The whole world is against us. Liberals hate us, the right hates us, apoliticals hate us...

the whole world is against us. Liberals hate us, the right hates us, apoliticals hate us. Where the fuck do we go from here? Has late Capitalism won? is this it?

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There's new political board on Holla Forums, >>>/qresearch/, they hate us too. And its fastest growing board currently, filled with bots and facebook users.

Business as usual

Business as usual

They're probably not really apolitical then

You mean crypto fascists?

no, i mean people who don't even know what fascist mean.

Even fascists don't know what the word fascist means.

When the fuck did you not expect them to?
They don't need to
If you keep viewing liberals as an enemy you're not helping that
Non existent

Liberals are right-wing. Centrists are reactionaries, if you scratch them.

Liberals are bigger gravediggers of socialist thought than fascists.

Goddamn it, Holla Forums. Here's the real spectrum of political thought.

Everybody from the socdems down gets shot.

That wasn't my point at all.
Did you fall for those anti feminist memes again ☭TANKIE☭? Seems like you guys are more gullible than the liberals are.

Define this? If they hate lefties, then they aren't apolitical.

Also, just because a couple loud-mouth fashies are talking shit (business as usual), doesnt mean the left has lost. Remember. Communism is inevitable. Fascism will always be regression.

First wave feminism is the only real feminism. The rest is liberal idpol and a mistake.

Apolitical people don't exist, almost everyone I have ever known has shown some political views, true apolitical people are defeatists to the end which isn't essentially a bad thing for them but for society being apolitical is.

You're proving my point man, I'm actually crying a little here because I never expected this level of stupidity from Holla Forums, matriarchy isn't feminism, it's women only caring for women the way some blacks only care about the black community out of idpol.

why won't this meme die.


All right-wingers burn the same.

I agree.
All extreme rightism is nazism, fascism is less hardcore than nazism.

Feminism espoused by idpolers isn't feminism at all.

Exactly. So im not sure what the op means by "apolitical". Unless they mean people who declare that they don't care about anything political and just vote for the same liberal that their parents voted for.

That's not being apolitical though. Thats just your standard liberalism.

Yeah, they're more accurately termed as centrists, apolitical people, true one's just don't care.

reeee, we should be precise with terminology

no it isnt
I think it should be pretty evident at this point that thats just a bad meme and that it certainly isnt "Inevitable"

go on literally any antifa video on Youtube. Not a single supportive comment. Go on any news post on Facebook about antifa, very, very little support.

Future victims of communism?

You can narrow it to like two or three major ideas.

Whoa there buddy.
Victims makes them seem too sympathetic, they deserve it after all.


ANTIFA are Anarcho-Edgy/Liberal fags

Yes user, that's called conflict, it happens no matter what.

dude if you don't think a disproportionate dislike/like ratio and zero supportive comments on social media is a problem you're retarded. Nobody likes us, we lost. We can keep fighting against dumb ass fascists at rallies but people still hate us


Bruh wut?

Also. Who the fuck cares what a couple YouTube commenters say? Burgerland AntiFa receives an unsurprising amount of hate right now anyway given how much the liberal and alt-right media are using them as a scapegoat.

You're bad at this, Holla Forums.

nah rightism is not quite as diverse as leftism, but it's still pretty wide

The entire point of leftism is to lead to communism even if it is through different schools of thought.

I don't know what circle you're running in, but there is a leftbook. It depends on what groups you're a part of.

Leftist goal is one, but paths taken are many. Rights goals are many, but action taken is one.

Well butter up my asshole and fuck me a ☭TANKIE☭ actually knows what he's talking about.


Don't define yourself based on who disagrees with you. Find common ground with liberals, and try to radicalize them if you want.

Anywhere but defeatism. If you really feel that worn down, take a break and come back strong.


t. the holy prophet Karl Marx (PBUH)

Why do people fall for the muh ancient prophecies will come true, how is this different than Christians saying Muh second coming of Christ is inevitable?

hisdorigal maderializm

It's not a prophecy, capitalism is just that predictable, and right-wing thought is unsustainable. The world will either be communist, or it will be ashes.

There is literally nothing to back this up but some speculation 200 year old speculation.

Apoliticals are just in denial or unaware of being liberals.

Dude, look around. Things are well on their way to shitsville. I don't think capitalism will survive this century, if we don't do something it will turn to barbarism.

Of course i see the liberals as the enemy. They're in great number and are far worst than fascists ever will were and ever will be.

Looks like it's just another Holla Forums-tier conspiracy "happening", it won't stand long.
Also, here's the compilation "book" of what they are talking about:

Lol, that's what the said last century, with more reason too.

Capitalism will eek out an existence for another millennia.

