Is the Olympic stuff all spectacle or does it actually mark a change in ROK/DPRK relations?

Is the Olympic stuff all spectacle or does it actually mark a change in ROK/DPRK relations?


It could serve as a chip to buy some time while NK preps for war and at the same time pushes SK to take a more pacifist and diplomatic approach to NK. It could also be an intentional "fuck you" to the US, with NK saying "we'll be united soon". If nothing else, it is great for Best Korea's ability to ready weapons and mobilize troops; those few weeks count for a lot in the case of war prep.

You could ask based tank user in the DPRK thread.

They've done similar moves before (specific teams participating under the Reunification flag at the Olympics) so it's nothing new. It's mostly spectacle, but it does mark a position: that neither the ROK nor the DPRK want a war between them - which is exactly what the US was aiming for until the announcement.

there will be no war you dunce.

You idiots, they're going to reunify because the DPRK has the necessary fire power to defend ROK. They will unify because they want to.

It's kind of interesting (in a stupid sort of way) that the US media will openly and casually admit that America does NOT want the Koreas getting along. Even though that's America's entire official justification for being involved in the conflict in the first place.


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It's actually a big deal, Moon's been invited to Pyongyang to meet with Kim, who has yet to meet any foreign leader.

Source? I never thought they'd actually stoop that low publicly (silly me)

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You can google pictures of north korean women that are not pretty, and still they are confident. They look much happier than they would look if they were in the south, probably having experienced someone calling them ugly in their lifetime in the south.

Compare it to south korean women who obsess over physical appearance. Going in droves to plastic surgeons to perform surgeries that are unnecessary. Especially if it takes just someone telling them that they are okay the way they are.

And in sharp contrast to this, you see an official representation from the north, the Moranbong Band. Many of the band's members would not pass the scrutiny of KPop's beauty standards. If anything, then they look more differentiated than the SNSD (Girl's generation). South Korean KPop girl groups members look more or less like copies of one another. Same makeup, same plastic surgery. Some resort to dyeing their hair to differentiate themselves.

Moranbong Band members only compete in who has the courage to rock a shorter hairstyle.

I was watching CNN the other day (my family likes to have it on, don't blame me) and one of the analysts pretty brazenly said something like

"And you know, this could be overtures into a closer relationship between the two, which of course, wouldn't play well with the US."

That's just Social Conservatism for you fam.


Best Korea strikes again.