Daily News Thread 2/10

Syrian Army Shoots Down Israeli Jet After ‘Aggression’ on Base

Israeli army confirmed the incident and said its jets were targeting an Iranian control system for drones inside Syria.

North Korea invites South president to Pyongyang

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has invited South Korea's President Moon Jae-in to Pyongyang.

Turkish helicopter ‘downed’ amid Afrin operation, 2 soldiers dead

A Turkish military chopper was downed amid the country’s Olive Branch operation in northern Syria, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. Two soldiers were killed in the incident.

Massive alert in Mexico after radioactive device stolen

Mexico’s interior ministry has issued an alert across seven states following the theft of a radioactive device.

Panama: Social Groups Condemn 'Silent Invasion' by US Troops

The arrival of 415 U.S. troops in Panama was part of a bilateral deal signed between the Panamanian and U.S. governments, called "New Horizons."

Anti-fascists march in Italian town where migrants were targeted in shooting attack

An anti-fascist rally is underway in the Italian town of Macerata in response to the shooting of six Africans by a far-right attacker last week.

Hong Kong bus overturns killing 18

A double-decker bus has crashed in Hong Kong killing 18 people and injuring nearly 50, officials say.

Leaked US documents can be used as evidence, rules UK Supreme Court

In a groundbreaking ruling, the UK Supreme Court has said diplomatic cables leaked to WikiLeaks by whistleblower Chelsea Manning are admissible.

U.S. gunmaker Remington seeks financing to file for bankruptcy: sources

Remington Outdoor Company Inc, one of the largest U.S. makers of firearms, has reached out to banks and credit investment funds in search of financing that will allow it to file for bankruptcy, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Kansas Scrambles To Change Rules After 6 Teens Enter Governor's Race

There are a lot of requirements if you want to vote in Kansas. You must be 18 years old. You need to show a photo ID at your polling place and show proof of U.S. citizenship when you register to vote. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says the state's voter ID laws are among the strictest in the nation. But when it comes to the rules about who can run for state office? There are no rules.

Drought-hit Cape Town rejoices at rainfall

When the forecasts turned out to be true and rain fell from the skies, the residents of Cape Town in South Africa rejoiced, thanked God and stood outside to feel the water on their skin.

Flu Is Causing 1 in 10 American Deaths and Climbing

The amount of influenza ravaging the U.S. this year rivals levels normally seen when an altogether new virus emerges, decimating a vulnerable population that hasn’t had a chance to develop any defenses.

‘I Love This Shit‘: Sheriff Caught Bragging About Fatal Shooting

A Tennessee sheriff is facing a lawsuit after body cam video captured the officer ordering deputies to shoot a fleeing suspect. White County Sheriff Oddie Shoupe was also reportedly recorded saying “I love this s—” after the chase ended and the suspect had been fatally shot.

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California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show



U.S. Secretly Negotiated With Russians to Buy Stolen NSA Documents — and the Russians Offered Trump-Related Material, Too

The United States intelligence community has been conducting a top-secret operation to recover stolen classified U.S. government documents from Russian operatives, according to sources familiar with the matter. The operation has also inadvertently yielded a cache of documents purporting to relate to Donald Trump and Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Will Trump shoot first?

The Trump administration is undercutting an Olympic "peace interlude" in Korea with an escalation of hostility toward the North.

Why ‘Russian Meddling’ is a Trojan Horse

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, if one were to ask what single act could seal a new Cold War with Russia, align liberals and progressives with the operational core of the American military-industrial-surveillance complex, expose the preponderance of left-activism as an offshoot of Democratic Party operations and consign most of what remained to personal invective against an empirically dangerous leader, consensus would likely have it that doing so wouldn’t be easy.

Trump Will Not Immediately Release Democratic Memo, Suggests Revisions


However, in Trump's words

Trump is like a five year old child when it comes to guile.

these people are actually psychopaths
I really want the south to get tired of the US throwing hissy fits and distance themselves. If relations grow the US would fucking embarrass themselves if they were to preemptively strike the dprk.