Naw, it's different this time. Last century we were still going through the industrial revolution. We're at the beginning of the digital/automation revolution now.

All of Russia hates us. Liberals hate us, Mensheviks hate us, SRs hate us. Where the fuck do we go from here? Has capitalism won? Is this it?

Good. That means we're on the right track.

You can destroy liberalism and improve the left's image at the same time. Just make VICE type sites and put out liberal articles that go 10% over the top of whatever is the current level of SJW. It will force reaction and public image compartmentalize SJWism into a fringe group like radical PETA people.

If you do similar work let's hook up and help each other out. Or if you just want to have some fun and write SJW articles. I have an evergrowing list of about 40 article ideas I pick from when I need more content.

[email protected]

this looks like a MAGA facebook group.


seriously this is like a facebook group filled with braindead chainsmoking 70 year old white dudes

haven't seen this much impact font since fucking 2008

I literally have no idea what half of these posts on that board are even talking about. It's like random facebook-tier conservative memes with randomly generated alt-right text. Half of the posts don't' even have anything to do with the nonsensical OP.

if it's filled with people they're really dumb
if it's filled with bots, it's honestly quite impressive. Like Turkish Erdogan spambot level of adanced, Skynet really is just a step away

Burger Trumptards really are that dumb. There is literally nothing they won't believe.

T. Born, raised and live there

No, there are people who "hate politics" and these people especially hate radicals like us.

We should try to drive a wedge between soc dems and liberals since the former can at least be persuaded into joining us when automation tears capitalism apart.

Is there anything more pathetic than that?

So how we are supposed make a revolution? How we can prevent those people to go full fascism when the economic crisis hit? Why do you think capitalism will fall if 1929 just gave birth to fascism instead of socialist revolutions?

get fucking real dude. this is why people hate us.


there terrible, just terrible >>>/qresearch/247769

If the people hate us, does that justify vanguardism?

They said the same thing last century and the century before that kek

I try to totally fuck a trumpcuck once a month at least. send them to the hospital, destroy them with debt since they have no health insurance.

this shit is associated with Holla Forums???
why the fuck am i surprised

Welcome to having convictions, faggot. Everyone with any opinions at all is hated by those who don't share their opinions.

Is >>>/qresearch/ just Holla Forums but with boomers.

Yeah they're the same thing.

Is this Holla Forums'a fabled trolling ability?

I'm pretty sure liberals don't hate you, almost all of their viewpoints are adjacent with yours minus the whole "muh compassionate capitalism" shit. This board claiming "liberals aren't REEAAAAL leftists" is just overly fallacious.

You are a liberal Holla Forums.

christ you're dumb


bowties are an ancap thing, the visuals on this one are a little flawed

I want to put people like you in cages to showcase just how stupid a human can get, and to teach kids to read books so they don't become brainlets like you.

I keep seeing threads of defeatist bullshit. Go away FBI!

i don't remember having posted this
either someone is trying to parrot me, but doing so in a flattering way which i don't understand, or i'm not alone and there's still hope for this board


Dude no offense but read a fucking book.
The revolution will not be an online poll. The general populace was not hardcore fascists in 1929, it was essentially a capitalist coup.
The best action for the post economic crisis is simply spouting the same truths about capitalism as before.
The real way to take advantage of the revolution is to organize beforehand.

ALl while liberals and commies support everything the right wing opposes, such as:

To be fair, all of those pink things are a spook

This pic is retarded. Obviously we're going to use force against transgressors. You idiots make ancoms out to be this strawman of pacifist hippies and then whine like bitches when you're told that capitalism relies on force too. Our version of force just respects peoples' freedom so long as they don't hurt others, unlike the state. Also "spooks" are an egoist thing, retard.

Bad post

We need a new emancipatory revolutionary agent in the western world. I think the only way for that to happen is if a new communism disguised in newspeak appears after several years of improving general labour rights followed by a crisis. The key ingredient is people feeling hope and then losing it. Right now the situation feels so hopeless people have no expectations of things getting better


People are already suffering. What I'm saying is that revolutions(arab spring, october revolution, french revolution) always happen after standards improve and expectations get higher but are not met.

You'll find its simply not true, its the politic system that hates us. Its set up specifically to benefit the ruling classes. For example, look at Britain. Most people support left wing policies, because most people vote for left wing parties (Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru) but that splits the vote. And because we have FPTP, that means the minority that vote together win. A so-called progressive alliance would annihilate the Tories. But because of FPTP, we have to Tories in power with the DUP who everyone on the mainland hates for their Republican-tier stupidity (creationism, climate change denial and anti-abortion rights) holding all the cards. Its fucked up.