming the other party is acting in good faith too.

I dunno, maybe a worthwhile project would be to sit down with plenty of well-read leftists and try to summarize as much information in as little accessible text as possible. But then again, I can't know how long the resulting summary of the basics of socialism, Marxism and anarchism would be, even with a perfect "data compression". For all I know, it might still turn out to be the size of a fucking phonebook.

O ye of little faith. This wasn't even the first such ad:

Speaking of which, there seems to be a death squad in Las Vegas executing homeless people. I'm honestly surprised it took this long for reactionaries to start doing this.

… on second thought, this must have been happening for decades, if not centuries, but the news never talk about it.

That's pretty normal user
if you did through local news there's constant shit about homeless being tortured to death by groups of people venting

The way symbols, meaning are created and function in society does not mirror the way objects are created and how they function. Are you this dense?

Politics instead of your proposed pseudo-activity, thought out political plans and actions instead of your proposed spontaneity, cold, speculated strategy, over your fuzzy-wuzzy moralism.

Who said anything about Trot papers?

What? Any links?

What is worse, killing someone in cold blood or never opening your home to someone who has to sleep on the street?
Do you think they even realized that if they actually tried to care for him he wouldn't have died.

alleviating homelessness is pretty difficult, particularly at the municipal level


Inviting strangers into your sleeping area is asking for trouble.


if a city council passed some sort of local ordinance that vacant homes would be used to home the homeless, everyone would just start renting out their empty homes so they could avoid putting up the homeless

Gulag them

Read the article, dipshit. He was well known and “liked” by the local community.

Enjoy getting raped and robbed.

I mean I know this is bait but it is still annoying that there are people that would genuinely argue this.

Oh fuck off, you sanctimonious and retarded shitworm. Knowing and liking someone doesn't mean they're trustworthy. You could like a crackhead and enjoy their company but you'd never trust that crackhead to not steal from you for crack




The fact that it got 6000 upvotes underscores why Gulags aren’t just necessary but desirable. Just imagine, however many downvotes there were on that comment, there had to be an equal amount to cancel it out plus the additional 6000+ upvotes.

Liberals, even when you try to mock people you do nothing but to show off how stupid you really are




Don't keep crack in your house you fucking addict.



Jesus man, what hellhole do you live in where this is routine.

But once again, it's possible that here it's just as bad and the media just doesn't report on it.

the third one isn't nearly as bad as the others, those children are merely coping with the brutality of capitalism

forgot i had joke flag on lol

Pretty sure the CAH one is a joke

let me guess you've never read any of those authors and have based your opinion of them entirely on memes

What meme you have for the meltdown bug?

Nobody made one.


Sarcastically honest bullshitting is arguably worse than old school bullshitting tbqh. I mean, this is basically admitting that this kind of marketing is so widespread and inevitable that there's nothing left but to laugh your ass off at it.

They hate poor people so much they make the architecture look like an evil fortress in a video game…

Wh-, What the fuuuck?

Horrid. Vile.

Don't give the conservatives any ideas.

First pic reminds me of smalt, the 200 dollar music player/mood lighter/conversation centrepiece/salt shaker

Aw, Elsagate. that was a wild ride.

This fucking show–the American propaganda machine it is that (they assume that al-Qaeda was willing to cooperate with Iran)–is really something. Liberals hated how it was Islamophobic until Carrie became disillusioned with the CIA because it targets Muslims, and that's the point when conservatives started to hate the show.

You had one job and you fucked it up.

The fact that children have to work to get life-saving surgery for themselves is pretty LSC. And also early stage capitalism, ironically.

It is a joke, but CAH's whole business is LSC bullshit. They have a product that literally anyone can print out at home on their own, yet make millions with these ridiculous publicity stunts. Do you see the implication here? They're effectively selling marketing, and costumers are paying to be part of a le epic flash mob. The product is the publicity stunt.

There was also that time they spent a ton of money just to dig a big hole for no reason (again, retarded marketing), and even their SJW brownnosers attacked them for this waste of money that could have gone to a decent cause.

Settle down folks, this thread is expected to make us mad, but don't lash out against comrades. Save it for Porky.


i win this thread

I mean, at least the comments are calling it out!

you sure about that?

Wasn't that supposed to be satirical?

Yes, but it doubles as legitimate product placement, especially considering how much non-satirical product placement they stuff into the film as well. If you have an hour, RLM really digs into it.

what. the. absolute. fuck



Education is close to my heart, don't fuck with it. The corporate alphabet above is evil too

It’s amazing how low him and deniro have fallen

Fags. Not every one thinks of blowing dudes while smoking a cigar. Get yourselves together.


I realized the entire show is a giant ad for food joints

I don't understand how RLM did such great work exposing hollywood bullshit with this and the Plinkett videos, and then got down and sucked the Mouse's cock with their "ironic" star wars loving nerd segments.

I'm waiting till they hold dildos so i can join in on the fun

whats wrong with this?

completely useless

Unlike regular jewelry…

But those are blatantly ironic. I mean I personally don't think the joke is worth watching 15 minute videos 'in character' but those are making fun of shit nerd culture.

This video is hilarious

It's clearly to replace wedding rings for those spouses who are so insecure they can't deal with their partner taking it off while at the gym, I guess you could call that a failure of capitalism but hardly one for this thread


commodified shit, everyone.

at least that's an actual historical relic



What is clack factory?

I believe those are keyboard keys

Even santa visits weren’t capitalist enough

FYI apparently those are supposed to be wedding ring substitutes so you don't lose a nice one at the gym but still let everyone know you're married. Honestly anyone who would hit on you at the gym probably wouldn't notice some shitty band on your finger anyways.

That was a good thread. There was also the Juicero, whose inventor company owner went on a raw water binge.

But my favorite one was this, the Bruno, a "smartcan" whose little groove at the bottom detects when you sweep dirt in it and vacums it up for, freeing you from the horror of using a dustpan. Which makes it the world's first garbage can that needs to be recharged, wew. But the real kicker is that it uses proprietary garbage bags. Oh, have I mentioned it was Kickstarted?

These little skulls are indeed mechanical keyboard keycaps, and Clack Factory are artisan keycap makers. Yes.


I hate this.

There is literally nothing wrong with taking wisdom and knowledge from Torah and Chazal.

t. repressed homo chain-smokers

Smoking is more an oral fixation for me, I wasn't breast feed as a baby and have a fascination for sucking things. From clits to dicks I can't get enough.

this index thingy goes up and down capitalism will fall any time guise


Fucking gay.

Pro-click, a genuine LSC tragicomedy.

This is a perfect opportunity to make "capitalist bread lines" memes.

Is that fucking soy milk?

I do not want to SEE reddit terminology on this board

upboated :DDDD

I can understand, after a lifetime of propaganda, how people who are relatively well off can thumb their noses at the poor for being lazy. What really baffles me is when I see people who have swallowed the propaganda so hard that they still venomously believe it even when they personally are the ones who are suffering through its worst effects.

Shut the fuck up who fucking cares.

This dystopia has barely started. Mr. Porky's Wild Ride never ends, and it only ever goes downhill.


t. reddit

just the type of thing a closet homo would say

Someone should take those down and use them to impale the guy who thought this was a good idea.


A couple fresh from /r/LSC. "Capitalism doesn't have bread lines", they said.

I think LSC is good to differentiate this particular pomo hyperreal hell we're living in from late capitalism as a stage or time span. Not to mention it's a wordplay that aptly equates capitalism with cancer, because of unchecked growth. Also, it seems to have been coined by this guy:

I don't even know anymore, what is going on, why are things they are, what real
To be honest, the title is disingenuous, as he wasn't literally by the Parliament. But still, the symbolism holds.

He was an illegal Angolan peadophile immigrant, why the fuck should I care if he's dead? left-wing mong.

top-tier posting ITT
because killing yourself isn't enough

Amazon puts monitoring wristbands on workers
Allows it to monitor hand movements of workers.

I wonder how painful would it be to die in there.

It's not, that's the point.

because of g-loc, you shouldn't be conscious, but perhaps you might feel some discomfort before you lose consciousness.

