When do we destroy the cult of personality and identity politics by destroying personality and identity itself...

When do we destroy the cult of personality and identity politics by destroying personality and identity itself? Self- and group- obsession destroyed the prior attempts at socialism. Assign everyone a unique serial number recyclable upon death.

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Man I could swear I smell gold and new car in here.

destroying identity is often a good idea
personality should only be destroyed if it's insufferable. indeed there is much to be said for generating much greater personalities.

wtf is this idealist shit


Technocratic dyspotia plz leave

user, we've got no names in Holla Forums, is this a dystopia?

Interesting perspective

Serial numbers are just a form of name. They are a persistent set of symbols identifying a person. Adopting a weird naming convention won't do shit.

Better than allowing identitarians to pick names.


The only valid identities are labour based

I'll make fun of you for "being" anything else

You seriously think the basis of racism is that people get upset when they hear names unlike their own?

Why are commies so obsessed with melting their faces off?

It's almost like underlying psychological issues lay behind the leftist mindset.

Yes – serialization plus labour role in society.

Have you seen Holla Forums?


What is personality and why is it bad? Do you not like it when people think things?

Fair point

That's individualism. "Personality" leads to narcissism, and it's led to the commodification of the self in the age of social media.

Individualism and personality are very different things. I think individualism is rubbish, but I can't imagine what humans would be like without personalities, except brain-dead automatons.

We're already in that age. Manufactured people, with no autonomous thought, selling themselves to the market.

All this talk of dystopian societies seems to ignore that we're living in one.

Have you spoken to an actual human being in person in the past decade? Or is everyone around you a celebrity maintaining an act 24/7? This isn't a real issue for anyone by a piddling handful of rich first-worlders.


I am maintaining an act 24/7

You clearly have some possibly advanced thoughts about this, so why don't you define the terms you are using throughout this thread. You could honestly be a retard or kind of smart depending on what exactly you are talking about. So please, OP, clarify.

I mean, do Holla Forums anons go about proclaiming the death of capitalism in the streets? Or are they forced to keep their thoughts to themselves due to the methods of social control? What isn't said, what is self-censored, might as well not exist at all.

We're becoming a Singaporean managerial state. The only place we can express our sentiments is places like here, areas of anonymous digital anarchy. This will only last so long.

Modern capital is creating a person that doesn't see anything wrong with it, that doesn't question the status quo even when it is obviously against them. Creating spaces where they can be their own little hero so they can continue to work and be happy without question.See video games, social media (including imageboards), self-help bullshit like Jordan Peterson. It's all part of the machine.

Only if people can let go of the methods of control, and actually act in their interest, can there be change. Else it will be too late.

And the whole "it's a first-world thing" the Chinese are falling into it too. And India. If they do entirely that's 3 billion people and almost half the world's population. Humanity's going to be a lost cause.


Wow, I like it. It needs specifying, I mean the unconcious mind definitely express itself, and uncommunicated actions still happen, but I like this.
Don't really know what a "Singaporean managerial state" is, but okay.
That's fair, could use development, but I like it.
I don't see how that isn't something in common to all societies, but I can't disagree with the idsa that people are almost tricked into acting against their interests.
Uhh, okay. I can't see the problem with this. People need entertainment.
This is hit and miss. Videogames aren't a necessarily Capitalist thing. Social media isn't bad in and of itself, but the idea that relationships can exist completely over social media is totally a Capitalist phenomenon. "Why stop working when your friends are on your phone? You don't need extra freetime, here is the bare minimum right here." It is an unseen and unfelt way of reducing the necessary activities for the reproduction of laborpower. I agree with self-help being bullshit too, it's basically a "Stop worrying about anything but yourself, and also, you are the one causing all of your problems, nothing and no one else." I'm sure there could be an acceptable form of self-help, but it definitely isn't this hyperindividualistic, borderline metaphysical concept of the self.
Everything is a part of the machine, all of us reproduce Capitalism in our own ways, even while we work against it. Not until it is gone from the face of the earth can anything be "free" of Capitalism.
You didn't define anything user! This could all be the commentary of a normal user, and has little to no hints of the more interesting (and perhaps retarded) ideas in the OP.

