Is this the 1970s?

Why are people losing their minds over female superheroes and action films with black main castes?

That shit already happened nearly half a fucking century ago.

because the people who gets exited about that stuff just watch whatever comes to them and never look too deeply into the history of entertainment for that kind of stuff.
hell some people even thinks Wondie was the first female superhero, let's face it most stuff is obscure by default

I wish. Culturally-speaking, the 1970s was dominated more by working class politics and culture than any other decade besides "the red 30s"

Thanks to inflation and greater welfare spending the 1970s had the lowest wealth and income inequality of any decade in the 20th century. Contrary to popular belief anti-war and other protests actually hit their height in the early 70s. Even Nixon, a reactionary trained by McCarthy himself, governed as a liberal reformist president.
It was also the decade of détente with both the USSR and the PRC.

Shame liberals fucked it up.

Also, nice quads.

You mean when they cast niggers to play White roles for propaganda purposes? People don't like it because nobody likes being lied to.
If you mean blaxploitation movies I don't think many people complain about them.

Ugh racist conservatives made the same complaints against them that you might hear today while liberals often denigrated them as being racist, self-hating etc.



It’s funny because I would hear non stop until recently that the 70s were the malaise era. There was a crime wave, watergate and jimmy carter.
I believed it because it was referred that way almost uniformly by all the mainstream media sources I followed.
It hasn’t been until the last 5 years I’ve been learning about it more from a historical prospective and as younsaid in many ways it was a great era in many ways.
Seems like it’s always referred as a blah era by jealous petite bourgeois because of the gains proles enjoyed in that era.

Stop that

oh wow a Marvel Universe Film with a black cast
directed by white people
to capitalize on building racial tension
because the industry is creatively bankrupt and hemorrhaging money

racism is over guys we did it
grab a 'pepsey coaler' and chillax

And they cast jizzskins to play arabs or asians. What's your fucking point.

Welcome to capitalist realism.

T. Mark Fisher's ghost

It's annoying, because I already wanted to see Black Panther because I read the comics. All this political shit around it is annoying.

It's probably the most (unfairly) maligned decade of the 20th century. I mentioned that the 30s and 70s are hated for similar reasons but the bourgeois dismissal of the 70s is just so flimsy when you look at it critically. With the 1930s you can say that the rise of the extreme right led to a World War that claimed millions of people. You can't say anything really similar about the 70s–the worst they seem to be able to come up with is there was inflation and a gas crisis! Hardly on the same level as Hitler taking over Europe lol

Very much so. You might also say that it was the last original decade. While the 1980s played with some art new forms and ideas the general atmosphere was actually very nostalgic imbued with a longing for the 1950s. The 90s aped the worst aspects of the counter-culture of the 1960s, especially the superficial petit-bourgeois radicalism of its celebrities. The interesting thing about the 60s is that the actual 60s was far more conservative than the nostalgia–reds, gays, peaceniks, and "long-hairs" were despised by mainstream America. The fascist Right was also far more active in the 60s than is typically acknowledged in mainstream historiography.

It's interesting that the past decade has been defined mostly by nostalgia for the 80s. Someone here suggested that if the Left were to pick a decade to be nostalgic about culturally it would be the 70s–and I actually agree.

In the Dead Kennedys song "Chickenshit Conformist" Jello Biafra sings: "The 60s weren't a failure, it's the 70s that stunk as the clock ticks we dig the same hole." More and more I've come to think to think that he actually had it backwards.

What's odd is thatI've seen Biafra and other supposed left cultural critics go so far as to deride the 70s as "materialistic" as if that were a bad thing. The spiritualism and idealism of the 60s was nonsense and the working class rejected it solidly in the 70s for good reason.

I don't care about the movies themselves so much as the hype around them. At the end of the day, they're both capeshit.