I hate it when a thread with a good subject loses steam

I don't consider myself a communist but these boujees gotta go (to a re-education camp where they can learn better (so my extended family isn't otherwise killed or something))

90% of homeless people are mentally disabled persons who should be an asylum. Wanting to keep them out of your community is acceptable, as is taxes for funding their treatment. And whenever homeless people consume public spaces, all it does is push people to stop using public spaces in favor of private ones, destroying any hope for a truly social community.

You idiot being nice to the mentally ill and treating them with respect is what helps them cope if not get better


I walked in, filled out paperwork, and walked out almost immediately. Decided the very probable risk of tetanus wasn't worth the money.

It won't because many of them are violent and in a constant state of confusion. These are the class of people who are so unaware of their environment or standards they will just shit their pants or use a subway car as a toilet. They need to be contained, if only to be given medication. It's not pretty but it's the best society can give them. Accommodating them in public spaces can only happen after they are given as much treatment as plausible, including a place to sleep so if someone finds them under their porch the police can take them to a place other than jail.

Rehabilitation can only occur if external elements (alcohol and drugs mostly) are eliminated, progress monitored, and medication given as necessary. Otherwise they'll just be targets for thieves and junkies looking to rob a retard for their next hit.

just because some college professeurs said it, it doesn't make you not a redditor.
same thing goes for defending idpol with "base and superstructure"


People calling the police in the UK because KFC is closed.

This is an example of the UK becoming Americanized.

Why haven't I heard of someone tripping face first into something like this yet? Not only is it just cruel, but that doesn't seem safe at all. They're basically just laying traps for humans in urban areas.

Probably someone has, but lack the ability to sue

since it seems like you're a burger, getting on the section 8 system in the US is damn near impossible due to several year wait lists and also local zoning preventing section 8 constructions

something something capitalist innovation yadda yadda

As things stand, that will be the fate of the entire world, but yeah the UK is first in line.


Aren't tortillas supposed to be… you know, big?

Shut up tho

The only bad thing about GMO food is porky's patents. They're a wonderful way to produce more and better food.
Fuck the anti GMO movement triggers me.

My "citation" is the state of San Francisco's transit networks. The local BART metro doesn't have much security and this results in all sorts of unacceptable behavior by mentally ill people. Among them: spitting on people, shitting on the floor, hitting people, and theft. The lawlessness has also resulted in "entrepreneurs" showing up in the form of "youth" mobs who target individual people for assault and theft. Now employees are starting to be attacked. Meanwhile community places like libraries, gyms, parks and vending machines are run over with the destitute who use books for kindling or park benches as fortifications.

This has resulted in all the communities that don't already use BART to use commuter rail alternatives they can control and police themselves. Of these are Caltrain, the Capitol Corridor and SMART. All three have Proof-Of-Payment schemes, where all riders must present a valid ticket to a human Conductor for checking. This doesn't sound bad until one looks at the broader picture: rich people take commuter rail, poor people are shoved onto BART. It's class warfare, and it's evident whenever BART wants to expand and has to fight off everyone who has a job because they are fearful their communities will be destroyed by homeless.

This situation exists because San Francisco, BART, the state of California and the United States in general takes a lassiez-faire attitude towards mental healthcare. A thing that only divides communities and destroys public spaces, making social interaction difficult if not impossible.

Keeping these people out is fully acceptable. Though like any prevention measure, simple locks and funny shaped benches don't stop mentally diseased people for long if there is no healthcare system ready to take them once the police arrive.

Wonder if non-gmo cunts know what wild corn looks like.

The way she shifts back and forth between a newscaster accent and a parody of a hispanic accent is fucking unsettling.

oh yea, and it's gonna be between 400 and 600 bucks

I'd like to add that the spikes were placed there because the birds were shitting on his car

No one except savages at corn like that before Monsanto gave it to us. No idea why people dislike gmos.

commodification of culture.
Can't really show the dirty hispanic accent, because you need to be understandable to the masses enough to sell the product.

No matter how many times I read this sentence, I can't figure out what the hell you were trying to say.

What the fuck does this sentence say???
Holy shit this is hilarious

only $437 and 79 cents per taco!
Also it was delayed a year and they probably didn't close their funding round since you don't have a funding round of 8m that lasts this long.

Oh wow, Sanfran is already started on the path to Mad Max, I see.

The genes an organism dertermine which substances that organism can synthetize, right? Or at least the proteins? Wouldn't it be possible that inserted genes allowed some harmless lettuce strain to produce a horrible new poison that turns your guts inside out or some shit? God knows Porky isn't squeamish when it comes to "innovating" the market as soon as possible.

As far as I know, it's an entire street. In a wealthy neighborhood, of course.


I wonder if the choice to show a completely empty supermarket was a conscious marketing decision or not! Its message is "nobody is coming here anymore."

He's right desu

Explains why you're a commie

most homeless people in cities are on the street because theyre not allowed in a shelter usually because they bring drugs/violence and most shelters are drug-free.
they belong in asylums

pretty small sidewalk to put a full bench. also, why arent people waiting for the bus allowed to sit?

commies btfo

You belong under the guillotine.

Isnt getting government anything in the USA near impossible?

Killing someone is cold blood is definately worse

I bet a lot of mental health problems would go away, or at least become manageable, if people didn't have to worry about food and shelter. Especially if we combined it with people being able to control and derive satisfaction from their labor. Golly gee, I wonder how we could achieve that.


Seems appropriate to me. Hopefully it gets worse (for the programmers I mean.)

*onion subway add is a joke*

This hurts me

That's a pretty safe bet. There are all sorts of studies about the negative health effects of stress and malnutrition. Guaranteeing people a place to live and food to eat would have positive effects on the whole of society almost immediately.


t.liberal humanist

Note that bench has the fucking anti homeless bars on it and it clearly made no difference


more like (too) late stage irony.

Speaking of which, I honestly can't tell if this is a guerrilla ad or not.



Some more bullshit from this guy

/leftpol/ in a nutshell

What? They'd already been dead 45 million years?


It really isn't that easy, we have a welfare state–only for old people though and it isn't enough.

and the guy's username is a fucking rick and morty reference out of all things
christ almighty, please bring us back the old bolsheviks

The Hathaway Effect: When actress Anne Hathaway is trending on social media, Wall Street algorithms buy Berkshire Hathaway stock, causing the price to spike.

i.e. nerves wrecked the whole 1 hour queue you'd have to wait in to get on like any other roller coaster

I'm NEET so plasma donation is my only income.

Then here are some top tips for social ascension.

they even say it's "between Oligocene and Miocene" and dinosaurs were extinct by then.

Unfortunately that's primarily due to certain governments, most recently Obama, using Section 8 housing as a way to shift demographics in politically contested areas.
It led to a lot of local politicians obstructing the fuck out of any constructions and that's on-top of the house owners who already don't want their properties to drop in value by having a ghetto plopped down next to them and the anti-government types who don't want them built period.

This is one of the reasons i'm not terribly keen on leftypol people, most of you don't seem to have any even tangential real world experience with simple things like janitorial work, cleaning, HVAC, caretakers, real estate maintenance etc.
Any of the above could tell you that mentally-ill people do the exact same thing in a home they rent or own that they do on the street which completely wrecks your average apartment in a matter of weeks.
It's a big part in why they can't keep a home of their own even when the government pays for it.

Those videos were meant to satirize the commercialization and consumerism of nerd culture and how those movies are just products made to appeal to as many people as possible. I don't understand how you reached the conclusion that they're actually praising Disney when that seems to be far from the truth.


Rarely do you see Porky being so sincere.

They even darkened their skin in photoshop.

It certainly won't be petite bourgeois whites who suffer the most.

I always thought the world of bladerunner was a critique of capitalism.

This true? Are you just some blood cow cow living off your blood money?

Yes, i think you are right in this regard, but i am not so sure that people think about this. "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink"

Jameson calls it "the supreme literary expression if not of postmodernism, then of late capitalism itself." So yeah, I'd say so.

LSC leads people to internalize the guilt for problems actually caused by the system itself.

How do you know that?

Not so much the first one, but the new one definitely is.

How about a house?


No, Canada is, or was.

This reminds me, the Pentagon has a program to lend surplus military equipment to cops. Yep. That's why you can't see a police chase on TV without at least one APC involved.