People need entertainment, sure, but thanks to the capitalist marketing machine people are defining themselves and escaping their miseries through the media they consume; it's the replacement for religion.

A shitty dictatorship that's run for the purpose of making money; the state only exists to enforce the power of capital

That image makes me so fucking angry.

That third pick looks like fun, whats wrong with that?

Considering as identity is a relatively young idea as far as human history goes, it's bound to get much, much worse before we'll really begin to see signs of its death.

It really isn't that bad by itself but it was made to lead to this.


And what's wrong with that?


Dorito pope unironically did nothing wrong.


I have been an advocate of this for years.

We should go back to names based on peoples achievements or traits. It would be more fun that way.

Technocrats only exist because they do not understand the limits of technology or the depth of human emotions. I also like to call it autism. Do you really think people wouldn't call you autistic if you were assigned a number?


And people such as yourself are only able to spout such uninformed nonsense due to how fundamentally broken and unfit-for-purpose modern society and culture is.
Please do at least attempt some level of research before you embarrass yourself in the future.
I would recommend that you start with the 'Technocracy Study Course', or even the Wikipedia article should that be more your level.
Calling something that you don't like autistic?
Boy, that sure is some hot 2010 humour.
Well surly if I were assigned a number, then others would be also.
I fail to see why I would be singled out in such a scenario.

10/10 anarcho-kiddy post, friend.
Sheltering yourself from ideas that you don't like is not only completely healthy, but is the exact focus of imageboards.

Just a reminder that in all of the years that I have been using this board, the only person I have filtered was a literal racial nationalist and historical revisionist.
Unlike the anarchists that run and hide from anyone that may trigger them, I'm quite happy to confront opposing views in good faith.

Then why don't you drop the name and use only your trip? National identification numbers used in addition to names are already a thing about everywhere.

One has a mystique to maintain; An alias is part of that for me.
Especially given the number of years I have used it here.
The sort of 'serialisation' that I'm talking about is several orders of magnitude removed from what is in use today.
Removing names altogether and simply recording a persons known aliases would be one example of the sort of thing I'm talking about.

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You'll need robot police officers, mandatory drugging of the population, lots of white clothing and an absolutely beautiful surround sound system.

Place is on the point of being overrun by idpols Howard, as you've observed.

I hope you didn't pay for that.

I know that you are an idiot who believes that he is very smart. However, there are a few things that people do not appreciate. One of them is the namefagging. When a tripfag posts a smug picture signaling superiority accompanied with the sentence
Do you really think that other people will not insult you? Even worse you have the audacity to play a victim. Go back to r/elonmusk with your undemocratic metal-bootlicking fantasies.

Yes comrade, the ego is the root of all all suffering. Take five grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms to experience liberation from the ego trap.

Samefagging isn't going to help.

identity is bullshit, tampering with personality is nazi bullshit


Indeed, human perceptions of personal property has plagued the working class for ages

Re-education is a waste of time, if we lobotomize everyone, there will be no need for such a thing and the revolution will finally come

So are you actually going to make an argument or are you just going to display your aut right dickpain in every thread?

you dun goofed
The point was never to get rid of identity, it's that it's a shitty thing to build politics off of since it's not concrete. Politics based on shared interest is much more effective to getting my needs met.

What's wrong with getting rid of it though? You can praise Hoxha without being Albanian.

Economic class isn't a identity, though. Identity is how you see yourself, low class is what you are.

It's like saying having cancer is an identity, or being right-handed.

Therefore remove the identity so you can see the class clearly.

I think people create identities anyways regardless of saying you haven't, and it makes you extremely easy to fall for the justification of various Imperialist wars that are waged for profit.

For example, if I said Muslims did this Muslims did that rah rah rah, you'd still eat it up, and regurgitate it all into talking points that other people use, that justify a continued military presence in the Middle East that is just a complete wood chipper of lives, that is immoral on a scale unimaginable comparatively to anything Muslims might have done

So I think this whole "Well I don't believe in identity" is bullshit because it''s only convenient for your argument at the time and can change depending.

Now that we live in the age of information this sort of thing won't be as common.