I did think Wonder Woman was heavily influenced by the current liberal political mood, though. Here we have a movie where the hero was raised as a kid by demigods to be the greatest fighter ever and beats everyone no contest just throwing fucking tanks around and complains how weak civilian society is and complains that you can't fight in civilian clothes and full throatedly supports every Western war for empire and the bad guy is the stupid peacenik, it would be regarded as a particularly egregious case of crypto-fascist chauvinism, but the hero is a woman so it's empowering :^)

But what concerned me more was people acting like the Wonder Woman was something socially important when that shit was already done over four decades ago. Same goes for the hype around Black Panther. I'm not saying it'll be a bad movie, but the whole "black cast" thing has already been done, and a pretty long time ago too.

Because of the bloody postmodernist neo-Marxist agenda the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧elite🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are pushing.

+10 points for using all of Holla Forums's buzzwords in one post

Retards like
and who get pissed off because of race are the only people who do. No one else has a problem with it.
If a black actor plays a white character or a white character plays a non white who cares.

Excuse me I meant to say


The roman empire expanded all the to africa, and spain has been famous for hundreds of years for importing nothern african and middle eastern culture into europe. There were definitely black romans who spoke latin.

the inevitable 'alt right racist backlash' is a planned component of the movie's viral marketing. Same thing happened with Lady Ghostbusters and Beyonce's Lemonade. The articles about the backlash preceded and preempted the actual backlash. What's depressing is how capitalism manages to instrumentalize everything to sell bullshit. Not being enthusiastic enough about the product becomes a moral failure. People are actively encouraged to identify themselves with the product to an unprecedented degree. Social media facilitates these sort of agressive marketing tactics.

it's directed by a black man

you're a moron

notice how capeshit is fundamentally a fascist power fantasy, ceaseless metallic clanging and action figures bashing against each other, and by this point we are somehow expected and encouraged to fully identify with those action figures even by the most enlightened of liberal media. They can point to the latest hot commodity and tell you 'this is who you are' and you have no right of reply or contestation.

Black Panther is literally a trillionaire monarch superhero. what does this tell us about our society's standards? Isn't it obvious how Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk fashion their public image after Tony Stark's down to the shady dealings with the military industrial complex? In the future, every demographic will get a ready made comic book ego boost from Hollywood. Our culture's obsession with representation is a product of the intensive engagement facilitated by social media. You can no longer watch a film on your own: you watch the audience watch the film while you yourself are being watched. Entertainment becomes a proxy for politics in an increasingly atomised world of paranoid consumers. Art is no longer supposed to make you think or question stuff, it is supposed to 'empower' you, whatever that means, it is no longer an external object of reflection, but something that must be fully internalised and incorporated into one's self. Hollywood presents itself as a benevolent force, finally giving a voice and a sense of worth to the 'marginalized', but what if something more sinister is afoot?

The 70's have always tempted me but if you put it this way seems it is a healthy form of nostalgia to have, I just have to be class conscious about it.
tell me more about the 70's or where can i find more

Did you really expect their not to be though.

Welcome to late-stage capitalism.

Meh. Not enough Jew blaming.

nu-4/pol/ is pro-Jew.


I want to add that I've come to the conclusion that the reason for the capitalist right-wing offensive of the 1980s was the growing proletarian gains and politics of that era.

I'm liking all the "if you don't see black panther you're racist" articles flying around. Maybe people will finally begin to understand that it's not jews pushing idpol, it's porky pushing idpol because it's emotional leverage to force you to give them even more capital.


i guess i should have checked but still
white producers, executives, production staff &c.
doesn't invalidate my other point

I'm going to see Black Panther at least 5 times just to trigger the alt right pissbabies and the crypto pissbaby anti idpol crowd


And then theres the nazi flag user who sais some retarded shit and gets banned

It all sounds amazing.
Too bad I missed the 70's nostalgia wave of the 90's but if vaporware fags can ape 80's aesthetics I will ape 70's aesthetics, sadly I have no idea how.