Arpaio, guided by the same unstoppable phallic compensation that shaped his whole life, one-upped everyone by getting a fucking howitzer, with his named painted on it so everyone would know who the death-dealing machine-cock belonged to. Mercifully the thing wasn't anywhere near operational. In fact, it could barely move, but damn if it didn't make for the perfect metal dick for waving around in public, as long as it was hauled on a trailer pulled by a tractor. But alas, it was returned last year by Arpaio's successor, who went to the trouble of painting it black before the DoD came to pick it up. You might say that Arpaio was, in his own way, BLACKED.

Incidentally, here's a list of all the gear the Pentagon had lent Arizona cops by 2014:

32 bomb suits
704 units of night vision equipment, e.g., night-vision goggles
1034 guns, of which 712 are rifles
42 forced entry tools, such as battering rams
830 units of surveillance and reconnaissance equipment
13,409 personal protective equipment (PPE) and/or uniforms
120 utility trucks
64 armored vehicles
4 GPS devices
17 helicopters
21,211 other types of military equipment

relatively fresh from /r/LSC


When your only culture is pop culture

Rule of Acquisition #111 Treat people in your debt like family… exploit them.

Exactly the one that came into my mind.

Looks good. Having a machine which can prepare food is always handy. If you wouldn't need to buy their branded spices, I would consider buying it if I had any idea what flatev is.

this fucking whole video.

American are a lost cause.

and pic related come from Mastodon.

vanguardists pls

I haven't watched television in a literal decade so watching snips like that on youtube is nauseating. As tired as it is to invoke Brave New World, the audience's excitement is like the Deltas' (or were they Gammas?) glee at Helmholtz's soma. It's just weird watching people come to see a talk show host interview porky in a oh-so-comical fashion as to contrast how detached the rich are from society, painfully and explicitly include product placement since the joke now is the self-consciousness thereof, and then reward the observers with petty gifts and another reunion at the studio. IT'S FUCKING WEIRD, it's absolutely something you'd expect from a children's cartoon parodying capitalist practice.

It's like a different planet.

Wow, not just better than sex, but way better? How can I say no?


Don't be racist you fuck, Quark was a true bro. #notallferengis



Cyber punk is anti capitalist in its nature

Literally alienation.

Yeah but the first one focused more on the sci-fi themes.

Sadly this has been reality in Brazil for a while. We theoretically have UHC, but our dear swine overlords keep it permanently underfunded, so ambulances can take ages. Calling a cab to the hospital is far more sensible.


one says
"fotocopies 0,20€
two sides 0,40€
fotocopies A3 0,30€
fresh squids"

the other

contract - stage
disponibility - full time
salary - 0 €
city - milan

we are searching healtcare assistants with experience for an important renewable free stage of a 6 months period.

requirements: degree in nursing sciences, at least 3-years experience and love and passion assisting the elderly."

Never change Holla Forums
Never change



try harder faggot


Wow its almost as if I don't want a lot of shit at the store.



Sic semper commoditates.

it's not a joke hahahaha oh wow. How long till they do the same to paychecks? "Reasons to work for our companys: +10% to paycheck chance."

The first season was waaay fucking different man.
I was one of the OG viewers and the whole premise of the show was about a soldier coming back from captivity and the obsession of this women in trying to find out the truth about him. The complication was that she fell in love with him. It was an interesting show about ptsd and it wasn't so pro american. The whole reason behind Brody becoming a sleeper agent was because they killed a kid with a drone attack.
It was a smart show and dealed wit sexuality in an interesting way (channel being showtime this was a miracle at the time). Then the second season came and it became 24 with suits, then the third season jumper the shark with brody's death. I stopped watching there. I know it became bullshit.
Switched to the americans instead who deals with similar themes but way way way better


Star Wars merchandising is really getting out of hand.

Where did you find that pic tho? All GRIS returns is a tweet.

Georgia's riot police have the leadership on the intimidating apparel game tho.


neck yourself

Probably from that tweet


I don't get this shit, aren't people who do this afraid that they could step on a piece of glass or a knife or something?

Are both of the first two from mexico city?

Not sure why they would go in to begin with tbh

Desperation will make you do crazy things, I guess.

archive version for anyone who wants it.

first one is Dharavi in Mumbai.
Second is Mexico city



Saudi Arabia



I can't be the only one to think those gas masks look a little too much like Mickey Mouse.

fucking hell, ;_;

Worst part is, I can see this happening.

Reminded me of this

Pagpag is made from scraps of food thrown away its then cooked down seasoned and re sold for like 20 cents a bowl to the poor folks ;-;

Reminded me of a video where haitians eat dirt cookies to survive.

HL2 was a mistake.

That's it guys, it's undeniable, we fucked up this whole "sentience" thing big time. We were evolution's first shot at it and we failed. Time to hit reset and leave behind nothing but a recording of our many mistakes, so the next species to reach sentience knows what not to do.

Kind of funny how monarchists (who also to happen to always be lolberts) always point to this country as a model of their ideology because the GDP is high

I’ve thought about that too. It’s why I’ve always felt gdp isn’t the best indicator for quality of life

Under rated post

Now now, it's not fair to say all those kids are working in wastewater. Many of them are simply enjoying themselves. It's not like they have much in the way of entertainment choices.

official late capitalism theme song:




So this just popped up on my tv. I just burst out laughing, tf is this shit.

what fucking accent is the announcer speaking in?
everybody else sounds like an amerilard but he sounds different

It's shit like this that makes me wish uncle Joe was still here.


Ok… this timeline is getting creepier all the time.

technically sentience means only being capable of feeling emotions and react accordingly. Most mammals are sentient. A better word for what you meant is conscious or self-aware or being aware of one owns existence as a separate entity. Even in this category we are not alone however, crows and dolphins are as well.

would take a retarded kid there and play "plane", throwing it into the tower
it'd be beautiful

I was going to post these pictures but it would be too much. Just go take a look at how badly we fucked up.

Well whichever is the thing that separates us from other animals then. Ability to abstracize, I guess? Doesn't have the same ring as "sentience" tho.




Words fail me.


welcome to the Nightmare


Literal virtue-signaling.
Not that vague demeaning sort that autistic spergs accuse everyone of being guilty of as soon as anyone tries to do anything even vaguely "good" what so ever, but the real fucking deal.


whoops meant for

I'm… confused. Those women probably were too.

Well the word has been used so many times by the left, that its lost all its meaning amiright?



Remember that makeup removal thingamabob? Supposedly pic related is a result.

Sadly fake, but entirely believable. Memes keep invading reality.

Frankly, what SJWs do is closer to the definition of virtue-signalling than this, because the point of it is to pass off as a noble soul despite doing absolutely nothing of any value. But donating 100k actually does help, regardless of the 9b slash.


Attached: 1520532722275.jpg (500x500, 63.82K)

Start off reading thru this thread laughing.
By the time I get halfway thru I feel suicidal.
By the time I get to the bottom Im emotionally cold towards images of children crawling naked in toxic sewage and sharp fragments of garbage.

RIP Colonel Gradifi

Boy I hope you dont ever learn about the SimpleHuman brand

Now that you baited me into looking it up, what about them? Do they also use proprietary bags?

No because it's easy to define "elite" in monetary terms, by what you're taxed at.


great more individual plastic packages for your individual self!

When people get carried away with the 'development of the productive forces'
>>2425083 >>2425715 this is why I'm anti-civ. This has next to nothing to do with wages and profits, it's massification and quantitative development in and for itself. The Leviathan.
"Hic Rhodus! This is the place to jump, the place to dance! This is the wilderness! Was there ever any other? This is savagery! Do you call it freedom? This is barbarism! The struggle for survival is right here. Haven’t we always known it? Isn’t this a public secret? Hasn’t it always been the big public secret?

It remains a secret. It is publicly known but not avowed. Publicly the wilderness is elsewhere, barbarism is abroad, savagery is on the face of the other. The dry sterile thunder without rain, the confused alarms of struggle and flight, are projected outward, into the great unknown, across the seas and over the mountains. We’re on the side with the angels.

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs… (W.B. Yeats)

…is moving its slow thighs against the projected wilderness, against the reflected barbarism, against the savage face that looks out of the pond, its motion emptying the pond, rending its banks, leaving an arid crater where there was life." Perlman

Attached: egglettes-ss-790x456.jpg (405x445 113.77 KB, 45.16K)

arent those eggs poached tho?

