Serious question, are there any paid positions in any socialist parties or organizations...

Serious question, are there any paid positions in any socialist parties or organizations? I wanna get a degree in political science but pretty much all the careers would involve me working with the democrats or something as far as I can tell. I would love to work to make actual change and be paid for it, but I know there's probably not many paid positions. Does anyone know any info?

Being in paid positions in socialist parties encourages class betrayal, and will make leaders get out of touch with the working class facilitating corruption.

Basically, don't trust bourg parliamentarist parties.

Yeah what does the pic have to do with anything? I just wanna work for a party like PSL, SAlt, SEP, SPUSA, etc. Not giving any of my opinions on those parties theyre just examples.

You my find a paid position but it'll be minimum wage

Come now friend. That's not how it's done.

If I can offer an impractical aside suggestion: Possibly look into journalism, or writing opinion pieces or whatever. Might be an alternative way of getting paid for doing lefty stuff, depending on how US media works. (In the UK the papers might bung a few column inches or kilobytes of bandwidth to token lefty articles, usually so long as they're about topical matters instead of deep theoretical issues. I don't know if any papers, or websites, do similar.)

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Labour was unambiguously SocDem by 1959 at the latest, and was betraying workers throughout the 1920s. (Though as would become tradition, they tore themselves apart doing so.)
incidentally Labour added overt reference to democratic socialism to the constitution in 1995.
Clause IV, pre-1995
Clause IV, post-1995
A rather serious research error. (More pedantically there are also several references in the present rulebook to "socialist societies", in the sense of groupings like the Fabian Society, not a society with socialism implemented.)
Even then, the party of 1994 would've nationalised very little. Most plausibly the railways in full. (Blair was forced to nationalise tracks, but not trains or operating companies.) The party before then wasn't exactly a paragon of actually existing socialism either. Capital was alive and well in the Britain of 1945, even if she had to deal with a system of rationing and controls.

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The converse is also true, so you've got to pick a devil. If you don't pay the party leader, odds are that instead of getting a leader who keeps in touch with workers you'll get trust fund kids who can dedicate their full time to campaigning.

They're completely trustworthy so long as you know what you're trusting them with.
Trust a dog with your life and you'll be fine, trust him in a room with your ham sandwiches and you're either going hungry or trusted in advance he'd do it and brought spare.

Become an elect, but you need to win the elections.

My party has paid roles for full time organisers but they're on poverty tier wages.

thats the wrong pvda logo, that's the one from the belgian pvda (which is a lot more radical while the dutch pvda are spineless cucks)

depends on whether there's parliamental representation and income generated through that, but i advise you to become an informant and feed the cops mundane and misleading info they can pay you for

btw i was recently reading a Thälmann biography
that guy really was working his ass off for income and party
what a man

My local party pays some of the people, but you would make more as a cashier at the supermarket. Even the people that get elected to public office are expected to give their wages to the party so it can distribute it according to need. Most people will need a side gig in order to get by, especially if you have a family.
But politics is about making connections and positioning yourself for power. That means you could potentially use your socialist friends to get you onto the boards of anti-racist/animal-rights/humanitarian-aid/international-solidarity NGO's, so you can add it all up to collect a modest paycheck.
It's not for everyone, but it's doable.

Are you fucking serious? We are living under capitalism, you can not escape it, even your labor in a position in socialist party is commodified. I fucking hate this moralism, you don't become "a socialist for capital gains", you need a wage to live of, and serious party work often does eat up a lot of time which you do voluntarily.

You are being a wageslave anyway, but I can't choose to work somewhere where I'm interested and dedicated in because of some stupid moralism?


..On what exactly?

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On the 1920s thing, I mean the main party went against the betrayal of the workers and the socdem scum formed their own party (the irony being that they were lead by Ramsay MacDonald: a man famous for his anti-WWI activism).
Also in 1945, it has been argued if Attlee had won a large enough majority in 1950 that he basically would have introduced a planned economy. Still, he was pretty imperialist.
Regardless, to call the modern labour party blairite is spitting in the face of what is being built.

Don't get a degree in political science. If you really want a political career, at least move to an anti-imperialist country for your education and try to work for them.
In the USA, there are no truly serious communist parties, let alone ones that have enough funds for paid positions. It's basically volunteer work.

You're right about moralism being a thing, but you're missing the point. OP literally wants to become a socialist political scientist for profit. A position within a worker's party does not need to be commodified and if it is then you're facing a big problem - hence why you're gonna have a tough time looking for such a position in a party (such pay is often only given to long-standing comrades on important committees, or to union leaders). Instead, you get an actual job (even just a modest one if necessary) and do your voluntary work for the party in your free time - if you can't stand to make such a minimal sacrifice then tough shit, the militant left isn't for you.