So I actually sat down and read this meme book, and I have to admit this is actually one of the greatest works of Marx...

So I actually sat down and read this meme book, and I have to admit this is actually one of the greatest works of Marx. I'm serious. I recommend it to everybody, he's describing the Jewish phenomenon so thoroughly and succinct that it rivals pretty much every sociological work about this that came after. Pierre Tru-Dank used some quotes in his newest anti-Zionist video, which was quite great and got me interested:

if you came out of reading this text thinking it's a critique of the jews in particular, you should reread, because it is in fact a text that relativises the apparent particularity of the jews back to the ordinary mechanisms of capital, in which the current appearance of jews is but one configuration, one that is exaggerated or even fantasised about by vulgar socialisms which attack symptomatically.

marx in the text posits a dual critique: one of bruno bauer's notion of atheism (this is the initial motivation of the text), second of the peculiarity placed on the jew in much anti-capitalist sentiment and discourse. it's easy therefore to take any random quote like 'what is the worldly god of the jew? money.' and to think marx makes any (particular) condemnation of jews, when it is in fact a quote contextualised on the larger mode of capitalism itself, in which the jew situates himself, as well as any other bourgeois of the (bourgeois) jewish kind, under. he goes on to show that this particular sentiment towards the jews represents a fetishised form of capitalism. that the mysterious affect of capital, truly intangible and global, ever-expanding, is attributed to the jews.

chapter 28 of capital 1 contains more good elaborations on this 'character mask' notion. august bebel, in correspondence with marx to which he concurs in a letter, states properly that 'antisemitism is the anti-capitalism of fools'; only the most universalistic 'anti-capitalism' (communism), which treats capital as an entirely impersonal force, is truly ever going to be capable of going beyond capitalism.

I didn't.

It can easily be read as a critique of identity politics if it was written today.

It pretty much was in his day, too

That video is good and it’s nice to see Pierre increasing the quality of his videos.

Funny, Both Marx and DeLeon were self-hating ((.(dutch).)) kikes.

Marx greatly misunderstood Jews though.

Oh yeah multiple Jews were involved in Communism, a good chunk unironically just to further their movements for Judaism, others were actually self hating Jews because they think actions without justification don't exist. No thanks to anti semites like you.

Why go after "Jews" and "Zionists" without going after their masters the United States? Israeli apartheid doesn't exist without mass American backing.


We’ve been over this, Sookie. Jews run the United States, the WASP establishment died in the 60s and whatever Israel may or may not be it certainly isn’t a US puppet. In fact, most of the time, America does Israel’s bidding and not vice-versa.

I mean, most internet "anti-Zionists" hold views that are more extreme than those of actual Palestinians. Most Palestinians aren't telling the Jews to give up being Jewish, or promoting the idea that Jews are an inherently evil race. They just want the occupation to end.

Who is "sookie"?

Jews piggy back off whites because they know it's a good survival tactic, you wanna blame anyone blame yourself and white people, Jews are just 30% or the "Elite" and really that's because they're a small people who need to ensure survival by any means.

I agree.

I don't understand why all of these 20-something white kids want to be Palestinian so badly, as if being a raging anti-Zionist extremist somehow gives you activist cred or purifies your soul or some shit. SJP clubs are full of these kinds of people who do nothing but act confrontational, use rhetoric that's far more extreme than any Arab or brown person would use, and promote "solutions" that Palestinians themselves don't propose. What makes Brandon think he knows better than Khaled?

t. grandma/situ is Lebanese

Because they're tricked into hating Israel and use Palestine wanting to end occupation as an excuse to abolish Israel.(...)

It doesn't help their case that even Hamas says it will recognize pre-67 Israel. "Destroy Israel" isn't even on the agenda anymore.

I don't even think most people near Israel are even against it anymore, I think it's just nazbol tier idiots and liberals which we so often condemn only to openly become them.

Like it or not, you're not going to get a mass decolonization scenario in Palestine like you got in Algeria, Angola, Zimbabwe, etc. The conditions are completely different. White colonials in those countries were never more than 7-15% of the population. Compare that to a scenario were settler-colonials (to use Maoist terms) make up roughly 50% of the population, are mostly Arab Jews who are entirely indigenous to the MENA, and who build the majority of modern infrastructure. Of course Palestinian resistance is justified on a moral level, but they're never going to get a Year Zero. They're never going to get a situation where da jooz just "pack up and leave". They're never going to get 100% back of what was stolen from them.

Even watching the way the Palestinians resist is pretty heartbreaking. They're entirely sectarian, disorganized, and in no way could adequately pull off a Viet Cong/Sandanista/ZANU-ZAPU. What the PA called a "third intifada" was nothing more than a few coordinated attacks which won them no victories.


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Is that a bad thing? Or is Pierre just a Nazi now?

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That was a quote from DeLeon. Is DeLeon a Nazi now?

Calling out "philosemitism" is still pretty dumb. Who gives a shit if someone loves Jews and Jewish culture?