Attached: 4f5dfbc38b06f8cf67fcaff721aa8a8b28b8616504d565b9b11645a82ceb81ca.png (363x475, 88.64K)

Pointless but not actively LSC, I think.

Attached: zloimr1l6jtz.jpg (549x579 82.12 KB, 58.29K)

Here's a picture of Jeff Bezos eating an Iguana.
You're welcome.

Attached: DYG1DauWsAIr9Vt.jpg (800x726, 68.73K)

I would say this was culture jamming if I didn't know better.

Attached: Grenfell-800x445.jpg (800x445, 58.7K)

Attached: Dunking Buddy The Chew.webm (640x360, 5.55M)

How the fuck am I going to dunk my cookies without the dunking buddy?
You commies just want to restrict the freedom of the individual to dunk his cookies without his hands.

It's already common to shame people for being unlucky.

Attached: DYG1DauWsAIr9Vt.jpg (597x522, 33.85K)

I want off this planet.

pic related

On hindsight, we should have known capitalists would commodify culture jamming too.

Attached: DCi_yH-U0AANbaw.jpg orig.jpg (586x1024, 86.16K)

Attached: 5b617c09dccfaedcde19740e2c148f6c55ba6582e4e5045bc9d2b4624779dd11.jpg (620x349 105.75 KB, 151.19K)

Y'know, it's not so much the fact that 30 kids died because of money that makes me want to kill myself, nor is it the fact that someone made this comment on Reddit that makes me want to just throw myself off a tall building, but what really pushes me is that *6092* people upvoted that.


This isn't just some jackass weirdo on the internet that posted some shit, no, this guy got the approval of thousands. Thousands of people do not actually see what's wrong with this. Holy fuck, we are a miserable species.

I'm done. Liberals get the bullet too.

As much as agree with you, do keep in mind that it costs literally pennies to buy upvotes on Reddit.

Vox, but:

Follow the main thread here for a nice demonstration that journalists are on the reading level of tween literature:

Attached: C8wN1h3WAAAu4zD.jpg (727x594, 74.05K)

I vomited a little.

Attached: 1.png (197x267, 16.4K)

Yall fellar should check this out .

How can libsocs even compete?

what's wrong with harry pooper? :c
that was the shit when i was like 15

Attached: stick-your-opinion-up-your-ass.jpg (698x904, 50.68K)

This would actually be useful for someone with Parkinson's or some other condition that made it more likely they'd drop it in the cup.

This board is a goldmine of retardation.

Spoiler alert, faggot, the reason they tend not to have food or shelter is because they're severely mentally disabled to the point of being unable to either work, or take care of themselves.

They're not mentally ill because "they don't have food or shelter". Talk about putting the cart before the horse, jesus.

Why, Spike, why?

To his credit, he's calling out Russia conspiracy theorists, which automatically puts him above 90%+ of American journalists.

Fresh from /r/LSC.

This is one those general machine diagnostics that are used first, to measure the vitals before treatment can start. See that black credit card-reader thing at the top? That's exactly what it is. The machine won't work, thus you can't get emergency treatment, until your payment clears.

Remember when that GOP cuck flat-out said that no one dies for lack of access to medical care in America?

Attached: ppcuq3v85ul01.jpg (1574x2100, 237.79K)

They'd be putting credit card readers on infusions if they could get away with it.

1 drop = swipe

Attached: Steve_jobs_by_rware-d3af4rz.jpg (487x740, 167.69K)

Whoever came up with something like this, or more precisely whomever pushed this to increase their own profits must be mauled and maimed, preferably slowly to death, by my own fists. My flesh and bone demand it, they scream for it.

It's not just the "your money or your life" attitude, but the entire cultural direction it takes us in, and the dire depths it shows the people around there have sunk to. A humane society wouldn't even allow something like this to be even considered, not to even mention actually FUCKING putting it into place.
I'm not fond of "slippery slope" arguments, but if this sort of shit is considered acceptable, what change will the greedy wankers push for the sake of profit next? Contractually selling your non-essential organs to cover expenses while your surgery is still in progress, if and when a shadow of doubt is cast on your ability to pay for it?

My blood seethes and demands for ruthless spilling of its kin!
My blood demands 'blood!

Attached: ssr4h.png (1600x900, 1.46M)

Attached: 1487876205653.png (481x525, 286.17K)

Now THAT clip is pure ideology.

Seriously, a single post isn't able of expressing my frustration.

If the word hate was engraved on every nanoangstrom of my being it would not equal one one billionth of the hate I feel in this micro instant.

It's true. Succumbing to simple doctrine, assimilating into a strict order, would be a relief. It would be spiritually liberating for once not to be so alone with these burdens. It would be much simpler to rely on predefined standards than to think and weigh these things every damn time by myself. But not today friend, not to day. Today I must funnel this fury, I must store its burning heat for future fuel.

Attached: fugt4is.mp4 (1280x720, 967.24K)

[Citation Needed]

assuming you're if you were a humanist you'd have more empathy for mentally ill and/or homeless people with addiction

I'm not him.


Hope you enjoy these here. :^)

better not give them ideas

Attached: Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare -Rep Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)

Oh man, this is deluxe rage material right here.

Now that you put it like that, it really is like a set piece from a well-written distopian novel, isn't it? Like a self-aware inversion of the Two Minutes Hate.

Attached: 21576782_1988110954779845_4103252235218059264_n.jpg (1080x1080, 35.79K)

I no longer know if I should plead you to stop, or to order you to keep feeding my rage.
It's starting to feel good, it's starting to cloud my judgment, it is strangling it to silence.

No. It's not yet time to tear people into ribbons, a more opportune time will come.

Attached: adceb447ff5d941166050a92ec1aca481da8ca5e5e3d528d2cf5865b0597d208.gif (640x360, 2.16M)

I don't want to hurt your feelings comrade, but this wasn't even what we'd call an interpretation of the clip, this is just listing and describing what happened in it (selecting significant parts), so I'm not putting it in any specific way, just telling you this is what you saw. "You might not have noticed it, but your brain did."

People lost the basic capacity to be able to reflect on what they sea, hear in art (cultural products). This isn't a coincide. Adorno called this enforced retardation of people, and for him this is a crucial function of the capitalist culture industry. Basically, he says, music, something we used to participate in actively, listen closely, became background music you are only expected to recognize the verses of. Movies are degraded to a series of close ups on the actors faces, making sure that your connection is based on an instinctual/emotional level rather than intellectual.

If you'd ask a hundred random viewers of that clip what they thought about it the top answers would include: the music was good, she is pretty, nice dancing moves, cool effects, Apple knows how to make a good commercial, etc…

How could a city be that fucking huge

Man I got a treasure trove of this stuff, but it's spread all over my folders. I'll post what I find.

Attached: twitter.com_2018-03-16_00-42-53.png (926x806 261.23 KB, 303.39K)

America is beyond redemption.

Attached: Sodom-and-Gomorrah-by-John_Martin-Wikipedia-public-domain.jpg (779x487, 192.22K)

Isn't that third image from What the Health? Or wasn't it used in the film? I can't remember, but thanks for posting it

But let me go on about the things you might have missed in detail.
As I said we start off with the liberall portrayal of alienated life, liberal because it's not about the workplace, in fact that aspect is completely missing. We can only assume that she's coming back home from work. For libs what is "alienating" is the over-proximity of others (awkward elevator scene where she has to politely fight her way thru) feeling that they are just one among many other, that they are in no way special. Libs I know literally hate having to walk on semi-crowded streets (rain scene), use the metro (first scene, with her shutting her eyes), or elevators (third scene with the "excuse me"s). Notice how in the elevator scene the actors are told to act completely unnaturally. When she's asking for a little space nobody responds in any shape or form, as if to reinforce the idea of their complete disregard for, if not outright hostility towards you.

We arrive home, she is clearly tired (again, allowing us to think she's back from work) and her only partner to address is a plastic dildo sniff ("Siri").

Which basically proves that she's hasn't got any kind of substantiated taste, mood-induced preference, theme she finds appropriate to her predicament what so ever. If your musical library consists of "whatever can play whenever" your collection is completely monochrome, depth- and rangeless – that is the library of the optimal omni-consumer.

She's standing in the middle of her room, aimlessly, and rather awkwardly. This person came back from work and has no clue what to do in her fucking free time, no preferences, goals. What a completely hollow, damaged human being she is?

