Bat'ko buttering up idpols

Presented for your consideration, Holla Forums, is evidence of Bat'ko sucking up to the idpol brigade. The first image is of Bat'ko talking approvingly to one of the particularly malignant idpols on twitter.

The second image presented is the profile of said id/pol/lutant. That's quite obviously someone who has snorted far too much Judith Butler. Postmodernists aren't supposed to be leftists, now are they?

The third image is the mod list of r/anarchism. Note that this idpol is listed as "deathpigeonx". So that makes this person, whom Bat'ko is getting chummy with, directly responsible for formulating one of the worst idpol shitholes on reddit. You know, the sort of idpol shithole this board is supposed to reject and oppose.

Am I supposed to care?

who cares lol

what a fag lol

t. idpols.


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t. idpols


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Oh no, Batko is…talking to someone on twitter?

Not anymore, he's /leftpol/'s problem now.
Do we even have an official e-celeb anymore? They're all tripfagging there.
I guess Ginjeet is still ours?

Does the US actually put out propaganda arguing that NK isn't really Communist/Marxist?

Tbh a lot of the pro NK argument I've seen here lately seems to be arguing that they're ideologically/economically legitimate socialists. I think about all of us agree in respecting their sovereignty and the legitimacy of their military's importance to defending them from American imperialism, but there's a host of people here who go a step further to argue that it's more than pseudo-Marxist.

Someone who presents himself as an ambassador for the board ingratiating himself with the idpol gang is a clear sign of the slide of this board into another anglo-liberal idpol dive.

Possibly, though Ginjeet has vanished. Aren't /leftpol/ and Holla Forums supposed to be the same community?

Even if people defend the dprk and claim they're socialist, I've never seen somebody claim it's heaven on earth.

People just like to pretend that they use it because they feel like le meme board politks is important.

/leftpol/ says they are, BO says they aren't, I happen to agree with the latter because the difference in the profile of the users between boards is very clear.

Those file names are truly pathetic. I don’t even like batko and the other useless memelords but wow get a life.

how many brain rotting parasites do you have fellow Holla Forumser

What are the differences that you perceive between the two communities?

Idk about five or six, my dude?

why do i feel like OP is the same marxhead from the /leftytrash/ thread months ago who would constantly bitch about idpol and trannies and thought that made him special

a thread died for this

Is she an sjw, because she's gay? Im not. Familiar with this person.

How long did you work at Abu Ghraib?

Are you going to hang me because my childhood friend is in a right populist party?
Grow the fuck up.

Are you going about declaring yourself "the voice of Holla Forums"?

I'd argue that they are socialists, but that socialism can be pretty shitty if done wrong.

this is exactly the kind of retarded witch-hunt faggotry I would expect from the idpol crowd you're decrying here. he replied to some idiot on twitter about North Korea, wow it's fucking nothing.

kill yourself OP.