The process of identity is concurrent with sufficient reason, and, therefore, the determinative concept between individual things (further explained in Difference and Repetition, in that identity of indiscernibles produce one thing per concept). The process of identity replicates vicariously through the Internet, begetting an environment of reactions, as seen with the ideological, yet hypothetical, solutions to the individual mode of being (ex. anarcho-primitivism and transhumanism directly predispose their ideological problems to the process of an identity, to their respective goals, while other ideological systems correlate an individual "sustenance"). It is unrealistic to liquidate identity within socialism, if we were to assume this society would be Marxian, while simultaneously continuing the development of social organization.

Indeed it is.
At this point I'm content to stay aboard the ship for just a short while longer, before it fully sinks into the horrid depths of id-pol and anarcho-kiddy nonsense.

It is freely available online, not that I would exact you to investigate that.
Research and informed opinions are typically quite unpalatable for your ilk.
That said, I have indeed brought a physical copy of the course from the 40s.
Yes anarcho-kiddy.
I'm the one that is an idiot.
Please do keep that in mind the next time you dress in black and show just how radical you are by knocking over garbage bins.
I have been a fixture of this board since its inception.
That has not been a point of contention in during those years.
Well lets just ignore the topic of my own relative superiority for the moment.
For what I posted was simply a remnant of an old Holla Forums thread in which we all provided our own take on some meme image.
Please do not try and show off just how new you are.
Well my intent was for people to pick up on the good natured spirit of my post, then proceed to engage me in polite conversation and debate on the virtues of replacing most of what is currently associated with personal identity with a serial number.
Clearly that is a bridge to far for certain anarchist interlopers.
Perhaps if I included some juvenile and edgy remark about killing or otherwise harming innocent police officers, that would be more agreeable with your vile sensibilities?
Simply pointing out why you are fundamentally, embarrassingly wrong is hardly assuming the role of victim.
Indeed your horrid, black-clad ilk do quite lack the ability to put me into that role to begin with.
Because clearly Musk is a Technocrat right?
I'm utterly amazed that your understanding of Technocracy is literally sub Wikipedia.
You yourself have shown just what a dangerous cancer democracy is.
The very idea that you or any of your compatriots could ever hold any degree of influence over the political system is simply illustrative of why democracy needs to be fought and ultimately crushed.

I do have my supporters.

Theyre literally playing Starcraft 2

That scene doesnt give a fuck about

it's under dominance by a single canadian transgirl atm

It will be more common.

that's still quite embarrassing.

competitive video games are embarassing?


You can't really function without it, for one. Anyone who has a sense of self is going to develop an identity.


I think about this shizz from the perspective of Parmenides vs. Heraclitus. Marxists of course like Heraclitus because he was like you, flux is all. Nothing really is a thing because each time you go back to it, it's in a different configuration. And the same thing is true for you.

Meanwhile Parmenides has the opposite hypothesis that there is no change, change is impossible. This is ultimately based on the idea that motion requires a void, but non-existence can't exist by definition. So everything is super saturated and nothing changes.

I think perhaps both were right. I'm thinking of it like being is like a cookie in Black Mirror where there's just eons and eons of time, but at the same time everything is alike in the sense that there are no discrete objects, or meaningful categories, etc.

Therefore there is really no identity to destroy, since it's only ever been an illusion anyway. It's not a matter of choice to identify as a certain thing, since you can never stop changing, and your conception of the identity you hold is always changing also.

This is all just the groundwork for a political intervention at this time, since all I've done is show that identitarianism is misguided. I think that the next political ideology will ultimately have to make an overt gesture toward that which we do not understand which is the ground of all being, the great mystery or something. Call it BS but Marxism can't really ground itself without completing physics, and good luck with that.

Secretary General of the Central Committee is made anonymous

Well cults of personality are a problem even outside of idpol, as existing socialism demonstrated all too well. Stalin sort of invented modern marketing, when you think about it.

Aren't those, y'know, SSN or identity card numbers?

In a Technate, everyone would be assigned a unique identity code; In order to facilitate quick processing through checkpoints, arrests, goods assignment etc.
This code would be displayed in the form of a barcode on that persons Universal Identity Card (UIC), a tattoo located on a shoulder and a small NFC implant in the body.

This guy is Beyond the Zero, and I like it.