She starts day dreaming while rhythmically following the music, immediately everything becomes interesting. (Accentuated ofc by the music and the fact that so far they've been using drab colors.) She first elongates her desk magically showing disbelief on her face, but immediately this newfound ability of hers seems normal to her. She whispers to the wall, then commands it to expand.

Notice that so fat she established NO eye contact with the camera (that is: you) so here you are supposed to feel that you've found a connection with her, she started acknowledging you, in fact it is YOUR gaze she dances for. Similarly, so far the camera movement was calm if not fixed, the space explored almost claustrophobic, but now we are moving freely in and out (the wall) left to right.

She directly points at you during her dance at 02:25 just in case you were too autistic to get these not so subtle hints.

Mirror scene. She blows open the wall, revealing the mirror. Notice her displeasure at first seeing her reflection and her failed attempt to remove the object. No matter how you try (let's be honest, she really didn't try that hard) you can't remove your SELF from the picture. She takes this up as a challenge, expanding the frame of the mirror.

So far the clip was about you identifying with this shit person, this they established. From now on the clip is about telling you how you should relate to your own self, like she relates to her mirror image.

Consume, faggots!

I noticed the cheap escapism and typical "buying our product will make you happy" message of most ads, but I hadn't realized just how fine-tuned it was. Neatly offering capitalism as the answer to the problems of capitalism, as opposed to generic consumer's high.

Attached: t3_7lsosm.jpg (3024x4032, 715.5K)

It's literally not when all you have to do is go to the nearest hospital and say I'm homeless and they'll put you in a group home.

There are specialists analyzing every aspect, second, symbolism, rhythm, etc. of these things. On most of the possible content they think should be put in they do a consumer test first. Which dancer did consumer group B (youth male university students) find most attractive? Which kind of lighting made the take on Siri made had the best response? etc. You'd be surprised how horribly effective this propaganda machinery is.

It's almost like we need to abolish capitalism to alleviate homelessness

I'm fairly certain, for example, that their choice of beverage for her to pour was consciously chosen. In the lyrics the singer says: whisky. She's drinking something that is water clear with ice cubes, from an unmarked bottle. Whiskey would be too risky, too lively, going too far in the direction of un-adjusted and un-regulated consumption in excess, a "coffee with caffeine," and besides, not kid [consumer group C]-friendly enough.

I just want this nightmare to end.

Yeah it's from there, tho it's not my cap.

Incidentally, FUN FACT: the sugar industry all the way back in the 60s bought off scientists to publish "research" downplaying the ills of carbs and shifting the blame on fats. This was so effective that, well, let's be honest, you believed that too, didn't you? Even the famous food pyramid which ended up being used around the world echoed that. This single particular instance of Porky meddling with research might have been the X factor in causing the chronic undernourishment of healthy fats in a lot of people ( I haven't been able to find a number, sadly), and yet most likely caused the obesity epidemic which is fueled by empty carbs. And as it happens, fat is good for making you feel satiated, so lack of it in your diet further drives you towards obesity.

So all those people who died this past half century of obesity-related causes? Take that number, subtract the number of deaths that would be expected if there hadn't been an obesity epidemic, and add that result to the number of victims of capitalism. Aldo tobacco and leaded gasoline, but that goes without saying. What worries me is in how damn many other areas Porky may have fagged scientific research up we have no idea about it.

Attached: 1511501746446.png (1280x853, 1.18M)

Nice breakdown. One additional point (that maybe doesn't need to be made) is that her fantasy is about expansion. As a counterpoint to the claustrophobia of so-called "liberal alienation," her world in the song grows. But not only that, it grows spatially, with nothing to fill the new gaps. So in effect what is happening is her pushing the world away and pushing other people away. I don't mean in a psychological sense or whatever, like emotional closeness etc. but more literally, she is creating a space that only she resides and in her fantasy that space expands indefinitely (notice how in the hallway scene after she steps through the mirror there are no longer boundaries).

It's this profound focus on the space of and for the individual that I think is most interesting. In contrast to the crowded world of reality, the fantasy is entirely alone, until she meets her reflection. The reflection is absolutely necessary, it is the other without an other. The liberal dream. Since self is something that makes sense only with an other (the "what I am not"), the only way to preserve self in an entirely individualized world is through the reflection.

That picture…

Attached: finn stare.png (228x299, 73.45K)

Attached: exnemwgr4rg01.png (1016x1596 540.73 KB, 1.6M)

Well, commodifying sexuality, especially in such bizarre ways, is pretty LSC, is it not?

Attached: yYHICtj.jpg (532x709, 115.22K)

The entirety of psychiatric drugs research. The entirety. Millions commit suicide every decade directly related to irrecoverably damaging their brains, erasing their libido for ever, fucking up brain chemistry and your body's natural hormonal economy. Some psychologists go as far to call this genocide. The DSM's board (people who reclassify every few years ad infinitum the list of "mental sicknesses") have stocks in the very companies that produce the new drugs they will tailor diseases to. You heard me right. How's that for scientific process? You have the drug first and you need to create a sickness for it that it could cure.

A good chunk on pesticides, fungicides. Shit is cancer inducing as fuck, childhood leukemia in farming communities in France for example have risen considerably. Not according to every research funded by the companies, ofc.

A lot of food research. Just to mention one of my favorites, sodium nitrate that makes your meat go pink but also cancer inducing. There are ofc lobbies in food industry as well. You mention the sugar lobby, there's also a milk lobby (completel unhealthy for you, it actually causes osteoporosis), meat lobby (who won't give up the pink additive although knowing it causes cancer just because pink looks sexy and sells better), corn lobby…

Excellent points.

Don't get me wrong, I love licking me some pussy, but is there a more disgusting thing than a bodily fluid "removed" (through imitation, I presume) from the real thing, and sold on the market?

I'm not surprised at all

Attached: 6dfe3be5fa4052d5c0f25c68d831cbe5a559111906c922ccafa329d79f66ddc3.jpg (384x384 33.47 KB, 19.97K)


Attached: (you).png (658x901, 64.42K)

So my browser keeps crashing and I can't find a fucking article that says how a life-saving drug isn't manufactured because it's too cheap, so I'll continue this tomorrow.

Attached: ktc7lpxezwhz.jpg (864x426 418.52 KB, 89.04K)

I think the ancap memes were not meant as an instruction manual.

Yeah and I bet all those lab techs were being paid $10/hour.

Attached: gotta feel fast.png (450x558, 56.29K)

the medical industry is an elephant in the room for lolberts

Speaking of which, I was googling for an old and awful National Review article (redundant, yeah) shilling for Dr. Porky, and as it turns out they have been churning out a lot of shillpieces against UHC. And I do mean a lot. Porky is deathly scared of losing those deathbux.

Attached: (784x1158, 49.47K)

unsurprising. a capitalist economy is more efficient overall with more healthy workers so the minority of porks that don't benefit have to work double time with the FUD

If you can't afford the care you need to survive, borrow the money and/or pay it back in smaller amounts that you can afford. Or take money from a private charity. Or hell, start your own. Those have been successful in the past and these have the advantage that the people who donated the money will be getting what they paid for: a life save. If none of this works, then I'm sorry pumpkin, it's your time to go.


This reminds me, back in the 2016 campaign, some stooge from the Libertarian or Independent or whatever petty-bougie party had a Reddit AMA. A working man said he wasn't able to pay his medical bills despite all his hard, honest work, and the stooge literally said "try starting your own business".

Attached: 373.webm (360x360, 2M)

This opioid epidemic has been the biggest demonstration of a racket that I curiously never saw anyone denounce before: how Porky makes money first by selling addictive drugs and fostering crime, then once again with private security and for-profit prisons, and now I realized, addiction treatments too. A clean and closed case of creating a (profitable) problem from nothing (as opposed to, say, polluting a river as a side effect of your plant) then profiting from the solution. It's the sort of thing that should have been named after some Marxist author.

