What was socialism like in Africa...

What was socialism like in Africa? Were they genuinely socialist governments or were they mainly anti-colonial governments backed by the Soviets and the Chinese? Are there any good resources where I can read up on this?

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Literally all those Countries Except Burkina Faso and Soc-Dem Green Libya were just Military Juntas made up of Anti-Colonialist Guerrillas who slapped socialist on their nations name and slapped a few hammers and sickles on their flags to get free shit from the soviets


I don’t think Nasser’s Egypt ever pretended to be socialist and the FLN had a Marxist President for like a year before he was couped

Reminder that Nelson Mandela was a comrade


I agree that his actions after being elected were fairly disappointing. However, to be fair to him, he still ended apartheid. Going a full communist route was bound to be unsuccessful anyways, considering how the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block fell a few years prior.

With the exception of the very famous examples like Burkina Faso it's typically difficult to say, because there usually isn't a whole lot of easily accessible information on what these countries' economies and government were really like.

I'd say most of the self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist states were probably qualitatively distinct from a capitalist regime. The rest were mostly national capitalist dictatorships with good welfare programs.

The US literally had plans to invade SA if they took a socialist path. Should’ve done it and turned the country into Boer War 2: Desert Guerilla Boogaloo

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That’s just based on what ANC leaders have said. You could argue that it’s disinformation but they took over South Africa’s famous intelligence service BOSS in addition to having their own underground intelligence service. I think they would be in a position to know honestly. The Thatcher and Reagan administrations considered the ANC terrorists the US-UK govs only changed this stance with the end of the Cold War.

I'm pretty sure that he wrote in his own autobiography that he was sympathetic to the Communists for treating him equally but that he himself had never joined the party or considered himself a socialist.

Dont forget Albert-Rene of Seychelles. He made the country what it is today

Also, Siad Barre before Somalia went to shit

Nasser was his own brand of popular leader, outside the left-right dichotomy


Somalia was pretty hard when it came to Socialism even siding with China doctrinal divergences.
After they lost the war with Ethiopia caused by Soviet & Cuban intervention to aid Ethiopia, He fucked the nations economy and military up and started choosing pragmatism and self preservation of his rule and at the end of the rule he condoned state sponserd violence based on clan grievances if those clans where allied with the state which proved to be the final nail in the coffin for his rule.

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Africans had communism for centuries until whitey forced capitalism onto them

Fucking Morocco, why do I have to live in the only NA shithole devoid of any history of leftism

did Morocco basically go straight from feudalism to billionaire casino

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Wasn’t Angola socialist?

Wonder why this is an uncomfortable topic

Did it fail miserably?

Did Deng even do anything in Africabesides follow America's lead? The way I understand it is he pulled back Chinese aid spending in Africa considerably.

Not really
(Tom Zoellner. The Heartless Stone: a Journey Through the World of Diamonds, Deceit and Desire. New York: St. Martin's Press. 2006. p. 180.)

What about Nkrumah, does he passed as socialist?

More like Soc Dem gang. Also this:

Only in the last half a decade does China have a foothold in Africa.
All i can remember prior towards that is that they gave J6s and other military aid to Somalia during the cold war.

I was wondering if Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, and Cape Verde had the same fate as Angola but the Colonial war played a role on the economic results.

Unfortunately, that appears to be the case, what a shame.


He's not talking about Deng Xiaoping, he's talking about the Derg.

Julius Nyerere's idea of Ujamma was making Tanzania socialist - then he resigned and let the World Bank take over. Smh

Some of Morocco is actually still feudal though.

Pledge your support for the Eritreans in its noble battle against Ethiopian imperalism

Is there anything wrong with doing this unironically?


Did he actually do good stuff, aside from the large-scale genociding his government oversaw and sponsored?

They had their own Red Terror, but unlike the USSR it was not even random innocent landowners who were killed in it, but other Marxist-Leninists.
Don't know to what extent it failed or succeeded in its goals of collectivisation, literacy, education etc. though


To be honest, it goes a bit far to literally murder people because they happen to be born in a land-owning family fam.

neither did Stalin i guess, so it's all good

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