I want to laugh but we recently had 2 presidential candidates go back and forth calling each other puppets


If you see anyone on Holla Forums pushing the FBI/NSA narrative of Russia "hacking the election" and other establishment narratives




Tankies just keep winning!

he's actually gonna do it
that pudgy son of a bitch will actualy reunify korea

Bourgeois ( " ) 10E+12 democracy ( " ) 10E+12

What does that have to do with anything?


>Then says the Democrats sent him a memo that he had to reject for national security reasons

Funny how Trump suddenly has respect for the FBI.

ROK-US relations are as good as cooked. Fucking dumbassses




Uh oh


Even better
They completely failed, they ended up hitting a bunch of obvious decoys rather than anything Iranian

Josephina's chest should be bigger tbqh

But those are leftist eco-nazis. I thought lefty/POL/ would be completely behind them.

Even better-better they lost $47 million dollar F-16 dropped probably a few $100 thousand in bombs and probably blew up shit worth nowhere near that much.

Fuck off dipshit

Is this an accidental reply? There's so little content it could literally be a reply to anything. So which part of my post made you so irrationally angry you weren't even able to think straight?

probably more since it was allegedly the special Israeli version with 2 seats
but don't worry, I'm sure the Americans will provide replacements at no extra cost

Fucking topkek. Honestly collaboration with LARPing orgs is not that worrying.

UK LABOUR SHADOW CHANCELLOR MCDONNELL: "The next Labour government will put democratically owned and managed public services irreversibly in the hands of workers and of those who rely on their work."
DemSoc Gang is coming buckos.

Haha, had this exact thought after I posted but you beat me to it. I wouldn't be surprised if they purposefully crashed it like a child or someone comitting insurance fraud.

Israel: "America! I want more bwand new F-35s!
America: "Now, now Israel, you still have so many perfectly good F-16s, are you really having that much trouble sortieing with the Palestinian air force?"
(5 Minutes later…)
Israel: "America! America! Those meany Syrians you said you would take care of years ago shot down my F-16!"
America: "How many times do I have to tell you, stay out of Syria if you can't handle Syria, Israel!"


Glad to see some 'saint' Western technology btfo!



ususally this is bullshit, but Trump is such an absolute disaster for US propaganda that he actually is causing the South Korean citizens to distrust the USA.

Just imagine being the poor US strategist who has reduce the complex plan to take out NK into a picture book so the President will actually read it.

I have a feeling the reason for all of this nuclear talk is because Trump is unable to pay attention long enough for anything more complicated than "push button".

I just realized we have no anime Paris commune art

Corbyn’s “municipal socialism” offers a welcome new approach on housing—but will it be enough?


TWP are scam artists. You have to pay dues just to be a "part" of the party and they solicit further donations from members

The whole thing is Kim Jung Un trolling Trump, and Trump taking the bait despite everyone telling him it's bait.

So if SK turns on the Americans, what exactly can they even do about it realistically?

Attempt to cripple the ROK economy. Tariffs on products by the Chaebols etc. Which will of course backfire and probably further alienate the korean people.

Some kind of coup might also be planned to put into place more America friendly leadership.

I mean what could the south koreans do?

The Southern Lebanese villagers of Ayta ash-Sha’b held up a banner on the border trolling the Israelis: “Your warplane has fallen”.


First, South Korea would never "turn" against America. The very county's existence and continued existence is due to American intervention. The United States has a massive amount of military personal and weapons in the country to protect South Korea from the North. Their ties are strong.

However, this doesn't mean they approve of Trump's current administration, and since he seems to be fucking up constantly on the diplomacy front, they can do things that would politically hurt Trump. This could be opening up high-level negotiations with DPRK, which Trump is against, and easing their stance toward the North, which Trump is also against. They can keep it up until after the 2020 election and begin new diplomatic relations with a new administration.

holy shit Johnny McDonnel is gangster af

Fuck the bastards, tbh. Let them run.
Our drinking age is too high, our ages for everything are too high. America at the very least needs to stop trying to force teenagers to stay indoors and get zero life experience whatsoever. It's the most retarded fucking thing - the first place to ever call me back for an interview was a bar, and they all-but threw me out when they realized I was 20 (although it was in the fucking application). This kind of thing is a problem.

the missile that shot down the Israeli jet was Soviet made in 1961 lmao

I for one, welcome the inevitable dictatorship of the teen

I'm sure a lot of US allies are taking the same approach: hunker down and try to weather the storm of Trump.