That's got to be a joke.

if i saw 1st pick i would knock it (preferably with a model plane) over purely to see The reactions

Considering he stopped and filmed it, the advertiser did his job admirably

Attached: c9762b606fb4c00b847748867d82d5b1af16f6e64d38834502f23be982a2078e.png (480x467, 192.45K)


Attached: ab85b8865deb4e3d96b8e27f8aea7539.jpg (1242x641 870.14 KB, 57.6K)

I wish someone would compile the money (in USD) the Cuban government would spend on each item. I bet it would amount to somewhere between 5-50 bucks.

jacobin did a comparison in common medical costs between US and Cuba.

Attached: IMG_20180317_115243.jpg (1299x974, 141.18K)

(this comic artist is super cancer however)

Attached: thirdwave_irl.jpg (540x760, 62.76K)

requesting better pic

The (un)funny thing is that you need to prove to the bank you have a sufficiently high and reliable income for them to approve your loan.
I doubt the homeless and many others really have the credentials to get loans with any sort of reasonable interest rate despite them juggling two jobs.

You need to break out of a Catch 22 and somehow trough luck break big with your business, which might take decades, just to pay off your medical bills and the high-interest loan you had to take. A high-interest trash-loan that's most likely passed on in a bundle like a hot potato, potentially ending with some fucking board-meeting contractually demanding your loan to be payed back well ahead of time to guarantee their profits before the jig is up and the bundle of shit-loans pops.
And you need to do this while not getting sick or mauled again during all this and somehow manage to pay all the bills from before in time? At the risk of ending up in a worse financial state than before trough bankruptcy and never be approved for a loan again?
Doesn't seem the least like a reliable fucking solution for the poor to me.

Attached: a43c68fd79dc4cb7df8b14a7c9b608c057d26360.png (1800x1800, 757.22K)

You can always sell your liver for cash, cucky leftist.

you could just buy an issue on-line, but this should be better

Attached: IMG_20180317_125308.jpg (3120x4160, 4.22M)

" 1. In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.

2. The images detached from every aspect of life fuse in a common stream in which the unity of this life can no longer be reestablished. Reality considered partially unfolds, in its own general unity, as a pseudo-world apart, an object of mere contemplation. The specialization of images of the world is completed in the world of the autonomous image, where the liar has lied to himself. The spectacle in general, as the concrete inversion of life, is the autonomous movement of the non-living."

Attached: guy-at-table.jpg (728x888, 401.28K)

Yeah, I've heard all this before, however you're right I did believe in the food pyramid as a youth. Now though I'm a whole-food vegan and avoid all that horrible shit.

The amount of research paid for by the animal agr. industry to show that eating steak is good for you is astounding. What I think is even more interesting tho is that how bad this industry is on our planet, I believe collectively cows & pigs produce 3 times the waste of all humans on Earth not to even mention other waste released from breathing & meat processing plants themselves.

Capitalism has doomed humanity on basically all fronts, there are people who are waking up to the realities of say "Big-Pharma" or Oil, but neglect that basically every industry under capitalism is both directly & indirectly tearing apart huamanity

WHO declared processed meat a Class 1A carcinogen & Red Meat a possible carcinogen.

There's the DAIRY PRIDE Act to remove the label "milk" from milk alternatives to get people to be less aware of alternatives. However, DAIRY PRIDE is also a kind of signal that the dairy industry is dying, so many people are lactose intolerant in the world especially PoC

Can you read? You need a reliable income, selling your body parts isn't a reliable income lmao

it'll last you long enough until you die


buy print then whatever suits you

Now THIS is a prime example of late stage capitalism.

Attached: e0abd7471eb13930df373bd5d04116cede46318b43f101c9c4a89e41cd112c7e.jpg (1024x578, 81.98K)

Looks like it's time to go >>>/vegan/.

Attached: 20232687_329909297451447_7630510709527250334_o.jpg (1080x1410, 264.03K)

Underrated most ancaps will never have children tho

Yeah it is because it's literally cheaper to buy vegetables n fruit than processed food & meat. I didn't tell you I eat organic or raw, I basically just told you I don't eat processed foods, especially since my IBS kills me if I do.

Also >>liberal
You do know that there's quote a lot of Vegan Marxists & Anarchists, right? I'm also not telling other people to go Vegan especially if they don't have the means to do it a la food deserts.

Like, if you have the privilege veganism should be apart of your praxis because the amount of CO2 released, resources like water & soy, and land used by animal agr is abominable.

I'm also not some pleb who would tell you that veganism is going to resolve the ills of capitalism because ultimately the problem is capitalism.

Quit swinging to the left & quit calling people you don't like a liberal, you sound like a conservative lmao


Attached: mm7ypj44rcvy.png (989x402, 67.25K)

Attached: Deluxe hugs.jpg (600x350, 63.8K)

What does it say of capitalist conditioning that I'm inherently drawn towards the sign on the right? It's like I've learned to associate anything free with poor quality.

By God you're right

Nice postings. Please let us not devolve this thread into another ethical vegan vs. actual science thread, k? The fact is: humans are omnivores. Your ethical consumption under capitalism is a joke. Actual science (you know, facts published in non-cultist, non-vegan-only sites) highlight the facts that we need animal fats to prosper.

Please explain to me how the traditional diet of the Eskimo people with a 95% meat consumption have a better chance at avoiding diabetes, cardiovascular and cancerous diseases.

This is not what I'm doing. What I'm doing is pointing out that your dietery preferences are pseudo-scientific (just like the aforementioned dietary pyramid) and based on the liberal "holier than thou" ideology.

Speaking of which, it's a bit surprising no one is pirating digital versions of magazines. I'll try to google for it.

Attached: np.reddit.com_2018-03-16_02-58-43.png (530x707 277.64 KB, 66.18K)

It's not really a catch-22 when it's by design tho. The richer you are, the easier it is to get loans and the better its terms will be. Get rich enough, and there's a point where the government is essentially giving you free dosh, with current evidence A being Elon Musk. The rationale is always the same: these job creators will use that capital to help grow the economy and generate jobs. Which we can't have any citizen oversight over because guess what, it's considered private business, so they can be blowing that shit on cockfighting for all we know.

This is a universal tool of upwards transfer of wealth used by the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Here in Brazil we have something called a "National Development Bank" which does exactly that: loan ungodly sums on really sweet terms to the biggest porkies around so they can get themselves a big-ass factory (good) or some importing business comprador shit (very bad) or somesuch, then easily repay the loan, essentially getting that moneymaker for free.

I'm yet to see a single study that tracked the use of those e-z loans. I wouldn't be surprised if this particular scheme turned out to be one of the biggest ones the bourgeois State does. Conveniently, there's very little transparency around them because, again, it's considered a private matter.

I take it that processing varies a lot from country to country, doesn't it?

Oh wow, no matter how much shit I learn about capitalism, there's always more to be found, it's fucking uncanny. I wish we could have some sort of organization dedicated just to publishing that dirty laundry. The Victims of Capitalism Memorial Foundation.

That was a confirmed troll tho.

Settle down, you're on the same side.

Attached: 930m of the 2b GoFundMe moved between 2010 and early 2016 were for medical bills, so now it's a category, notice the tags.jpg (1430x2182 1.35 MB, 408.99K)

Why do right wing people believe in the existance of a welfare state in the US?

Well it sucks compared to European social-democracies' welfare States, but it's a veritable FALC compared to what third world States do. Of which the USA is pretty much an honorary member by now.

Wouldn’t it just be better to live in a village with no power and no sewage than in a slum. Seriously I don’t understand why the third world is urbanizing so fast.

American Farmers you must chose.
Chose Collectivisation, get free healthcare, shorter working hours, higher pay, payed vacation, pension.
Chose Free Market, get high debt, no days off, when you fail to pay off debt lose your 200 year old farm to the bank, and become homeless.

A spectre is haunting the internet: the spectre of liberalistism.

The takeaway:

Attached: that 'skin to skin' means 'hold her own child'.jpg (403x403 339.83 KB, 23.14K)

You claim to say that humans are omnivores, then use a primarily carnivorous population to represent your claim. Yet your claim about Inuits has literally no source to back it up, and the findings, recently, conflict what you say.

Yes, it's in the blog section of HuffPo, but it's well sourced

Yes it's a vegan Youtuber, but again well sourced, and he he's in a masters program for Public Health.

This has nothing to do with me, because as I said before I'm not trying to force anyone to become vegan, and I mentioned it because it was related to

As well you have no sources that say we need animal fat in your post, you just make the claim.

According to The American Dietetic Association, who are not related to Veganism "It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes."


To make this post related to the thread at large here's a video about a North Carolina Hog Farm. Note the massive pool of waste next to the farm and pic related,

This waste is then sprayed into the air and it directly afflicts neighboring communities, picture related & article related

Also, I'll make this my last post about Veganism in this thread.

Attached: a-Waccamaw-Watershed-Credit-Larry-Baldwin-3-1024x768.jpg (1024x768, 164.16K)

Attached: 930e2097d97e18577087e24c8acbc1e523b3361c418985290168c9ebf60b81e3.jpg (640x960 25.6 KB, 185.61K)

Does that mean skin-to-skin contact with the child ?
That's fucked.

Apple has always been great at capitalist propaganda, but it's funny that the dystopian life they're portraying this time is actually caused by capitalism, as opposed to their 1984 commercial, based on a book everyone in the U.S. associates with socialism. I also just noticed the face on the screen actually uses the term "pure ideology".
Go figure.

Attached: zizek_sniffling intensifies.jpeg (937x549, 562.64K)

I ound this gem of a pic in my folder, and was reminded that there is such a thing as AIDS denialism. It never ceases to amaze me how liberals can be tolerant of what amount to public health hazards. Here's a small sampling of leading AIDS denialists who died of, well, you can guess.

Yup, that's exactly what it means. You know how after the child is born, has their umbilical cut, has basic health checks to make sure they're okay and gets cleaned, they finally hand them over for the mother to hold for the first time, all aglow with maternal joy despite her exhaustion? That'll be $39.35, thank you.

Attached: 6350cc5526e82e75d7545c0f045d2deefe5bcfdbbed1635bc1ee24246e29d4b3.jpg (487x640, 55.79K)

Society finds new ways to sicken me.
Maybe the posadists are right. Maybe the *world* does need to be cleansed through nuclear hellfire before we can build socialism.
Maybe the world is far too good for us at our best and we should purge ourselves and hope something new and better than us arises from the ashes.

Attached: 28377928_1570661449697542_4769043956253189718_n.png (497x459, 285.95K)

Accept the blessings and curses of Kali, user. Destroyer of the old world and harbinger of liberation.


Attached: Kali,_Hammer_u._Sichel.jpg (2592x1728 456.83 KB, 640.67K)


Reminder that Oppenheimer was a comrade

This is just moral arguments. Which are stupid.

Attached: StirnerGoastStory.jpg (390x310, 32.76K)


In the west you have centres that the homeless can go to, to receive aid. Instead you have drugged up assholes who go lie at a station park bench, harassing everyone who wants to go with a train.

It's actually meant as a service for the people.

They are getting a decent treatment. Majority of homeless are addicted and / or have mental issues. Some others are down in luck and its a temporary state.

Getting rid of addiction would then be a first step. In western countries you have centres to go to, they can help you out a lot so you can eventually live in some place if you're sane.

When they see 'I love my own people' they mean people like themselves. They see homeless as another class, drug addicted morons. Therefore they do not deserve help, since they are not their people in their perception.

Pol users really aren't really the substance abusing bald skinhead dudes who often have low social economic income status and are kind of dumb.

They love people who are like them, middle to upper middle class citizens who hold a job, or are working towards a degree. They feel like they're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to class. They need to work while the poor sit on social services and the rich just exploit their way to the top. They blame this peril on the internationalists (globalists) and jews. They would use mass migration to expand the lower class on social benefits so that they need to work harder to uphold society, which would eventually lead to more multiculturalism and the dead of their perceived culture and even race.

However they fail to identify within this picture the problem of capital, class struggle and the fact that the top is just doing whatever to generate most income given their situation. Refugees are a business for the elite which banks and pharma makes quite a bit from. Doesn't matter if the lower class gets screwed due to redistribution of benefits or the middle class gets screwed by taxes.

fuck off back to reddit

Yes, I know. Hitler and his merry band of niggerfaggots were the exact same way.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Nationalists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are scum and I'm pretty sure Nazism has the highest kill count of whites over any other political movement. They don't even realize that if WWII had never happened, Europe would probably be untouchable right now. If they had their way, there would probably be only a few thousand white people left alive today.

Attached: i-whyed.png (508x735, 532.04K)

Nasser was not a commie but he seemed like a cool guy.
F to pay respect

They also discard the fact that a majority of the white people in Europe hated Hitler and the nazis. Nazis would bomb Netherlands a neutral country, put a force there that would be accountable to none. So of course that force of faggots would beat up and oppress the local population since there were no repercussions for doing so.

The nazisboos on cuckchan usually haven't a real clue what it entails I found out. It's a middle class thing: hate for the rich due to them exploiting them, hate for the poor for a multitude of reasons that make them too different (drug issues, social manners, education etc).

It is indeed more of a class hatred which drives them than being 'pro white'. Of course 8pol is quite extreme and would easily say they hate every other ethnicity. But go to other typically right wing places and you find out they're okay with a middle class white color working black guy, possibly with the same cultural values. There is also not nearly as much, if any at all, hatred for east Asians and Indians. Because those ethnic groups are more likely to be like them thus the reason to hate them fades. Their reasons for hating marxism / communism are simple as well: they don't feel any connection to a lower class and see themselves as above them and feel like they deserve more than them. Only this little thing makes the normie conservative / right winger put off from any socialist thought.

Nazi Germany had the same flaw empires / kingdoms of the past had and that was having a central leadership figure. Once Hitler would've died succession would likely come with the usual crumbling.

Well, yes, you could in fact splice poisoned lettuce, good luck getting that but the FDA though.

Attached: 766.png (600x1160, 605.17K)

Don't forget subsidies. Lots and lots of subsidies.

Attached: megachurch.jpg (670x479 252.64 KB, 70.33K)

Great. I'm having "The Grapes of Wrath" flashbacks now.

>“The works of the roots of the vines, of the trees, must be destroyed to keep up the price, and this is the saddest, bitterest thing of all. Carloads of oranges dumped on the ground. The people came for miles to take the fruit, but this could not be. How would they buy oranges at twenty cents a dozen if they could drive out and pick them up? And men with hoses squirt kerosene on the oranges, and they are angry at the crime, angry at the people who have come to take the fruit. A million people hungry, needing the fruit- and kerosene sprayed over the golden mountains. And the smell of rot fills the country. Burn coffee for fuel in the ships. Burn corn to keep warm, it makes a hot fire. Dump potatoes in the rivers and place guards along the banks to keep the hungry people from fishing them out. Slaughter the pigs and bury them, and let the putrescence drip down into the earth.
>There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize. There is a failure here that topples all our success. The fertile earth, the straight tree rows, the sturdy trunks, and the ripe fruit. And children dying of pellagra must die because a profit cannot be taken from an orange. And coroners must fill in the certificate- died of malnutrition- because the food must rot, must be forced to rot. The people come with nets to fish for potatoes in the river, and the guards hold them back; they come in rattling cars to get the dumped oranges, but the kerosene is sprayed. And they stand still and watch the potatoes float by, listen to the screaming pigs being killed in a ditch and covered with quick-lime, watch the mountains of oranges slop down to a putrefying ooze; and in the eyes of the people there is the failure; and in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”

Attached: A_poster_highlighting_situation_of_child_labor_in_USA_in_early_20th_century_(13).jpg (3013x5000, 4.11M)

From a few years ago but still very relevant: Walmart underpays its employees so badly they qualify for welfare.

Attached: 0bca134bcdec576cc10de267b0622d9e901aa5d77835dee0a21c9cf0876edadd.png (523x746 401.04 KB, 651.86K)

Fuck, wrong link.

Attached: 521245af5c5536ee73aac173b2c6bf64215725c11cbbb84e1d1fc358edf3aa3c.jpeg (600x902 260.48 KB, 72.01K)

Here in Brazil, the Crash happened right during the coffee boom, when the country grew the vast majority of the world's supply. The government used taxpayer money (obviously) in order to buy coffee barons' vast unsold stock and just plain burn it, or throw it into the sea, or make fuel bricks and such. Sometimes the beans had already rotten, in which case it makes sense that they're disposed of, but not on public dime. Naked and undisguised privatization of profits and socialization of losses.

Attached: fotos081m.jpg (550x372 26.18 KB, 31.69K)

Kind of reminds me of all the empty, unsold houses in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Capitalism requires scarcity. If it isn't there, capitalism creates it.