3/4 of the teen candidates are Republcians.

A student called Kevin holds the fate of the Merkel coalition
Someone actually trying to uncuck the SPD.

very good article

I don't know the details, but this Kevin guy sounds awesome. Just the thought of Germany having a real social democrat as leader of the social democratic fills me with joy.

I always view Germany as the heart of the evil empire. Its so refreshing to see that it doesn't have to be that

Well there is an interesting dynamic in that the SPD youth is getting more and more radical, meanwhile Momentum lads and lasses are assisting Die Linke in organisation. How this pans out will be interesting, but if the SPD joins the coalition then we could see a decently large leftist movement in Germany reunite. Perhaps not, but it is nice to think so.

you mean that if they join the coalition it could lead to a lot of SPD youth going over to Die Linke?

this is so great, British imperialism, but instead of middle class murderers its a bunch of young activists, good stuff

Jusos (Young Socialists = SPD youth organization) are idpol leftist shits though. I attended meetings and everything. They will never be popular if they go screeching around about idpol all day instead of tackling class issues as well.

Dudes i think im un-ironically becoming Soc-Dem gang

are Die Linke more cool on id-pol stuff?

currently reading a book about Swedish succ-dem prime minister Tage Erlander, it's pretty horrible stuff. Its the 40s and 50s but they are still essentially running a centrist government with even some mild austerity, while squeezing the communists as hard as possible. Then they get like 45-50% in every election. Its the kind of book that makes you realize a certain kind of social democracy is just fascism, with less military jerking off, more democracy and less of that charming mystical bullshit the fascists are so good about.

But that's not at all what people like Corbyn and Sanders represent.

It's almost as if social democracy isn't even close to being a consistent ideology

Linke are lots of left liberals and anarkiddies in West Germany and GDR nostalgic boomers in East Germany. You need to know that the Linke was a fusion of two leftist parties in 2005 - you can still tell. You have lots of idpol liberals in the West and some old-school socdem (and a few demsoc) guys in the East.

pretty good still that those forces are unifying, probably makes the boomers less conservative and the young liberals more left wing

Have a you.

Good. They can bitch on 4chan when they get electorally raped.

feels good man

Truly the best timeline.

yeah…i actually voted for the SPD for "tactical reasons" but that sure as hell backfired. i'm most aligned with the Marxist Leninist Party but they're a fringe party. the greens are liberals, so they won't get my vote. i'll either vote for the Linke or not at all next time.

Matrix Print bombed by Israel in 3..2…1…


i thought about entering the spd and helping strengthen their local left wing but the Young Socialists kind of disgusted me lol. on social issues i'm less liberal than they are but economically i'm far more leftist than the SPD base. so it would be a pretty uphill battle for a potentially very little reward.

Apparently the other articles left him out. This dude is running as an Independent.


So now Israel and Syria are at war?

No new airstrikes from the isrealies since like 20 hrs ago, it’s possible that this was supposed to be a limited thing, still could escalate.
Tdlr to early to telle

Whew. I got type A back in November. Shit had me vomiting so much I don't think I fully recovered my voice.

You'd vote for him, right, Holla Forums?

whew buddy

There's got to be some balance, because on the other end you'll never be popular if you let every edgy white dude in to your org.

Man I thought I was on a leftist board.

It isn't about North Korea, it's about China, and, indeed, they couldn't be happy with degeneration of greed driven and corporate-controlled leadership of American Empire.

Guys where do you get your news from?
How do i become a cool newsjunkie man?

Fox and Friends

Trump pls go

Which one? There are three.

One of the benefits of knowing a lot about the DPRK is knowing that they utterly despise China and China has a limited ability to reign them in.

Of course, Trump being an idiot saved China's bacon by distracting the world from their impotence concerning North Korea. Especially when it was becoming more and more obvious.

The face of the revolution!


shit's about to get even nastier.