Altho the empty houses are definitely a skewed sector. Real estate has always been amongst the most generous pig troughs in America, and yet, even with so much surplus, prices rarely go down, usually only during crises. Something(s) is propping up their prices and rents; usually the blame is thrown on the immobile nature of the "commodity" since not everyone can relocate and not everywhere. But the supply-to-demand ratio – 5 empty houses for each homeless person according to Amnesty International USA (notice it's "person", not "family") – is so absurd that even with the relocation obstacle, some houses should have been being given away with every purchase of a Big Gulp. Perhaps more worryingly is that 44% of homeless people (dunno about families) actually do have a job, yet can't afford a home.

The big catch here is that it seems about 75% of these vacant houses in America are simply not in the market. They're "investment properties". Yup, that old, old form of speculation: letting good property lie fallow in order to "accrue value". Now I don't know enough about the subject to tell you why property prices tend to just rise and not fall outside of crises and thus make real estate an investment in the first place. My personal guess is simple population growth and modern rural exodus making sure that cities only ever grow, thus increasing real estate prices. But given Porky's track record, there's likely some State intervention propping those values up too. I might be completely wrong, of course.

Nonetheless, all these investment houses mean there's actually 1.25 homes to each homeless person. Not so low it creates homelessness by sheer lack of housing, not too high it doesn't crash prices. Just enough to maintain a """""healthy""""" artificial scarcity.

As for a solution, I really can suggest none but Lenin's: speculators, like bandits, should be shot where they stand.

Attached: nypl.digitalcollections.510d47de-036a-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99.001_g.jpg (1200x813, 326.1K)

Attached: IMG_20180318_135409.jpg (1536x2048, 272.52K)

Someone needs to shoop this so that the guy on the right is replaced with Jason Voorhees.

Attached: Fridaythe13thPart7Wide-645x370.jpg (645x370, 32.96K)

this has got to be the most cancerous post ITT

go derail another thread, ok?

Attached: 1.png (444x90 44.06 KB, 10.43K)

Attached: SeeSomethingSaySomething.jpg (1536x2048, 341.86K)

The least, actually, as consuming meat increases your likelihood of contracting cancer as compared to vegan diets.

Attached: Wallmart Workers_ We don't want a union.webm (480x360 4.86 MB, 5.12M)

I don't know how someone hasn't gone postal at walmart yet.

Attached: disgusting perversion of christmas walmart.jpg (3264x2233, 620.47K)

We do that kind of stuff at a warehouse I work at. They alse hate unions who would of thunk it?

Attached: 64b767deeb6960fb1d8464a53c74d18ade5f54549281e1dc640c966f1ec2cb98.gif (452x750, 123.29K)

FUG mai sentens :DDD
nd spurdo flaag xDDD

Attached: cbaae5454479b76708983e2054697c12ce9e5798df516ddc6b6695c989eb20be.gif (408x397, 34.92K)

2049 really was an anomaly. Every once in a while we get some piece of corporate-made pop culture work with an anti-corporate message, but 2049 went above and beyond by critiquing the human element of LSC. It might not be the movie with the deepest message or plot, but it's the one that depicts an extremely contemporary social issue in the most elegant manner possible.

Attached: DMeIr1XUIAAv0eQ.jpg (350x330 81.47 KB, 33.46K)

Really makes you think

Attached: 1c16cec7ccc665cd2d698f8bdd18edb2.jpg (1600x1200, 126.56K)

Ayy bruhs m back with some mo of that shit. This time it's Sweden with Mcmilitary industrial complex.

Attached: 28168665_1945682175464582_4135722979996131637_n.jpg (702x960, 120.15K)

Fucking capeshit nerds are the worst


I have no image in existence that can describe the disgust I feel as I see your post.
Congratulations, you've found something in all existence that does not exist. You've proven that in life some things are truly impossible. Good job.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ okay_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Attached: nazi furry.JPG (470x252 89.54 KB, 23.14K)

“If you aren’t rich your a racist” t Burger Politions

Attached: HillaryClintonSyasSheWonTHePlacesThatMatter.mp4 (1280x720, 5.02M)

I thought "rural and suburban retards" shitposting was limited to Holla Forums.

Well this is what the revolution amounted to.

Rural workers are workers to.

Porra quem me dera

Attached: brchan.jpg (344x512, 21.4K)


Chimps eat meat dipshit.


Attached: 16174416_514932981964183_8822615257767804984_n.png (960x960, 792.22K)

Day by day I regret coming to this thread , even if my ideology is completely opposed to any of you cunts I only feel sadness and emptyness when I see this .

Attached: 22688853_1505209712927547_7514075733090805243_n.jpg (600x428, 40.64K)

Nunca pensei que um boné me daria tendencias suicidas

Attached: 0fc4652cdca89c6db8ee7e0cc0473791f03a98f3a305e3acb64953d2e82d38a7.png (134x180, 17.5K)

So the GOP are running a fucking Nazi in the mid terms lmao

Funny thing about the first pic: it's literally the largest message/signal ever written. This cuck travelled America for 30 days, turning his GPS on when in the appropriate roads, which would record his position on Google Earth, then turning the GPS off to stop "writing" a line.

Attached: GOb63.jpg (660x647 62.6 KB, 100.61K)

yeah that sounds likely.

If the left didn't bring unlimited entrance to Europe from all over the world. Nazi's would never exist.

Im a conservative but I am pretty sure the multy-culty project is not working.

People, of any kind, of any race, of any wealth will in the hardest struggle of their lifetime, in times were trust is more important than anything else, you will search for people that you are familiar with.

Nationalism provides identity which is very much needed within Europe civilization.
Europeans have lost their identification as they don't want to be verified as Nazi's.

How is it fair to judge the 4500 year old Nordic/Frisian civilization by only what happened in 1939?

Europe did not only forget about the WW2, but Europe also lost her complete identity.
"We need you, Frost"

Europe is failing civilization as in identity, culture, landscape.

"When the government fails to protect their inhabitans, its up to the citizen"

**** told us to defend our territories, but the citizen of Frisia have failed. Have lost pride, the will to survive as a Nation.

If you want to protest mass immigration, you're barking up the wrong tree. It's a thoroughly capitalist policy, which they cleverly roped in most of the left into supporting by painting it as humanitarian, a passive charity, a way to give some random fuckers a chance to live in a decent country. Pure bullshit, of course. If Porky had the smallest interest in helping them, he would have the decency to stop bombing and/or extorting their native countries, seeing as he controls virtually all mainstream parties. But the left (outside of the far end) fell for it, so we get all that "no borders" slacktivist virtue-signalling bullshit that solves nothing. And that section of the left – which is the overwhelming majority – now catches the blame for immigration and butts heads with the nationalist right, leaving Porky safe from both. See how clever the scheme is? He reaps the economic benefits from mass immigration, while everyone else pins the blame on everyone but him.

And multi-culti is exactly the capitalist, liberal idea of how a multinational country should be: neither coexistence nor integration, just identity politics and commodification. "Celebrate diversity", "we're all the same" and all that bullshit is pushed to cover up the problems that come from immigration and which multi-culti fails to address; exploitation of migrants, rising crime rates due to lack of integration, appearance of ghettos etc. And the culture, as in music, customs, arts etc., of both immigrants and natives gets crushed into a homogeneous paste, packaged and sold as nothing but consumer products. Food, music, you name it. All culture is reduced to commodities, including that of the host country. He says to the snowflakes: "Nevermind issues that immigration brings that aren't being addressed, they're natural, can't be avoided. Just pick an identity, buy the associated products and show the world what tribe you chose to belong to", and so they engage in idpol and consumerism while thinking they're improving the world, and you oppose them because you got goaded together with them.

And I have to tell you, Porky has been doing this to native European culture since waaaay before mass immigration started. Western culture is dead already, and has been so for several decades. Capitalism hollowed it out and filled its shell with itself, so that the people who would defend Western culture are unwittingly defending its murderer.

tl;dr: if you don't like mass immigration and multi-culti, take it up with Porky

Attached: 1458298668281.png (500x514, 53.38K)

Are dead malls not the epitome of late stage capitalism?

Attached: consumer society.jpg (659x548, 112.28K)